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  1. Iv found one for sale on ebay - its a conti varerio iv not heard of that or seen one of those for sale anywhere and cant find any information on it either, the seller says its brand new and it looks it... its got a doser at the front which im not keen on as its just 1 or two coffees a day at home so would rather go straight to potafilter... It is £250 though so no idea if its good value or i should just buy a mignon specialita from bella barista?? any views on which one to go for?
  2. Hi everyone. I’m looking to upgrade. I had a Francis Francis x1, then Nespresso when we had twins for the ease. It’s now time to get something decent. I was going to buy the sage barista express but I’m now tempted by the lelit anita. Any advice? My budget is around £500. I’d love a La Pavoni but I’m not sure I can commit the time and am a bit worried about small children being burnt. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello, As I’m looking at buying an espresso machine for Home in the next couple of months I wondered what opinions were prevalent re grinders currently available. I currently own two MBK handgrinders... a Feldgrind for home (used for V60 and Aeropress) and an Aergrind for work (used for Aeropress). Should I just use my Feldgrind at home and put all my money into an espresso machine or should I buy something like a Eureka Mignon or try and hobble on with the feldgrind until I can source a second hand Mazzer Mini? Any opinions on this are appreciated.
  4. Hi all, Just got myself a Eureka Mignon Silenzio yesterday (lovely piece of machinery), went through the included manual but I couldn't get any specifics on how often I should clean the inside of the grinder. How often do you guys do a shallow cleaning (vacuuming without top plate removal) and a deep cleaning (vacuuming with top plate removal to get to the insides)? Oh yes, are there any other maintenance exercises that I should perform on a consistent basis? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. I'm just getting started on the coffee journey. A recent trip to Milan opened my eyes to espresso and the delights of affogato! Up until then I was vaguely aware of the French press cafatieres appearing in supermarkets and my main coffee intake was from instant freeze-dried coffee - products with the word 'gold' seemed the most premium and awesome back then. After looking into the espresso technology and the journey of the coffee harvest, I became fascinated by the world of speciality coffee - even if it was something aspirational. My work keeps me distracted enough so that up until now I have a French press and a manual milk frother for enjoying a nice black or a sort-of cappuccino. For a wee while last year I was working in a town in the middle of nowhere (though it did have a nice local roaster who I attended often) but filled with a desire to get closer to coffee. It prompted me eventually to buy a generic moka pot from an independent kitchen supplies shop. I spent some time learning a few techniques from online videos on how to get the best results from the moka pot - but it very rarely went well. I was reliant on learning the exact point at which the pot should be taken off the stove to avoid 'over-extraction' or burning the coffee or whatever. I became a little apprehensive at using the moka pot for my daily morning coffee and reverted back to the French press. I do sometimes use the moka pot still, when I feel I have time to play around with the technique, and I'm sure I'll find the perfect technique in the future. But I knew I wanted more... Since starting my coffee journey, I have used pre-ground coffee from a local supermarket. Then I did a little more research and now the plans for my well-ventilated coffee man-cave are complete. All that is lacking are the funds and effort to make it a reality. My first step was to find a local roaster... No problem there, I'm lucky to have roasters in Glasgow and Edinburgh who do a decent job. My hometown in Dundee also has a roaster, James Aimer, 30 seconds walk from my house - though I've yet to try their blends. I do have my eye on a home-roasting setup, but that is part of the well-ventilated man-cave long-term plan. My next step was to find a grinder... And this is where I am at so far. My grinder phase coincided with the launch recently of the new Eureka Mingon a few weeks ago. I liked the yellow one with a chrome spout and asked (16CR variant, I think) and asked Bella-Barista is they could order me one. They said I should pick one from the stock they have and ignored my last email asking for a special order from Eureka. Undeterred, I contacted Eureka directly and the nice man asked me to contact Machina-Coffee instead - so Machina are trying to sort that out for me at the time of writing still. Let's see... Obviously I'm wondering a few things: 1. Will the new Eureka Mignon be good enough? (It would hardly do a coarse grind for French press I'm told) 2. Am I sure I wouldn't rather have the Eureka Atom in white and spray paint it yellow? 3. I was a fan of the Ceado E37S for a long while, but could I tolerate it's bulkiness and cost at this stage? There is a voice in the back of my head (figuratively) compelling me to go ahead and just get an espresso machine at the same time. I cant see myself on the French press forever. Granted, the upgrade from pre-ground coffee to having a grinder that can allow me to freshly grind coffee is a step. Another step up is to get freshly roasted coffee from the likes of Machina or etc - and hopefully these small steps over the next few weeks/months will be enjoyable enough whilst I save up for a good espresso machine. I feel there would be some self-discovery in finding out how coffee roasted 2 days ago tastes, versus 2 weeks ago and so on. I've recently looked at a few people's tips on how to get the best from a French press, so I'm really excited to move up a step to using freshly ground coffee and compare. I cant help feel a bit apprehensive at my first ever grinder (and how long its going to take to get it!), but also very excited. I wonder how much of a difference I will notice. Exciting times...
  6. Hi, just bought a new grinder so my Eureka mignon is up for sale. Bought from Bella Barista in September 2016, sadly the extended warranty is over now. Never given me any problems and made some tasty coffee. Comes with spare set of brand new burrs. £120 + postage or can deliver if close to Southampton. For some reason I can’t get the pictures to upload so if you are interested send me an email address and I’ll send them to you. thanks
  7. So I just browsed their website and got excited They've updated their product line with some really nice grinders like 75 mm flat burr Atom, 68 mm conical Olympus or three new Mignons
  8. So after purchasing a Mignon from this forum last week and managing to snag 15cm of spare acrylic pipe from @Juba as well I have improvised a new hopper for the grinder. I've had to cut a notch in the back of the pipe so that it neatly slots into the top of the grinder. Ive found that the tube now sits more snugly on the little 'shelf' that the original hopper was meant to sit on. I discovered this shelf became a place for half ground beans to hop on to, so immediately the retention has dropped because of that. As for the top, I ordered a silicone funnel for £5 from Amazon and proceeded to butcher it, the rings in the design meant there was one that was the right size for tube and so it stretches over nicely and doesn't need fixing to the tube in any way. Also, as with the camera lens cover mods I've seen elsewhere, the funnel allows you tap the top with an open palm and any coffee left in the chute neatly falls out. All in all pretty happy! All I want do now is source either a metal or hardwood weight but I've found that the size I need seems pretty hard to get hold of so I will have to see. The Hario shot glass there at the moment just stops anything falling into the tube.
  9. Folks, Just received my Eureka Mignon Mk2 last week and when grinding on a fine setting I'm noticing that the coffee sometimes comes out in clumps (like small oxo cubes) is this normal? I end up having to break these before transferring to the portafilter. Mike
  10. Hi Apologies didn’t know how to transfer my post from one section to another so the question below has also been asked in the ‘brewed coffee’ section. ——————- I’d consider myself a newbie to coffee, I use a Hario Skerton grinder and a V60. I’ve learnt the value of weighing and timing my brews and I’m comfortable adjusting the grind size and playing with the timings to obtain a good tasting coffee. Christmas is coming but Christmas on a budget! I thought about going up a notch and buying a Sage DTP but having thought about it I’m happy with my V60 and the only pain I have is I’m getting fed up off grinding. Solution and sensible way forward seems to be buy a grinder with my money as This can only improve the quality of my brews and stick with the V60 for now (until further funds become available). My question is, “is a Eureka Mignon over kill for use with a V60?” I like the idea of the mignon as it has the long transferable warranty with Bella Barista, so if ‘heaven forbid’ I stop drinking, it should be easy to recover some of my money. Thanks in advance for the advice
  11. Saw this on home-barista.com, a new grinder from Eureka which is focused on brewed coffee. It has 75mm flat burrs and quite compact package. Being released in April 2018. http://www.eureka.co.it/en/catalogo/prodotti/macinacaff%C3%A8+istantaneo/1/6.aspx There's also a review (in Italian), but google translate does a decent job. They did some tests with Kruve and found Seems like a quite capable grinder, and sounds like it might perform similar to bulk grinders but at much smaller form factor.
  12. Fully working with original box and spare set of burrs. Black GLOSS colour. Great grinder and reluctantly selling as I seem to be using less and less - having a declutter! £200 but fair and reasonable offers considered. I 'd like to think like minded people won't take the mickey! Collection from Rugby (CV21) or Market Harborough (LE16). Happy to meet in localities / next to M1 or M6 if someone is passing. Can arrange delivery via courier for £10. Details of the grinder can be found here but the one I am selling is GLOSS finish not MATT (saves me tying!): http://www.myespresso.co.uk/product/eureka-mignon-mk2-on-demand-grinder-with-timer-gloss-black-free-1kg-beans/
  13. Hi, here is my Rancilio Silvia and Mignon set up for sale.. I have owned all these items just on a year now (new last year.. Silvia from MyEspresso, and grinder from BB.. still 2 years on warranty, transferable..)and wish to sell as I have now got myself a dual boiler... I would like it to go as one sale, to someone who is keen to learn about espresso. Here I have 1x Rancilio Silvia 1x Eureka Mignon 7x Rancilio Capachino cups and saucers 2x Rancilio espresso cups and saucers 1x Rancilio bottomless portafilter(triple basket) 1x pressure gauge... I have in 2 boxes at the moment for delivery 1 about 20kg and 1 at 15kg, Will weigh at the point of sale.. Silvia has been backflushed and descaled regularly, I have loved this setup and cared very much for it.. it has made maybe 2 espressos a day and a latte in the mornings.... 1 kg a month of coffee has passed through it... Please feel free to ask any questions.. Thanks for looking. Now for sale individually here...: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/export1847/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= To anyone whos interested.. I sold these items on ebay at these prices all as auction, so can use as a guide: Silvia---------------£280 + postage Mignon-------------£196 + postage bottomless p/f----£24 + postage cups/saucers------£9.50 + postage Thanks for looking, Ian
  14. Hi everyone, can anyone give me their opinion on the quality of the espresso grind for the Eureka Mignon Grinder please? Is it consistent and fine enough? Thanks!
  15. I'm sick of the hopper on my mignon. The black guard has never stayed in place and the bowl is pretty scratched up now. I want to put a different hopper on though. I like the look of the Eureka Zenith version https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/eureka-zenith-olympus-short-hopper.html. Anyone know if this would work or if there are any other alternatives? Cheers, K
  16. Just signed up to the forums! Have had a coffee passion for a long time now but never got round to getting myself an expresso machine or grinder. My parents bought me a barista course for my birthday at the Barista Bar in London to learn the basics, has anyone on here been there for a training course before? So I haven't yet bought any equipment but after lots of research this is what I have in mind... open to any suggestions though! I have a very healthy budget due to selling my motorbike to fund the below options, my friends think I'm crazy but I never ride the bike so can't justify it. Also I'll use the coffee machine 2-3 times a day as appose to a ride on the bike once every month! I also want to get a heat exchanger/dual boiler at minimum as I often make 2-6 cups of coffee at a time when I have friends over. Expresso Machine: Expobar Office Leva Rocket Expresso Apartamento Grinder: Eureka Mignon Compact K3 Let me know yours thoughts Cheers Greg
  17. Guy's thought I would throw my hand in on this forum and show off my setup (after all you lot are the only ones who'll appreciate it). Have a Rocket R58, with Eureka grinder (on a chrome drawer knock box, Rocket tamper and tamp station. I use a Hario VST scale with built in timer which is very useful and makes up for the delay with the scale, which is a pain. Use The Roasting Party 'The Party' espresso beans which are exceptional along with Nude Coffee 'East blend' beans and Monmouth 'organic' espresso beans, which I get fantastic results with - oh yeah and I only ever put volvic water in it! Overall I love the build quality and aesthetics of the R58, it's not perfect but pulls a great shot and I find the Eureka grinder very good (for the price) once you get a hang of the very sensitive grind setting along with all the other overpriced 'Rocket' branded parofinalia! What do you guys think, comments, advice, haters bring it on.
  18. Guy's thought I would throw my hand in on this forum and show off my setup (after all you lot are the only ones who'll appreciate it). Have a Rocket R58, with Eureka grinder (on a chrome drawer knock box, Rocket tamper and tamp station. I use a Hario VST scale with built in timer which is very useful and makes up for the delay with the scale, which is a pain. Use The Roasting Party 'The Party' espresso beans which are exceptional along with Nude Coffee 'East blend' beans and Monmouth 'organic' espresso beans, which I get fantastic results with. Overall I love the build quality and aesthetics of the R58, it's not perfect but pulls a great shot and I find the Eureka grinder very good (for the price) once you get a hang of the very sensitive grind setting along with all the other overpriced 'Rocket' branded parofinalia! What do you guys think, comments, advice, haters bring it on.
  19. Hi folks, New to the forum and looking for some advice. Basically spent months researching and frankly dreaming about a new machine set up for the home. I'm interested in coffee and passionate about it - but dont have infinite budget (say roughly £1500). I am not massively interested in dialling in each shot each time to perfection - mainly just producing quality espresso consistently at home for double espresso, machiatto etc. With this in mind I have originally been looking at the Rocket Appartemento which looks great but the guys at bella barista have put me onto the ECM Barista which apparently is better built and is a bit more consistent. I currently use a baratza encore for my v60 and aeropress but been told this is next to useless for espresso so I will need a new grinder. I have been told the Eureka Mignon Mk11 is a great entry level bit of kit so I have been looking at this but tempted by the jump up in quality by a mazzer mini or mazzer super jolly - also thinking perhaps I can source a quality mazzer second hand for the price of a new eureka? So - anybody out there any thoughts on the overall setup? Has anybody tried both the appartemento and ECM barista side by side for comparison? How much better is a mazzer really going to be over a eureka in terms of grind? I assume I will be able to create great espresso at home with basic barista skills with machines like this? Any help is appreciated as I am now lost in the coffee world with the infinite amount of options and possibilities - profitec 500 also mentioned as great!!!
  20. For sale is my Fracino Cherub espresso machine + Eureka Mignon grinder, with a few extras, all for £600. Hoping to sell as all items together at this stage, but if there is no interest in the full package after a week or so I’ll consider splitting the cherub and the grinder. Collection or local delivery only at this stage - the machine is in Fife (near Dunfermline), and I work near Glasgow. The Cherub I bought the machine from michaelg (forum member) in December 2014, and I believe he bought the machine from shrink (also a forum member), who originally purchased it around Jan 2013 from Espresso Underground (I’m copying some of this from michaelg’s advert in 2014…he might be able to confirm the history of the machine, but any mistakes in this are entirely my fault!!). The machine is in excellent working order, serviced and new pump fitted by Espresso Services in Glasgow when I bought it. Regularly back-flushed. It has only lived in Scotland so scale shouldn't be an issue at all. Included in the sale of the machine (as shown in the photos): · Standard fixtures and fittings as the machine is sold with · Replacement steam arm from Londinium (so thread is on steam tips not the wand) with 4x1.2mm, 4x1mm, 2x1mm and 3-hole Tidaka tip. The original wand with tips is also available should you prefer it · Steam and water taps and bottomless portafilter handles made from bubinga wood (from Peter Bradley at Avicenna's Solution) (machine is currently fitted with the original handles) · Two spout portafilter handle. · Strada basket · IMS shower screen (original also available) · Motta tamper · Tamping mat · Grinderstein knock-box · Blind filter · Half a tub of puly caf + cleaning brush · I don’t have the original box, sorry The Mignon I bought the machine originally from Machina Espresso in Edinburgh in December 2014, but there was a problem with the original so this is a replacement, I think about 12 months old (don’t have exact dates, sorry…). Mark 2 version in gloss black. According to my Rave order history it’s been through around 10kg of beans so still pretty fresh. Excellent condition, as I hope the photos show. Again, I don’t have the original box – over-zealous spring-clean at the start of the year… Happy to give you a demo if you live locally. Photos below (I'll add another couple of photos in a few mins), please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  21. wolf in sheep's clothing this will likely stay low as branded Lavazza (Italian for toilet) but its actually a Eureka Fashion - burrs are 75mm I believe good grinder for low price - buy it and remove the lavazza stickers ! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lavazza-Coffee-Grinder-/152306940705?hash=item2376337b21:g:4QwAAOSwcLxYHd0A
  22. Hey just wanted to say thanks to everyone thats helped me so far. After weeks of trawling Ebay/Gumtree and the forum I finally found a used Silvia, it came with a few jugs, knock box, tamper, naked porta and a few other bits. Decided to go for a new Mignon in the end as I needed to get a white/silver one really to match the kitchen. Only just took delivery of the Silvia so I'll have to test it this evening when I'm in from work. Fingers crossed its all good.
  23. As title says, MCD4 for sale. I've used this for brews for the past 6 months. This was purchased from a chap in August 2015, who had only put a few kilos through it. He bought the grinder together with a Gene Cafe 1200 in April 2015 from Bella Barista. I have the original receipt. I'm not brewing as much so it is time for the grinder to find in new home. I've probably put 2-3 kilos through it since I've had it. In as new condition. It will come with original massive hopper. I can include the 80mm Glass hopper if you want it (hopper weight not included). How does £350 collected from Leighton Buzzard sound?
  24. I have finally broken under pressure to upgrade my grinder to go with my L1. I now have a Eureka Olympus 75e, hence I am selling my beloved Eureka Mignon Mk2 in Chrome. I have had it for 21 months and it is in excellent condition. Not sure how many KG's of beans I have put through it but I do know it is not more than 28kg. Probably perfectly seasoned burrs now I am selling it. I have loved and raved about this little stepless grinder, I think it is awesome which is partly why I bought another Eureka. You can read my review on this grinder in the grinder forum. I bought it from Bella Barista and it comes with the original instructions, wrapping and box so if you want to give this as a present its all there for you in like new condition. I am willing to sell it for £217 delivered as for anything less I would rather keep it for myself as a spare. Payment by cash, cheque or PayPal.
  25. Hi All, I have just upgraded to the mignon doser and used for the first time this morning. granted it will take me a while to dial in properly but just wanted to ask, has anyone experienced it getting quite warm? After a fair bit of grinding about 20mins to dial in there was a bit of intermittent chirping as the burrs got closer but now grinding about right for an espresso. was quite warm though by the end and a slight burnt smell which i put down to the first run. the burnt smell did clear after a few more grinds. Cheers
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