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Found 501 results

  1. Hi guys, For sale is my Mazzer Mini E Type A grinder, with 4 month old burrs fitted. I bought it from a user on this forum about 18 months ago, and it’s seen one or two 18g shots per day since I’ve had it, and the previous owner said they made 4-6 shots a day. It is 6 years old, and only ever used domestically. It has genuine Mazzer Super Jolly burrs, fitted 4 months ago, which are still very sharp, so the grinder can produce an excellent 18g shot in approx. 10-13 seconds, and I’ve applied SuperLube to the grind adjustment threads (as recommended by users on this forum), so the grind adjustment is silky smooth. I have both the large and small Mazzer hoppers, which will be included in the sale. Happy to provide additional photos or the serial number on request, or a video of the grinder in operation. Looking for £380 on collection from Leeds. I’d be willing to drive to meet, and I’m willing to package up for shipping, but buyer would need to arrange shipping and insurance + £5 for the packaging.
  2. crabman


    Happy New year to everyone . Santa has been and I have received a Rok coffee maker.Very pleased. In other machines I have been using Sumatra Mandheling and Brazilian yellow Catui. With the Rok I would like to try different. Do I use espresso or fine grind for good crema with the Rok? I realise grinding my own bean is good and I am waiting for a Rok hand grinder. I have used Redber and I know they do taster packs. It all comes down to the grind , espresso or fine. Thanks.
  3. Hello! I have a question. I have a Compak E8 grinder and a Fracino Cherub. The set up is great but I've had my Cherub for about 6 years now and want to try a lever machine. I'd love a londinium but my budget is about £1500 so it's unrealistic. I've heard of the new mini londinium but I need milk steaming. So... I've found a Bezerra Strega for around my budget. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any other sugestions. I've also looked into Fracino machines which are almost in budget and fracino make the londiniums I think? Does anyone have any sugestions.
  4. Good evening everyone. With a new machine on order I'm looking at ordering some beans for espresso. I was all set for the Hasbean espresso quad pack, but when did delivery become so expensive! £5 seems a little too much for £20 of beans! Any recommendations for first batch?
  5. i have had other semi automatic/automatic machines mainly delonghi and making an espresso they were at least warm (ish) on a barista touch i have, when making an espresso it seems to be almost cold and mildly warm. is this normal? my cups are not pre-heated/warm water or anything/ but i didn't have to do this with the delognhi machine, so im a bit confused. the brew temperature in the settings is set to high
  6. What do you think? No descriptors on website but 9 was good enough that I have just ordered a couple of Kgs.....
  7. Hi guys new to the forum and loving looking around so far although i may end up spending a fortune on all the bean recommendations! Seems like a great community of knowledgeable folk with that in mind i am going to bore you all with another grinder question. I have a gaggia classic and recently got a bottomless portafilter for it, i was expecting to pull lovely looking shots like my local coffee shop - shout out little bird coffee house, Inverness, Scotland! - however as you can imagine i ended up with a disaster of multiple sprays everywhere! I presumed it was my poor tamping technique, grind size, dose size, pressure issue with the gaggia or a cheap basket but after spending a few quid and a lot of trial and error it appears to be my shoddy grinder that is the problem - if i had come here before then i maybe would have started there! I figured this out as when i go to buy fresh beans from the local roaster they always offer to grind them for me to which i usually decline but this time i said yeah and i got them ground for espresso, home loaded up the 18g VST and behold, a lovely shot! At the moment i just have a Cuisinart dbm8 grinder, so you know, you can imagine how silly i feel thinking this would make a decent espresso! So, time to upgrade. Budget £2-300 Will take new or used. Probably just be used for espresso and can use the cheap grinder for filter still? Whats the consensus? would love to jump on the niche bandwagon but a bit rich for my tastes! Thanks for your responses to the same old post, appreciate it - and if anyone has anything for sale DM me.
  8. So I just got in a kilo of Colombia Suarez today, I'm based in Germany these days so it was roasted on the 15th and so has been degassing for 6 days already. I'm trying to pull it as an espresso today on my La Pavoni and it's proving imposible to dial in. I have found the grind setting that gives me 12g -> 24g in 30 seconds, but it comes out both sour and bitter. I've tried adjusting a little either way with no luck. Everything is in order with my grinder (Lido E) and machine (aforementioned La Pavoni Professional, pre-mil) - other beans are still fine (both lighter and darker than this bean) and easy enough to dial in. It looks perfectly good with nice crema, and tastes quite sweet when made into a flat white (with perhaps a hint of bitterness), but I bought it primarily for espresso and would like to work it out for that. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I did some googling and found a handful of people saying that they struggled with making it into an espresso until it had been degassing for 8-9 days. Do other people find this too or can anyone think of anything else I might be doing wrong here? I tried distributing with a metal stick as well as my usual method. I don't have a bottomless portafilter yet but it was quite smoothly coming down centrally (using portafilter with spout removed so I can mostly tell if it's channelling, though not as well as with a naked portafilter). I know some people might say to just wait 3 days and try again but I'm a bit impatient as my other beans are nearly done and I will have some coffee friends round on Friday so would like it worked out before then.
  9. This post is based on blog post from Scot Rao https://www.scottrao.com/blog/2018/7/18/advanced-mode-on-the-de1 I tried to mimic the bloom phase on Vesuvius machine as follows: 1. Program the preinfusion to P1 program straight 2 bar (max pressure for preinfusion 3bar) for 10s 2. Program the brew program to P2 whatever you want. For exapmple straight 9 bar or 6 bar or my favorite, from 6 to 4 bar in 20s with ek43. 3. Set P1, lock in the portafilter and start the brew process. 4. After 10s the P1 program ends. 5. LEAVE the handle of the group in top brew position. 6. Let the cofee bloom for 20-30s. 7. Switch to P2 program through the menu. 8. Move the handle to MIDDLE preinfusion possition NOT all the way down. We want to leave the drain valve closed. 9. Move the handle immediately to TOP brew position. You will start the P2 program. 10. Finish the brew process as usual after reaching the required coffee weight. Please try it and let me know your experience.
  10. Moving from the valuation thread onto here as the prices seemed correct and a few people were interested already. List: 2x Inker blue latte cups - OPTION £10? 2x Inker grey espresso cups - OPTION £10? 1x Motta wood 58.4 tamper - GONE £10 1x cheap jug - £2.5 1x Rhinowares waste bean - GONE £12.5 1x naked portafilter 58.4 exc baskets - £10? 1x chinese distribution tool - GONE £5 1x cafelat tamping mat - GONE £5 @joey24dirt I'll do that plus postage if that's ok? @rob177palmer Yes it's a 58, was used for a Gaggia previously @Diggy87 I think £20 would still be great value for both and yes the PF will fit a gaggia and comes with a blind screen Cleaning products will probably be binned unless something comes pick some of the above and then I'll give it for free. Thank you, Max
  11. Just been offered this as a freebie. Don't have the space or time but I can't resist a project. What is it please? Looks like a cheapo.
  12. Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  13. Hi all, I am looking into buying my first low-range espresso machine, but a big factor for me is the steam wand as I love a good milky coffee. Any recommendations?
  14. For sale is my Quick Mill Anita. Comes with double shot portafilter (no single unfortunately). Used with bottled water only, in great condition apart from the front right leg is a little bent due to transportation. Really only drink filter these days and I'm moving house so I guess we could use the funds for something a little more appropriate... Like a new bed... or a chair... Sigh. Has been a great machine - really good at bouncing back after multiple drinks, lots of headroom with the steam and can pull shots whilst steaming without issue. Looking at collection only from Newcastle as my experience with posting coffee machines has never been positive. Can deliver within a suitable radius for a fee i.e. 50 miles being the max, or meet at a halfway point if the price is right. On eBay for £650, but happy to take £550 cash to people on here. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best. Jonny --phone number removed--
  15. I dialled in some Square Mile Sweetshop yesterday and while it's delicious I'm interested in other people's recipes. I saw your recipe @MildredM & I see you were extracting at a 1-1.5 ratio @Stanic could you let me know what sort of time you pulled that in? Do you just cut the shot a bit sooner or do you grind a bit tighter to slow it a bit? (and apologies for being cheeky and @ing you!)
  16. Yesterday I said goodbye to my Londinium R. Sad day? Possibly, possibly not, but if you're thinking of buying one or already have one, it may (may!) be a semi-interesting read. Here I intend to give an honest, non-biased review from MY perspective as a high-end home user. Short Version If you stumbled upon this thread and either haven't got the time, can't be bothered or aren't really interested, the short version is this: The Londinium R is an EXCELLENT lever machine, undoubtedly the best you can get, however, I didn't find it to be the easiest machine to use or live with, it has its quirks and although will certainly produce excellent espresso, relies on a great deal of care, consistency and patience from the user (and a good grinder!) to get the excellent shots the Londinium is famed for! Why did I buy a Londinium R? For a bit of background, and why I chose the Londinium (Lever) please see this thread. I want to try and avoid repeating what I've already posted! https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37447-The-Facts-from-the-Fiction-(Types-of-Espresso-Machine)&p=488193#post488193 Initial Impressions When I first opened the box back in May last year and built the thing, I was very impressed at what is a beautifully elegant machine. I fired it up, and spent the evening pulling some TERRIBLE shots. What could go wrong probably did! Anyway, it took a bit of experimentation, and some huge technique changes (for the better of course) to realise that on the LR, especially with VST baskets, the grind, distribution and tamp weight is crucial to getting a good shot. Once I'd spent a few days experimenting, and once I'd 'got it', the shots then got better, until they were very nice indeed. At this point (having owned the LR a week or so) I was hugely impressed with the output and very much enjoyed using it. This was not the time to write an impartial review! I Stuck with it, gave it a few more months, used it, drank coffee, thought about it and enjoyed it. Once the 'new gadget [rose tinted] owners goggles' had gone I decided to put 'pen to paper' with my thoughts on it! Here goes... What did I like about it? Taste of the espresso (10/10) -When the shots came out well, the flavour and taste of the espresso was stunning. Much better than anything you will get from most commercial coffee shops (especially the ghastly chains). However, getting these super shots required regular use and perfect grind and distribution. Simplicity (8.5/10) -No settings (apart from the pre-infusion pressure) to worry about. I like a coffee machine to make good coffee without lots of settings and constant messing about, and the LR was pretty much there. A pressure profiling machine (like the Vesuvius) would NOT be for me! Build Quality/Reliability (10/10) -In the 9 months I owned it, it didn't give me a single reliability issue at all. Not one! Also it looks and feels like an exceptionally well built piece of equipment, and the insides are a work of art! Looks -As previously stated the LR is an elegant machine. It's fairly big (for the home) but the polished finish looks great (although mine usually had a towel over it for protection). No problems here. Not going to give this a score out of 10 as it is entirely subjective and doesn't really warrant one! What didn't I like about it? Warm up time -It takes a GOOD hour to warm up fully before good shots can be pulled. I used to test if it was fully warmed up by checking the end of the lever nearest the handle. If this was warm, generally I was good to go. Joysticks -For the steam and water, personally I prefer valves with knobs that turn rather than the joysticks. I find I have more control over the steam and hot water pressure as it leaves the machine. The ones fitted to the LR are not bad, just not MY preference. I PERSONALLY much prefer valves. Pressurestat -A PID would have been better IMHO, simply because the constant (loud) clicking of the pressurestat annoyed me. It annoyed me from the first day to the last. Further Discussion on the things I didn't like. Right, I'm very well aware there are some HUGE LR fans on here, and some have probably vented some steam from their nose and ears when reading the dislikes. However, let me explain. I'm trying to make this review as impartial as possible, and give a BALANCED view of MY EXPERIENCE of the LR and how it was FOR ME. What works or doesn't work for ME personally, might be completely different for you or the next person, but please bear in mind it is purely my thoughts and feelings about it, not anyone elses. Warm up Time As stated, and is fairly common knowledge, the LR takes a good hour or so to warm up fully, dependent on ambient conditions. I was not prepared to turn it on every morning on the 'off chance' that I may feel like a coffee at some point, and certainly wasn't prepared to leave it on overnight on the 'off chance' I got called to work. I also wasn't keen on leaving it on when I wasn't in the house, although on the occasions I did it was absolutely fine. This said, once it had been turned on it stayed on until the end of the day, as there is no sense in turning it on and off. This meant for me quite often I didn't have time to wait for it to warm up (as I work on call, and get 1 hour to get to work from getting said call) and secondly a lot of times when I wanted to use it (mainly for friends who turn up unannounced or at very short notice), it would be turned off and waiting 1 hour for it to warm up simply wasn't convenient. In both of these situations I resorted to a V60 pour over and the LR didn't get used. As time went on, especially after the novelty had worn off, turning the LR on and warming it up to then make 1 or 2 espressos, seemed a bit pointless. Again, unless I had a reason to make more than 1 or 2 drinks, I'd resort to using the V60. I am someone who REALLY enjoys a good espresso, but certainly don't chain drink coffee all day like some. I like to go for quality over quantity! So the last month, the machine was turned on maybe 3 or 4 times, and MAYBE in that time was used to make 12 espressos (around 250g of coffee or 1 bag, allowing for dialling it in). I'd thought a lot about it, and although I loved the machine, with this amount of use it wasn't getting it was just wasted with me, so after much deliberation I came to the conclusion that it would be much better going to a home where it got the use it deserved. Joysticks Personal preference. When I was looking at getting a high end espresso machine, people raved about the joysticks (as opposed to turn-valves). Personally they're not for me. I would choose turn valves over joysticks every time as I feel I get more control over what I'm doing, and can more easily have them half open rather than all-or-nothing. This, however, was not the primary reason for selling the LR, as they can be changed, and if this was the ONLY dislike, I would have installed turn valves for sure. Regular and Frequent Use In the 'pros' section, I mentioned that to get the best out of this machine, you need to use it regularly and frequently. I found, in the last 9 months if I used the machine every day, all that would be required as the beans and ambient conditions (temperature, humidity etc) changed would be a very small tweak to either the grind or tamp weight, which usually entailed tightening up the grind slightly as the beans aged, depending on the beans, and tamping slightly harder. This meant that most shots were very good and even the first one of the day was perfectly drinkable if it wasn't always perfect. However, if the machine was not used every day, I would find that there would be a much bigger change in the beans and conditions, which would essentially necessitate dialling in the shot again from scratch before getting quality coffee. Using the 'last known good settings' after a week of the machine and beans being stood, didn't usually work! This meant a bit much messing about and a lot of wasted coffee. This infrequent use, as mentioned above, ultimately came down to the warm up time from cold. Conclusion If you're reading this conclusion, you've either skipped straight to it, or managed to stay awake long enough to read the whole review (if you didn't, you need more coffee!!). So to sum up, the Londinium R is a SUPERB machine, and Reiss has done an excellent job developing something quite unique to the market, that works well, is well built and produces stunning coffee. However, at the moment it is not the machine that works best for me, and I would much prefer a machine with a quicker warm up time, that would get more use than the LR got. If anyone has any questions I'll answer as best I can!!
  17. Hi All - I have a 10 year old Gaggia Classic and did the OPV mod a while ago. I am getting decent shots however I want to figure out what bars I am really putting out. I tried the volume of water method (blank portafilter, putting a class of water under one of the tubes) and I am getting no returned water? Does this mean my machine is still set to too many bars and I need to turn the OPV nut more. I am getting decent shots, about 32g out in 30s when my Fiorenzato grinder at a 1.8 setting. A few questions... 1.) there are two tubes in the water reservoir, which one is for the water supply and which is for the OPV overflow? 2.) Is the general rule of 170-180ml in 30s from the OPV tube mean the machine is roughly 9 bars? 3.) I tried alternating with the left and right tube in water and it didnt seem like either was drawing water.....strange since my machine does work when both are in Thanks everyone in advance!
  18. New to the forum. I’m looking to upgrade my old La Pavoni Eurobar as it only does pressurised shots. Have been looking at the Rancilio Silvia. But would prefer a machine with PID built in. And have heard about the rust issue with these. Any recommendations within this price range £5-600? It’s got to look nice, and I like heritage machines. Don’t want a Sage! Thanks.
  19. I have a Cremina 67 lever machine for sale. I did a complete strip down and restoration which took about 3 months to complete. The asbestos was removed from the boiler and the whole machine was thoroughly cleaned. I have the original PF handle with double basket and steam wand but have upgraded these to modern equivalents. The pressure stat, power light, power cable and all seals have been replaced. It is a fully functional, reliable machine with a tiny (10.5" x 7.5") footprint and is very well made weighing in at 8 kilos. I'm looking for £1000.00 and am happy to deliver up to 200 miles from Edinburgh. Buyer would need to arrange/deal with insurance for delivery over a greater distance. Photos of work done can be found here;
  20. For Sale Black Mazzer Mini Electric in lovely condition with little use approx 5 years Old No marks as you can see by the Pics Price £275 can provide more images if required
  21. Having undertaken a thorough coffee crawl of Penarth I recommend the following. 1 Wilmores 1938. Best espresso in town. Orangey notes with treacle/ liquorice finish 2 coffee 1. Brains brewery owned chain good consistent coffee in this branch. 3 Waterloo gardens (one venue in town another on pier). Lightly too acidic for my taste but comes with glass of cold brew tea as chaser. Which was a bonus. There are at least 5 more venues serving coffee but these are my top 3.
  22. I'm a brewing kind of person and never got addicted to espresso. My wallet and SO has thanked me many times. Some time ago I thought everyone making espresso at home were mostly drinking the espresso clean without anything added. Then after joining some forums I realized many make lattes, cappuccinos and all these things. I've had a few good espressos, but it wasn't something I could replace my brews with. It would have to be a milk-based drink if it should replace a brew. Espresso is more like whisky in my mind. Highly concentrated, small servings. I think I'd nip it in peace, like whisky. I was interested to hear how the prosumers of espresso drinks their shots. How often do you drink a clean espresso compared to milk-based drinks? Do you drink it quickly like an Italian or is it something you nip for a while to savor the flavors?
  23. Morning all - new to coffee forum and relatively new to the dark art of crafting my own espresso I was after some expert advice on perfecting the espresso shot, the variables at my disposal to tweak and the best order to approach, dialling in etc. Here's my current thoughts/method: Variables: 1. Beans 2. Weight 3. Tamping 4. Grind 5. Stars 1. The beans - to start with using the same beans on the same day with a few shots to try and get it right, so taking that as a constant 2. Weight - measuring to 18g exactly post grind, seems to be general consensus on the internet for a double shot - constant, tick 3. Tamping - apply what I think is reasonable pressure to get solid looking even puck in the basket, can't measure but going to assume as constant as can be 4. Grind - so I'm starting with this as my variable to adjust to get it right keeping the above fixed. Can get in the right ball park, currently getting a double shot starting to come through around 6 seconds and using full 30 seconds to get double shot. Can I perfect the shot on grind alone at what point should I consider grind correct and think about other variables or am I trying to apply science to an art... 5. Stars... do I need to wait for these to align as well?! Any advice/comment on my approach please. Equipment I'm using Gaggia Classic (don't know the year), Eureka Mingon Speicalita (2018) Thanks
  24. Hi all, im selling some lovely Inker Luna cups, They have barely been used and are in as-new condition. I have the following available: - 2x 8.5oz Latte cup and saucer (blue) - - 1x 2.5oz espresso cup and saucer (blue) im looking for £25 all in (including postage). Let me know if you have any questions! Rory
  25. I've been struggling recently with making espresso drinks as I don't have time in a morning to make one but I don't drink coffee in the evening (it really effects my sleep!) I make a lot of aeropress or filter coffee as I can normally crack one out in about 5-10 minutes. Are there any other methods that are equally easy to do that provide great results - or is there a way I can attempt to squeeze an espresso into my coffee routine. Haven't felt like I can post as much recently as I basically make the same coffee every morning! (I do enjoy it though!)
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