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  1. Hi there. I lost all my accessories in a house move rectory. Anyone know where I can get a new backflush disc and the tablets?
  2. Any ideas of firms in Newcastle Upon Tyne that could supply a refurbished 1-group (ideally DB but possibly HX) or small 2-group commercial espresso machine, preferably including future servicing? Putting the feelers out ahead of an office move towards the end of this year or early next year.
  3. Hi, My Dual Boiler has started leaking from the bottom left of the machine. After it's been on for about 40 minutes, a small pool forms by the front left foot, which looks like it is running from under the drip tray area. Anyone else had this? It's still under warranty, so I contacted Sage and they said to de-scale as that could be a cause. But I live in a very soft water area and have never had to de-scale any other appliances, so I'd rather not buy the chemicals and go through all the faff if there is another solution. Cheers, Jim
  4. So I looking to upgrade my crappy Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200 and I've decided to go the Sage route. I don't have a budget, but I do like good value for money and hate diminishing returns. My options are... For value Barista Express Duo Temp Pro+Smart Grinder Pro Higher end Dual Boiler+Smart Grinder Pro The Oracle The dual boiler and the oracle have lots of parameters to play with compared to the cheaper options, but will they make a big difference to the end result, the fixed dosing of the oracle puts me off it a little.
  5. After moving to a lever machine, I've been told I have to sell this beautiful beast that is admittedly sitting unused in my spare room. I won't go into masses of detail as the machine pretty much speaks for itself. Bought new from BB in October 2014. Used pretty much daily from then up until this March - 4-5 coffees per day. Still in very good nick - no obvious scratches and it's only been fed Ashbeck so the insides should be right. In the interest of full disclosure, sometimes when I used a timer to heat it up in the mornings, it wouldn't get to full temp - the group head was just war
  6. Hi all. Maybe a stupid question: It seems like I complete my de-scaling process incorrectly as the machine continuously write "De-scale!" in the display even if I have run the de-scale program several times. (I only use filtered water in the machine). When I de-scale I go through the 20 minutes cycle first with a descale-agent and then a new 20 minute cycle with clean water (each time emptying the two boilers in advance). When I am in de-scaling mode I only have two options: 1) Pressing "One Cup" (which initiates a new 20 minutes cycle) or pressing "Power" (which returns th
  7. So the Oracle experience didn't last long/go well as it seems it was faulty, so for a few reasons I have chosen to take a refund and begin searching for a manual machine. I have backed the Niche Zero so my plan is to research and source a good second hand machine to pair with that when it is released. I have plenty of time but want to make sure I do my research and don't buy the wrong thing. So far I've only looked at Rocket machines (online not in person) and really like the R58. A dual boiler would be my preference and they are within budget for a well looked after second hand one.
  8. Hi, Looking at getting a sage dual boiler and have seen a couple of used ones around for a good chunk less than the new price. My concern is the lack of warranty or knowledge of how the machine has been previously treated. Is the extra cost for a new one with a warranty worth it, or do they stand up to general usage without suffering issues? Any views on the reliability of these machines would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. Hi guys, Great forum here and I've been using it to research my forthcoming purchase along with youtube pretty heavily the last few days. Now I was set on a Barista Express for my birthday however, as I like to make cold brew and use my Chemex as well I'm going for a separate grinder. I was just going to go for the Duo Temp Pro with an overspecced grinder as the reviews seem favourable, but my brother lives in the states. So I'm entertaining the idea of getting a Breville Infuser (essentially a pimped DTP) for him to bring back in a few weeks. I can pick up the infuser for £335
  10. Big jump from a £80 dehlonghi! But having spent 2 weeks obsessing over specs, the only issue I have with a sage DB is lack of rotary pump. I wondered can I swap the vibration one out for a rotary myself? Anyway I figure get this and a mignon mk2. Then upgrade the mignon to a 75E or Mythos. Then upgrade the SDB to a profitec 700 or higher. Does this sound like an intelligent upgrade path? I drink an espresso in the morning (double shot 'cos I'm a real man!) combined with l-theanine for a basic cognitive stack, and then about 3 lattes or flat whites per day. So quite a bit.
  11. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my DTP which I use with the Smart grinder pro but . . .I would love to upgrade to the dual boiler. I love the idea of having more control and of course the ease of being able to do two things at once. So glad to see so many positive comments about the dual boiler in this forum. Just have to convince myself . . . . Teresa x
  12. Teejay

    How fast ?

    Hi I wonder how fast the Sage dual boiler takes to get from switch off (edit: I meant from switch on to coffee not switch off!m doh) to be able to pull the first shot? I want to be able to grab a cup in the am before I go to work. regards
  13. I find my PID sits 1 degree below the set temperature probably just under half of the time. Do we know how the Gicar PID actually rounds (i.e. to the nearest degree or does an actual temp of 91.99 still display 91 until it reaches 92)? Also if anyone has discovered any proportional integral and derivative variables that work particularly well (steam boiler on), that they'd like to share I'd be eternally grateful. I currently get about a 1 degree swing at worst, so not bad by any stretch but couldn't hurt to have it even better.
  14. Is the 58mm tamper supplied as standard with the Sage Dual Boiler considered any good? It's all I have at the moment and I like the neat magnetic storage but it's not a particularly close fit in the basket - how critical is that? Should I be considering an update to a newer, posher tamper? What is important in a tamper? Weight? Self-levelling? Nice wooden handle? Calibrated spring-loading for even tamp pressure every time? Shininess? What sizes fit a Sage basket? 58mm exactly or 58.2 or 58.4 or 58.203568? Any specific recommendations? TIA
  15. For sale my beloved Izzo Alex Duetto MkII. This dual boiler machine is a beauty and in fact a beast. Bought second hand and in immaculate condition in 2016 and had previously been bought new from Bella Barista (2010 production model). Selling as I'm not allowed more machines than kids, and I have broken that rule already. I've used it daily set to turn on the morning for 1 espresso and 1 flat white, so looking at a total heat up time of 2hr per day. The machine has operated flawlessly. Strictly only bottle water fed (Volvic and Stretton Hills) and have descaled once every 6 months and ba
  16. NOW SOLD - thanks! My first foray into espresso making. I bought this Piccino used in March of this year. It was an office machine that had been rarely used & in fact had sat in a girl's flat unused for the past year or so after the office closed. I collected it by car from London, so no packaging available I'm afraid. It has green metal sides, which I think costs about £50 extra than the regular black version. It's in excellent condition as, hopefully, my photos will show. It came with only a double portafilter & basket. I have since purchased a Faema naked portafilter &
  17. I bought this from eBay a year ago thinking that all the mk ii Vivaldis had programmable pre-infusion. Not so; this is a 2007 model and therefore about six months too old. I'm considering selling it and looking for a newer one. I don't think it had been well looked after by its previous owner as the steam boiler had a leak which had been ignored for so long there was a scale stalactite formed around the outlet. Anyway that's all sorted now and it works fine but I wanted to play with the pre infusion.
  18. I'm looking to upgrade sometime soon & thought this looked like an interesting machine but on another thread someone implied it's very overpriced as it's a vibe pump machine. I know you can't plumb vibe pumps but are there other issues with them? And what are peoples thoughts generally on the machine & it's pricing? Link below, thanks in advance https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-600-espresso-machine.html
  19. The ACS Minima is in Alpha and I will be getting one to test and review in a about a week. It is a very small footprint dual boiler machine (but large boilers), brew boiler 800ml, the service boiler which does steam and hot water is a huge 2.3 litres which for this class of machine is VERY large. Boilers are as usual stainless like the Vesuvius, Vibration pump, internal tank, stainless steel, full E61 groupsolenoid (less maintenance), steam and water wands, PID with countdown timer etc.. I've suggested to them that prior to launching to dealerships a softer launch to real people as beta tes
  20. Had my DB serviced and repaired today by Coffee Classics as it was leaking steam. Glad I did as it needed a good going over by the sounds of it from the Engineer. Leaking steam was fairly obvious but the main buttons on the front had a slight electrical buzzing noise when pressing at times. Basically the machine had a new solenoid valve, hot water tap needle valve, complete set of o-rings and boiler probes cleaned. Also carried out a de-scale whilst the engineer was here, which I'm so glad he did due to this being problematic with these machines. Mine had the problem of displaying 'valves
  21. I am using an 18g VST basket and am grinding with a Baratza Forte AP, I am grinding 21g in setting the menu for 2 shots, pre-infusion to 8 secs and temp to 94 degrees, so I press the 2 shot button and I stop it at 42g which takes around 34 secs, the shot tastes excellent. So next time I grind the same weight 21g and instead of programming the 2 shot, I just press the 2 shot button and blow me 50g of coffee comes out and that's stopping it at 31 secs. I cannot work out why I am getting such differing weights out when everything is the same going in, I am using Workshop beans only 2 w
  22. Bought a brand new Sage DB from a single trader on Ebay, nothing wrong with the machine, registered it ok and got the White Glove service from Sage/Coffee Hit after sending proof of purchase, things going great until the De-scale are on, so I de-scaled it as per book, came out of the Descale menu and the De-scale warning comes on every time I turn the machine on until it reaches temperature then it goes off, repeated the process, same results, so decided to contact Sage Support. This is when things started going wrong, I told them my problem, they gave me a few suggestions, all of which d
  23. Hi there, I'm selling my SAge Dual Boiler due to upgrade. The machine just been serviced, de-scaled etc. All the accessory in the picture are included,as well. Have the machine from new. Very well maintained, used in a household with one coffee fan. Prefer collection as recently I have more grey hair caused by delivery companies. Unfortunately the machine obtained a dent on the right foot /please see the pic/ during its journey to the service. Hence the price is £480.00
  24. Might catch someone's interest. I set up a price alert a couple of months ago. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00G6FVTTE/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used
  25. Hi all, I’m selling my Sage Dual Boiler that I purchased on these very forums a few months ago. Only selling due to an upgrade. The machine has served me very well indeed and is a delight to use. Very fast heat up time. Brew boiler is ready within a few minutes and the steam boiler takes less than 10 minutes. I’ve learned so much from this machine being my first dual boiler, having come from a DTP. It’s a joy to use and very user friendly. Everything works perfectly with many advanced features including pre-infusion pressure and timing controls and brew and steam pressure cont
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