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  1. Probably no interest in them on here, but I thought as they're going on ebay too it'd be rude not too. Taken out of a brand new EK43 (purchased last month). Other than any testing that they do at Mahlkonig these haven't had 1 coffee bean through them. £350 Price includes Royal Mail special delivery.
  2. Has anyone had, has or used one of these? If you have could you let me know your opinions on it? Thanks! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portafilter-Holder-Direct-Dosing-Kit-For-Mahlkonig-EK43-EK43S-Coffee-Grinder/323847670391?hash=item4b66d34a77:m:mkaj4z5spHKiMBg6zlQ90Qw
  3. Hello I have just unscrewed and taken off the stationary burr for cleaning, and I put it back into the chamber and began to put the screws back in the top screw ( 12 o'clock ) doesn't screw all the way down. I cleaned the threads with compressed air etc, and the screw still did not screw down. I had a look at the thread hole in the chamber, and found that it is not deep enough and has bare aluminium behind it - the other two screw holes are very deep with no metal behind. A lot of head scratching, this has never happened before. Any one have an idea ? chee
  4. EK43 Turkish Burrs, I bought them from Xpenno Lightly used. Most time I've used a Coffee burr set, or quite frankly I've not used my EK43 at all during long periods. £225 shipping included to UK from Spain.
  5. I found an old Mahlkonig EM43 poppy seed grinder to buy for 250eur. It looks the same as EK43. I suppose that mechanism is the same as EK43 and that only burrs are different. It's single phase. Same: power 1300W, frequency 50Hz, rotation 1480. Grinder looks a bit worn out, i will have to change burrs, clean it a bit, paint it... Anyone knows if there are other differences except burrs? Anyone knows if i can replace EM43 burrs with EK43 burrs? Do you think it's worth that money?
  6. Selling the unused burr carrier that came out of my EK43s that has been revised / machined by Titus for better alignment. £150 inc postage.
  7. This might be useful to some as I don't think it's documented anywhere. I opened my EK43 S for the first time yesterday trying to investigate a moving 0 point issue when grinding very fine, and when you remove the dial, there's a small plastic flat screw underneath the big metal screw which controls the grind setting. The screw was very lose and when grinding very fine I think can cause the setting to move around. Tightening it (but not too tight) resolved the issue. The second thing is that after removing the dial plate, to remove the burr carrier and to clean the burrs, you can't
  8. Morning all, A bit cheeky, but before wrestle with the should I, shouldn't I of buying one, does anyone have a Titus alignment tool they'd be willing to loan me for a short while? I don't need any shim material as I'm only sanding the static burr position flat (if it needs it). Thanks in advance. Lee
  9. Any ideas where to get a short / mini hopper for EK43 S? I'm not quite sure if EK43 hoppers are compatible with it. I've seen people using EK43 with Aeropress funnels but for example for the EK43 S the Aeropress funnel won't fit it.
  10. Viernes

    Mahlkonig EK43

    Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder. Coffee burrs. 3fe Dial. Aligned using the pen test. Only used at home. Purchased on 29/12/14. €1400 Shipping from Spain included (UPS) Payment by bank transfer. Transferwise seems to work well and exchange is cheaper for both.
  11. Can anyone recommend a grind cup for the EK43 that fits the thwacker really closely? I'm currently using the bottom to a Porlex grinder... it leaves a slight gap around the side and I'd like to reduce the amount of coffee dust I get sprayed all over the kitchen
  12. My EK43 has stopped working and I'm pretty gutted. Here's what happened: - The EK has been working fine since I've got it (second hand). Exceptions have been that occasionally the on/off switch has stuck. - Last night I ground 15g for a kalitta with no problems. - The next dose I try to grind, I flick on the switch but nothing happens. - I took the pre-breaker off in-case there was a jam, but nothing. - I turn on and get nothing, when I click the off button; I get a small amount of spin, as if there's energy getting in there somewhere. - I've tried pushing in the current overload s
  13. *PRICE DROP* Hi, I'm selling my EK43. Coffee Burrs - 40-50kg of Coffee through max - purchased 2015. Amazing grinder, but taking up space and not getting used as I no longer work in coffee. Looking for £1425, Collection from Walthamstow, North East London (E17). Please Reply for more info! Thanks Tom
  14. I put for sale again my EK, this time with the two burrs kit. I use both burrs coffee for filter and turkish for espresso. The grinder is the Matt perguer edition buy on august/2014. Price is 1600 pounds /// 1890€ shipped. Regards!
  15. Hi all. I have an EK43 for sale. Purchased new in January 2015 direct from Mahlkonig's official UK distributor. Fitted with coffee burrs. White colour with original Matt Perger sticker on side. Used fairly regularly but still in good working order. I have replaced the shear plate recently and am selling with a spare shear plate along with original manual. There are a few scratches to the paint work on the front of the grinder casing cover (caused when originally unscrewing the cover to clean the burrs) - cosmetic only. I've included various pictures below. Excellent for espresso and filte
  16. Has anyone got one of these? I wouldn't mind getting one but not sure if it would fit my Sage DB portafilter. They said they have them for La Marzocco, Synesso, Slayer, Faema and some others but not sure if the Sage PF is similar to any of those. Also, does anyone know what the things either side of the two-hoppered EKs in other pics are?
  17. [TABLE=width: 1282, align: center] [TR] [TD]Excellent condition (there is a scratch to the plastic adjustment knob, but nothing that in anyway affects performance. See image). Under 1 year old (MF date November 2015). Has had under 30kg of coffee beans through it total (20kg of that was to season/bed in the burrs. Then under 1kg per month from home use). Burrs are rated for 6,000kg so almost new. Only for sale as I find there's a little more routine required than I'm use to or want to do, but don't get me wrong, when I've managed to do it correctly its excellent, it
  18. Hello! I'm using my EK for primarily filter coffee, and it seems to be working fine - but i've noticed theres not a 'huge' amount of variation between a grind at finest and coarsest settings - well not as much as I would have thought. I'm literally grinding espresso on the finest setting the grinder has, and i'd like it to go a little coarser ideally to keep my doses down. I don't think this is normal? For reference, the grinder has had less than 2 or 3kg through it, so maybe there is a seasoning issue. I'm wondering if this is normal? Or if i specifically need better burrs, or
  19. Big life changes and I'm emigrating to Australia. I think I'll struggle to get the L1-P into my suitcase it has to go to a new loving owner. Great opportunity for someone looking to inherit arguably the best coffee set up you can get! Londinium L1-P: £2150 EK43: £1350 Londinium Button tamper V2: £75 The L1-P really is the ultimate lever machine. The mouth feel and crema are out of this world. I got it as an ex-demo version and it's roughly 18 months old. This incredible machine is £3,120 new plus delivery so this is a great chance to own one for basically the price of
  20. So have had my EK for 3 days now and absolutely loving it. Getting some incredible shots but still learning. My dial stops here. Assume I need to recalibrate it?
  21. Hey, I have a Mahlkonig EK43 gathering dust in my house here in North London. I ran a start up cold-brew coffee operation for a hot minute, but have moved onto to other ventures now - so alongside a ridiculous amount of plastic 16oz cups, I have to get rid of it (as depressing as it is, I just don't brew enough at home to justify a £2000 grinder sitting ontop of my fridge any more - my girlfriend looks at it with disdain every time she sees it!!). Anyway, the Machine has had very light use, and has never been used in a high-volume commercial setting (we bulk-ground 2-3kg of coffee at
  22. Mostly quiet on the EK front these days. However something interesting has come up. I have a newly found friend in the USA who is a pipemaker (smoking variety). He has exactly the same equipment as me. He's being doing some 3D printing & has come up with this. He is thinking of getting some of these made in stainless steel. In the meantime he has kindly sent one of his prototypes to try out. Only arrived yesterday & its great. The inside is smooth,smooth with no noticeable retention. He tells me if I wanted to it could be even more silky with som
  23. Interesting for EK owners? http://sprudgewire.com/five-elephant-made-a-volumetric-ek43-grinder-doser/ http://www.fiveelephant.com/collections/shop/products/volumetric-coffee-bean-doser-with-ek43-mount
  24. Portfolio


    Anyone thinking of selling before I buy new? thanks
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