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  1. Rakesh

    DTP Died?

    So, going to make my normal afternoon coffee, after the shot is done and milk is steamed I go to flush the group... No water comes out, sounds like steam coming out of the group and after the pre infusion phase has passed a direct stream comes out the shower head on the right hand side. Descaled with provided descaler and bf'd with cleaning tab and the problem is still there, the machine is now being collected for repair tomorrow and should be back with me Thursday, or replaced or refunded. If it's to be refunded I think ill buy a classic with a PID already configured if there's one about. Rea
  2. My lovely setup that I'm very proud of.
  3. Well I've been messing with my Sage grinder pro and DTP with supermarket beans and finally switched to fresh beans... Got a few bags from Rave.... I recorded my timings and would like opinions as most people are grinding on much lower settings yet I'm achieving good results (I think) on a high grind setting... The coffee tastes lovely by the way. 18grams of fresh beans ground down using grind setting 14. I'm getting out of my DTP 36gram in 28 secs giving me a good head of crema. Dropping the grind setting to 8 and 10 it's taking a while longer to extract,approx 10 secs extra. Started
  4. Due to a change in travel plans, it seems I'll be out of the country longer than expected. It would be a shame to keep this beauty in storage.. so she is up for grabs to one of you lovely lot! As the machine is literally around 3 weeks old, I will be looking for £280. It comes fully boxed with all included accessories such as razor tool (never used), all filter baskets, milk jug, original tamper etc. As well as the warranty. I will also throw in a weighty Motta tamper, with tamping mat and an extra smaller milk jug as shown in the picture. Collection is preferred, from SE Lo
  5. Afternoon guys, Randomly took a short clip of my shot this morning. Very new to the machine, although pretty happy with what i'm getting so far. Main reason for this is, I would like to know your thoughts on the extraction i.e. would it indicate i'm doing anything wrong, other than tamping slightly heavier to one side it seems No recipe as such, i'll be honest, i'm not even weighing my dose. Just a basic level double basket. Coffee is Rounton's Columbia Rio Magdalena, picked up this week, and I must say i'm enjoying it Feel free to slate my efforts so far lol, any ad
  6. Hi guys, Loving my new DTP, and getting nice results already However, as with my old Gaggia Classic, I am open to suggestions on accessories. Can anyone point me in the right direction, for the following : Portafilter hopper (I read this can make things less messy). I use an Iberital MC2 grinder, and grind directly in to the portafilter. Mini whisk, or similar to break up clumps. Tamper, to fit supplied portafilter. I will happily look at any other bits and pieces, but nothing too pricey I notice a plastic disc in the bottom of the supplied portafilter. What
  7. Hi all, Have just purchased a DTP which is arriving Monday (very excited!). Spent a while weighing up this or a Gaggia Classic but I feel the DTP will be the best fit for me. I'm also on the lookout for a Mazzer SJ (let me know if you see anything!) but just wanted to check what other bits you guys are using alongside the DTP to get the most out of it. So far I've worked out I will need the following: Scales - any recommendations? I see the AMIR amazon ones seem to be good value? Tamper - 53mm - will any aluminium one do or is there a favoured one by DTP owners? Beans
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for some tips. Workflow: I pre-warm the portafilta/basket in the machine and heat the cup with the kettle, steam milk to the point where I can no longer hold the base of the jug, pull the shot and then assemble. Each time the drink is lukewarm. I don't have thick side walled or dual walled cups but would this make a huge difference? ..message ends..
  9. Hi all, new member here, after a short failed relationship with a Delonghi Bean to Cup I am seriously considering the Sage DTP - is the general consensus that it's a great piece of kit? What grinder are you all using with it? The Eureka Mignon seems to be a popular choice here
  10. Ordered via Lakeland and after a few conversations around the delivery, it arrived today! Unboxed and in place awaiting essential accessories before commissioning and trying to pull a few shots! Even bought it its own table to sit on and now need to customise to make it sort of waterproof! First thoughts - All non-use thoughts so far! Its very light considering the size of the box. Its well packaged. It looks quite slick! Criticisms - All minor and due to it being new to me! Stainless front panel quite wavy; where buttons sit and possibly due to the pre
  11. Hi, Have lurked for a week or so but have actually got round to joining whilst thinking about an espresso machine for myself. Currently using aeropress/dripper methods with the cheap delonghi grinder but planning to dabble in espresso (new or used) so am looking for a machine and first espresso grinder. Thinking about the DTP/Lelit Mara/Expobar Office/Rocket Appartamento (quite the price difference - haven't decided quite what my budget is yet obviously!) if buying new and haven't really thought about options if buying used. I'm based in Edinburgh at the moment so buying from Machina is
  12. Hi All, apologies for the long post. I'm just discovering “proper” coffee in the last few months I was bought an Aeropress, well two actually, and bought some coffee from the York Coffee Emporium. Since then I've gone more local and used Pumphrey's coffee not too far from me. Milky drinks tend to be the order of the day, as I find that I can now almost remove the sugar element when having textured milk, using the microwave and French press method. I would also like to explore the intricacies of espresso and see if I can tease out the flavours rather like I would with a good malt. So to
  13. Happy new year to everyone. What is the correct size for a Motta tamper for a Sage DTP please? I've gone and ordered a 53mm but now wondering if it should be 54mm. Many thanks.
  14. Now the holiday period is over I managed to find some quality time to try out the new DTP for the first time. Having previously had a Gaggia Classic I knew roughly where to start the SJ grinder setting so I ground up 18 gms of freshly roasted Columbian and then filled the PF with the double single wall basket. Used my paperclip distributor and then a knock and tamped with a reasonable force and then trimmed off with the blade. Quite a bit of grounds were taken off so not brewing at 18 gms which surprised me so have I not tamped hard enough? Had pre-heated the PF before filling with t
  15. Ok so I’m moving up from a blade grinder so there’s huge room for improvement, I’m very space limited in height so a commercial grinder is out of the question (I can fit something that’s about 1” taller than the DTP). I’ve been eyeing up new mignon’s so I guess I have a budget of £300, what can you recommend?
  16. Hi all, Got the smart grinder pro and DTP at the weekend. Decided to buy some Lavazza espresso beans for testing purposes to save ruining my freshly roasted ones.... Seam to be having problems getting the 'ideal' results... Hoping the forum can guide me properly maybe? On the grinder I've been using grind 10,12,14...no change to the burr. Been running off approx 18gr,sometimes 19-20.. Tamping down with reasonable force 15kgs. Pop into the DTP and extract for 25-30secs (after pre extraction taken place). I've been getting very mixed results. Sometimes it trickles out through one spout so
  17. It came yesterday afternoon which was actually next day delivery which I was quite impressed with as I didn't have to pay extra. I thought I had a problem at first as the loud humming noise when it was first turned on wouldn't stop even after the machine had reached temperature and when I turned on the steam wand all I got was 3 beeps and no steam. I gave it a good while and in the end phoned Sage and the assistant said to email them with details and they would pass it on to the white glove centre and someone would be out. I then did an internet search and other people had had the same
  18. So, I've just placed an order for the Sage DB . . .after much deliberation and a squaring of my conscience because my DTP is less than 3 months old I'm going to keep the DTP until the DB is up and running but then I'll be selling it so anyone who wants one keep an eye out in the for sale section. Teresa x
  19. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my DTP which I use with the Smart grinder pro but . . .I would love to upgrade to the dual boiler. I love the idea of having more control and of course the ease of being able to do two things at once. So glad to see so many positive comments about the dual boiler in this forum. Just have to convince myself . . . . Teresa x
  20. Just got out the bag of items which came with my DTP so that I could do a descale. What are the tablets on the left of the attached photo? It says on the label 'insert one tablet in the special opening' Once the Sage provided stuff is used up can I use Puly cleaner as I have a box left from when I had the Gaggia. Richard
  21. Hi all, Had my DTP for around 3 months using it every other day or so. When it comes to cleaning I've just followed the instruction booklet,however,on this forums people talk about removing the shower screen and cleaning it. Is this important? If so how often is it recommended?'Looks quite a difficult task prising away so I'm nervous about damaging the machine. Thank you Paul
  22. Hi, I've owned a Gaggia Classic (old type) and a Mazzer Jolly for 2 years now and have been struggling to get a consistent brew so much so that I've now reverted to my Moka pot. I've used the process as laid out in this forum; using known good fresh beans, weighing them out, dosing PF with 17g and then using a wire to evenly distribute before tamping with a reasonable pressure. Gaggia been warming up for at least 20 mins (this is another pain as it takes away the spontaneous desire for a coffee) making sure the PF is flushed thro' with hot water, using filtered or bottled water. Finally t
  23. Hi fellow DTP owners. I'm having trouble sourcing some accessories that I'm missing. I can't find any store that ships to Portugal! I'm looking for: - one cup single wall filter - blind disk (from sage or any compatible) - cleaning tablets (from sage or any compatible) - water filters (any compatible as long as reliable) - descaler (don't know if it's needed or not) So anyone knows where to buy and ship to outside uk, like Portugal? Or alternative solutions compatible with dtp? Much appreciated. Duarte
  24. Hi All, Have recently agreed a couple sales for machines off the forum, one of which is to replace the machine currently at work. This is that machine. Its a Sage DTP, in good condition, currently fed bottled Ashbeck, previously Volvic. Cleaned regularly after use, and backflushed regularly (using the disc and occasionally tablets). It has no warranty, but has caused me no issues and has never had a fault. Its had an easy life, making no more than 5 doubles a week for the last 18 months while at work, previous to that it would've made approximately 10 a week. Its got some gener
  25. Hello All New user and second thread already - hope no one minds! I am now considering between two options. I only intend to drink espresso and occasionally have a latte / cappuccino - I will not be using a French Press or anything else, just the machine. 1). Duo Temp Pro alongside a Eureka Mignon. Advantages: - Better grinder. Disadvantages: - None of the advantages below. 2). Sage Barista Express. Advantages: - Pressure Gauge (potentially useful to someone who is new). - Greater variability for PID than DTP. - Better aesthetics (in my op
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