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Found 72 results

  1. Morning all i wonder if someone could put a value on my one off hybrid ECM machine (might sell to assist funding of an upgrade) The machine was made by ECM for Bella Barista With view to BB being the sole U.K. supplier of this machine. The internals are the same as this: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/heidelberg-ecm-technika-iv-profi-wt-wc-expresso-machine-stainless-steel.html Externally it has the ECM Barista case (hexagonal sides) Instead of the joystick type controls for the steam and hot water it has the clockwise / anti clockwise taps like the barista model. it is possible to be plumbed in or tank fed It’s ECM’s top end HX machine with a super quiet Rotary pump, stainless boiler, Gicar controller, Sirai pressurestat, and a 1400W heater. It obviously never took off due to the price tag which is getting into dual boiler territory. Ive owned it for 3.5 years and it’s been well cared for in a soft water area. —- I’ll add a couple of photos in a mo —-
  2. I have a first world problem that I'd like to address. Sometimes I don't notice the fact that the LED on the PID has gone off, indicating that the reservoir is empty. So the machine cools down, and when I return a couple of hours later with high hopes of another coffee, the machine is cold. I'd like to put in some sort of alert to make it more obvious. Either a bright LED that comes on somewhere, or a small noise. Can anyone think of a way to use the existing sensor, which is triggered by a magnet, to trigger some other alert as well? Or should I be thinking of putting in a separate sensor? I've put a few pictures in to jog the memory of anyone who has an idea here! (I've also thought of playing with this project to learn some other stuff, like linking it to a wifi enabled device, maybe something by Sonoff or someone, that would then send a message to my phone, or make Alexa play a song. Overkill, naturally, but it would be a project that would teach me some stuff that may get used elsewhere!) Thanks for any ideas!
  3. icom102

    ECM Synchronika

    This machine was purchased by me in August 2017 at a cost of £2250 It has been used a to make about 5 coffees a week then i got it i used bottled water then i got it plumed into a water filtration system It is in very good condition its in perfect working order the machine will come with the the following Single portafilter Double portafilter Bottomless portafilter Single-shot basket Double-shot basket Blind basket two milk pitchers and a Espro 58 calibrated tamper Manufacture’s Instruction Manual the grinder is not for sale the asking price is £1500 ONO price includes postage item is located in Co Armagh Northern ireland
  4. Am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or might be able to diagnose it for me. I've had my ECM Mechanika IV Profi for about 18 months (it's a rotary pump, running from the reservoir). Recently I've noticed that when I pull a shot the brew pressure goes up to around 11-12 bar, and the OPV starts draining pretty much instantaneously. Therefore I end up with a drip tray that fills up very quickly, and when I stop the shot I'm noticing that there's no pressure release coming out of the exhaust valve as there would be normally. I've removed and cleaned the shower screen etc and removed the mushroom to give that a good clean (although it wasn't too bad, despite living in a very hard water area). But before I start dismantling the machine, I thought I'd see if collective forum wisdom might be able to point me in the right direction and save me some hassle? My suspicion is it's calcium build-up somewhere, despite cleaning and backflushing fairly religiously, as the water where I live is a nightmare. Question is where/what exactly. Could it maybe be the pump?
  5. It's the way they have copied across, view this one with the handle at the bottom, it's a duck. This one is easy, the sign of Zorro, those old enough would remember. Simple a frog. Please refrain from asking me to repeat these illustrations as I'm busy compiling the next display. Jon.
  6. Hi All, Looking for a Dual Boiler machine, missed out on the Sage the other day and want something similar. Willing to pay more for something higher end if available, but for price perspective, lets say £400+ (I appreciate this is lower end, but as I said am willing to pay more if someone says they have something nice.) I'm willing to travel for a good machine, but geography is dependant. I live in Hereford for location. Or would **POSSIBLY** consider courier, if the package was wrapped like a mummy. I'm open to suggestions, but want something in good condition, well serviced/looked after. Added extras would always be a benefit. What have you got..................... Cheers Nick
  7. Another nice commercial lever with seemingly small overall footprint https://www.ecm.de/en/products/details/product/Product/Details/barista-l2/ I'd love to see a small single group version with the joystick steam/water valves
  8. I recently got bitten by the upgrade bug so it's time to find a new loving home for these two: 2016 ECM Mechanika Profi IV: £1100 2016 ECM S-Automatik 64 grinder: £350 £1350 if bought together (which would be my preference) These were bought new from BB in August 2016, so warranty has expired but they've both been good as gold. The machine had Brita tap water for the first year of its life, and has had Ashbeck ever since I moved house to an area with harder water. It's done roughly 2-4 shots a day. It's the rotary pump version and comes with plumb-in kit if you prefer to do that (I've only ever run it off the reservoir). I've recently replaced the group gasket and fitted a IMS shower screen. I'm also throwing in a single, double and naked PF, ECM convex tamper, ECM tamping station and blind basket (see pics). I already had a E37S when I bought the machine, but bought the S-Automatik in a package deal with the (ridiculous!) intention to use it as a secondary/decaf grinder which didn't really happen, so it's practically unused. It's a great combo and it has to be said they make a very handsome pair. Great for someone looking to make a step up e.g. from a Classic or Silvia (as I did). I don't have any of the original packaging, although probably have the manual and BB documentation somewhere if you need it. I don't want to ship this due to damage risk so collection only please, but I could probably meet you somewhere nearby. I'm based near Maidenhead, Berks. I can do Paypal/Bank transfer. Happy to answer any questions. Obviously all sales to be agreed on thread per forum rules. (I should note I'm a long-time lurker but newbie poster so forum police, please rap me on the knuckles if I've done anything wrong here!)
  9. Apart from bellabarista is there anywhere else in the uk I can buy the ecm syncronica ?
  10. Hi folks, New to the forum and looking for some advice. Basically spent months researching and frankly dreaming about a new machine set up for the home. I'm interested in coffee and passionate about it - but dont have infinite budget (say roughly £1500). I am not massively interested in dialling in each shot each time to perfection - mainly just producing quality espresso consistently at home for double espresso, machiatto etc. With this in mind I have originally been looking at the Rocket Appartemento which looks great but the guys at bella barista have put me onto the ECM Barista which apparently is better built and is a bit more consistent. I currently use a baratza encore for my v60 and aeropress but been told this is next to useless for espresso so I will need a new grinder. I have been told the Eureka Mignon Mk11 is a great entry level bit of kit so I have been looking at this but tempted by the jump up in quality by a mazzer mini or mazzer super jolly - also thinking perhaps I can source a quality mazzer second hand for the price of a new eureka? So - anybody out there any thoughts on the overall setup? Has anybody tried both the appartemento and ECM barista side by side for comparison? How much better is a mazzer really going to be over a eureka in terms of grind? I assume I will be able to create great espresso at home with basic barista skills with machines like this? Any help is appreciated as I am now lost in the coffee world with the infinite amount of options and possibilities - profitec 500 also mentioned as great!!!
  11. Good Evening All This is my very first post on this site, so I will keep it brief. At present I have a Sage Duo Temp pro, which I have very quickly grown out of, and am looking to upgrade in the near future to one of the machines mentioned in the title. My first choice is the ECM Synchronika, closely followed by the Profitec 700. I know they are exactly the same internally but need to see both in person to decide either way. I am also rather keen on the Profitec 800 sprung lever machine. It looks good, something different, and a lot of people say they make absolutely stunning espresso (which I am struggling to make on the Sage. I can do it, but its not easy!). I've also heard that they are very unforgiving of mistakes? But am certainly very keen on the lever, and really love the idea of manual control. Annoys me though that a machine at this price has a vibration pump, if someone knows of a specific reason for this I'm all ears. I was also looking at the Quick Mill Verona, but there are lots of reports of problems on here with leaky boilers and the like, and the inside of the machine is extremely messy (compared to the ECM/Profitec) which is putting me off the QM. I grind with a Mazzer Mini E (64mm Flat Burrs from the Super Jolly), and will be using a bottomless portafilter and VST 18g or 22g basket in the new machine. I also use freshly roasted, high quality coffee and bottled water (as the water where I live is horrible). Any pointers/opinions on these machines would be very much appreciated, many thanks in advance. GP
  12. PART 1 As my search for a new espresso machine draws to a conclusion, the purpose of this thread is to report some of my findings, dispel a few myths and provide a some advice for other members to choose a new machine. I apologies in advance that it is a bit long-winded. I started making 'real' coffee a good few years ago with a pod coffee machine from Bosch. I enjoyed real coffee, and can't stand instant 'coffee'! I progressed from that to an Aeropress, and used this sucessfully for 18 months or more until I purchased my first real espresso machine in October last year, a Sage Duo Temp Pro single thermoblock, basic espresso machine. I have used this sucessfully and produced some really good espressos, however its limitations started to frustrate me so it was sold and the search for another machine began, This post won't be concerned with the limitations of the Sage, but I can write a small piece on request. Rancilio Silvia My first thought was to replace the Sage with a Rancilio Silvia. This is still a single boiler design, but has a proper boiler with a replaceable/serviceable element, and a 58mm commercial style portafilter which can be used with naked portafilters and VST Precision baskets. It also retains the small footprint of the Sage. The Rancilio was the favored option for many months, but I wanted to wait until the Sage sold before purchasing another machine. However... The Seed was Sown I then looked around at what else was available, and thought that maybe it would be a better idea to get a more capable machine than the Silvia, as the Silvia essentially did the same as the Sage, and one of the big issues with that was workflow when I needed to make multiple cappuccinos (or a-n other milky coffee). HX & Dual Boiler The next logical step was either a Heat Exchanger (HX) machine or go the full distance and get a good quality dual-boiler (DB) machine, both of which would allow me to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously. At this point I was unaware of the hand-lever machines and the options were: Profitec 700 (DB) Quick Mill Verona (DB) ECM Mechanika (HX) ECM Synchronika (DB) I did a bit of digging, and the unanimous verdict was that a dual boiler machine was 'better', as it allowed for better temperature stability and therefore greater consistency. However, this point is widely debated among HX and DB users. As it was seen to be 'better', at this point I was leaning towards the DB option. I called David at Bella Barista who recommended both the Profitec and the ECM Synchronika, and said they are identical inside, and both are good machines. I was leaning towards the Synchronika but needed to see both before I could make a final decision. I had decided to pay a visit to Bella Barista (BB) a week or so later when I had a day off, and see the machines in person with every intention of buying one. Hand-Lever Machine I don't remember how or when, but possibly from reading posts on here, my attention was drawn to the sprung hand-lever machines. I did a bit of research and reading up on these machines, and established that the claim is that they produce a much better espresso than a pump machine. Again I was skeptical of this as it is widely accepted that pump machines are capable of producing world class espresso. As a left field choice I looked at the Profitec 800 briefly, and decided that I would take a look when I went to buy a machine from BB on my next day off. Anyway, the more I read the more I liked the idea of the hand machine, and at this point made my first post on here. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37373-ECM-Synchronika-Profitec-700-or-Profitec-800-Lever-Machine-Your-thoughts-please! It was in this thread that dfk41 suggested that the Profitec 800 is not very popular 'over ere' and the Londinium 1 (L-R) is 'better' for a similar price. I looked into this, and discovered that indeed the Londinium looked like a formidable piece of kit, but at this point didn't understand why it was any better or any worse than the Profitec. It looks a little flasher without a doubt, and as I had no clue what the difference between a 'dipper' and a 'thermosiphon' was, I needed to know more. So, a hand-lever machine it is then? Roundabout this time I'd 'narrowed it down' once again, this time to the ECM Synchronika (as a DB option) or the Londinium. I'd spoken to Lee at Foundry who could supply (eventually) a Londinium R and was suitably impressed with it, and had spoken to several DB Machine owners who could testify that the DB was the way towards better coffee. Confused...you bet! As it was coming up to my days off I put a feeler out on here to see what you guys thought. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37393-Londinium-R-vs-ECM-Synchronika-the-big-decision! workingdog Kindly offered a chance to see and experience his Londinium, an offer which I gratefully took him up on the day before my trip to BB. Stay tuned for the next episode which, arguably, is the most important bit.
  13. Hi All I want to be able to steam my milk quicker for latte's. Plan is to swap the two hole tip that comes with the machine for a 4 or even 5 hole tip. They only cost about £8 from BB but just wanted to see if anyone on the forum had a spare one they would be prepared to sell for a reasonable price? Regards
  14. I have around £500 to spend on a machine and before I take the plunge on a new machine I would be interested in a decent quality used one must have original box and be willing to post Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, Been a member for a bit so time for my first post. Been looking around for post on ECM machines but can't find much. Have been looking to get a new machine as am moving to a new place and these machines seem quite well made, equipped and quite good value for money. Has anyone got one or does anyone have an opinion? Will be starting from scratch so new grinder and all the required paraphernalia so any advice would be greatly received! As for coffee, I drink all types, espresso, Americano, lungos, cappuccino so... Cheers
  16. Hi ECM folks, some questions about backflushing the ECM Barista. According to the manual that comes with the machine you can backflush these machines with detergent weekly. On the other hand BB recommend every 2-3 months. Now from what I've read in general with E61 groups you should lube the cams etc every time you backflush as this strips the lube from the cams.... What I find suprising is the ECM manual recommends this weekly back-flushing but there is no mention anywhere about lubing the cams etc. So I'm wondering what people who have had these machines for a while do and if they have found the need to lube the cams are backflushing. Also, the general recommendation for the actual lube is Molykote 111 - but I assume this stuff that BB sells will do the job ? https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/waterproof-valve-silicone-grease.html Thanks in advance !
  17. I don't (or at least didn't) know much about espresso machines, but have been happily using a Gaggia classic for about 5 years until I saw a Rocket Giotto and loved how it looked. But I couldn't justify the cost for a cappuccino or two a day just because it looked nice. A day later, I spotted a faulty ECM Giotto on eBay, all I knew was that it tripped the power when you turn it on. 5 minutes of research told me it was a predecessor to the Rocket Giotto, and so, knowing nothing about how a coffee machine works, I snapped it up for £150 and crossed my fingers that it would be an easy fix instead of an expensive paperweight. After opening it up my first surprise was that it was a plumbed in model, which I didn't know existed! Setting about the repairs, the heater which was my primary suspicion checked out ok for resistance so I looked at the Giemme control unit. A ribbon cable inside was snapped off and a capacitor had also lost a leg so I fixed that but still the issue persisted. It turned out the heating element was shorting to earth, but only when under power. The next job was to figure out why the heater had blown, so I put a light bulb on the heater circuit and it showed the control unit was powering up the heater but not turning on the pump to fill the tank with water, hence frying the element. As luck would have it I found a replacement Giemme control unit for £40 and a heating element from Bella Barista for about the same. With these both in things were better, but now I had water pressure I got a number of leaks from various places (someone had already attempted to fix it previously it seems). I cleaned up all the compression fittings and used gas PTFE on the threaded ones and got everything water tight. The next issue was no water flowing from the group, for this I looked at the solenoid valve that splits the water flow between the tank and the heat exchanger - it was seized up so I soaked it in descaler until I could manually activate it with a magnet then checked it worked with the electronic coil attached. Now I had water flow, but it all came out the OPV instead of the group, so that got a full dismantle and clean out, but it didn't fix the issue and blew a plastic water pipe open as I wound the OPV all the way in and created too much pressure. £2 of pipe later and I removed and dismantled the E61 group for a thorough clean. It turned out that there is a single pin hole in one of the top fittings that was scaled up and blocking all flow. I also spotted the group head gasket was still the original one and hard as rock so that got replaced too for a couple of quid from bella barista again. Now I had heat and water flow so I brought the unit up to temperature and pressure to see what happened. The boiler pressure gauge didn't move, but there was definitely pressure in the unit. The gauge is a bit daft as it is a long thin pipe soldered in to the gauge. I figured it was blocked and tried various ways to inject descaler down the tube to no avail. I was heating it up to desolder the pipe from the gauge and heard a few popping noises - so thought i'd give it one last test before removing it all and it worked! The heat must have cracked open the scale enough to allow some air flow. This meant I could test the pressure - at about 0.8 bar the pressure release valve was opening before the pressure switch would activate, hence the tank never got to full pressure. Cleaning the pressure valve didn't work so I used some washers to add back in some spring tension that had been lost over the years. And finally, after fixing far more than expected, but learning a lot... It works! Total cost of about £250 (plus some time!) which I am pretty happy with. I still have a few jobs to do: - I need a find or make drip tray - Pressure gauge seems to work OK but doesn't reset to zero - I might have to desolder the pipe for a proper descale. - Need to fit a new boiler safety valve at some point - it works great from a water bottle or Brita filter (better than having a tank I think) but I need to loop the OPV back there instead of the drip tray as it fills up quickly - Give it a proper descale up it is up and running - Relearn milk frothing. I had it great on the Gaggia but struggle with the 2 hole tip on this, it heats it up much quicker! - Somehow test the group water temperature to set the boiler level sensor up properly I hope this post might be of use if anyone else has a faulty one o is thinking of buying one. Let me know if you have any questions!
  18. I've decided on either the ECM Technika IV Profi or the Rocket Evoluzione Giotto. Both are E61 HX with rotary pumps. Both look great too. Any owners wish to share what made you choose the ECM and how's it been going since you got it home? Much obliged, Andy
  19. Evening.. Could anyone take a photo and post here of the single and double basket supplied with an ECM machine? Cheers if you can.
  20. A bit precise this request: anyone have a spare ecm gran crema bottomless portafilter that they’d be willing to part with? Thanks Dave
  21. From my uncle's estate, selling on behalf of the executors. £700 the pair, would be willing to split. Collection from nr. Bury St. Edmunds preferable due to size and weight of machine, but could also do from nr. Harlow. ECM Barista has original box and accessories, bought in late 2017 from Bella Barista.
  22. Hi we have two ECM PF handles, a double and single spout... only the double spout really ever gets used, with the single just with the blind filter permanently attached. I was wondering how easy it would be to grind out the bottom of the PF, and if there is anyone on here who is particularly good at doing this, who might consider doing it for me, for due consideration? Robert
  23. This machine was purchased by me in August 2017 at a cost of £2250 It has been used a to make about 5 coffees a week then i got it i used bottled water then i got it plumed into a water filtration system It is in very good condition its in perfect working order the machine will come with the the following Single portafilter Double portafilter Bottomless portafilter Single-shot basket Double-shot basket Blind basket two milk pitchers and a Espro 58 calibrated tamper Manufacture’s Instruction Manual the grinder is not for sale the asking price is £1500 ONO price includes postage item is located in Co Armagh Northern ireland
  24. I am going to have to sell my Synchronika due to moving away bought in aug 2018 has anyone any idea what its worth ?
  25. Hi all, The Ecm Technika IV profi heat exchanger and rotary pump machine seems to be getting an upgrade at the end of the month. The New Ecm Technika V will have a PID among other upgrades. https://www.ecm.de/en/products/details/product/Product/Details/technika-iv-profi/ Now that the Technika V has been announced the Technika IV profi seems to be on sale. The machine is coming on 5 years after first production I think. I can score a new Technika IV on sale for a very good price. My question would be if should I get the older version Technika IV or get a newer released version. I don't know what internal parts have changed but the boiler seems to the same stainless steel boiler in both of the machines. I am interested in the Technika since it can be plumbed in. Any buying advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Simon.
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