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Found 16 results

  1. So I went to a cafe in Berlin last weekend that were making drinks with this (clicky). It seemed to be making some kind of filter coffee; though it could've even been cold brew? I think I spotted a filter paper in the main chamber (to the left), and the coffee was coming out in the coffee pot that you can see attached to the right (with the handle sticking out). I forgot to ask them about it and I just remembered about it today and managed to find a photo online. Could anyone tell me what type of brewing this is for? Or better yet the exact model of this coffee maker? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, any suggestions for equipment to take with me while camping? I have the coffee percolator that I can use to brew coffee on the fireplace. I also am interested in buying a portable coffee maker that runs on electricity, like the ones here - link removed
  3. Following some of the threads on here as well as trying a v60 brew at a local independent has made me want to try this method at home. Seeking advice as to what type of equipment to get. For example, for someone vwho is only going to be brewing for one or two people at the most would the 02 range be sufficient? Are there any differences in extraction when using the plastic drippers as opposed to the ceramic? With scales- are the harios the go to or are there others such as the brewista which are preferable?
  4. Came across this new web site the other day and was quite impressed with the layout and the look of the website lots of informative information about the machines and products they sell & the prices are very good to
  5. I'm looking to buy an espresso machine such as the Gaggia Classic and I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a good website to purchase from? Most of the websites I come across are US based and the ones I find in the UK only sell appliance style machines.
  6. Just read about a (maybe not so home-oriented) small batch roasting machine that got me thinking... https://www.thecoffeecompass.com/introducing-bellwether-coffee-a-zero-emissions-roaster/ Obviously, it cannot be zero-zero emissions as energy consumption for producing, shipping, running, servicing and recycling the machine needs to be factored in. That aside, the idea sounds about right: being as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible helps conserving coffee growing regions and their climate. I'm just about to start my own roasting business - given my age and assuming success, I may still be operational in 40 years time. I have already been joking about the idea of growing coffee in our neighbourhood one day, honestly an increasingly interesting thought concerning global warming. So, there is something to this machine, even though I'm more fascinated by traditional, classic, vintage things: is there anything we can do to protect the coffee growers' daily bread? Or would the big corporations ultimately take over with their genetically modified frankenbeans, anyways? Or am I just making up something...
  7. marbeaux

    New here

    Just found this Forum and need to learn a lot more about coffee making. Don't drink that much coffee so a fancy machine can't be considered, at least at the moment. I have two filter machines, but only because one of the glass jugs cracked and also a stove top job but didn't really succeed with the latter. I have already discovered that I should grind my own beans with a burr grinder and I have read that water which is too hot can make the coffer bitter although I am not sure if that is correct. So I'm thinking of trying a French press, trying also to make some nice frothy milk and generally improving the taste and smoothness of the coffee I produce either by the filter method or using a press. The coffee I use has a super aroma and tastes lovely when made properly, hence it's really my preparation that I should improve upon. I always keep my equipment nice and clean. Nice to join you experts and look forward to learning a few tricks of the trade
  8. Anyone know any reliable stores to buy an espresso machine in or near London, or online? People who have good customer service and don't give problems with delivery, repairs, refunds etc.
  9. what variety of coffees will be available for Christmas? Has any of our favourite roasters got anything planned for us to try over the Christmas break ? Is it me or has the forum gone equipment mad ? are there any good books about coffee varieties ?
  10. Hey guys, Pretty new to coffee in a serious sense, but have drank half decent coffee for a few years. my missus is completely fresh to coffee but beginning to enjoy a decent brew. Theres a reputable company near me that roast coffee and sell equipment but not sure about the above brewing apparatus. Any advice? Also if anyone can recommend a coffee that is strong, non-acidic, smokey/chocolatey? much appreciated xx
  11. Well i've been hoping for an espresso grinder upgrade for about a year but something has invariably happened (mainly money needed for other things), so i've made do with the crappy gaggia grinder i bought a couple of years ago. I can't remember the model of it but it's black, square, and about 10 inches tall. Now it doesn't make a bad grind sometimes, but i can grind say 100g of beans and measure 15g into the basket and get a great extraction.....but i can measure another 15g of the same stuff i ground, and make another coffee and that'll be a poor extraction, same amount of coffee, identical tamp, but the brew will flow through in about 15 secs as compared to 25 secs previously. Then i can make another identical basket and then that 1 will take 40-50 seconds to extract. It is pretty frustrating, the only variable i can see is the coffee grinds because the coffee is weighed and the tamper is calibrated. I recently went to a café who makes great coffee, and i know the barista and she gave me about 5 coffees worth of the stuff she ground on their mazzer mini and every cup was perfect, consistent, with more rich crema and tasted a mile better than my gaggia's grind. I'm gonna have to look out for a grinder like this as i realise that a good grinder is the most important piece of coffee making equipment. It doesn't matter if you have a fancy calibrated tamper, nice fresh beans, fancy italian stainless steel belly jugs, fancy filters and baskets, or even a few grands worth of espresso machine, if your grinder isn't any good then you won't do anything else justice. When you embark on the coffee discovery trail you step up the ladder of quality, and when you've been on a higher rung of quality it's impossible to return to a lower rung....you can taste but you can't untaste. What other make of grinder would be on a par with the mazzer mini ? Just in case i can't source one, like. Reccommendations are welcome.
  12. Hi All, I know nothing about cappuccino/coffee but I want to buy a gift for my g/f. My g/f likes Starbucks cappuccino, what machine would be best? Also, I'm confused on what else I might need. I have been looking around and become confused (I suffer from cognitive functioning difficulty). Could someone please give me a step by step guide on what I need so that I can make my g/f, a starbuck's type cappuccino? I imagine I might be able to find £250 to spend, but if more is needed I might be able to get it. Any help here would be so appreciated. P.s Glenn thank you for sorting out my posting problem
  13. Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish I could brew coffee in a pipe"? Well it looks like now you will be able to! https://www.briping.com/ This is the first time I have seen this instruction in a brewing recipe: "Brew with quad jet torch and stir."
  14. Hi I am a newbie and looking at having a go. What equipment should I buy/do I need? I do not mind spending a little as long as the total tally doesn't end up crazy but I certainly don't believe that cheap is a good buy.
  15. This section of the forum is intended for fair and objective reviews of either good or bad service Personal attacks against any company or its employees will not be tolerated and will removed without question. All retailers should be given a fair timeframe in which to respond to any questions (this is deemed to be at least 7 days* from the date of your initial contact) before any negative reviews can be placed. *evidence of this may be required Any potentially libelous or litigious posts will be removed The views expressed in this section are those of the poster and are not endorsed by Coffee Forums UK which is not affiliated to any suppliers. Coffee Forums UK reserves the right to pass on contact details of any poster to a court or arbitrary body should these be requested by formal process. This section of the forum is a trial and may be removed if the spirit in which it is intended to be used is abused
  16. I was wondering are there any good places to go, where you can try a variety of machines (ideally both grinders and coffee machines) which aren't trying to sell one to you (apart from some of your houses :-P)?I I'm thinking it would be really interesting to see a range of grinders and try to see how much difference they made with such and such a machine and so on. I know I joined too late for the rave forum day, which from what I remember would cover things a little like that but are their other ways or places to do it? I've bought a couple of machines already and not really looking to change anything as yet (never say never though because those Majors look interesting), but do love to play.
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