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  1. Hello, Selling this on behalf of someone who no longer has a use for it after opening their cafe. It was bought from Machina in May 2018, so roughly 18-20months old. Warranty was only 1 year so has expired. Machine is in very good condition having had very little use in a home environment. Collection only from Edinburgh. Images to follow ASAP. Price: £700 ono.
  2. Hi all, My Rocket Appartamento is coming up to 2 years old now and I've just noticed something that's concerning me a bit. The brew temperature of the water appears to be lower than I'd expect. (espresso shots). I don't have any form of thermometer installed on the machine to give an exact reading but I know it's not as hot as normal because: 1. When drinking my shot it doesn't seem to be as hot 2. When flushing there doesn't seem to be the same level of steam or bubbling from the group head as before I've tried giving more warm-up time so this morning I left it o
  3. Hey everyone, After lots of research, I've decided on getting a Rancilio Silvia but unfortunately had no luck finding a reasonably priced one elsewhere, so I thought I would try on here! I have considered other e61 machines such as Berezza Hobby, Lelit Victoria etc but not the Gaggia Classic as I'm trying to stay away from aluminium boiler's. So if anyone is selling something similar, please let me know! I'm not really looking to spend more than around £300-400, hopefully this is feasible with what I have requested. Hopefully I can find something suitable on here, if not I wil
  4. Am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem, or might be able to diagnose it for me. I've had my ECM Mechanika IV Profi for about 18 months (it's a rotary pump, running from the reservoir). Recently I've noticed that when I pull a shot the brew pressure goes up to around 11-12 bar, and the OPV starts draining pretty much instantaneously. Therefore I end up with a drip tray that fills up very quickly, and when I stop the shot I'm noticing that there's no pressure release coming out of the exhaust valve as there would be normally. I've removed and cleaned the shower sc
  5. Hello, up for a sale Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV July 2015 bought from Italy in original packing and with everything that came with new: It is 220V with option to power up both boilers at once (not like 110v which they heat up exchangeably) but it has a schuko plug (germany, italy, austria, swiss etc) so for UK you you just throw on a 3pin uk plug. 2 portafilter 4 steamtips Tamper + brush Cover Before I bought i was literally scouring the web probably for an year what is the best kit of equipment to get and the Duetto was the end decision, it really served me extremely good
  6. Hi - received my blue silicone Cafelat E61 8.5mm group head gasket today. Which way should it be installed please on a Gaggia Classic? It has a on edge which is squared off and one edge which is rounded. The rounded edge has the make and size printed on it, which makes me think that should still show after it has been installed......ie facing down....any help appreciated. Thanks Paul
  7. Am I missing something drastic here but if you sealed the top or the inside of the nut up with something like JB Weld is there any reason you couldn't use one of these as an alternative to Erics adapter? I know it's not pretty and it's not going to be a permanent solution but it would be close enough? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HiLetgo-Temperature-Sensor-Probes-Thermocouple/dp/B00M1PMEJW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1477496743&sr=8-2&keywords=k+type+m6+thermocouple
  8. Hey CoffeeForums, Just a post to confirm that the Cafelat Blue 8.5mm E61 Gasket fits the Classic perfectly. Much better than the original though that may be down to the fact it was perished. I found the cheapest provider was CoffeeHit at just £1.82 each for the gasket! Tobie.
  9. As per the description, I've got a couple of E61 bottomless/naked portafilters - brand new, never used and with triple baskets. N.B One now sold, one available at this price. (Edited by Rob666) Lovely and shiny, removed from the packing for the sake of photographing - but back in it now... £25 + postage at cost (which will probably be small parcel territory at around £3-£4) Shades Photos below:
  10. I only found out this bit of information today, and it seemed timely. QUESTION - Why is the E61 group named E61?
  11. Hi ECM folks, some questions about backflushing the ECM Barista. According to the manual that comes with the machine you can backflush these machines with detergent weekly. On the other hand BB recommend every 2-3 months. Now from what I've read in general with E61 groups you should lube the cams etc every time you backflush as this strips the lube from the cams.... What I find suprising is the ECM manual recommends this weekly back-flushing but there is no mention anywhere about lubing the cams etc. So I'm wondering what people who have had these machines for a while do and
  12. As the owner of a Verona of one-day-old vintage, I would like to start a Verona (Owners) Forum. How does one go about that? My choice of Verona was the culmination of a lively Coffee Lounge thread 'Decisions, decisions!' which in three days or so had over 1000 views, attracted some 70 posts and involved many CFUK stalwarts including DaveC himself! Would an administrator please advise and/or assist? Thank you. Tony.
  13. Hey all, having owned my R58 for a month or so now thought I had better ask about routine maintenance! I backflush with water after every session but currently thats all I do. Run bottled water through it so guessing a descale isnt needed just yet (and no idea how to go about it as only descaled the classic, and im guessing its not the same method!) Should I be backflushing with any cleaner? (still have a massive tub of puly-caff) How often do I need to lubricate? Have read about methods of lubricating the lever bit but couldnt find anything on how often to do it! Anyt
  14. Afternoon all, I've come down with a nasty case of acute upgraditis. I think I've got roughly £1000 to spend, certainly no more. Currently rocking the La Pavoni (paired with a SJ), and getting on quite well with it, but I yearn for a big, shiny E61 machine. So far, I've identified the Bezzera Unica or BZ10, and the Expobar Leva. I only drink espresso and Americano, although it would be nice to be able to make cappucinos etc for guests. Footprint is an issue: the smaller the better. Thoughts?
  15. So my vesuvius has developed this mark on top & side of the group head. It seems to me to be coming out through the surface, if that makes sense. It also aligns with a lug of the portafilter. Has anyone else seen this similar and if so, were you able to get rid of the mark or is it a manufacturing defect? Second question: has anyone replaced the wood on the portafilter handles and the toggles? The OEM wood really does detract from the overall impression of quality.
  16. For Sale: Rocket Espresso Cellini Evoluzione V2 £950 History: One previous forum member owner who bought it new Feb 2016 from Bella Barista. I bought it from them on Nov 20117. Warranty expires end of 25 Feb 2018, so it’s 23 months old. This model has a commercial rotary pump as opposed to a vibration pump and the use of commercial espresso machine pressure stats. Sale includes everything s from when it came new,: - original box - two original portafilters (single/double), - manuals, etc. - tamper - plumbing pipes Extras from standard: + genu
  17. My ECM Mechanika is plumbed in with a rotary pump. I've read that with e61 automatic pre-infusion the brew pressure is designed go straight to around 4 bar and stay there until the chamber fills - and then on to 9 or 9.5 whatever the machine is set at. I've also viewed this on a couple of youtube vids. Mine goes straight to 8/8.5 bar for a few seconds until the chamber fills and then on to 9.5 bar - I'm wondering if this is operating correctly? This happens with blind basket and with a shot. I've got a pressure reducer fitted on the mains feed and idle pressure is around 1.5 bar
  18. Interested to see what people do to maintain their e61 pump machine (ECM or not) and grinder(s). Perhaps something like daily, monthly, yearly etc. Here's what I have though mine is evolving: Usage: 6-10 drinks per week - including milk drinks e61 HX espresso machine: Daily: fresh water back flush Weekly: Nothing yet - cafiza perhaps? Every 3 months: Nothing yet - Nothing yet - descaling perhaps? Yearly: Nothing yet - replace group gasket? Eureka Mignon grinder: Nothing yet - burr clean?
  19. I’m very much out of touch on forum and remember a couple of years back these were doing the rounds. Does anyone have one I could borrow for a couple of days in exchange for beer tokens or some coffee related compensation Have reason to beleive dial on expobar may not be reading all that accurately! Ta David
  20. Having been tempted by the Lelit profile control device at £252 I was kindly pointed in the direction of Bella Barista who have started stocking the Profitec one at £179 plus £6 postage . It arrived within a couple of days . It arrives in two pieces the flow control unit and a pressure gauge for the group . There are no instructions and no washers for the gauge are included . However fitting is a doddle ?. The unit comes in one piece , so unscrew the existing Mushroom and replace with the unit . I put some grease on the mushroom o ring on the bottom and a little on the threaded part . I d
  21. Hello all, I am looking at the Lelit Bianca machine given its favorable reviews and unique place in the market for size/performance/price with pre-infusion and profiling capabilities. I see that the alternatives today are much higher cost - Dalla Corta Mina, Vesuvisus, Rocket Nine One, La Marzocco GS3, Slayer, etc. Are any new machines with profiling in development by the E61 manufacturers - ECM, Quick Mill, Profitec, etc? Thanks!
  22. Hello So I have refurbished K6 that needs a serious partner. Initially my plan as an espresso drinker was to get a QM Carola (preferably s/h but i can wait to accumulate more funds to get it new) and get some kind of milk frother such as the Jura for any requested cowJuice based drinks (the horror!) But I've since decided that learning the process of manipulating milk might be fun and so the Silvano came into the picture and then looking more into that has opened up to all sorts of boilers and internal configurations. Main question: is the K6 good enough to grind for this level
  23. I Buy the repair kit to change, but the infusion valve is longer, drain valve is shorter, what is the difference about this? Anyone know that? Thank-you
  24. As above any advice on how to safely remove the 'Caution - Hot Surface' Sticker from an E61 group head - have tried to remove but it's leaving sicky-sticker gunk behind? Surely this isn't supposed to be a permanent feature?
  25. This funky cradle is made by HG One - have a look at their website. It's machined from a single block of aluminium with a protective delrin lip around the top. Weighs 610grms. Bought it to go with my HG grinder but, sadly, it doesn't work with my portafilters which have offset lugs and are ridiculously deep at almost 7cm. On the HG website, the portafilter used is, I believe, a Rancilio. The stand is beautifully crafted and has a dinky adjustable knob (red) so you can adjust the height. It's sitting in a drawer gathering dust which is a shame as someone could get good use out of it. If you are
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