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  1. icom102

    ECM Synchronika

    This machine was purchased by me in August 2017 at a cost of £2250 It has been used a to make about 5 coffees a week then i got it i used bottled water then i got it plumed into a water filtration system It is in very good condition its in perfect working order the machine will come with the the following Single portafilter Double portafilter Bottomless portafilter Single-shot basket Double-shot basket Blind basket two milk pitchers and a Espro 58 calibrated tamper Manufacture’s Instruction Manual the grinder is not for sale the asking price is £1500 ONO price includes postage item is located
  2. I have a first world problem that I'd like to address. Sometimes I don't notice the fact that the LED on the PID has gone off, indicating that the reservoir is empty. So the machine cools down, and when I return a couple of hours later with high hopes of another coffee, the machine is cold. I'd like to put in some sort of alert to make it more obvious. Either a bright LED that comes on somewhere, or a small noise. Can anyone think of a way to use the existing sensor, which is triggered by a magnet, to trigger some other alert as well? Or should I be thinking of putting in a sep
  3. I recently got bitten by the upgrade bug so it's time to find a new loving home for these two: 2016 ECM Mechanika Profi IV: £1100 2016 ECM S-Automatik 64 grinder: £350 £1350 if bought together (which would be my preference) These were bought new from BB in August 2016, so warranty has expired but they've both been good as gold. The machine had Brita tap water for the first year of its life, and has had Ashbeck ever since I moved house to an area with harder water. It's done roughly 2-4 shots a day. It's the rotary pump version and comes with plumb-in kit if you prefer to do th
  4. Morning all i wonder if someone could put a value on my one off hybrid ECM machine (might sell to assist funding of an upgrade) The machine was made by ECM for Bella Barista With view to BB being the sole U.K. supplier of this machine. The internals are the same as this: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/heidelberg-ecm-technika-iv-profi-wt-wc-expresso-machine-stainless-steel.html Externally it has the ECM Barista case (hexagonal sides) Instead of the joystick type controls for the steam and hot water it has the clockwise / anti clockwise taps like the barista model.
  5. Am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or might be able to diagnose it for me. I've had my ECM Mechanika IV Profi for about 18 months (it's a rotary pump, running from the reservoir). Recently I've noticed that when I pull a shot the brew pressure goes up to around 11-12 bar, and the OPV starts draining pretty much instantaneously. Therefore I end up with a drip tray that fills up very quickly, and when I stop the shot I'm noticing that there's no pressure release coming out of the exhaust valve as there would be normally. I've removed and cleaned the shower sc
  6. Apart from bellabarista is there anywhere else in the uk I can buy the ecm syncronica ?
  7. Hi folks, New to the forum and looking for some advice. Basically spent months researching and frankly dreaming about a new machine set up for the home. I'm interested in coffee and passionate about it - but dont have infinite budget (say roughly £1500). I am not massively interested in dialling in each shot each time to perfection - mainly just producing quality espresso consistently at home for double espresso, machiatto etc. With this in mind I have originally been looking at the Rocket Appartemento which looks great but the guys at bella barista have put me onto the E
  8. Another nice commercial lever with seemingly small overall footprint https://www.ecm.de/en/products/details/product/Product/Details/barista-l2/ I'd love to see a small single group version with the joystick steam/water valves
  9. It's the way they have copied across, view this one with the handle at the bottom, it's a duck. This one is easy, the sign of Zorro, those old enough would remember. Simple a frog. Please refrain from asking me to repeat these illustrations as I'm busy compiling the next display. Jon.
  10. Good Evening All This is my very first post on this site, so I will keep it brief. At present I have a Sage Duo Temp pro, which I have very quickly grown out of, and am looking to upgrade in the near future to one of the machines mentioned in the title. My first choice is the ECM Synchronika, closely followed by the Profitec 700. I know they are exactly the same internally but need to see both in person to decide either way. I am also rather keen on the Profitec 800 sprung lever machine. It looks good, something different, and a lot of people say they make absolutely stunning
  11. PART 1 As my search for a new espresso machine draws to a conclusion, the purpose of this thread is to report some of my findings, dispel a few myths and provide a some advice for other members to choose a new machine. I apologies in advance that it is a bit long-winded. I started making 'real' coffee a good few years ago with a pod coffee machine from Bosch. I enjoyed real coffee, and can't stand instant 'coffee'! I progressed from that to an Aeropress, and used this sucessfully for 18 months or more until I purchased my first real espresso machine in October last year, a Sage Du
  12. Hi ECM folks, some questions about backflushing the ECM Barista. According to the manual that comes with the machine you can backflush these machines with detergent weekly. On the other hand BB recommend every 2-3 months. Now from what I've read in general with E61 groups you should lube the cams etc every time you backflush as this strips the lube from the cams.... What I find suprising is the ECM manual recommends this weekly back-flushing but there is no mention anywhere about lubing the cams etc. So I'm wondering what people who have had these machines for a while do and
  13. I don't (or at least didn't) know much about espresso machines, but have been happily using a Gaggia classic for about 5 years until I saw a Rocket Giotto and loved how it looked. But I couldn't justify the cost for a cappuccino or two a day just because it looked nice. A day later, I spotted a faulty ECM Giotto on eBay, all I knew was that it tripped the power when you turn it on. 5 minutes of research told me it was a predecessor to the Rocket Giotto, and so, knowing nothing about how a coffee machine works, I snapped it up for £150 and crossed my fingers that it would be an easy fix instead
  14. I've decided on either the ECM Technika IV Profi or the Rocket Evoluzione Giotto. Both are E61 HX with rotary pumps. Both look great too. Any owners wish to share what made you choose the ECM and how's it been going since you got it home? Much obliged, Andy
  15. Hi, Been a member for a bit so time for my first post. Been looking around for post on ECM machines but can't find much. Have been looking to get a new machine as am moving to a new place and these machines seem quite well made, equipped and quite good value for money. Has anyone got one or does anyone have an opinion? Will be starting from scratch so new grinder and all the required paraphernalia so any advice would be greatly received! As for coffee, I drink all types, espresso, Americano, lungos, cappuccino so... Cheers
  16. Hi all, The Ecm Technika IV profi heat exchanger and rotary pump machine seems to be getting an upgrade at the end of the month. The New Ecm Technika V will have a PID among other upgrades. https://www.ecm.de/en/products/details/product/Product/Details/technika-iv-profi/ Now that the Technika V has been announced the Technika IV profi seems to be on sale. The machine is coming on 5 years after first production I think. I can score a new Technika IV on sale for a very good price. My question would be if should I get the older version Technika IV or get a newer released ver
  17. Urgent lockdown relief arrived in the post yesterday in the form of an ECM Synchronica and Eureka Atom 65! (Many thanks to David at Bella Barista.) Apart from the shots I'm now getting I love the styling of both machines and the way the Eureka has the 'Atom' projection down onto the casing from an overhead light- no accident methinks!
  18. Hi we have two ECM PF handles, a double and single spout... only the double spout really ever gets used, with the single just with the blind filter permanently attached. I was wondering how easy it would be to grind out the bottom of the PF, and if there is anyone on here who is particularly good at doing this, who might consider doing it for me, for due consideration? Robert
  19. Evening.. Could anyone take a photo and post here of the single and double basket supplied with an ECM machine? Cheers if you can.
  20. I am going to have to sell my Synchronika due to moving away bought in aug 2018 has anyone any idea what its worth ?
  21. Have conquered some cm for my new coffee setup
  22. Could be a good deal for someone - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-Quality-ECM-Barista-Espresso-Machine-with-E61-Brewhead-/252752260334?hash=item3ad9356cee:g:8AoAAOSw4DJYk2AY
  23. ECM looking good next to the Eureka Zenith 65E! Can't wait to move in now! Lol. Had the kitchen designed around these to machines to make sure they would fit in.
  24. The review below is a summary of my thoughts and not intended to be a full in-depth analysis of each machine Today I had the pleasure of spending a delightful 4 hours at Bella Barista, hosted by Claudette and her team. The aim was to evaluate the R58 vs Alex Duetto Mk IV (aka new Alex Duetto III in the US) side-by-side and walk away with the winner. I had previously narrowed my search to replace my home machine to either of these dual boiler espresso machines. click to enlarge Also on the bench was the ECM Heidelberg espresso machine (HX), which I used to dial in
  25. This machine was purchased by me in August 2017 at a cost of £2250 It has been used a to make about 5 coffees a week then i got it i used bottled water then i got it plumed into a water filtration system It is in very good condition its in perfect working order the machine will come with the the following Single portafilter Double portafilter Bottomless portafilter Single-shot basket Double-shot basket Blind basket two milk pitchers and a Espro 58 calibrated tamper Manufacture’s Instruction Manual the grinder is not for sale the asking price is £1500 ONO price includes postage item is loca
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