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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here. I know this is a UK forum but I'm from Canada, and couldn't find a good coffee forum that was as active as this one. So I signed up here... Anyway, my interest in coffee is relatively new, but I've been looking to purchase my first espresso machine for my place. I currently use a moka pot (and I foam the milk with a french press, I found this technique on youtube, it works pretty good), or my Nespresso if I'm in a rush. I'm interested in producing espresso that's similar to the quality I find in independent local cafes, so I want an actual espresso machine. I'm also into the whole process of brewing espresso and I signed up for a class in January. I've shopped around a bit, and it seems the Gaggia classic is a good first machine. I know a grinder is important too, and a local shop recommended the Rancilio Rocky grinder. Just wanted to know what you guys thought. My budget is roughly $1000 for both the grinder and machine (or cheaper, I actually am a little strapped financially and shouldnt be spending so much, but I really want this lol). Also, I see that a new model for the Gaggia classic is coming out with a better steam wand. Do you know when that would be available in my part of the world? thanks in advance!
  2. I know I'm on the Dark side drinking decaf! But I find it really difficult to pull an Espresso with it and was wondering if this is common with decaf? Are there tighter margins why decaf than regular coffee, or is just not possible?!
  3. Nothing much to see here...just the whole boring process, end to end. I just realised I had never actually produced a video of the whole process before....and you rarely see them on the net. [video=youtube_share;MhM9YzdqNZg]
  4. Hi Guys, For sale, E61 Digital Brewhead Thermometer Vidastech (very similar to 'EricS' thermometer). With included spanner, allen key and o rings. All that is needed for assembly. Price: £55 postage included
  5. Moving from the valuation thread onto here as the prices seemed correct and a few people were interested already. List: 2x Inker blue latte cups - OPTION £10? 2x Inker grey espresso cups - OPTION £10? 1x Motta wood 58.4 tamper - GONE £10 1x cheap jug - £2.5 1x Rhinowares waste bean - GONE £12.5 1x naked portafilter 58.4 exc baskets - £10? 1x chinese distribution tool - GONE £5 1x cafelat tamping mat - GONE £5 @joey24dirt I'll do that plus postage if that's ok? @rob177palmer Yes it's a 58, was used for a Gaggia previously @Diggy87 I think £20 would still be great value for both and yes the PF will fit a gaggia and comes with a blind screen Cleaning products will probably be binned unless something comes pick some of the above and then I'll give it for free. Thank you, Max
  6. Hello, I want to prepare espresso and cappuccino at home, so I have to buy a machine. I saw a manual espresso machine but I don't know if it do as quality and taste like the machine. I have couple questions: 1. What is the best budget machine which prepare very good cups of espresso and cappuccino? 2. I have a little question about the shot, how many pulls I can get in one shot? Because I see they only do one pull of one shot of brewed coffee. I think it's a waste of like 18 g of coffee. Can I do another pull of the same shot?
  7. Hello guys, my name is Marco I write from Rome Italy, I'm a coffee fan but especially of Gaggia machines, I read a lot on this forum and I hope you can help me with my little girls. I introduce them to you. They are an old gaggia coffee that i use for everyday with an old pdf grinder, two espresso from my family and an espresso dandy that is the one i want to swap in to the coffee case. i attach some picture. the problem i have is that the dandy brew light won't work even if the machine work great, and also it has what i think to be a pressostat (in the last picture) that i don't know how it works. glad if someone can help me find an answer.
  8. i have had other semi automatic/automatic machines mainly delonghi and making an espresso they were at least warm (ish) on a barista touch i have, when making an espresso it seems to be almost cold and mildly warm. is this normal? my cups are not pre-heated/warm water or anything/ but i didn't have to do this with the delognhi machine, so im a bit confused. the brew temperature in the settings is set to high
  9. Hi everyone! Having owned my Sage DB for almost 3 months now, I think I am getting to grips with it fairly well. I was originally using a Mazzer Mini as my main grinder but have paired it with a Major and the results are definitely better- more flavour notes coming through and a generally smoother mouthfeel. My question is more to do with roast type of the beans I use- up till now I have used predominantly light roasted beans from various local speciality roasters in the Bristol/ Bath area. From reading previous reviews/ posts about the DB it seems that it might accentuate bright/ acidic flavours, so I was wondering how the provenance of the coffee or the roast profile will make a difference to this. I can certainly confirm that some of the African beans I have been using (Ethiopian/ Burundi/ Rwandan) have come through as very bright, almost too much so sometimes. I realise to answer this question accurately you will need to have an idea of my current recipe, so at the moment (with the sort of beans mentioned above) I am dosing 20g, 1:2 ratio in about 27s. Having experimented with various ratios and times this seems to be about the best in terms of flavour, obviously I will make slight tweaks dependent on the bean, for example I had a Kenyan a while back that seemed to taste better when on the basis of time alone it should have been somewhat over extracted. If anyone has any experience of using the Db with medium/ darker roasts it would be great to hear from you, as I still feel like I have a lot to learn! many thanks in advance.
  10. Hi there, I’ve just joined the forum and I’m a first time poster. I've just started really getting into coffee although I’ve had a De’Longhi EC820B for a few years. The machine above has pressurised baskets and although I can get a half decent coffee from it, it’s far from great and nothing like you’d get from a good coffee shop. The espresso I produce has a crema but not a great crema. The espresso from a coffee shop is sort of thicker and has more depth to it compared to what I produce, which is more watery in comparison. It’s hard to explain but the espresso is not as creamy. This also doesn’t produce a good canvas to pour into for latte art. when I pour my frothed milk in it just mixes immediately and nothing like you see in videos etc. I’m also using a basic spin grinder (Krups F203). I know this is not ideal for coffee but it’s all I have at the moment. I want to produce a decent proper espresso from my machine. I’m not sure if this is possible with my current EC820B with a pressurised basket or not but I’ve tried lots of variables and it’s still nothing like a coffee shop coffee. I have purchased fresh roasted beans from Pact etc but I feel they are being wasted with my current equipment. I have also read that auto-frother’s like the one that is on my machine are no good for creating the micro foam required for latte art (something else I really want to achieve). So in short, am I trying to achieve something that is just not possible with my current equipment or is there other options I should be looking at? Thanks for any advice and go easy on the noob please :-)
  11. For sale is my Quick Mill Anita. Comes with double shot portafilter (no single unfortunately). Used with bottled water only, in great condition apart from the front right leg is a little bent due to transportation. Really only drink filter these days and I'm moving house so I guess we could use the funds for something a little more appropriate... Like a new bed... or a chair... Sigh. Has been a great machine - really good at bouncing back after multiple drinks, lots of headroom with the steam and can pull shots whilst steaming without issue. Looking at collection only from Newcastle as my experience with posting coffee machines has never been positive. Can deliver within a suitable radius for a fee i.e. 50 miles being the max, or meet at a halfway point if the price is right. On eBay for £650, but happy to take £550 cash to people on here. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best. Jonny --phone number removed--
  12. Hello everyone. I'm finding myself drawn more to pourovers these days, often leaving the espresso machine off of a morning and having a couple of V60s before heading out. I like savouring the coffee for a bit longer, and seem to have started cutting back on the milky drinks too. I'm currently considering moving away from espresso, selling the machine and grinder, and buying myself a gooseneck and different grinder (hey, I can always go back later!) One thing I really enjoy about coffee is swapping between beans and trying new coffees. Please excuse what's probably a very basic question, but I want to check... is it easier to dial in a grinder to single dose a few different beans for pourover than it is with an espresso machine? i.e. are the margins a bit more forgiving? Also, I'm currently using a Sette 270W grinder for espresso, but it's too fine for pourovers. Any recommendations on good grinders in the £300-400 region? I'd considered getting a Niche, but still a bit uncomfortable investing that much in a product that hasn't been mass produced yet (although I'm aware of the personnel's credentials). Two things I like about the Niche are the cover all (so I wouldn't need to reinvest in a grinder if I decided on another 'spro machine) and the aesthetic/floor space (to keep my wife happy!). Any expertise and wisdom from you all would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  13. I dialled in some Square Mile Sweetshop yesterday and while it's delicious I'm interested in other people's recipes. I saw your recipe @MildredM & I see you were extracting at a 1-1.5 ratio @Stanic could you let me know what sort of time you pulled that in? Do you just cut the shot a bit sooner or do you grind a bit tighter to slow it a bit? (and apologies for being cheeky and @ing you!)
  14. Hello, I am new to the forum. As I mentioned in my intro post I am looking at buying an Espresso machine for at home. I currently just brew using an Aeropress (home and at work) and a V60, but I’d like the variety of home espresso and espresso based milk drinks. I like the look of the Rocket machines and aesthitics are important if its going to occupy a permanent space on my kitchen worktop, but I’m intrigued as to the opinion of how reliable/serviceable they are versus ECM etc. The Apartmento looks nice and I see that the ECM have also recently launched a smaller machine too. any advice re this would be greatly appreciated.
  15. The time is drawing near, my wife has asked for the third time in as many days what are we going to do about the coffee machine. This morning she asked what machine would they recommend on the forum,praise indeed to you all. So here I am, at present I have a sorry Francino Cherub with a Macap M5 stepped grinder with doser. My budget is around £1300 ish, we were looking at the Oracle but it has been dismissed as an option. We drink mainly flat whites and lattes, this may revert to more espresso when the nespresso is back in the cupboard. We'll drink about 6 cups a day between us, more at weekends, sometimes making 5 or 6 at the same time. We usually drink decaff in the evenings so need to switch between the two. Size isn't a problem as it won't be in the kitchen. Probably new espresso machine but if you think I need to upgrade the grinder a decent second hand is a feasible option. Any ideas
  16. I haven't seen this mentioned on the forum, so here y'go... Posted without comment!
  17. Courtesy of CoffeeChap, I’m now a proud member of the lever club! It looks like I’ve got a lot to learn though! Hopefully the Niche comes soon, but for now the Feld2 will have to do :-)
  18. I am looking to sell my Gaggia Classic and Mahlkonig Vario as i have upgraded. I have owned them for about 4 years and are both in good working order. The classic I bought from eBay from someone that bought it, used it once and decided it wasn't for them so was basically brand new. I have done the OPV mod and upgraded to the rancilio steam wand. Both the original wand and pressure gauge included. I live in a soft water area so no issues with scale and it has been cleaned and backflushed regularly. As well as the original accessories I will include all extras for it including bottomless portafilter, Blank basket, 2 double baskets, 1 triple basket, motta tamper and tamping mat. The grinder i purchased new from coffee italia and arrived with a 2 pin plug so I changed it for a UK one. It has got 54mm ceramic burrs and comes with a portafilter holder and a grinds bin. I am asking for £200 which I think is a fair price. I am in Cornwall and would prefer collection, I am willing to post but would be at buyers expense and Risk. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  19. Hi folks, im looking for a new espresso machine coming from a la pavoni i still want to keep it as a lever machine thinking of getting a Bezzera strega TOP or a Quick Mill Veloce, what do you guys think about these two machines or is there something in the 1500-1900€ price range to consider?
  20. Hi all, I am looking into buying my first low-range espresso machine, but a big factor for me is the steam wand as I love a good milky coffee. Any recommendations?
  21. Up for sale is my beloved Oscar, which was an absolutely perfect espresso machine for getting a bit more serious with home espresso making. I bought this from coffee chap about 4 years ago, and its been an absolute pleasure. The outer casing is starting to show some signs of age, with a few scratches and marks, however the internals are going strong and the steaming power is as crazy as ever. I am selling with the following additional items as a package.. 1 x blanking plate for backflushing 1 x regular portafilter 1 x naked portafilter (modded by a coffeeforums member, who did a great job) 1 x Acme tulip cup with saucer 1 x Acme flat white cup with saucer 1 x Mota tamper and holder 2 x original baskets (single and double sizes) 1 x VST(?) larger capacity basket 1 x Cafelat cleaning brush 1 x Cafiza espresso machine cleaner (half used) Hopefully this will make a brilliant starter package for someone, or upgrade from a more 'regular consumer' type machine. I finally bought a place a little while ago, and unfortunately my kitchen is the size of a cupboard and no space for this now, so back to the aeropress for me. Pick up from Crouch End, North London. You are welcome to pop over to take a look one evening or at weekend, just shout. (pics to follow)
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking for a budget coffee machine setup for espresso and milk drinks, with somewhere around £250 - £350 to spend. I was thinking of a used Sage Barista Express, but I've heard the grinder can be affected by the heat of the cup warmer, which isn't great. I also like to experiment with lots of different settings, rather than just making a standard espresso shot but it seems the Barista Express only doses a set 60ml amount. Would I be better off getting a used Sage Duo Temp Pro with a Sage Smart Grinder Pro combo instead? I haven't used the machines so I'm not entirely sure how much I can experiment with them, and does the DTP still only dose 60ml? Does anyone have any recommendations? I may be able to stretch higher than £350 if you can be very convincing, but if possible I don't really want to go over that. I'm happy to buy items that are used to save money. Thanks, Callum
  23. Just a general thought. What food (savoury or sweet) do you think pairs best with coffee?
  24. Mazzer Mini (£100). I believe this is a 2011 model (based on serial number as photographed). It's been modded as photographed (I did not perform them so not sure what they are. I think there is a sweeper mod + whatever has been done to the middle.). Gaggia Classic (£100). This is one of the 'newer' ones. Pressurised basket. KNOWN FAULT: Brew thermostat is not working, so the boiler will not heat unless you switch it to steam power. I used to temp serf with it so it was not a problem and now I do not have access to the tools to deal with it. All collection only from NOTTINGHAM (near the university). I have almost 0 mobility atm as I've not got access to a car. I'm not really up for posting them given the relatively low value + lack of boxes. I'm open to reasonable offers. Photos to follow EDIT: Price Drop (again) Cherub £300 - sold Mazzer £100 Classic £100
  25. Hi:p Over the years I've had a bunch of electric machines (such as Krupp's Nova 2000 and other point and shoot automatics) but always carried a S/S stove top throughout those years. Grinding was always by hand as I never got round to researching it. Then a friend got the bug seriously and attempted to open a transportable coffee shop with no frills. Looking up answers to his questions is how I found this place and now a year or so of lurking I finally joined up. So i still have a couple of stove top pots, a french press and a turkish copper ibrik and I'm looking for a decent espresso machine now. I have a refurbished Compak K6 for my grinder (64 mm flat burrs) to be used exclusively for espresso and looking for some help to marry this up with a machine. I quite like the cheaper Quick Mills for their industrial look but the curves of the upper echelons of their's and others range are just as desirable! I drink espresso but gf/guests will expect milk based drinks and i'd quite to learn the skill. I have no fear of HX boilers or even well designed thermocoils/blocks.
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