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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to using a traditional pump coffee machine, I have a 2nd hand machine which still works fine I descaled it thoroughly. I tried removing the brewhead filter but I couldn't get the screw to loosen up, I tried tapping it as well in case there are some coffee stuck behind. I don't think there's another way of removing this? Also the coffee seems to be luke warm, I let the machine on more than 40secs and it seems still the same. Any idea how to make the coffee hot when extracting? Also does anyone know where I can get poure filter for this machine? Please move this thread if its in the wrong section. Thanks
  2. Hi,My Espressivo has been pretty good until it started leaking water and steam from around the brewhead. We've descaled,cleaned and used the pin to poke out the holes lots of times and replaced the metal filters...all no good.Oh thinks perhaps a rubber sealing ring may need replacing but it impossible to get all but the most basic of spares. dualit and the people who sold it to us both say we must return it and have it repaired at our expense but wont answer any questions regarding spares. Its tempting just to bin it but it failed after only a year so this is last ditch for us.. Any help or advice would be very welcome.
  3. Gotcha! Just recently bought myself a Dualit Espressivo and an electric grinder to go with. Thought I'd better make myself more accustomed to the various coffee variables! I used to enjoy a cup of instant, nowadays I prefer the real thing! But I havent quite mastered the Dualit yet, Anyone out there who has any experience with this machine? Cool beans!
  4. This is my first post so I'll start off by saying hello. Hello. I got a dualit espressivo for christmas which I'm enjoying very much but I'm keen to either source a non-pressurised basket or take a dremel to the supplied pressurised basket. Am I correct in thinking thought that these are used to give a decent looking crema regardless of other factors as opposed to making up for insufficient pump pressure? The espressivo has a 15 Bar pump, I assume this is enough to make decent espresso (all else being well) even with a non-pressurised basket? Grateful for any thoughts/insights.
  5. I bought the Dualit Espressivo from where I work (Nisbets) yesterday, can't believe how good it is!!!........
  6. Hi all - new to the forums, so please be gentle with me! I've spent a huge amount of time over the past few days reading through thread after thread on the boards and have learned a massive amount, so thanks for that in itself! To give you a bit of background, I got myself into the world of coffee about 18 months ago now and have got to the point where I'm certainly addicted (!) but also want to take that next step. I've been using a Dualit Espressivo machine up until this point and despite the fact I know it's not great, have spent enough time with it to get reasonable results. I tend to drink a mixture of both milk drinks and pure espresso, and have even managed to get what's close to microfoam out of the dreadful steam wand (the key to that was getting rid of the frothing assistant!). So had my heart set on the Silvia to take the next step, plus another £130 or so to upgrade to a decent grinder, but then I spotted a flaw in my plan - the Silvia doesn't take ESE pods. I know I need to clean my mouth out with soap but whilst I love the ritual of making a proper coffee and imagine that this will even more be the case when I upgrade the machine and grinder, I simply don't have the time in the morning to go through the palaver of grinding (and cleaning up, actually). Is there a happy medium somewhere in a good machine, with a decent steam wand and that can take both ground and ESE pods? Looking at roughly the same spend as above all in. I realise the Gaggia Classic would do this (plus a wand upgrade), but given the fact that I paid almost £200 for the Dualit, it doesn't 'feel' like that much of an upgrade. Am I being blinded by price over reality? I've got a bit of time here, as I'm not thinking of buying until Feb/March, but like to do my research! Thanks guys! Squiggs
  7. I bought a Dualit Espressivo last month and am more than happy with the espresso it produces. I'm less happy with the steam wand however. First off: it's really short! I bought a smaller jug than the one I had, but it's still not ideal. Does anyone know if the wand is replaceable / upgradeable? I'm happy to open it up if I know what I'm looking for; I'm used to doing basic repairs on appliances and have a set of calipers incase anthing needs measuring. I've been practicing making microfoam with it for a few weeks, with limited success. Following advice from a post I found I ditched the silicone attachment, which seemed to be useful only for creating large quantities of macrofoam. I can get microfoam going, but when the milk (soy) gets to about 40 degrees and I plunge the wand; there doesn't seem to be enough pressure to get a vortex / whirlpool going and fold it into the rest of the milk. The end result is a layer of foam on top of warm milk. It also takes a bloody long time! The temperature light goes on and off a few times whilst you're steaming. Is it possible that it's just not good enough to create microfoam with? I'm aware that bad crafts people always blame their tools, so I'm willing to persist with it if I know it's theoretically possible and just a problem with my technique
  8. Hi, im really new to coffee machines & im hoping you guys can help me out - up till now I have just been using a bodum cafetiere & a basic cook works machine but now am fancying something abit better & more advanced. So currently im looking at a Delonghi ec710 (good reviews) ec750 (slightly worse reviews but seems to be a newer model) OR a Dualit Esspresivo. All seem very simlair in spec but the Dualit offers more cup clearance as I do prefer larger cups & wont really be doing small espresso shots, any advice/tips?
  9. Hi this is my set up:- Dualit Espressivo Iberital MC5 s/s knock draw revol/bodum double wall espresso cups
  10. Selling a Red Dualit Espressivo machine complete with matching Dualit Barista Set and Krups Grinder Machine purchased on 14th November and has been descaled twice Machine retails at ~£175 - Dualit Barista Set retailing ~£20 (including 12oz Milk Pitcher, matching Dualit Thermometer and chocolate sprinkler) - Krups Blade Grinder retailing ~£20 - 5 Dualit ESE espressivo pods All original boxes included with instructions All sets come complete as when purchased from a store I’ve made some good drinks with this machine and will be sad to see it go. Just looking for a better machine and better quality grinder. Based in Sheffield Collection is preferred but will post at buyers expense £130 ONO Questions more than welcome, Cheers
  11. I thought I had better join after obtaining good advice from 'Godders' thread on pressurised filter baskets. Like him, I have a Dualit Espressivo (following a Briel - not bad and a cheap DeLonghi - not good) which has gone wrong (sprays coffee from the brewhead), but which I hope to fix with a new gasket (that is now on back order). Thinking I may not be able to repair the Espressivo, I started looking at alternatives online and this opened my eyes to what's out there and the fact I might be missing out using pressurised baskets. It also provided me with reasons for the lack of consistency when I make an espresso - usually pours too fast or too slow. If I continue to use the pressurised baskets, can anyone recommend an off-the-shelf ground coffee with the correct grind size? I currently use Lavazzo Nero (like the flavour), but apply only a light tamp (probably explains the inconsistency). Also, if I continue with pressurised baskets, should I ditch the filter papers? Back to Godders thread and I am thinking of buying the Krups non-pressurised basket that is said to fit the Espressivo. Going down this route, I assume I will need a decent grinder? Can anyone recommend one (I didn't want to spend loads)? Sorry about all the questions; it is just my train of thought written down. Any responses will be appreciated, including advice that I am heading in the wrong direction and should ditch the Espressivo and buy something completely different.
  12. Hi all, been lurking about for a while. Thought I should say hello, else its just a little creepy! I've been making espressos with my Dualit Espressivo for a few years now, grinding with a Gaggia mdf. Despite the espresso machine being what it is, I'm quite happy with the results I'm getting. However thinking about stepping up a little. Maybe to the Racilio or a Francino Cherub (if I can find one cheap). Cheers all for the great posts. I'm learning a lot.
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