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Found 11 results

  1. Hi ive started to use my Sage DB using a Dualit Burr grinder until my Sage one arrives and was wondering if I could run my technique by you kind folks. Supermarket bought beans bought yesterday but mistake number one noticed the roasted date was 2 weeks ago!! Taylors of Harrogate Rich Italian number 4 grind is not like flour but not far off with slight gritty feel temperature set to default 93 degrees i warm the filter holder and basket Total extraction set at default 30 seconds 8 seconds go by before i see coffee which according to instructions is good skimmed milk used, but tried with full fat and still bitter coffee tastes a little bitter, any ideas if its technique or stale beans please thankyou
  2. timbar


    I have been digging around on this forum over the past month or so and thought I'd say hi. I'm pretty much a noob to espresso making though I've enjoyed coffee all my life. I've just upgraded from a Krups XP2010 to a Gaggia Classic and I'm just starting to work on pulling shots. They're a bit bitter at the moment but looking forward to playing around with the settings and learning how to dose, tamp etc. Going to take some time given that I can't drink more than 2 or 3 shots a day without climing the walls, but I guess thats part of the fun :-) I'm grinding my own beans, I have a Dualit burr grinder which I've modified to grind beans fine enough for espresso; going to see how that works out, I'd rather not buy a new grinder until I've written off the Dualit. Anyone using a modified Dualit (Starbucks) grinder and had good results? Thanks, Tim
  3. I have bought a Gaggia classic to venture into the mysterious world of coffee at home! It is a second hand machine that has had upgraded solenoid and steam wand. Due to the standard baskets it came with, when I pulled a shot through a fine grind the coffee raced through the portafilter (took about 10seconds to produce the shot which had little crema). Should I check what the bar pressure is set to on the machine first? Or can I adjust the shot quality with an even finer grind and a stronger tamp? If I do need to adjust the bar, does anyone have a gauge kit I can borrow? Thanks all.
  4. Hi all thought I'd say hello as I'm a newbie!
  5. Ok, so here's the story. I've been on a steep learning curve this year and have used this site extensively for research- and, I might add for purchasing my lovely Fracino Cherub from Poona some months ago. I've since managed to team it with an old Carimali grinder that I picked up for a song on a well known auction site. As I got lucky on both occasions and with it being the season of goodwill, I would like to offer up the following: Dualit 75015 burr grinder and Motta 49mm tamper. Both are in excellent condition with very little use and no marks or defects. Both are boxed and the grinder also has original instructions. I will upload pics of the tamper in another post. If you would like either item please add thanks to the relevant post and I will choose at random on Sunday evening for each. To show my appreciation to the forum I will pay the postage myself as well. Hopefully somebody will take these items as I'm going to feel a bit foolish otherwise. Cheers folks for all the advice and I promise to make more effort to contribute in future.
  6. I have for sale a Dualit Burr grinder in mint condition. I bought this to use with my gaggia classic but had to sell the gaggia to raise funds and this has sat in it's box ignored. I used it for approx 2 months but with working shifts and being away every other week it's had minimal use all round. It's a good starter grinder and is very easy to set up and use. All instructions and original packaging are included. I will try and add photos when I return home but if anyone is interested I'm looking for £45 posted or it's available for collection for £40 in Edinburgh.
  7. Hi guys, I have recently gotten 'serious' about being able to make espresso and espresso based drinks at home. Like many others, I was really surprised at the quality of coffee I could muster together from a bialetti and pre ground coffee from the shops. From there I got lucky and picked up a cheapo delonghi treviso from a boot fair for £5 and then went a bit mad and bought a Wega max 8.0 grinder 2nd hand for £120 which seemed a great deal considering I was about to spend £80 on a Dualit burr grinder! Well that is my coffee journey thus far, I am enjoying playing with grind settings trying to pull the best shot I can from my cheap n cheerful setup I hope to be posting on here regularly as well as learning a tonne about this surprisingly addictive hobby with the unique prize at the end in the form of a lovely coffee!
  8. Scouser

    Gaggia Pure

    Hi, My first post be easy on me Recently got myself a espresso maker, progressed from cafetiere on to a moka pot and now my Gaggia pure.. Im really getting into this coffee thing, trying to get the perfect cup.. Ive alway used Illy coffee, tried lots of others but always come back to that. When I got my machine it came with some gaggia pods, which were quite good. I mainly drink a "Long Black" basically an Americano with a double instead of a single shot of espresso. I have tried adding the espresso shots to the hot water, as I heard you lose less crema this way, as opposed to adding hot water to the expresso ? Well so far the coffee is delicious, but im not getting enough crema. Now I see there is an optional "perfect cream filter" Could this have something to do with it ? I have a few other coffees from Whittards to try, but I guess it could be a number of things ? And if anyone can help with a good americano recipe Cheers
  9. I have recently purchased a dualit burr grinder to use with my gaggia classic, but I find it takes ages for coffee to pass through the filter. If I use the grinder on the finest setting I don't get any coffee through the filter. If I use a coarser setting it will pass through slowly with very little crema. Previously I used pre-ground coffee which produced good results.... Any thoughts......
  10. Until a year or so ago I had quite a healthy one-a-day espresso habit, fed by an Ascaso Innova Arc and a basic Dualit burr grinder. The Arc has now developed a not-heating-up problem and the thought of forking out to have it repaired has triggered a bout of upgraditis. When the Arc was working I'd have a daily espresso, a latte or similar three or four times a week, usually one at a time, occasionally three or four if people come round but not that often. I enjoy the process of learning how to pull a good shot, but fiddling with the insides of machines is not my thing so I need equipment that's either reliable or has good and inexpensive after-sales service (or both). I leave for work pretty early in the morning so a fast warm-up would be a bonus. Although I don't drink huge amounts of latte I'm really keen to learn microfoaming, and I did find the faff of using a SBDU machine meant that I didn't bother as often as I'd like. My budget can stretch to 700-800 pounds (mayyyybe more), and after reading this and other forums I suspect this is going to have to include a better grinder. Given all this I'm drawn to the Fracino Cherub as an inexpensive HX solution. The Oscar would also be a possibility but I'm worried about the aftercare that would be available in the UK. Grinder-wise most people on here seem to recommend the Iberital MC2. Am I thinking along the right lines? Any other options you'd suggest I look at? Finally: tell me why I should get a lever machine. I know they have their devotees (and an attractively small footprint), so why aren't they recommended to newbies more often? Steeper learning curve? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Same as this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dualit-75015-Coffee-Grinder-Black/dp/B005VBNSJ8/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1373359302&sr=1-1&keywords=dualit+burr+grinder Just under a year old. £40 picked up from Staffordshire. Merx.
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