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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, I'm selling my SAge Dual Boiler due to upgrade. The machine just been serviced, de-scaled etc. All the accessory in the picture are included,as well. Have the machine from new. Very well maintained, used in a household with one coffee fan. Prefer collection as recently I have more grey hair caused by delivery companies. Unfortunately the machine obtained a dent on the right foot /please see the pic/ during its journey to the service. Hence the price is £480.00
  2. Looking for a slightly used (2-5 years old) HX or double boiler machine, preferably in the London area. I am able to pick up. I’m flexible on price depending on condition of machine. cheers!
  3. As the owner of a Verona of one-day-old vintage, I would like to start a Verona (Owners) Forum. How does one go about that? My choice of Verona was the culmination of a lively Coffee Lounge thread 'Decisions, decisions!' which in three days or so had over 1000 views, attracted some 70 posts and involved many CFUK stalwarts including DaveC himself! Would an administrator please advise and/or assist? Thank you. Tony.
  4. I have seen a few good machines sold on the forum recently and am interested to know if any else is considering selling their DB machine soon. I have learned loads using my PID'd Classic only would now like to experience the benefits of an E61 group head whilst retaining the ability to easily change brew temperature. I appreciate the engineering of the Profitec 700 (probably too new), second choice would be an Alex Duetto (missed out last week but pleased to read domjon1 is enjoying his new machine). Money available now for the right machine at the right price.
  5. Still looking for a DB myself only sold on the Profitec after visiting Bella Barista Ends Wednesday http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391115948786?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. Hi Everyone, I'd like to go for round 2 of my home coffee set up and upgrade my grinder/espresso machine combo. For quite a bit I wanted to get a Silvia but thinking about it I'm not sure if the upgrade is really worth it, I might go a step higher and look for a hit exchanger or a double boiler machine. In regards to the grinder I really like the Eureka mignon as it both stylish and a clear updgrade from the MDF that I have. I suppose I've got two questions: - Is a Rancilio Silvia a real updgrade over the Gaggia Classic? - What would be the best budget heat exchanger or double boiler I could find? Ideally I'd like to have a machine that is not too big and I would like to spend no more than £500 for a second hand purchase. What do you guys think? Thanks for your help
  7. Hello Since I'm awaiting the arrival of my beautiful Mazzer Mini from Jason (1 day and counting), I thought I'd ask a few questions, seeing as I've decided what machine I'm going to pip for. I must add that my decision was set in concrete only after I watched Expobarista's vid with his wooden handles. I L.O.V.E. wooden handles, and it seems that you can buy these things from BB or wherever (like here! OOOO). Bling. Anywho, Just wondered, since I am going to be 100% home tasty and not any more than 3-4 people at any one time ever (which in itself will be rare, its just me and Mrs most of the time), what the decision should be - go for the HX at £900ish new, or wait a bit longer still and get the Dual Boiler, PID'd megawonder at circa £1200ish new? I am totally unaware of the price second hand, and as such am reluctant to nail a wanted poster to the mast yet. I had considered the Bezzera BZ10, but having read a bit more about E61 etc, I feel that perhaps the design of the Brewtus is a bit more robust than that of the BZ10. Is the PID necessary if you have the E61 grouphead? Thoughts? G
  8. Hi all, I am looking for an E61 machine with a budget of around a £1000. I am looking to buy a machine from Bella Barista, as I have heard that they are excellent to deal with ( good customer service etc). I did have my heart set on the Andreja Premium but that was really stretching my budget and in any case it has now gone up another £50 to £1200... doh I have also been eyeing up the Rocket Cellini Classic for quite some time. The machine seems to fit the bill for me, but I am concerned at one comment in the review that was done for BB. Regarding the steaming performance, the reviewer comments that it is a moderate steamer and that he has recommended that Bella adjust the pressure to bring it up to par. Now I am very much a beginner, though I am graduating from a Silvia. Cappuccinos and Flat Whites are my thing more so than just Espresso. 95% of the time I'll be steaming so you can see my dilemma. Does anyone here have any experience with the Cellini Classic and its steaming abilities? Any reccomendations at alternative machines? I am mainly looking for: Great read easy steaming (I am prepeared to practise of course ). Solid build quality/reliability Beautiful looks Many thanks Steve
  9. ncrc51

    Lelit Bianca

    I'm interested in what Forum members think of this machine. I know very little about Lelit's other products. It appears that the Bianca may be available in some markets now and in the U.S. perhaps in July. The price quoted by 1st Line is pretty competitive with other double boiler machines.
  10. Hi all, I'm in the market for a new machine. After tonnes of reading forums etc I've changed my mind about 50 times. First I wanted a HX appartamento etc now I have my eyes set on a double boiler. Is it a case where most people who buy a HX machine upgrade to a double boiler in the future or are people happy with there HX machines 10 years on? I want to buy a machine that will last me 10 years so I don't mind going straight for a double boiler so I won't need to upgrade in the future. Or do people recommend to start with a HX to learn and then upgrade. Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Simon.
  11. Very late 2014 model bought from Bella Barista (not by me, I am the second owner) Expobar DB! Immaculate condition as I hope the pictures show. Total princess of a machine, only fed bottled water, back flushed after every use and has been descaled when I bought it (2 months a go). It has seen very light use since I have had it, hence the sale. I think it is a bargain for a double boiler machine at this price, also considering the package that comes with it for a quicker sale: Expobar DB Cafe Latte 58.5mm tamper Rattleware 550ml jug Rhinowares 600ml (black teflon) jug 4 hole Alex Duetto steam tip 2 hole Expobar steam tip Back flush blank basket Bella Barista "cup" set Almost a complete package for someone to continue using this machine. I am selling it due to a number of reasons, mainly that I am around coffee all day and when I come home, its just not being used as much as it deserves to be. Located in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I have the original box for it, I would be willing to post it if you arrange the courier. I will also meet up within reasonable distance for the sale.
  12. I've decided to sell my Vetrano 2B (double boiler). This is essentially the same machine as the Verona, and produces fantastic coffee. It's just over a year old, and I have all the original packaging and accessories. I'll include a naked PF in addition to the single and double spouted ones it came with. For those who don't know the machine, it's a rotary pump, tank or plumbed, and the pump is the quietest I've ever come across. I've only filled it with filtered, or remineralised RO, water. I'll put up some more photos tomorrow, but basically it's in excellent condition and does what it says on the tin. £1150 collected from Cambridge please, although happy to deliver locally.
  13. It came yesterday afternoon which was actually next day delivery which I was quite impressed with as I didn't have to pay extra. I thought I had a problem at first as the loud humming noise when it was first turned on wouldn't stop even after the machine had reached temperature and when I turned on the steam wand all I got was 3 beeps and no steam. I gave it a good while and in the end phoned Sage and the assistant said to email them with details and they would pass it on to the white glove centre and someone would be out. I then did an internet search and other people had had the same thing so I tried again . . .and again and eventually the noise stopped and I had steam . . .yay. I'm presuming it was the steam boiler taking a long time on initial start up. I had looked at one of the youtube videos for the first start up and that machine stopped humming and produced steam much quicker than mine. So I did a trial shot this morning and then had my first flat white. Lovely, the steaming is a joy, much quicker than the DTP( but I'm not knocking that machine it's brilliant). I have had to reduce the grind size, I was on a 12 for the DTP which gave me 16gms grounds for 30 g coffee in 26 secs. I've brought it down to 11 bt it's still a little quick so will try 10 next time and I will updose slightly. I tried 17 gms buut think the optimum will be 18gms So I'll keep you informed of my progress. Teresa x
  14. Guys, I'm loving the forum and was looking forward in the near future to purchasing a nice DB and grinder. MY GF had a visa application in for Canada which we were told would take up to 17 months to come through. After 2 weeks we got a visa through for residency so we are moving in March and May. Stupid question but are European coffee machines available in Canada i.e Rocket and if they are do you pay a premium over UK prices? I know Canada is 110V but if I can save money I would look to buy before in the UK and ship with our furniture using a converter. Thanks Wayne
  15. I have read back in the archives but cannot find a definite answer to this... Does a standard E61 Portafilter fit the Sage DB? I fancy a nice wooden-handled PF so unless I can unscrew the bakelite handle from the stock PF and replace it I will have to get an E61 replacement. Anyone tried fitting a non-Sage PF to the DB? Cheers
  16. Despite having a mighty fine HX machine, Rocket Giotto PID, I'm finding myself tempted towards a Double Boiler machine. More specifically, and thanks in no small way to @DavecUK who's excellent equipment reviews have seen me spend far too much money already:), I'm being seduced by the idea of a Quick Mill Verona. I'm teetering on the edge of a decision. Does anybody have any thoughts on such an upgrade, either to pull me back from the edge or push me over?
  17. QM67 or Andreja? Both lovely machines. I presently use a Gaggia TS for 1 to 2 cups a day for both my lady & I. Approximately once a month, the crew will descend & I’ll be pumping out lattes, frappes & Americanos. The TS is really superb for this. I like the Idea of a PID, though I know that the Adnreja is a track-proven darling. I’m also used to brewing with an HX beast. The QM67 is still lacking the track record. I do enjoy the occasional espresso & have a Behmor roaster. Its hardly like you can’t pull a good shot from an HX is it? But the PID control may take my espresso to another level (with practise). Argghh!
  18. Expobar Brewtus mkIV Double Boiler PID Loved taking it out of the packaging :-)
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