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  1. I am thinking of upgrading my MC2 and am considering the Eureka Mignon models at around £300 new. Would this be a significant improvement or should I be looking at something else? (I have a 2014 Gaggia Classic with OPV mod.) Thanks for any advice.
  2. After making do for far too long with a cheap Krups burr grinder, which eventually gave up the ghost at finer settings, I decided I needed to upgrade to a decent grinder with integrated portafilter holder for use with my Gaggia Classic. I read around and ultimately settled on the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro, as it seemed well-priced, packed full of easy to use convenient features and more or less capable for espresso (I tend to stick with dark roasts so thought it should probably suit). Having ordered the SGP from Amazon (who were going to take a week to deliver it) I then spotted a new Eureka Mignon mk2 going for about £240 in my local kitchenware shop. They also sold the SGP, but for only £20 less, so no competition I thought. I haggled for some free goodies to come with it (pointing out that a new model was about to come out) and bought it there and then. Cancelled the SGP. Having got the Mignon home, it’s clearly a well-built and lovely looking machine. But I’m worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Compared to the SGP, dialling in seems tricky and whereas the stepped dial (I know generally unfavoured in these parts) on the SGP make it easier to switch between grind settings (I occasionally do pour over) and to frequently change beans, I’m always worried about losing the sweet spot on the Mignon. There’s also the clumping, and the fiddly timer. I think the fundamental issue is that, as an entry level grinder user, I was looking for something a bit simpler, rather than the Swiss watch of grinders. I know in the long-run I probably would have needed to upgrade at some point anyway, and that the Mignon is great for longevity and has better burrs. What would your advice be? Stick it out with the Mignon and learn to master it - in the long-run getting a better cup - or go for the SGP? I even wonder about buying the SGP and keeping both, for different purposes. While a bit excessive it would be just about affordable. I reckon I’d end up using the SGP for espresso in that case, meaning the Mignon risks becoming a a bit of a relic.
  3. There are three screws holding the top plate where you attach the bean holder to. I accidentally dropped one of them down the drain. Where can I get a replacement? I don't know what kind of screw it is. Thanks.
  4. I have just bought a Mignon from @jerbla and while I really like this grinder, I tend to single dose it to make sure I get at least one parameter of my espresso constant. As you can see in the picture, I replaced the hopper by a cut plastic bottle. However I would like a cleaner fix and I thought I could have a custom made funnel that I would 3D print. I had never done that before, never used a 3D design software either but within 30min I came up with this: The rounded opening at the bottom was a real pain to get right. Fingers crossed dimensions are right. Will send the thing to print this week and once I have it will report here.
  5. I have used a Eureka Mignon loaner for about a week now, and I have to say it is not performing well. The reason for ordering this grinder was it´s stylishness, counter-top friendly size and what one would assume to be excellent product quality. But this machine must have something of a temperament..... It has a huge and thick power cord (aesthetic let-down), produces clumpy grinds, un-consistent weight output of grinds compared to same amount of beans input and a very messy output (there really is no need to for a diy funnel system or whatnots in 2018 on a properly designed machine). The whole point is to have something inconspicuous and clean looking on the counter top - I have looked at Mazzer Mini i.e., but this is too voluminous. I do not need the big hopper either as I weigh my beans and do not make more than a couple of cups per day anyways. Suggestions are highly welcome and should not be too difficult. After all, if Elon Musks team managed to land a couple of space rockets perfectly after shooting them up into space, surely there is a grinder out there......?
  6. Hello, Selling my Eureka Mignon in white due to not needing it anymore. Its in excellent condition, never caused me any problems. Purchased from Bella Barista, and warranty is transferable. Warranty runs out 21/03/2020. Wanting £230 Ideally collection in the stoke area, but I’m sure we can arrange something if a deal is done. Feel free to ask me anything.
  7. ...so the deep end it is. Eureka Mignon Mk2 with a Quick Mill Verona -- all pre-loved, but new to me! I've yet to pull a good shot (and I'm down ~400g coffee already), but I'm sure I'll get there.
  8. Tastes ok this one, still getting the grind right though. Any tips for this specific one?
  9. Wajid


    Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. I'm just getting started on the coffee journey. A recent trip to Milan opened my eyes to espresso and the delights of affogato! I'm so thankful for all the advice on this forum - I'll post more about myself in the Intros section...
  10. Grinder bought from Bella Barista in August 2017. Has had about 5/6kg through it. Transferrable warranty good until 23.08.2020. Excellent condition - no scratches, marks or cracks in the hopper, even has the cellophane on the rear branding I noticed the other day. Original packaging, and will be double boxed if you require a courier. Located near Wrexham if you prefer to collect. SOLD at £200 + Courier cost (I’d estimate £10)
  11. Part of an estate sale. £180, collection from nr. Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk.
  12. Trying again with £90 reduction. Won't split yet. Rancilio Silvia E and Eurika Mignon Mk. 2 (chrome) and Rancilio Base all bough from BB in July 2016. They have been meticulously looked after and are generally in very good condition. Never made more than 3 to 5 espresso's per week.....so hardly used. Always used Volvic bottled water and regular descale and back flush with Puly. Original boxes, instructions and receipt. Also included, Rancilio tamp 58mm Rancilio bottomless PF with 21g basket VST ridged 18g basket Spare unused burrs for grinder Will take more pictures if requested Not inclined to ship but collect from Helensburgh or meet is possible. Asking £560. Ex any postage [ATTACH=CONFIG]34270[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34271[/ATTACH]
  13. Bought this a little while ago from johnbudding ( https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?38479-Eureka-Zenith-Club-E-%A3275 ) , looking for what I paid for it - £250. I'd prefer not to post it in the first instance, but I'm happy to drop it off within a reasonable distance. Currently in Hertfordshire, travel fairly regularly to the Peak District.
  14. For Sale 1 x Sage Duo Temp Pro (silver) - with original portafilter + customised bottomless portafilter Purchased from John Lewis on 2/6/2016 Meticulously maintained and descaled monthly . Used approximately once daily since purchase. £175 (plus postage if required)
  15. For sale is my Eureka Mignon MkII coffee grinder in black. Burrs in great condition - weekend use over the course of a couple of years. Both timer and manual mode options. UK plug. £180 collected from Manchester or £195 delivered anywhere in the UK.
  16. Just realised that I own a 300W Mignon. I have always though that they are 260W but when I checked mine it was labeled as 300W - strange. Have you come across similar?
  17. For sale due to finding myself short of time for espresso nowadays and moving more towards filter methods. Bought on this forum last October when it was only a month old. Therefore it still has almost 2 years transferable warranty left with Bella Barista. It also has the original packaging and paperwork and the original hopper and pf rest. By my (rough) calculations taking into account limited use the last few months I'd say its had 800g go through it a month but even rounding up to 1kg a month its only 12kg in the year I've had it. I never used the pf rest and hopper as I made a different hopper to fit the mignon which allowed me to single dose as shown in pictures. This works a treat and by moulding the bottom of the tube with sugru it means that the tube has a tight seal with the mignon and when the funnel is hit it effectively delivers a blow of air through the burrs/chute. I always ground directly into a small stainless steel pot which also had notch of sugru on the lip preventing it damaging/scratching the grinder when activating the switch. I am really reluctant to see this great grinder go but I really can't justify keeping it at the moment. It's in really pristine condition, I only took the protective film off in the last week because it has start to peel round the edges and look a bit tatty! £200 collected ono, postage extra I could double box it if the buyer wants it posted. I am in Huddersfield and work in Leeds so could easily arrange something in those locations or if my fuel was covered possibly travel up to an hour away from Huddersfield.
  18. For sale having recently purchased as a set with the Appartamento. I've decided to stick with the Mazzer I also have. This originally came from Bella Barista and has warranty remaining till 26/03/19. A spare set of burrs are also included and you're even welcome to the beans in the hopper (they have a citrus note that I'm not that fond of) I don't have the original box unfortunately, but If posting be assured I'll bubble wrap to it within an inch of it's life! £180 + postage but collection is welcome, I live in Armitage, Staffordshire and I work in Coventry. @branes @Andycoffee Happy to take constructive advice if I have priced this incorrectly
  19. Sorry if this has been posted before, had a look here and google but struggling to find out anything about these grinders. I've been thinking of buying a Mignon as my first grinder for espresso, and looking at the eureka website have come across three models I've not otherwise seen online; Eureka Silenzio, Perfetto and Specialita. They look like they've been announced but, I'm assuming, not yet released? They look like a pretty nice upgrade from the standard mignon, would be more tempted about holding off if I had any ideas about release dates or prices! http://www.eureka.co.it/en/catalogo/prodotti/macinacaffè+istantaneo/1/21.aspx Anyone heard anything about them?
  20. So I just browsed their website and got excited They've updated their product line with some really nice grinders like 75 mm flat burr Atom, 68 mm conical Olympus or three new Mignons
  21. Picked this up yesterday - a deal from the sales thread First thing I thought, I should give it a clean. Start as you mean to go on and all that. Now admittedly, I could have done a better job, but all things considered I think it cleaned up very well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vB0Caz4aoD06THjT2
  22. So I've had my Mignon nearly two weeks now and put about 1kg of beans through it and think its probably time to give it a good clean and get to grips with it internally etc. Just looking for any advice on cleaning it generally and also any tips that people may have found while cleaning these or taking them apart! Any help would be much appreciated Steve
  23. Hello all! Been lurking for a bit and looking forward to learning more...Currently have a Gaggia Classic (pre-2015). Looking to find out a bit more about grinders - the Eureka Mignon currently on 'the list' but happy to hear other suggestions and indeed go the second hand route.
  24. Decide to sell this grinder, it has had only 15kg max through it. There is a small crack in the hopper which doesn't effect the use and the small screw which holds the hopper on is missing. Collection from Long Sutton, near Spalding preferred. I would like £200 Ono. Now SOLD
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