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Found 39 results

  1. Hi, thanks to reviews on here I have just purchased a new Sage Duo Temp Pro, an upgrade from a Delonghi Icona. I debated the Rancilio Silvia for a bit but based on opinions here that I would need to spend money on a good grinder I decided my budget was better spent on the Sage coffee machine and a grinder rather than blowing it all on a Silvia. Plus I like the idea that the Sage will ease me into using non-pressurised baskets. I use fresh roasted beans that I buy direct for a roaster in Cork called Badger and Dodo, I love their Jam Jar blend (unfortunately they don't ship to the UK.) I currently have a Delonghi KG79 grinder that I hacked to make a finer grind but I'm mid researching which grinder to buy. So please feel free to send me your recommendations, from what I've read so far I'm leaning towards a secondhand Mignon as I'd would ideally like to spend about €250/£200. I've looked at the Graef CM800 but I'm not sure it's worth it if an extra 50 quid would get me something far superior.
  2. I'm pretty set on the idea of a DTP but should I be looking at the Gaggia Classic too?
  3. I used my new DTP for the first time yesterday. As I do not have a grinder yet and have some pre-ground I thought I would try it to see what it was like. I know 99%+ of people on the forum have a grinder but I was hoping some people would have experience with pre-ground. The DTP comes with pressurised and non pressurised baskets. I have some illy and some lavazza rosso and found the illy too fine for the french press but the lavazza worked well. I tried the illy with a pressurised basket and it was ok but has anyone tried pre-ground in an un-pressurised basket?
  4. With the discussion on the Bambino I thought I would ask what the DTP comes with i.e.: 1. Baskets - High/Standard pressure or both? 2. Plastic disc device in portafilter? 2. Any other items that may need discarding/changing on day 1?
  5. Hi, For anyone interested, I'm selling a new 54mm Sage Bottomless Portafilter, ordered from Sage and hand machined for £46.50. These have a unique group fitting, only for use on Sage and Breville 54mm coffee machines like the Duo Temp Pro. I believe it's also compatible with these machines... BES810, BES840, BES860 and BES870. Please check compatibility with your machine though. A friend of mine with a Sage Duo Temp Pro expressed a lot of interest in having a bottomless portafilter like the one I was using on my Rocket. Without thinking I sung the praises of bottomless portafilters... They're great for figuring out how to make fantastic shots, diagnosing shot issues and the coffee only ever touches your basket and your cup. Once you've got your shot dialled in, there's less cleaning and dripping over your worktop, and of course... it's a unique and enjoyable way to make coffee. However, the small flaw in my sales pitch came about when he mentioned that he'd looked everywhere and Sage and Breville only sell a bottomless portafilter for their top of the range 58mm machines, and the only way to get a bottomless portafilter for the unique 54mm group head was to buy a custom made one or make one yourself... So weeks later, and more conversations about bottomless portafilters, I decided to surprise him and order a new portafilter from Sage, and machine it myself as I fortunately have all of the metalworking tools required. He was blown away with the result, so mission successful, and he suggested that I sell these online as there are probably others like him. So here we are!
  6. I've had my Duo Temp Pro for four or five months now, after any number of machines over the past thirty or so years, and I like it, a lot. But, I've tried back flushing, sometimes twice in a row, and I've still needed to remove the shower screen to get it properly clean. So I was wondering if anyone has actually had any real success with backflushing the duo temp pro? I'll also ask if anyone is able to use the storage tray to store their bits and bobs in, because, although I empty the drip tray after every use, my storage tray is always damp and usually has at least some water in it?
  7. Hello all, this is my first post so go easy! I'm looking at upgrading my Delonghi EC820.B to something a bit more substantial. I've settled on Sage as a preferred option but at the moment I'm torn between going for a Barista Express or going for the separates option and getting the Duo-Temp Pro and the Smart Grinder Pro. Both options are in the same price range so cost isn't an issue. I was initially looking at the BE but from my limited research it sounded like its better to go for a coffee machine and separate grinder? I'm not really limited in terms of worktop space so the size isn't an issue either. Any advice/guidance you could give would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  8. So I thought I'd give the duo temp pro and grinder a clean today.. popped the blank disk into the portafilter with the tablet and ran shots until it had dissolved. alao ran a vinegar / water solution through the group head and steam wand as per instructions. rinsed tank and ran water through the machine again. now when running the machine without any coffee I'm getting loads of coffee grounds out of the group head. I must have run 10 'shots' but it seems to keep coming! Is this normal or should I run another back flush cycle with just water to try and flush it through?? Also any ideas what causes this? I tend to leave the portafilter in the machine while I steam my milk should I be removing it each time instead?
  9. Hi guys. so after lots of questions over this machine and it growing in popularity thought i would do a quick demo of how i make a latte on this machine. I am by no means an expert but with not alot of tutorials on this machine thought it may help some people. May be teaching people to suck eggs, but it would of helped me when i got it. Hope it helps people considering this machine http://youtu.be/-6d7sCusOlk
  10. Hey guys, I currently have a nespresso, I really want to get into the espresso hobby and I have been reading a lot for a few months while I have been looking for a good deal on a coffee machine. I don't live in the UK and here in Portugal is not that easy getting used machines or even good brand new ones. I have been waiting for the Duo Temp Pro to be on sale again, but yesterday I found a used La Pavoni Professional with around 5 years and seems to be in perfect state and has been serviced a few months ago for £175, which seems like a great deal. I have been reading on it and since I work at home so I have time to do the extra work that a manual machine requires. My budget for the grinder is around £160, so I was thinking about getting a Smart Grinder Pro from lakeland. Will that be a good enough grinder? I would like a grinder that would let me grind for pour-over also if possible. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all, Looking to buy my first machine and I'm thinking of the Sage duo temp pro. Is this a good plan?
  12. New DTP and SGP owner here.. I have had the DTP a couple of weeks now and originally was using it with my hario mini.. 5 clicks would choke the machine unless tamped really lightly and 6 would run a little too fast tamped firm, 18/36 in about 20 seconds with little crema.. still tasted good though. So I decided to upgrade the grinder and went with the smart grinder pro. Playing about with the grind setting and I am currently on setting 2 with the top burr adjusted to 5 which is giving me 18/36 in about 27 seconds. Better crema although tastes a little sour. My only concern is.. from reading around a lot of people seem to grind anywhere from setting 5 to 7 for espresso.. being at setting 2 already with the inner burr adjusted 1 step finer means over time as the burrs wear i am going to have to adjust the machine finer right? Setting 2 doesn't leave a lot of room to go. Beans are fudge blend from Rave and are 2 weeks old after roasting. Tried with mocha java also. Same roast date. I realise grinders vary and I will order some fresh beans to try after 1 weeks rest.. but is that a low starting point? Should I exchange the machine? Just to add.. tamping firm and consistent until the puck stops. Breaking clumps with a cocktail stick, tapping the porterfilter and the machine, cup and porterfilter warmed up. Also scales weigh to 0.1g. Thanks.
  13. It seems like only yesterday when I joined the forum and asked whether to get the DTP and separate grinder or get the BE. Oh wait, that's because it was. I collected the Duo Temp Pro which I reserved last night! Added a couple of pictures for you, thanks for all the advice guys! Don't worry, I'll be asking for plenty more of it Routine kind of went like this: Unpacked Immersed filter for 5 mins, washed out water tank etc Purged machine as per manual Used a flathead screwdriver to pop out that nasty plastic disc Sage put in the portafilter. Yuck. I think it's for the pressurised double wall? Sadly I do not have my grinder yet, so I have committed coffee sacrilege and sin tonight, just to have a go. I used the pressurised double wall with some pre ground Lavazza and had a go with the milk. As you can see, I definitely did not achieve Latte art. Not the prettiest looking cup ay. For pre ground coffee, the second shot I pulled wasn't too bad. First shot was awful For a beginner I'm pretty excited, lots to learn. I put the frothing pitcher in the fridge for 15 minutes, the milk was cold too so I'm not sure where I went wrong with the milk. It was semi skimmed. Anyway any tips on where to go from here would be super appreciated!
  14. donblacc

    Sage Duo Temp Pro

    Due to a change in travel plans, it seems I'll be out of the country longer than expected. It would be a shame to keep this beauty in storage.. so she is up for grabs to one of you lovely lot! As the machine is literally around 3 weeks old, I will be looking for £280. It comes fully boxed with all included accessories such as razor tool (never used), all filter baskets, milk jug, original tamper etc. As well as the warranty. I will also throw in a weighty Motta tamper, with tamping mat and an extra smaller milk jug as shown in the picture. Collection is preferred, from SE London area - or I could delivery locally, if required. Cheers guys,enjoy the weekend!
  15. Hi just wondering if the portafilter feels quality? i know its 54mm, but aslong as it feels well made and heavy i wouldnt mind so much. Was also wondering what size tamper would work, as someone said 54 was actually too big, so 53 was suggested. Just wondering if any owners could confirm this? As being able to use a higher quality tamper is important for me. Also would be interested if any classic owners have moved to a dtp? And how you found the change? also general quality feel? i did read the "new little machine" thread... Just interested to hear from long term owners if any. Many thanks louis
  16. Hi folks, this is my first time posting in this community, here goes... Had my trusty DTP for 3.5 years (so out of warranty) and absolutely love the machine. However it has suddenly lost a lot of pump power and the pump noise has gone from the usual deep sound (once it properly kicks in a few seconds into pulling the shot) to more of a high pitched sound - perhaps resembling a little mo-ped scooter or single engine aeroplane. Water still flowing and it just about pulls a shot of espresso but easily gets choked and it tastes awful. Something definitely not right. Firstly - does this problem sound familiar to other DTP/Sage users? Secondly - I’m debating whether to try and fix (either myself if I can get spare parts or sending to Sage?) or just buy a straight out replacement. Number of retailers currently have them at £249 which is pretty tempting but think I’d rather try the ‘fix’ option first - both for economic and environmental reasons - assuming users here have suggestions of the likely problem and I could source replacement parts. Other info - No water leaking from bottom. I live in a hard water area and descale every 2-3 months. Use the machine on average twice a day. Hope everyone safe in these unsettling times, and thanks in advance for any advice out there. Need my daily espresso hit more than ever during lockdown! Chris B
  17. My wife has zero interest in learning to use our new sage and constantly asks me to get the old nespresso machine back so I'm wondering if I can use ese pods on my duo temp pro? I have seen vague references that it's possible but can't find anything concrete.
  18. So 18 months after buying my Duo Temp Pro isn't producing enough pressure to extract coffee or froth milk. Any advice?
  19. Hello All New user and second thread already - hope no one minds! I am now considering between two options. I only intend to drink espresso and occasionally have a latte / cappuccino - I will not be using a French Press or anything else, just the machine. 1). Duo Temp Pro alongside a Eureka Mignon. Advantages: - Better grinder. Disadvantages: - None of the advantages below. 2). Sage Barista Express. Advantages: - Pressure Gauge (potentially useful to someone who is new). - Greater variability for PID than DTP. - Better aesthetics (in my opinion) - Able to do dosed shots (nice for ease of use). - Less room taken up than DTP & Eureka Mignon (footprint is important, though the DTP & Mignon is not too large). Disadvantages: - Grinder not as good (whilst only one disadvantage, this possibly outweighs all the other advantages. Though if I only intend it for espresso - will it make much difference?) If anyone could give me their opinions on this it would be very much appreciated - they both come to a similar cost. Thank you.
  20. I've recently bought a used Duo Temp Pro, and I have a question about the water filter: if I already have a Brita water filter jug, do I still need to replace the water filter inside the machine? On the instruction manual I believe it says to use fresh water every time the machine is to be used, so if I fill the water tank from my Brita jug, I take it the water filter inside the Duo Temp Pro is useless?
  21. I want to remove this... I've removed the spout from the portafilter so I can get at the underside of it, but the disc seems pretty firmly rooted to the portafilter. So, for those who have removed it, any tips to help it on its way out?
  22. There are a lot of videos out there for the Sage machines with the automatic cleaning cycle but nothing for the DTP! I follow the instructions, place black silicone disc into portafilter, tablet on top of disc, insert portafilter, turn dial to espresso etc. However all that happens is soapy water spews out of the portafilter spouts. I thought this was suppose to be a kind of back flush and the black disc is designed to prevent water escaping from the portafilter? Would love to hear from the DTP owners how they have been dealing with this.
  23. I am looking towards an entry-level espresso machine. I would not buy it any time soon as I will be moving my flat (again!). However, I like researching and getting the best I can get for the money. I understand that this could be compared to other single boiler machines, like Classic or Silvia. However, Duo Temp Pro has PID already in place and I really like the fact of easy transition between pulling espressos and steaming milk. If I can get Lakeland warranty, then the after sales care is not a big problem (I suppose there's more electronics in it compared to something stupid-proof as Classic, so it wouldn't be easy to fix myself). I realize it does not have a solenoid valve, so pucks are going to be a little bit more messy and I couldn't backflush (how important is that? cleaning might be troublesome for that machine in general!). The odd-sized portafilter means I might have problems getting naked PF or a tamper, but that does not sound like a deal breaker either. I haven't seen it in real, but it looks quite nicely (I really hate how Gaggia Classic looks like!). Is there anything I am missing? I would be pairing it with either hand grinder (Lido 2/Feldgrind) or electric, something like Mignon, probably. It seems like there aren't that many reviews about this machine and it does not look as popular as aforementioned machines. Well, it hasn't been so long in the market... I was also considering a lever machine (La Pav), but thought that the learning curve might be a little bit steep. I wouldn't be able to justify a HX or DB machine as that would probably be an overkill to use only on my own. Any ideas? Maybe someone had a chance to play with Duo Temp Pro for a bit?
  24. First post and just joined so go easy on me. I've got a £250 John Lewis voucher sitting here. Would I be better off buying a Duo Temp Pro and separate grinder (Sage Smart Grinder Pro or better) or buying the Barista Express? From reading online it seems having a separate grinder is better and have read some reports of the integrated grinder not being that great and performing a bit under par after a year or so. I am not an expert by any means but have been using the AeroPress for two years now and am constantly learning things from watching a channel called Seattle Coffee Gear on YouTube. I know about pre-infusion, portafilters, pressurised and non-pressurised baskets and I feel ready to try a machine and learn more. The voucher won't cover all of it either way so: The Duo Temp Pro (£199) + Smart Grinder Pro (£144) will cost me £343.00 The Barista Express would cost me £399.00 Bambino is sold out at John Lewis as VERY popular but they are back in stock on 13th. Should I wait for this? The difference in cost is not an issue and countertop space isn't either! I know someone asked this very same question at the end of 2018, just wanting a fresh opinion! Thank you in advance
  25. Hey guys, I can get the Sage Duo Temp Pro or the Lelit PL41TEM (PID) at the same price, around €350 (new), which one do you think is best? I don't live in the UK so it's hard to get a good deal on a second hand here. Also considering an Oscar2 (€700) but have concerns on it's durability (uncased motherboard) and not sure if it's worth double the price. Would be using it for 2 espressos in the morning, 2 lattes in the evening. Looking for something that would last a few years with little maintenance (only things that a normal person would be able to do without special tools). The grinder is going to be the Niche Zero. Thanks in advance!
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