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  1. I'm curious about who will be intrigued or bewildered by the thread topic, or if anyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. Anyone else using Alexa, Google Home or another voice assistant to switch on/off the machine, and any other comedy mis-hearings? I used to get a "Sorry, I can't find a device called this wrestle machine" a couple times per week, but not so much any more. I was getting fed up to the point of changing what it's called, just couldn't decide what else to call it, but will probably leave it since they've either improved their voice recognition, or I've improve
  2. Hi, I'm looking for places in W8 London or central, even east if needed that have espresso made with the EK43, I've been reading/hearing tons about it and how different it is but I'd like to try it myself! Also, any recommendations on good cafes that put tons of emphasis on their espresso? I'm learning the ropes (thanks to the forum) on how to get good coffee, I'm using a double boiler and Mazzer SJ but I really want to get the good stuff to be able to compare it in taste to what I am getting at home. Thanks!
  3. So, my espresso machine arrived yesterday, and the grinder should be arriving next week (once I finally make up my mind). Incidentally, it's my b-day this weekend and the guys from work want to get me whatever I want (for a reasonable budget, of course - can't ask for a Monolith) and I'd like to give them a list of basic accessories for my new home bar - what should those be? I have: - tamper; - tamper holder and tamping mat; - scale; - knock-box; - milk pitcher. Anything else I might need? Depending on the budget, I'd inlcude a Brewista/Bona Vita kettle as well,
  4. Hello, I want to prepare espresso and cappuccino at home, so I have to buy a machine. I saw a manual espresso machine but I don't know if it do as quality and taste like the machine. I have couple questions: 1. What is the best budget machine which prepare very good cups of espresso and cappuccino? 2. I have a little question about the shot, how many pulls I can get in one shot? Because I see they only do one pull of one shot of brewed coffee. I think it's a waste of like 18 g of coffee. Can I do another pull of the same shot?
  5. Tl;DR I'm an idiot. Save me from myself. I've been reading around on here a lot and one thing is for sure. Due to my predisposition toward idiocy, my "budget" is increasing toward the GDP of a small country. This is not good - and I wonder just how much more you get for your money. And if I'm being stupid. Which I probably am. I'm 99% sure I want a lever machine. The process of using a lever appeals to me. However, the price does not! There seems a massive difference between La Pavoni and Londinium, for example - but is that massive price gap worth it in terms of what's in your
  6. Hi guys, I'm in the market for an espresso grinder to pair with my Bezzera Magica. I've got a chance to get this grinder from a coffee-to-go shop that prefers Mazzers. I've seen it, it works ok as far as I could tell (I'm no expert, but we pulled a decent shot from what it produced). It's from 2011 and has some 150 thousand doses on the clock. Visually it's obvious it was used commercially, but it's not too bad either. I think I could get it for some 250-300 pounds. What do you think, is it a good deal? Thanks!
  7. For sale is my 8 month old Rancilio Silvia. It is in fantastic condition and barely used. It has been maintained regularly and always been kept clean. The machine was bought from Bella Barista, a well known coffee machine supplier in the UK and includes warranty from them which expires 22/01/2019. • Comes with rubber backflush disk for cleaning and double filter basket. • DOES NOT COME WITH ORIGINAL BOX but will be packed super securely and sent via UPS tracked service. Metal cup warmer has a stain that I can't seem to remove (see photo). It may come off with
  8. My thinking is that if you’re going to be adding it to an amount of hot water, is the espresso brew ratio relevant? Will a 36g pull from an 18g dose taste better than just letting the extraction run to 60g? Cheers.
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade form my Krups GVX2 and after quite a bit of reading I'm concluding that if the ideal home grinder exists, it's not available until next summer. That said, I want to get something sorted sooner, and at the moment I'm leaning towards finding a secondhand Super Jolly, which would fit on my one bit of kitchen counter with unrestricted headroom. What I'm less sure about is how friendly they are to single shots, although I'd have a go at either improving the doser or replacing it with a funnel per some of the posts on here if that's the main change that is neede
  10. Any ideas of firms in Newcastle Upon Tyne that could supply a refurbished 1-group (ideally DB but possibly HX) or small 2-group commercial espresso machine, preferably including future servicing? Putting the feelers out ahead of an office move towards the end of this year or early next year.
  11. Hi, As I am on my quest to upgrade my grinder situation I have inevitably come across the Mignon in the electric grinder department. From what I can see it seems like a great entry level grinder for espresso that will not leave me wanting to upgrade within 6months. I think I could cope with the clumping problems as I would likely dose and then grind into small vessel and transfer to the PF anyway. My main question for people who have used the grinder is, how good is this grinder/how easy is it too switch from espresso to brewing say aeropress or v60? I know it is a stepless grinder s
  12. Hi all, ball park what sort of number are people grinding on for espresso? I'm struggling to get something decent. Last attempt was number 12 and got 60g out of 16g in 30 seconds lol. Realise I need to coarser but on grind 8 - and beans and amounts it's choaked. Try 10 I hear you cry, tried that and it flew out!
  13. I've already emailed Sage about this to see what they say but figure it can't hurt to get a second opinion. My Oracle doesn't seem to be grinding fine enough for what I expected. During my white glove service I was using Rave Italian Job but Steve (CC Barista) didn't seem to be able to get it fine enough either and it was over extracting by quite a bit. He changed over to the CC Barista Guatemalan coffee and with the grinder set at 8 and a 30 second extraction, this made the perfect shot. This coffee was a bit dark for us and when I went on the website it says it's for filter coffees
  14. I'm looking to buy a secondhand 1 group commercial espresso machine for the Office (plumbed in) that I can also use for the odd event (with flojet) ive been using a Conti CC100 which has been on loan and it's been amazing but it's time to give it back. Have used a La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi in the past which was great but looking for any other recommendations? thanks Scott
  15. Recently, I've been really enjoy fruity tasting espresso based drinks. So far I've come across the following fruits in coffees: Blueberry (...Lots of coffees) Pineapple (Crankhouse Sitio Campoeira) Orange (Clifton Coffee EQ10 - Okay maybe more like a chocolate orange but close enough!) Apricot (Can't remember the name, was at colonna coffee) Does anybody know of any good fruity espresso beans that they've tried recently and can recommend? I mean ones with a clear distinctive fruit tasting note. I guess they'd mainly be naturals. For example, maybe: Cherry Peaches/Ne
  16. Hey guys, I'm getting back into manual espresso so on the look out for a machine and grinder set up, current budget around £1000 I've been trying to source a Mazzer Super Jolly or similar but then it's occurred to me that I enjoy some Chemex / Pour Over action too. Would a SJ be able to cope with this or am i better off looking at more general options? TIA
  17. Due to a change in travel plans, it seems I'll be out of the country longer than expected. It would be a shame to keep this beauty in storage.. so she is up for grabs to one of you lovely lot! As the machine is literally around 3 weeks old, I will be looking for £280. It comes fully boxed with all included accessories such as razor tool (never used), all filter baskets, milk jug, original tamper etc. As well as the warranty. I will also throw in a weighty Motta tamper, with tamping mat and an extra smaller milk jug as shown in the picture. Collection is preferred, from SE Lo
  18. In London there are a great deal of independent coffee shops, many served by knowledgable bearded staff. The coffee invariably tastes infinitely better than coffee served in chains. Take as espresso for instance, it is normally far richer in taste and stronger too. Why is this? Is it the beans / equipment, both, something else? Thank you
  19. Hi, I’m looking for a small set of scales to use for pulling espresso but struggling to find a set with a timing function as well. To make the search even harder I want something around 4” square so it doesn’t overhang a Sage DTP by too much. Does anyone know if such a beast exists? Ive searched high and low and think I’d have more luck searching for a unicorn. Any help is much appreciated.
  20. Hello everybody, just stumbled upon this here project: https://www.anzacoffee.com/ While it focuses on styling and artistic integration into living space, they might have forgotten about contacting @DavecUK for technical questions. Way down on this page there's some specs: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/anza-redefining-espresso-in-concrete-and-corian-coffee#/ Nevertheless, an interesting approach! Now, I'd like to see more different looks on serious equipment... Stainless alone can't be the end of the line
  21. Hey! I just treated myself to a Sage Barista Express Espresso for my birthday and starting to learn some new things which is great. In the package it said an espresso extraction should take around 25-35 seconds. Mine is taking around 6-9 seconds! So I'm going wrong somewhere... I'm doing a single shot, used enough ground coffee and tampered so its nice and compact. The only other thing I can adjust is the grind size. I've set it so the grind is finer to see if it will help, it makes a small difference but no way near 25-35 seconds and now the pressure dial is nearly ov
  22. £150 for the lot, collect from Stockwell, London. Thanks! A few additional modifications: - Rancilio Silvia wand. I will include the original wand in the purchase as well. - Brass dispersion plate - IMS Precision shower screen - Stainless steel tamper - Portofilter basket (can't remember the brand but it's the one that doesn't add all the artificial crema to the coffee) Some minor scratches on the side towards the bottom of the machine. Otherwise - great condition and was descaled regularly. Will include the original aluminum dispersion plate, original baskets, wand e
  23. I bought some of the has bean mokanisa and made an espresso straight away, it’s amazing the sweetness that I had been told about was there I fell in love with it straight away, then 2 days later it’s like a completely different coffee. It was bland and with out any real sweetness it just tasted like a shop bought coffee. I have tried lowering the temp on the PID but it hasn’t really helped. Any body have any advice on working with this kind of bean! I read leaving it for a week might let it’s settle any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  24. Dialling in a new bag of beans this morning and first shot (18 in 35 out) took 1 min 17. I was about to abort after about 20 seconds but the little beads started appearing so I just let it run... The machine (Classic) sounded like it was labouring a little, nothing too drastic but definitely sounded like it had gone up a gear! Is this choking? If it is, is it a massive deal (the shot was delicious!)? Cheers guys
  25. Hello. I am cleaning out coffee equipment and I would like to sell Original Rocket Espresso Milano Flat White cup. 2 sets of cups & saucer. Images are here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/btlxwku3unc2bvv/AACtahGz6fEesSyiNoQgL8b3a?dl=0 £20 delivered to UK Mainland. Thank you Shin
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