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Found 88 results

  1. Hi there, I'm selling my SAge Dual Boiler due to upgrade. The machine just been serviced, de-scaled etc. All the accessory in the picture are included,as well. Have the machine from new. Very well maintained, used in a household with one coffee fan. Prefer collection as recently I have more grey hair caused by delivery companies. Unfortunately the machine obtained a dent on the right foot /please see the pic/ during its journey to the service. Hence the price is £480.00
  2. As the title says, I think I've decided on a Profitec Pro 700. Nowhere seems to have them in stock at the moment as they've just released an updated model, but I'll be buying from Bella Barista when they have them (should be this week or next). Just wondered if anyone here had seen the new model at a store or at an expo or anything; is there anything I should know before I order? Or anything I need to know about the old model, even. It's a big chunk of money to drop and I'd like to hear people's thoughts before I hand it over. Also it's inevitable that people will tell me to spend my money on a grinder, but I'm on it. Currently rocking a Mignon MkII but holding back on the upgrade as my work might be getting rid of a K30 soon and I can probably talk them round to selling me that.. if not I'll upgrade my grinder within the year. Thanks folks
  3. I bought this from eBay a year ago thinking that all the mk ii Vivaldis had programmable pre-infusion. Not so; this is a 2007 model and therefore about six months too old. I'm considering selling it and looking for a newer one. I don't think it had been well looked after by its previous owner as the steam boiler had a leak which had been ignored for so long there was a scale stalactite formed around the outlet. Anyway that's all sorted now and it works fine but I wanted to play with the pre infusion.
  4. Hi, Looking at getting a sage dual boiler and have seen a couple of used ones around for a good chunk less than the new price. My concern is the lack of warranty or knowledge of how the machine has been previously treated. Is the extra cost for a new one with a warranty worth it, or do they stand up to general usage without suffering issues? Any views on the reliability of these machines would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi All, Looking for a Dual Boiler machine, missed out on the Sage the other day and want something similar. Willing to pay more for something higher end if available, but for price perspective, lets say £400+ (I appreciate this is lower end, but as I said am willing to pay more if someone says they have something nice.) I'm willing to travel for a good machine, but geography is dependant. I live in Hereford for location. Or would **POSSIBLY** consider courier, if the package was wrapped like a mummy. I'm open to suggestions, but want something in good condition, well serviced/looked after. Added extras would always be a benefit. What have you got..................... Cheers Nick
  6. So the Oracle experience didn't last long/go well as it seems it was faulty, so for a few reasons I have chosen to take a refund and begin searching for a manual machine. I have backed the Niche Zero so my plan is to research and source a good second hand machine to pair with that when it is released. I have plenty of time but want to make sure I do my research and don't buy the wrong thing. So far I've only looked at Rocket machines (online not in person) and really like the R58. A dual boiler would be my preference and they are within budget for a well looked after second hand one. My question is what other manufacturers and models should I be looking at that fit the dual boiler and budget requirements? It's a bit of a minefield for somebody not massively experienced so any guidance would as always be much appreciated. TIA
  7. Hi all, so a little background to me joining here and apologies for such a long post - feel free to ignore it. I've lurked for a few months now and finally felt it was time to pull the trigger and join. I've been a long time (good) coffee lover and it seems each day I get taken further down the rabbit hole and now it's snowballing! There's so much to learn and its really got me excited. The more I read and learn the more I realise how little I know! I recently did a home barista course at Extract Coffee in Bristol which I would absolutely recommend if you're pretty new to all this - though I warn you it will make you spend more money on coffee and equipment! My long term goal is to start my own roastery - I know big ideas but you've got to start somewhere right? (oi! no eye rolling!) I have worked in the wine trade now for over 20 years and the more I delve into coffee and the industry around it the more I see how strong the similarities are to wine: flavour profiles, climate, altitude, cupping, processing etc. Which is great as it makes me feel pretty much at home already. Wine is also getting squeezed more and more by price increases from duty and currency fluctuations, (dare I mention Brexit?!?) health scares, Dry January and just far more choice – Gin, craft beer etc. So it seems time to dip my toe. This is going to be a gradual move - I'm not going crazy and buying a 30kg Probat - yet! Baby steps. I've got so much to learn and it seems there's a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum that could hopefully help me with advice. Soooo, finally to the point of this ramble - I'm looking for some advice on equipment, specifically espresso machines. Along with a V60 I have a Breville Cafe series (I'm guessing this is the older version of the Sage Duo Temp?) and until recently I had a Delonghi conical grinder hacked to grind fine enough for espresso. This was ok but its evenness of grind was not great and I'm now the very happy owner of the Niche Zero. And wow the difference is night and day with the V60, but of course - you guessed it - now my Breville is not up to the job and I'm really noticing its limits. I need a dual boiler with a PID that would see me for a good few years to come. I need to learn to make better espresso based coffee as I am now starting to understand that having a successful roastery is about far, far more than just roasting great coffee. It will be used at home for now but will possibly go into the roastery if/when I get it off the ground so could be used to showcase my coffee to prospective customers. How much it costs will depend on when I can get it, I don’t have loads of cash lying around but I’m not in a massive rush – I want to do this right. The ACS Minima or Expobar Leva both seem like a good start but would I outgrow them in a few years? Or how about something like the Profitech 700 or ECM Synchronika? They seem very good technically proficient machines. Then there’s the Lelit Bianca. (you can see who's reviews I've been reading!) this pulls at my heart strings more than any of the others. Would this actually help me with my end goal though? I need to produce consistent shots to show off the bean to its fullest with the minimum of fuss. Well that’s me. A lot of me – perhaps I’ve had a bit too much coffee today! Any advice more than welcome.
  8. Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago, moving on to 2 different nespresso machines. Swiftly followed by a bean to cup delonghi for 2 years and another bean to cup Krups for another 2 years. That brings us to Christmas 2018 and i got to thinking wouldnt it be great to do it properly, it looks easy! So 5000 hours on youtube later and we went for a sage duo temp pro. Looked perfect. Yep it wasnt bad but we only drink americano and Latte and i now realise how impatient i am. So a week later and very luckily I was allowed to swap it rather than another ebay sale i went for the Dual Boiler and sage smart grinder pro. The duo temp instantly gave better coffee but as i always make 1 americano and 1 latte it was taking too long. Nothing at all wrong with the machine for the record. Wont go in to details here as i do have a Help thread started but the thing im struggling with is dosing. I had a motta 58mm tamp which is about identical to the stock sage tamper but in my opinion not a great fit and end up with loose coffee of top at the circumference. Another session on google and I see a Rave (!) review on the Torr Titanium tamper which was ordered with a vst 20g basket. The finish to the puck is very smooth and the tamper is almost a piston fit to the basket. Was a little frustrated with the sage grinder as it never really sounded right with a lot of variation in speed as it was grinding. Coffee to me was good though even though arguing with mysely about quantity, puck height extraction time and volume. Yep, im sure it will be fine.... Anyways i get an email from indiegogo about a niche zero grinder. Read the story and discard it. Dont want to be spending out another 500 quid for a grinder when mine is only a month old. Well the story grinds on me as they do and i get to thinking its another great indiegogo story and its helping out a startup and the grinder looks great with its oak and black finish. So 6 weeks later it was delivered. Wow, what can i say, yep its a grinder but how can 2 grinders be so different. This one sounds great, feels great and whats more the coffee looks the same every time. Having read a bit about segregation i give it a good shake with the niche cup on the portafilter and tamp. So the sage grinder will be on ebay as soon as i find the time. Had the niche about a month now and the word seems to be consistency. All i need to do now is work out what im doing wrong. If i grind fine enough to get anywhere near the height suggested by the razor i need around 22 to get 45 odd grams out in 30 second total. Not sure if im mixing science with art or trying to run before i can walk but i need to get in my head how the numbers interact. Ive not thrown a cup of coffee away yet so i cant be a mile off. Anyway wheres the best deal on an 18g vst Will persevere and keep reading on here for inspiration before i try to start getting my head around how anyone and do latte art! Its pure witchcraft at the moment. But it still tastes good! Ade
  9. I’m planning on replacing my old second hand Oracle with a brand new DB but I’m worried I may miss the auto foam steamer thingy. I also like the grind and tamp, but on the other hand with the DB I actually get to use a decent grinder. That’s the main reason for the change anyway. Has anyone done this move and what did you make of it?
  10. Hello. I'm a long time lurker and few time poster. I have owned a Rancilio Silvia for 8 years and had excellent service out of her and especially more recently since installing a RaspberryPi based PID. I have really enjoyed learning on Silvia but more recently started to yearn for a dual boiler. After many hours spent reading, watching etc I had settled down to a few machines on my shortlist. However, then I became very fortunate at work and one of our suppliers said there was a Sage Dual Boiler I could have for an sum that I could not turn it down. I'm enjoying using, learning and experimenting with the SDB and think there is much more to come. With Silvia I have always used a bottomless portafilter and sadly my Silvia one doesn't fit my Sage. I have don't countless searches and read hundreds of threads in an attempt to find one for the DB - I know Sage do one however it is exceptionally expensive - Does anyone know of a Portafilter that does fit the Sage. I have heard the Gaggia one does albeit at a funny angle. Looking at images it seems like the La Spaziale one will fit but I wondered if anyone did know of any alternatives. Thanks in advance.
  11. For Sale: Verona DB - £1400 A superb double boiler espresso machine, 6 months old, in immaculate condition and with 18 months remaining on it's transferable BellaBarista warranty. Used on average 3 times daily using only Waitrose bottled water. A super quiet rotary pump machine with option to use either plumbed or tank fed. Dual boilers with independent power switch for each so can selectively use (or not) the steam boiler which can get up to temp in less than 5 minutes Independent PID temperature control of each boiler. ** Automatic display of shot time. Includes all original accessories such as single and double spout portafilters, two steam wands (Standard & non-burn), plumb kit (unused) and original packaging. A detailed review of the Verona by forum member DaveCUK can be found HERE Plenty of other info is only a Google away but feel free to ask if there is anything else you need to know. Prefer purchaser to collect or agree a mutually acceptable location to meet for handover. Purchaser to be wholly responsible if it is absolutely necessary to ship via carrier.
  12. This is a thread for tips and tricks for new owners of the Sage DB (of which there are a few, thanks for Amazon, JL and Lakeland's erratic pricing recently ) I am using the single-wall dual shot basket with Rave Signature. I've upped the temperature by a couple of degrees as I find that Rave Signature often comes out sour at lower temperatures. I need to fiddle with the grind some more too but I'm pretty close. I'd be interested in recommendations for beans that really shine on this machine? Milk is steaming really well. Very impressed by that. How is everyone else getting on?
  13. I am familiar with navigating to the advanced menu on my Sage DB, however there does not appear to be any way of adjusting the time or volume settings of the one and two button automatic modes. Am I missing something?
  14. jomo

    Which machine?

    Hi everyone, At the minute I have a built-in Siemens bean to cup machine which John Lewis have agreed to exchange for me as it in unable to heat milk to an acceptable level. I've never been particularly happy with the coffee it produces either. Anyway, I quite like the look of the Sage machines they stock. At first I thought I'd exchange it for the Barista Express and have the difference refunded but after reading more into it, a lot of people are saying the grinder isn't really up to the job so now I'm leaning more to the Dual Boiler and a separate grinder. Would this be a better option than the Oracle as I presume it's grinder may not be as good as a separate one? On the other hand would these machines be overkill for someone who only make a couple of drinks per day (normally latte)? I pretty new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Dallah

    Too Clean?

    With it being so easy to just set and forget it for backflushing the SDB can it become too clean? I'm thinking aloud, wondering if using a detergent backflush more than the recommended once every 200 shots is going to cause premature wear of anything? Right now I'm doing a detergent backflush every Sunday evening as I go to bed. That means I am clean about every 70 shots, more or less. Thoughts?
  16. I have joined the ranks of Duetto users and like others don't know what size the baskets are, also the supplied tamper is slightly slack. What size tamper is needed and what basket do people recommend? Paul
  17. Hi, My Dual Boiler has started leaking from the bottom left of the machine. After it's been on for about 40 minutes, a small pool forms by the front left foot, which looks like it is running from under the drip tray area. Anyone else had this? It's still under warranty, so I contacted Sage and they said to de-scale as that could be a cause. But I live in a very soft water area and have never had to de-scale any other appliances, so I'd rather not buy the chemicals and go through all the faff if there is another solution. Cheers, Jim
  18. Please could I ask you read the the post and give reasoned replies rather than just the machine that you prefer I am debating an upgrade to my Barista Pro and am currently looking at the SDB or the Mara-X. Reasons for upgrade: I dont need the built in Grinder on the BP anymore so it a waste The heat up dance on the BP is annoying having to flush a load of shots preferably with pressure baskets to get decent temperature in the group and PF I want to be able to within reason walk up and pull a shot in the morning 54mm Portafilter (enough said) Want to steam milk and brew at the same time rather leaving my shot for a few minutes to sort the milk (lazy) Other concerns: I want a quick heat up (circa 10 mins) or be able to control off a smart plug I make probably 3 drinks most days usually one or two with milk I will be using brita water (I have no room for RO and morally cant do plastic bottles) I want to be able to pull hot water from the machine (yes I know a kettle is better, but the machine will be in my office without a kettle). I have a Niche grinder I would like a standard 58mm PF Dont care that Sages are "appliances" if it is the best fit for my criteria budget of a grand (but in absolutley no rush) If I am being honest, I am leaning SDB due to liking the BP I have, the super quick heat up (and morning timer), the dual boiler nature , 3 year warranty and the lesser learning to get results. However the footprint, looks, steam power (and no burn wand), proper power button, and general popularity of the Mara does certainly turn my head. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you if you own on of these machines how do you find it? Does the heat up time of the Mara annoy you? Does the little steam wand on the SDB get frustrating? Thanks as always for reading and your thoughts
  19. Hi all, Considering calling Sage up to potentially sort this under warranty - anybody have any experience of this? Issues I'm experiencing: If it's not a warm day, then when the machine is getting up to temperature, it will cut the power 2-3 times. I switch it back on at the circuit breaker and eventually it gets to temperature and works When I press the button to bring water through the group head, it makes an horrendous sound (see video) but does not seem to affect functioning of machine. Does this once then no horrible noise in subsequent shots There is water leaking through the bottom of the machine onto the counter Occasionally (maybe 1 in 4 times) the machine will overheat the water (and the temperature display will flash on 199 F) - turn off and on and it's sometimes at 220 F. Steam coming through water tap to bring back down to temperature As I say, I can always get it to work, but all this is becoming a joke. Is there an obvious fix here?
  20. The ACS Minima Beta is over, the thread has been read by ACS and various changes made to the final production machine. The factory were going to take this one back and repurpose it for trade shows, but I pointed out the expense of doing so and breaking something up that works perfectly well seems daft to me and I hope to others. It's not great for the environment as many of it's parts will be wasted. I suggested that it might be better selling this to the "right" person on the forum. It's been my "go to" machine for a while now. So, an opportunity to buy the beta test machine. It works really well. It's a beta so there are a few small issues The brew pressure needle started flickering after 3 weeks, I think because capillary tube is short and all the air finally bled out but I don't know that's life. It's been used on totally machine safe water as all my test machines are. The front panel is slightly imperfect (I don't always get perfect machines, such is the life of a tester). You will get a user guide for it...when I find the file 1. Blemished front panel to right side and upper area of brew switch 2. Brew Needle vibrates around setting (but I wouldn't worry about it) 3. Still has software bug for steam (service boiler), temperature display, which shows a temperature 3C lower than that actually in the boiler...but no worries, you can see the correct pressure on the pressure gauge and it's capable of reaching the max design temperature of 130C no problem (or about 1.7 bar). It can be reprogrammed, but I can't be arsed to remove the Gicar box and do it as it has no effect except cosmetic (if the purchaser wants to remove the Gicar box and have it reflashed, I can do that for them in the future...well I should be able to, no guarantees ). You usually see carefully used for 4 shots per week, well this has been extensively used as I always do when testing and produces great shots. try to see it as being extensively PDied (pre delivery tested). It's about 3 months old. For people who know me, they know that functionally it's going to be perfect, clean and well looked after. The price, it's a very reasonable £450 with 1 year parts only warranty from the ACS factory....it's exceptional value for a 3 month old dual boiler machine. The machine is pick up only (no shipping, you have to come and get it/see it) but I do have the original packaging...ACS will invoice for the money prior to pickup. This money is not going to me (I make nothing from this), but direct to ACS. Availability is after I get the final Minima Retail machine for review (about 10 days time). The actual machine and accessories here (in fact in the front photo you can just see the blemish near the top left hand brew switch. This is a review of the beta and will be superseded by a review of the retail machine. The extra steam tip won't be included (it's mine), you get just the standard one. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/acs-minima/ This is the machine in the Videos here. P.S. If you want to come and see it, that's fine pm me and you can come and try it. However, only offers made by the thread will be valid and it will be first come first served. So if you opt to come and try it, someone else can still buy it whilst you are looking at it!
  21. Had my DB serviced and repaired today by Coffee Classics as it was leaking steam. Glad I did as it needed a good going over by the sounds of it from the Engineer. Leaking steam was fairly obvious but the main buttons on the front had a slight electrical buzzing noise when pressing at times. Basically the machine had a new solenoid valve, hot water tap needle valve, complete set of o-rings and boiler probes cleaned. Also carried out a de-scale whilst the engineer was here, which I'm so glad he did due to this being problematic with these machines. Mine had the problem of displaying 'valves' at the end of the cycle, which apparently is caused by the boiler probes still being wet. I would of been stuck at this point but Nick the engineer had seen this previously so knew what to do. Had a good look inside whist it was apart and it looked nice a clean, much better than I thought given it had a couple of leaks. Machine is now as good as new and ready for the next few years service.
  22. Bought a brand new Sage DB from a single trader on Ebay, nothing wrong with the machine, registered it ok and got the White Glove service from Sage/Coffee Hit after sending proof of purchase, things going great until the De-scale are on, so I de-scaled it as per book, came out of the Descale menu and the De-scale warning comes on every time I turn the machine on until it reaches temperature then it goes off, repeated the process, same results, so decided to contact Sage Support. This is when things started going wrong, I told them my problem, they gave me a few suggestions, all of which did not work, so they told me they would send an engineer out to have a look at it, I was to email them my proof of purchase, I told them that I had already done this when I applied for the Whit Glove Service, anyway they wanted me to resend it so I did, I then called them and was told that my Warranty was not valid as I had not bought the Dual Boiler from an approved supplier, I had bought it from a single trader from Ebay so that invalidated my warranty. I was fuming with this, I checked their 2 year warranty on the Dual Boiler and no where does it say that it has to be purchased from an Approved seller. Does anyone have any views or advice for me or has anyone else come across this problem before, I have contacted Citizens Advice, just waiting for a reply from them so thought I would post it on here, just one last thing the machine was Brand New, was sold as New so as it has now become faulty does anyone know if I have any come back on the Seller on Ebay? Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.
  23. I'm looking to upgrade sometime soon & thought this looked like an interesting machine but on another thread someone implied it's very overpriced as it's a vibe pump machine. I know you can't plumb vibe pumps but are there other issues with them? And what are peoples thoughts generally on the machine & it's pricing? Link below, thanks in advance https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-600-espresso-machine.html
  24. Is the 58mm tamper supplied as standard with the Sage Dual Boiler considered any good? It's all I have at the moment and I like the neat magnetic storage but it's not a particularly close fit in the basket - how critical is that? Should I be considering an update to a newer, posher tamper? What is important in a tamper? Weight? Self-levelling? Nice wooden handle? Calibrated spring-loading for even tamp pressure every time? Shininess? What sizes fit a Sage basket? 58mm exactly or 58.2 or 58.4 or 58.203568? Any specific recommendations? TIA
  25. Thought I'd let people know. https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/product.asp?pid=BES920BSUK
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