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  1. Hi, I'm looking for places in W8 London or central, even east if needed that have espresso made with the EK43, I've been reading/hearing tons about it and how different it is but I'd like to try it myself! Also, any recommendations on good cafes that put tons of emphasis on their espresso? I'm learning the ropes (thanks to the forum) on how to get good coffee, I'm using a double boiler and Mazzer SJ but I really want to get the good stuff to be able to compare it in taste to what I am getting at home. Thanks!
  2. My EK43 has stopped working and I'm pretty gutted. Here's what happened: - The EK has been working fine since I've got it (second hand). Exceptions have been that occasionally the on/off switch has stuck. - Last night I ground 15g for a kalitta with no problems. - The next dose I try to grind, I flick on the switch but nothing happens. - I took the pre-breaker off in-case there was a jam, but nothing. - I turn on and get nothing, when I click the off button; I get a small amount of spin, as if there's energy getting in there somewhere. - I've tried pushing in the current overload s
  3. For a few weeks, I've got the pleasure of using a big white thing care of Fatboyslim. I'm babysitting 'Dorice' while he's away on holiday.. ...going back to a Major will be hard Anyone going away and want me to look after a Londinium?
  4. Dear friends I just bought a brand new EK43S for in home use. Because of lack in space I am wondering if I could withdraw BOTH the hopper and the underneath lying "adapter", that holds the hopper and instead place a funnel with max. 3.4 cm diameter. A 3.4 cm feeding diameter will assist the coffee beans to fall directly in the grinder in a similar way as using the hopper. I would appreciate any comment, suggestion or recommendation from other owners.
  5. Hi, Im thinking of pre ordering and upgrading to a EK43s for home use. I was wondering what your opinion is if there would be any other options of grinder out there on the same level as the EK43? Any suggestions would be welcome.
  6. I've seen threads where these have been mentioned and they seem to break fairly often, but I couldn't seem to find the info for how to actually replace this. I have a new one but was a little hesitant without a better idea in my head of where it should go. Has anybody seen a good video on this or have more information? I've seen it in the parts diagram but I still wasn't quite sure how it fits in... Thanks in advance,
  7. Hello I have just unscrewed and taken off the stationary burr for cleaning, and I put it back into the chamber and began to put the screws back in the top screw ( 12 o'clock ) doesn't screw all the way down. I cleaned the threads with compressed air etc, and the screw still did not screw down. I had a look at the thread hole in the chamber, and found that it is not deep enough and has bare aluminium behind it - the other two screw holes are very deep with no metal behind. A lot of head scratching, this has never happened before. Any one have an idea ? chee
  8. Can anyone recommend a grind cup for the EK43 that fits the thwacker really closely? I'm currently using the bottom to a Porlex grinder... it leaves a slight gap around the side and I'd like to reduce the amount of coffee dust I get sprayed all over the kitchen
  9. This might be useful to some as I don't think it's documented anywhere. I opened my EK43 S for the first time yesterday trying to investigate a moving 0 point issue when grinding very fine, and when you remove the dial, there's a small plastic flat screw underneath the big metal screw which controls the grind setting. The screw was very lose and when grinding very fine I think can cause the setting to move around. Tightening it (but not too tight) resolved the issue. The second thing is that after removing the dial plate, to remove the burr carrier and to clean the burrs, you can't
  10. Two years with the Royal and upgraditis has struck again! What are my options in the land of reasonableness, i.e. no Titus/Monolith/EG-1, etc? Is the Mythos an upgrade taste-wise or more of a horizontal move and improvement in terms of ease of use? The EK will be a bit of a stretch even at 2nd hand prices but will suit my taste for light fruity beans quite nicely. My dad, who caught the coffee bug from me, has pre-ordered the Monolith Conical so now I feel I'm lagging behind! I'll probably wait for that magnificent piece of coffee machinery to arrive to see if I can taste a noticeably di
  11. Hi guys, for the first time I tested my ek43, it was calibrated yesterday and I think I done it more than correctly. Today I started with the medium setting no.6 to get some handgrip grinds, however after 40g done, I switched grinder off then on, then straightaway I heard it slightly chirping (at no.6). Then I adjusted it very carefully to finer , the same light chirp I can hear it all way down to no.5. Just for my curiosity I then turned it back to no.6, no noise, then same way adjust finer to no.5, no noise! then the chirping starts again at no.5. I haven't tried to do any further
  12. Hi, I recently bought a used Mahlkonig ek43 grinder from a friend, it has a manufacture date 05/17, and supposed to be very light used (no more than 15lb beans), however after cleaning I found the static burr has a tiny chip on it, so was wondering if is it normal for ek43? What may caused the damage? Do I need to get the burr replaced? Cheers! Update: Been searching pics online for all used ek43 burrs, never seen one like that! want to know if the grinder has been used properly .
  13. Just emptied my coffee drawer where I keep my bags, and thought it was a time for a clear-out.. They all have maybe a shots worth of beans in, and aren't worth keeping as they are all very much out of date. At least they won't go to waste as they'll go in my compost bin How come I have so many? Well, these are pre EK43 bags.. I know from before when I borrowed Mark's @fatboyslim EK43 I went through more.. The Versalab is too much faff to knock shots out on when I'm half asleep on a morning, although the Niche is pretty good, the EK is so bloody fast and consistent, plu
  14. I love the workflow of the Niche and the ability to switch beans so easily. I do find that the Niche adds some earthier tones and seems to take out the "top notes" of lighter roasts compared with my Mythos - I get less of the fruity/floral elements. However the results are still very good and I am finding myself using the Niche rather than the Mythos because it's so easy. The Niche also gets used for Rave's decaf, which is what my husband drinks. For that I don't perceive any benefit with the Mythos. I've got my L1 up for sale currently because I'm interested in what an LR can do wit
  15. Started this as there was some interesting chit chat re Ek43's on the Niche thread. In an effort not to derail it , i'll post my thoughts here. Comments were around ' Don't buy a stock ek, they are poorly aligned and come with the wrong burrs " It was interesting to me, as there were a few of us here who got Ek's after Matt Pergers tilt at the World Bariats Championship with one. Were they awful ? Was the coffee terrible ? Not for me but across the models they were inconsistent. Yes you could argue the original coffee burrs were harder to work with, but they still did something
  16. Mine smashed a while ago during transit to an event, which I didn't really care about all that much. However, I recently almost completely ****ed my EK43 by dropping part of a shear plate into the burrs, and it's taken me a couple of months to get right again (I should really write a blog post about this process) - in order to avoid things falling off the shelf into my burrs in the future I'd like to start using a hopper again. To use a hopper, I need this part - but I can only find american suppliers/etc. Anybody got a lead on getting one to the UK? (Then I can buy a dinky hopp
  17. I have the potential opportunity to get a EK for my home. Currently using an ceado E37 which is really good. Just wondering if it is that much of an upgrade / will it require more maintenance?
  18. I've just moved my EK43 out of the way for a while to see if I miss not using it, and wondered if it would fit on the other side of my kitchen. Well, I knew it wouldn't fit under the cupboards but the door opens. And soooo close without touching I doubt I'd get a piece of paper between them.. Don't believe me? Watch... Yeah I know I've taken the doser off, but still..
  19. Has anyone had, has or used one of these? If you have could you let me know your opinions on it? Thanks! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portafilter-Holder-Direct-Dosing-Kit-For-Mahlkonig-EK43-EK43S-Coffee-Grinder/323847670391?hash=item4b66d34a77:m:mkaj4z5spHKiMBg6zlQ90Qw
  20. Could you measure the height of the EK43, *without* the hopper? I should really have taken a tape measure to LCF, but I was probably too caffeinated to be able to use it anyway... Ta!
  21. Hi All, I foolishly inquired about the cost of an EK43 LE from CoffeeOmega, and have been quoted a cash on collection price of . This seems tempting, but is also a lot of money, so I wanted to run it past you lot to check it's not a terrible idea... Does this seem like a fair price? The only draw of the LE over the standard edition is the reduced height, and while I could get a Santos base and mod a standard EK43, this seems like a risky strategy. Also, I hear rumours of a new EK line coming out at some point... Does anyone think it might be worth waiting? Or are the speculated
  22. We all know about the EK43 LE by now - but do you think they legitimately won't be making any more of them, and also, will they not replace it with something a lot better meaning the LE is something for the vault and doesn't really have a premium anymore? I'm thinking about buying one, and knowing it will really hold its value is probably something that would sway my decision! Thanks
  23. I've come across a few mentions of people dropping the group pressure to around 7 bar when pairing their machine with an EK. Can anyone confirm this? I'm interested to see what difference it makes. I'd also like to know how to do it. Can it be done using the pressure dial info and a blanking plate? Tips / tricks welcome. Thanks
  24. Hi all, so I decided to re-zero my EK43 as it seemed to be getting some way off. Prior to the re-zero I was grinding at 1.2 for spro. Now, even grinding at 2.0 completely chokes my machine. I have definitely tightened the two allen nuts again, but I'm really not sure what is going on here. I just cant seem to grind anything other than ultra fine Any clues?
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