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Found 112 results

  1. Hi, My current set up is a gaggia classic and iberital mc2. I've had them for about 5 years now and am looking to slowly upgrade to a better set up (possibly a rocket mozzafiato evoluzione r as the espresso machine). I appreciate I wouldn't get the most out of a high end machine with the MC2, so was looking to upgrade the grinder first. I'll probably get a bit more out of the gaggia classic whilst I save up for the coffee machine in the mean time. As the title suggests I have a budget of £300-400 pounds though this is flexible for the perfect machine. I was thinking of either a new Eureka Mignon Specialita' (happy to take recommendations for something else) or a used 65mm burr machine (I've noticed a couple in the used forum section within my budget). The main downside about the 65mm burr machines seams to be they are very big. Would a 55mm burr machine be suitable for the likes of the coffee machines I'm looking at or would it be significantly better to put up with a larger grinder? Many thanks
  2. This is how I use my eureka Mignon. Using a ceramic ramekin means I can easily stir the grinds, being ceramic means I don't get any static. I'm Always making two drinks at once so find it easier to just halve the amount that comes out as it can vary slightly by up to a gram either way over the 2x15gms I'm aiming for. I've adopted this method because I don't like grinds getting on the worktop. The scales are on top of an espresso cup that fits perfectly between the two feet of the grinder. The scales are tared with the ramekin on them. I've got the timer set to dispense 15 grams approx and I'm using a 15 gram VST ridgeless basket. [video=youtube_share;LAPVpwPSphw]
  3. ​non grinder in full chrome. Comes with instruction book, a new set of burrs and the remainder of the Bella Barista warranty which runs until February 2019. The grinder has only had light use as a second grinder mainly for de caff, and is sitting idle. I am based in the WN6 area of Wigan close to junction 27 of the M6. I would prefer collection as I don't have the original box. £230
  4. Recently bought a Profitec 300 dual boiler and now looking for a grinder that can handle both espresso (I do not make turkish) and french press. Thoughts?
  5. Hi All, I purchased this in June 2015 from Bella Barista, it is the plumbed/tanked version but I have only used the reservoir with bottled water. I used it quite a lot to start, but then I moved house at the end of last year and have never really got back into it and am drinking brewed pretty much exclusively now. Will have a year of warranty from Bella Barista assuming that it transfers. Always back flushed with water & puly caf regularly. I also have a Eureka Mignon MKI for sale, a Rocket naked portafilter with 15g & 18g VST baskets + stock basket. Also a Made by Knock 58mm tamper, knock box & mat. Plus some other bits and bobs that'll get included with the Expobar. If you're quick, I've just opend a kg of Rave's signature blend that I'll throw in! To start with, I'll offer this as the Expobar +/- whatever the buyer wants from the rest and if there is anything remaining, I'll sell the rest afterwards. Price is £1050 for everything, collected from High Wycombe HP15. This thing is a beast, so would rather not post! Will drive to meet up, but face-to-face preferred. Obviously make an offer if you only want the Expobar +/- bits. For clarity, the following a priocs for machine + other bits: Machine + Everything = £1050 Machine Alone = £850 Machine + Grinder = 1000 Machine + naked portafilter + VST baskets = £900 Cheers, Mike
  6. Can anyone say how accurate the timer function is on the mignon? Ive had mine a few days now and am getting quite a bit of variation, but then im trying to alter it very slightly to tweak the amount dispensed. Im doing my best to make sure the chute is clear of any grinds between doses by using a pastry brush and or rocking the machine to dislodge any grinds in the chute. Im trying to keep the same amount of beans in the hopper within reason. I appreciate the timer might vary from bean to bean,(?) , but for the sake of this question lets assume im using a kilo of the same beans I would like to get 7.5gs per timed dose. Is this not achievable ? What is the variance I will have to accept?
  7. Eureka Mignon First Impressions (or how to spend a Sunday afternoon wasting a lot of coffee beans and getting as high as a kite on caffeine) I took delivery of my gloss black Eureka Mignon Coffee Grinder last weekend but only today have had a chance to set it up and have a play. The Eureka Mignon is manufactured by Conti Valerio srl in Italy who as far as I can tell mainly manufacture commercial machines and do very little marketing regarding this grinder which is available in the UK from Bella Barista for £260 (and possibly elsewhere). If I might start at the end and say that me and this machine are going to get on just fine hopefully for many years to come! First impressions out of the box. a) The Gloss Black is not very gloss! Bella Barista warned me about this giving me a chance to select another colour if I wished. You might think it is Matt Black until you see the Matt Black! The Orange and Red versions are very vibrant should you feel brave enough. In any case I stayed with the 'gloss' black. I get the impression this is a different finish from previous versions and maybe they just use what they have to hand! b) It is a very solid compact machine and largely well finished, especially for the price, but there are some slightly sharp edges on, say, the PF Fork and the Hopper Tab and the microswitch plate is a little wonky looking but overall nothing to worry about. It looks are an acquired taste but I like it and the heavy build means when you press against the dosing switch for example the machine stands firm. c) The User Guide is not very helpful and applies to the model without the manual/timer switch, but the machine is so easy to use this is not an issue. d) Setting the Timer could be easier (the adjustment is under the machine) but it is pretty much set and forget and I suspect most will use the machine in manual mode (machine keeps dosing as long as you keep the switch pressed with the PF or container) anyway. e) My large Krups PF would not rest on the PF Fork and enable the switch to be activated so I had to dose into a measuring cup. Not an issue. Using the grinder... I started by using some cheap pre-packed beans whilst I practised. I wound the machine to the finest setting and adjusted coarser until the machine actually was able to grind the beans. This resulted in a very fine grind which I expected my machine to choke on. My machine coped and I was left with a nice dry puck but the coffee tasted very sour. I kept winding the machine coarser and the taste improved but was still overall disappointing. I had to wind to a coarse setting that left me with an OK taste and a wet puck. Probably the best compromise. At this point I had run out of the cheap beans and had to use the beans Bella Barista had been kind enough to give me when purchasing the grinder (a nice touch thank you BB) and a bean we had played with at Bella Barista with different grind settings so I could see (taste rather) what I was aiming for. A note on setting the grind on the Eureka. It is incredibly easy and quite fine adjustments can be made but with which it is very easy to see the difference between settings. I am only dialling in for espresso and it might take a couple of complete turns to go between espresso and French Press but it would not be out of the question depending how often you wanted to do so. That said even half a turn of the adjustment wheel was enough for a very noticeably coarser grind so it may be even easier than I am suggested. The numbered wheel makes it very easy to get back to where you were. Back to the BB beans... Using the rather relatively coarse setting I had settled on for the cheap beans I ground some of the BB beans, dosed and tamped. Turned my PF upside down and the coffee promptly fell out! Clearly a finer grind was required for these beans! I was going to have to go through the whole dialling in process again with the new bean! I dialled in one increment finer on the wheel. This time the coffee stayed in the PF and I was left with a slightly wet puck but OMG what a lovely cup of coffee! Proper Beans Means Proper Taste. I could not believe the difference with the first shot even though I have read on here countless times how important it is as well as taste testing at BB. I dialled in finer and got to the point that the taste was erring on sour and then dialled back. Too far back and the taste got a little muddy so I am close to having a sweet spot for these beans. However by this stage, despite only taking small sips, I was getting a bit of a buzz and my taste buds were crying enough. Rather like an amateur wine taster I guess I should not have been drinking quite as much as I was as opposed to just tasting! All the while I had nice dry pucks as well in my preferred range. On a better machine I would also look at extraction times but my ageing Krups did not really change between grinds, instead it let me know based on coffee actually staying in the PF when turned upside down after tamping and on taste, extraction times not really changing much based on grind to my surprise. There was noticeably less crema when the grind was too fine as well though. With the cheaper beans I noticed some clumping but really not an issue. With the BB beans I noticed no clumping but what I thought may be static (beans clinging to the machine around the PF fork) but actually I think this might be down to more oils in the better beans as opposed to the much drier cheaper beans. This was more apparent on a coarser grind setting. Not an issue in either case. I was also delighted with just how quiet the Eureka is and also how little mess there was. This was a big concern and really it got all the coffee in the measuring cup. Even better there was no coffee clinging to the dosing tube (pouring lip as they call it) or in the hopper meaning nothing left going stale in there. This again was something I was expecting and it just did not happen. I can only give this machine a big thumbs up in all those areas I have read negative reviews of other grinders. As I said, me and this machine are going to get on just fine. I would like to heartily recommend it but I am a newbie and do not have a point of reference against other grinders. A main selling point for me is the compact footprint and other more expensive machines I could have afforded would not have fitted in my kitchen. Even as a newbie though the ease of which I was able to adjust and differentiate between different beans and grinds so quickly must speak volumes. This is all the grinder I need for the foreseeable future. Next a new machine. Watch this space. Thanks for reading..
  8. Hi there, Newly registered here although it's fair to say I have been lurking and absorbing all the information from this very interesting forum! My main reason for starting to read the forum contents was when my bean to cup machine died on me (although it's ok....don't worry, it has been fixed and I should have it back soon!). But after reading the entries here....unfortunately it is going to cost me lots of money! I have decided to take the plunge and buy a semi-automatic setup as well as keeping my bean to cup machine. I think my lovely wife would possibly kill me if I made her have to learn the full process, so the bean to cup option at least gives her decent coffee when I am away. So....right now my purchases are going to be as follows: *** Rancilio Silvia - from Hasbean *** Ascaso i-Mini Non Doser Grinder - may be from MyEspresso (even though I have read the bad reports I can't find anyone nearly matching their price) *** An In My Mug subscription from Hasbean *** plus all the ancillaries that seem to be required in the hunt for the perfect coffee! Lets hope the information from this site has gone into my brain or I may be asking lots of questions!
  9. evoman

    WTB: Eureka Mignon

    Sorted out an espresso machine, now I need a grinder - would love a Mignon after using one for a bit. Cheers.
  10. Title has it all really but - I'm after a used Gaggia Classic, budget up to £150 And a used Eureka Mignon, budget up to £200. Thanks very much!
  11. For Sale Eureka Mignon £200 Bought on this forum last month for £200 so looking for the same, plus postage or collection. I have given it another good clean and run about 500g of beans through it. I also bought a SJ at the same time and have decided to stick with the SJ hence the sale.
  12. andymccoy

    Eureka Mignon

    Hi as per title I am looking for a Eureka Mignon, preferably black or white and in good condition. Also would consider new, has anyone had bad experiences with http://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/ ? £236.86 seems like a good price but why are they labeled as Crem instead of Eureka?
  13. So I just wondered, with a brand new mignon how do I go about running it in safely? I read it takes a few kg of beans to properly start to season. If I want to run a kg through (stale beans, how long can I use it for continuously? > Can I run the kg through in one go (4 x 250g batches) > Should I run 250g through at a time and leave it inbetween? > Or should i grind a few cups at a time and take a few days to run the kg through? Thanks
  14. johnbudding

    Eureka Mignon

    Hi everyone I would like to buy a Mignon if anyone has one for sale. Thanks John
  15. Following the responses to my previous thread, I think I'm going to buy the Eureka Mignon to go with my Silvia. I'm not in a position to head up to Bella Barista in person, so would appreciate some advice on which black, matt or gloss, would be the best match for my espresso machine? The pics on their website aren't really much help in this regard, as they are pretty small.
  16. I currently have a Feldgrind and would like to get in to the world of electricity. If anyone has either of the these I'd be interested in buying them. Preferably before Christmas Thanks
  17. For sale due to finding myself short of time for espresso nowadays and moving more towards filter methods. Bought on this forum last October when it was only a month old. Therefore it still has almost 2 years transferable warranty left with Bella Barista. It also has the original packaging and paperwork and the original hopper and pf rest. By my (rough) calculations taking into account limited use the last few months I'd say its had 800g go through it a month but even rounding up to 1kg a month its only 12kg in the year I've had it. I never used the pf rest and hopper as I made a different hopper to fit the mignon which allowed me to single dose as shown in pictures. This works a treat and by moulding the bottom of the tube with sugru it means that the tube has a tight seal with the mignon and when the funnel is hit it effectively delivers a blow of air through the burrs/chute. I always ground directly into a small stainless steel pot which also had notch of sugru on the lip preventing it damaging/scratching the grinder when activating the switch. I am really reluctant to see this great grinder go but I really can't justify keeping it at the moment. It's in really pristine condition, I only took the protective film off in the last week because it has start to peel round the edges and look a bit tatty! £200 collected ono, postage extra I could double box it if the buyer wants it posted. I am in Huddersfield and work in Leeds so could easily arrange something in those locations or if my fuel was covered possibly travel up to an hour away from Huddersfield.
  18. I'm splitting off from RooniusMaximus' thread to avoid hijacking it (as that's rather rude) and as the questions I'm asking are not entirely pertinent to his situation, even if not totally dissimilar. Hitherto in my espresso making, I've been using a Delonghi Dedica with unpressurized baskets and a Baratza Encore as grinder which struggles to find an appropriate grind that isn't either so fine as to choke the machine or so coarse as to have the water slosh through it at pace. As such, I am looking to change to something else. In a similar situation to the aforementioned RooniusMaximus in his thread, I also have somewhat of an issue with stupidly low kitchen cupboards, which provide a maximum of 41cm clearance. Whilst there is another area at the opposite end of the kitchen I could turn into a coffee station, it would require me to relocate a few items (printer, blue tooth speaker) etc, that I am somewhat loath or not necessarily likely to do in the immediate future. Looking at my options and bearing mind my inexperience in making real espressos/espressi(?) I was looking at the following combinations of options: 1. Sage Dual Temp Pro (as the BE wouldn't fit with the bean hopper under the cupboards) and a Eureka Mignon Specialita 2. Sage Dual Temp Pro and a Niche Zero 3. Nuova Simonelli Oscar II and a Eureka Mignon Specialita or Niche Zero So, taking the espresso machine and grinder question seperately: The Oscar II is I gather a better machine than the DTP, and a HX which means the ability to steam the milk at the same time as pull a shot. That's not a particularly big selling point for me however as I usually just drink espressos and americanos. It's also on the limits of the space at I think about 40cm in height, which makes the steam paddle lever a bit tight and the water tank awkward to refill, particularly important considering the likelihood of running through the tank reasonably quickly flushing it. Is the Oscar II sufficiently better than the DTP, bearing in mind by newb status and the potential issue of space to warrant buying instead, or would I be better served with the DTP at this stage? The Eureka Mignon Specialita both fits the height issue and is stepless, as is true of the Niche Zero. Is the Niche worth the extra £100 or so? I have read the (frankly rather confusing in places) threads talking about ground retention and replacement, clumping and the relative merits of flat v conical burrs, but I'd appreciate some advice for someone essentially starting out in this, not with umpteen other grinders in their possession. Thanks & Rgds Stewart
  19. Hi everyone, Long time lurker. Apologies for the samey "please help me choose" thread but I am lost in a sea of burrs. I currently have both a Hario Mini Mill & Iberital MC2. I use the MC2 for espresso, the mini mill for everything else. I'm looking to upgrade and my budget is sub £200, ideally more like £100-150. I've done a fair bit of research into manual grinder as I was under the impression you get the best bang for your buck here. I'm still rather lost, so any advice at all would be appreciated. My thoughts/questions so far: Second hand is the obvious way to go right? I was going to keep the MC2 for espresso and just replace the mini mill with a better hand grinder for filter brews, is this sensible or could I replace both with a decent second hand auto for sub 200? If manual is the way to go, are these still safe to buy second hand? Seems like the MBK grinders are the best value in this area? If I go second hand auto, any recommended models? What sort of RRP do I need to be looking at for a decent auto grinder? The Minion is often mentioned here, would that represent a significant upgrade to what I have? Thanks for your time and any advice you give!
  20. I'm posting this here, as my other thread in the Eureka area is a little dead! (https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?43057-Burrs-touching-to-get-a-fine-enough-grind) If you've been following - I've discovered that my Mignon II's burrs don't seem to be parallel. I'm getting a chirp when zeroing them out, but it seems to be 'catching' the top burr more on one side than the other, when I turn the bottom burr by hand. I've tried shimming the other side to this high spot, but to no avail so far. So, I'm putting it out there to anyone who might know more than me! What am I doing so wrong? In this video i'm turning the adjustment dial so the burrs touch (hard with 1 hand, my apologies!) and then grinding from there so you can see my 'finest' grind available. As it may or may not be visible, the grind is way too coarse. I'm getting a 18g > 40g in 15 seconds. [video=youtube_share;_ocvLLokDoI] Second point, i've noted that despite the screws being tight on the top case, if I were to place pressure on one side of the grinder there's an increased chirp - indicating a high spot, maybe? [video=youtube_share;30yvxw7SgOM] I did shim the bottom burr to reduce the perceived unevenness of the bottom burr, but if anything, it's worse now than it was. At a loss, here!
  21. I just had the white glove service from Sage. It was easily arranged by an initial email to Coffee Classics who followed-up by phone. The chap drove to Aberdeen from the midlands but had some other visits on the way and has more tomorrow in Dundee and Edinburgh on the way back. He called me on-route to confirm ETA. Since I have had my Dual Boiler and Eureka Mignon grinder for a while now, I have the basics more-or-less in hand but it was good to confirm I was pretty much right in how I am using it for now. The most important thing to me was going through the cleaning and de-scaling procedures. In Aberdeen we do not really have scaling problems but he advised it is still very much worthwhile as a precaution and daily back-flushing will keep things fresh. The chap was very experienced and passionate about coffee. He services professional machines, provides training and delivers the white glove service for Sage. He left me his mobile number and said I could call him any time with questions. All in all, this is a worthwhile service offering from Sage.
  22. The coffee gods were looking down on me today, all my deliveries came earlier than expected and all within half an hour of each other! Thanks to @DaveP for the packaging the Mignon so well and sending so promptly and thanks to @Juba for sending his left over acrylic pipe to make a single dose hopper - You've got to love this forum! Now how long will the four bags of HasBean last...
  23. Hi All.. after a few different coffee machines ranging from an old delonghi up to a Sage Barista I have finally bit the bullet to go for something a bit higher end for better steam. Had to get past the Mrs for design to fit the kitchen so have opted for a Simonelli Musica (yes with lights..!). Will be reading the forums with interest, first port of Call for grinder advice, narrowed down to Eureka Mignon, Malhonig Vario or Barratza Sette 270w but will post later for advice! Also potential black Sage Barista for sale! looking forward to reading and sharing, Lee
  24. I'm inclined to buy either a Eureka Mignon or Mazzer Mini (probably type A) as their form factors and reputations puts them at the top of my grinder list. I've read all sorts of reviews and threads about both, but I'm a little confused because there doesn't seem to be a consensus that the Mazzer Mini (type A) is notably better than the Mignon and therefore, justifiably twice the price (give or take). To help me and perhaps anyone else in a similar situation come to an informed conclusion, I thought I'd conduct a poll to find that seemingly elusive consensus. So here goes...
  25. Well at long last I succumbed and bought a proper grinder. The Krupps 75 that I've been using until now was a gift and I felt I would have been an ingrate if I didn't use it for some length of time, well that time is up. I'll still use it if I want to use the french press, but that's an uncommon occurrence. Gaggia Classic /silvia wand, VST 15g Ridgeless, Eureka Mignon, Rocket Tamper, Espro Toroid & Ilsa Jug, Francis Francis knock box, cheapo scales.
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