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Found 20 results

  1. On impulse I bought one of these and now I don't know what to do with it! It's in pretty poor state - do I clean it up or save myself the aggro?!! It looks pretty "substantial" and weighs a tonne... http://www.1st-line.com/store/pc/Elektra-MXP-Commercial-Espresso-Grinder-automatic-copper-brass-stainless-steel-p4463.htm
  2. old git here, thought it's about time to come out from behind the bushes, lurking on lever threads for to long, only ever had levers so my elektra m/c serving me well for the past 5 years, as 60th getting closer the londinium looking good for birthday purchase, my go to beans are monmouth columbia & guatemala blend both plum / chocolate medium body, if it's not to cheeky to ask you coffee vet's as it's my first post, looking to try similar beans from other roasters if you can point me there, thanks inadvance looking forward to the coffee community, john
  3. Dear All, I have a few questions regarding Elektra...I do own one (despite being a novice), I loved their design so when I searched the web 10 years ago most people were going for either a Microcasa a Leva or a Semiautomatica. Interestingly, no one seemed to care about the Mini Verticale (and I wonder why !!! -personally I love its style and its "cup warming" tray feature). So, back 10 years ago I was advised "buy the Semiauto, it's an E61 professional grouphead). Now I know this statement IS NOT TRUE. In any case: 1) Do you think Elektra machines for home (Microcasa a Leva, Semiauto & Mini Verticale) really make good coffee (assuming proper grinding and good beans)? 2) In general, which one of the three do you think is the best for home (regardless of price)? Which of them is better build and makes better coffee? Which one would YOU buy and WHY/WHY NOT the other two? Elektra itself does not seem to promote its own products over the web/YouTube etc, so it's very difficult for a non-expert (like me) to have an opinion whether Elektra machines are the ones to get or to avoid (AND WHY!). 3) What do you think about Elektra grinders? Any thoughts on them? 4) Finally, any thoughts about Victoria Arduino Venus espresso machine? Are they good? Same/better/worse than Elektra? (also like their style). 5) What is the best water to use? I know water in my area is really hard so I opted to use bottled water (the likes of Evian), however as I got often away from home I didn't manage to (learn and) use the Elektra as I ought to, so the water in the boiler has left its level mark inside the sight glass!!, the solenoid valve got blocked and I've had to send it for service (despite not having made more than 20 coffees since new). Any advice on this? Thanks a lot! Christos
  4. Have a Beautiful Elektra MSC grinder I don’t need any longer; they’re extortionate new, no idea on second hand value though. There’s a small crack in the doser, and the burrs seem to be okaaay to me, but I’m no expert. Any advice appreciated! Cheers Si
  5. Just saw this on eBay. Seems a good deal for anyone interested in such a machine. Personally have the Micro Casa Semiautomatica and love it. Seems this is similar machine. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182484482671
  6. Due to a subtle change in my coffee habit, I am selling my Elektra Nino... This is the very same Nino that has been owned by several Coffee Forum members since new, so it has been looked after. Anyway what has been happening with me is that I find that I am using the Londinium much less than I was and I am now enjoying a SwissGold filter for long black drinks and the L1 for the rarer espresso... In essence, I have given milk the old heave-ho... My family are still using mainly flatties, so the L1 is going nowhere.... ! Which brings us back to the Nino... A brilliant "on demand" titan grinder, which really needs to be kept full of beans, and really doesn't suit either single dosing, or regular major fiddling with the grind settings... So it is up for grabs... £900ono Don't rush me now!
  7. To those of you that haven't seen my previous posts i am the owner of an elektra micro casa a leva which was lightly charred in a fire. after several months of other priorities etc i decided it was time to get back to drinking proper coffee. Im fairly handy and with the help of a few threads around decided that rather than buy a new machine (yes i know I'm frugal! :-) ) i decided i would strip the elektra down to bare bones and see what exactly would have to be replaced in order to put it back into service. Having replaced all the seals, the manometer (slightly melted needle and innards) power cable and wiring she lives again!! over the last month i can honestly say i have possibly had the worst and the best shots i have ever had. Thanks have to go to Callum for selling me his la cimbali magnum. having rambled for a few paragraphs (thanks for sticking with me so far!!) my real question is this I'm starting to get reasonably consistent results however as always i feel there may be room for improvements and i was wondering if anyone has used different baskets than the standard (if any exist in 49mm) or if there are any recommendations on temperature stability as i usually find a couple of shots in the quality deteriorates? if any of you have any ideas or crazy theories I'm more than willing to test
  8. Micro Casa Leva S1C is an espresso machine with lever offered by Elektra for several decades. I am selling my trusted Elektra after owning it for about two years. This beautiful lever machine produces amazing layered espressos and the steam wand is second to none. It has been just serviced by Ferrari espresso, the authorized dealer for Elektra in the UK, who have confirmed that the machine is in fine condition. Comes with portafilter, original box, and certificate. Please note that the grinder in the pictures is not included. I am selling this at a 50% discount (currently cheapest retail price is ~£1,100). I will entertain serious offers though. Gumtree ad has more pictures! https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/elektra-micro-casa-lever-s1c-chrome-lever-espresso-machine-/1360812542 Any questions, please feel free to ask. Many thanks, Sam
  9. Hello, folks. Recently bought an Elektra lever machine and I want that baby to be warm and waiting for me when I wake up. Can anyone suggest a reliable (and very unobtrusive) timer so I can set when it comes on – I guess about half an hour before I'm going to get up. They seem to be pretty cheap. Thanks.
  10. I'm selling my lovely Elektra Mini Verticale A1C. It's fallen out of use since we moved flat and don't have room for it in the kitchen. In overall good condition. Red plastic casing to power light is broken, but works. Customised with full size Eagle from the Elektra Belle Epoque. Comes with several extras including additional portafilter, single and double espresso portafilter baskets. These are £1750 new (not including the Custom bits). I'm looking for £650 or will consider swaps for something less... tall. Also happy to consider part exchanges for something in the next league up too. Collection from London N10 - If you need to find courier, I find Shiply to be really good.
  11. Got a great price for an Elektra MXAC on Gumtree, so just couldn't resist. Then I got it. I can only imagine that the coffee shop it came from was closed by environmental health. The amount of compressed old coffee clinging to every surface was shocking. Plan is to strip it down, clean or replace as needed. Will mod to support single dosing and stepless (it is a stepped version) and come up with some sort of a hopper. Haven't taken too many pics but here are a few. Here you can see the amount of coffee under the upper burr carrier. There are three v shaped channels which you can't see as the are filled with compressed coffee. I had already hoovered the lower burr and carrier clean. The burrs are pretty worn down and will need to be replaced. I think they are about £23. You can also see that only 2 of the three motor mounting bolts are there. Cut the packing strap off which was holding the cover onto the switch for the auto mechanism. Filled with coffee. More work for the Dyson. So switch case is clear of coffee and I can see the bolts attaching it to the grinder now. Switch off. Will need to get a socket set, a security screw driver and torx driver for all the different screws and bolts that have been used to keep this together so far.
  12. Does anyone happen to know who would stock parts for Elektra grinders here in the UK? I bought a MXAC for £50. Its lived a hard life but it just needs some work done to bring it back to life. Any help greatly appreciated.
  13. I recently bought a used Elektra but it turns out it has a leak in the boiler (amongst other problems). So, in order to recoup some cash, I've decided to sell off the working parts... Portafilter with double basket: £30 +delivery. Brass eagle: £25 + delivery. ...I'll add pics and other parts over the weekend. Cheers.
  14. ... Having upgraditis from my Classic. If anyone has an entryish lever machine that they wish to offload (live in london). Achilles/Pavoni prof/ pv lusso/ elektra etc. might be time to stimulate your upgradeitis too!
  15. Hi my name is Bianca,I am new to this forum. I have a Gaggia Baby class, with a Cr*py Krups Burr Grinder GVX231. Anyway my Husband will not justify me buying a conical burr, Iberital MC2 coffee grinder for 114.00. He says what i have should do, I told him it will improve the coffee. he is a stuborn old goat and he stands by his guns when it comes to spending money. so can any one tell me what's the best hand job:angel: mill.
  16. I bought this a few weeks back, but I'm not getting on with it and it's not really working with my routine so I'm going back to the Mignon. It was refurbished by the previous owner and he sold it to me with a new set of burrs that I've now put around a kg through. Since buying it all I've done is remove the doser and fit a funnel, but both will be included so you can chose which one you want to use. I've also added a lens hood and a bit of tubing for single dosing. Again, both included so you can take your pick. Here's the previous thread where I bought it: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30835-Sold-Elektra-MXAC-%A3140&highlight=elektra+mxac I've spent about £30 on the funnel and hoppers, but I'd just like to get back what I paid for it. So £80.00 collected. £100.00 posted from BL5 (just off the M61 J5 near Bolton)
  17. Every Superhero and Villain has a story Peter Parker got bitten by a spider and became Spiderman, Bruce Banner got subjected to Gamma Rays and became the hulk, Ben Affleck made the worst superhero movie ever (Dare Devil) and somehow became Batman. So you can imagine my excitement at the beginning of the week when a Microcasa a Leva that I was "bringing back to life" having replaced all the seals, re-polished, replaced some bits etc, suddenly ignited the air around me as something electrical exploded and took out the house electrics. My Joy was intense ..... would this accident hurl me into the realms of super hero .... would I have secret espresso powers. ? I started choosing my name .... Espresso Boy ! ... no ... Captain Coffee .. maybe .... a The lever Legend (nah, thats reserved for @coffeechap) ... Caffeine Man !!! ... Ah so many choices. As it goes, my super hero coffee powers have not materialised .... I lost the Raffle, I seem to have lost the ability to do Latte Art, I choked the grinder, my La Pav Sneezed ... ah, so much disappointment. Its not all rain clouds and patheticisms though ..... The Microcasa Leva explosion was just a 10-20 year old power cable that was worn through and live, earth and neutral all touched with a deafening bang and an amusing amount of light ! today the new cable and switch turned up ....... and she is on !! My new baby :-
  18. Hi all I have a gorgeous Elektra micro casa semiautomatic espresso machine in chrome that unfortunatley I have to sell. I bought it 4 years ago but for various reasons have never settled down long enough to use it. Now I am leaving the country and it is time to say goodbye. I have searched online and the cheapest I found it for was £1450 (please note it is the semiautomatic, and not the 'leva' version which is mch cheaper). I am asking for £800 as I need a quick sale - THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN. Will break my heart but has to be done. Collection only from North London, unless someone is willing to foot the bill for delivery. Happy to provide pics or a short video to anyone interested. Please contact me at [email protected] and I can send a photo/more info. Pleae note, it has no gropu head/handle included.
  19. I was out for a drive last weekend around the Scottish borders and stepped into a hotel for a bite to eat and saw this lovely looking machine. Some of the machines out there are just works of art.
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