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  1. Been following the Niche experience thread and wouldn't mind trying the dosing cup method , don't suppose Niche will sell just the cup so i looked round the net and found a couple of options unfortunately none seem to be either in UK or Europe just wondered if anybody had ideas where i could purchase one ? https://acaia.co/products/portafilter-dosing-cup https://www.artisansmith.com.au/collections/precision-dosing-cups/products/precision-doser
  2. Hey guys! I have a Gaggia Classic bought in 2016 from the UK. It should be 9403/11. I have a double basket but I don't know whether it is a 14g or 16g basket. Mine has a ridge on the vertical side. I have been dosing 17-18g and flow seems okay, but the taste is bitter. The following video at 4:10 shows of the two baskets. Some images of the basket I have. From left, Gaggia Pressurized Single, Gaggia Pressurized Double, and Gaggia Commercial non-pressurized double Coffee that comes out with the lack of crema. Looks like overextract
  3. Morning all, What sort of output are people getting using one pull (no fellini etc.) on their millenium machines with a double basket? I find myself getting ~25g from a standard single pull, this is whether I dose 12, 13, even 14 or 15gs. I've done a bit of searching online and from the small amount of info I've managed to find people seem to be getting 30g plus... Thanks, Harry
  4. I am looking to upgrade the filter basket for my Rancilio Silvia V1, and thinking of a ridgeless IMS, but not sure if to go for a 15g or 17g. I usually make one 220ml cup of cappuccino with a 14-15 gram dose. I think I won't want to increase the dose, but maybe I should because it will improve the coffee? If I don't increase the dose, the obvious choice is the 15g filter (IMS B702TCH24E - recommended capacity 12-18g). However, the 17g (recommended capacity 16-20g) will give an option do dose more, but if I keep dosing 14-15g will put me just below the recommended amount. Any advice?
  5. As I just usually make one coffee i've got into the habit of either taring with the PF, or, since using the niche, taring the cup - then weighing the beans into the cup. i looked at this process and thought Why not just put the beans in the bag on the scale, tare that - and just spoon out the required dose directly into the grinder? Does anyone else do that
  6. Two sets of Dosing Scales plus Timer One Brand new unopened The other used £17.99 plus p&p
  7. Hi Folks Who else is single dosing with a Robur? I have an Anfim S450 (Aussie developed version of the Camaino Super Barista) with 2 fans on the back and 450 RPM speed. But also recently picked up a good doser Robur ( I prefer dosers for better distribution and minimal clumping). It is the auger version and has been producing some remarkable shots and consistently so. Removed the auto-fill flap of course. Who else is single dosing with Robur and are you happy with the result?
  8. I purchased several of these and have two available. They're lovely little dosing cups with a small segment taken out of the collar to accommodate the EK43 bag holder (they can be used on other grinders with space, I've used mine on a mythos too). You can then simply dose into it, pop the PF over the top, flip, jiggle and robert's yer fathers brother. Can be seen in action (by someone who know what they're doing and not my clunky hands £24 + PP (or collection from Sheffield).
  9. Bought this here http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32677-Sold-Hg-one-blind-tumbler&highlight=blind+tumbler Off coffeechap last week for £30 posted .. Tried it , prefer my dosing funnel £25 posted Cheers
  10. hi just ordered one myself looks good value .. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coffee-grinder-dosing-funnel-58-mm-coffee-catcha-catcher-/172380169236?hash=item2822a8a414:g:hwcAAOSwzaJX9lNA could come in handy for someone or back up have updated link
  11. I've never used the EK43 but in every video I've seen people grind into a cocktail shaker then pour into the portafilter. Is there any reason you can't / shouldn't go straight into the portafilter? I've seen 1 video of the R120 in use, one of Frans', and he grinds straight in but can't find any more to back up what a standard routine is. Are there any fundamental differences in the grounds both of them kick out? I'm sure if I actually used either the answer would be obvious but any education would be welcome!
  12. I ask the question as I been wondering if I've been wasting coffee. let me explain: My setup is gaggia classic, Caedo E7 grinder, currently Mossoon Malabar from rave: In the past I have been dosing around 17 grams (seems to fill up the double basket nicely). In order to get 34grams of coffee in around 27 seconds i've had my grinder set to about 4 anything finer and it it take ages or no coffee comes through. therefore it got me thinking that i'mnotusing my grinder to its full capability as it can grind much finer. Recently i have been tried turned the grind setting finer to 3 an
  13. I have, for some time, been considering one of these... http://coffeehit.co.uk/scottie-callaghan-dosing-tools-3-piece-set which are now in stock, but as I have no feel for the product's efficacy, am reluctant to fork out over twenty quid for three bits of plastic of unknown performance. However, I bought a cheapo pair of scissors the other day from Asda for a quid. I've now found that the curve of the blade's back edge makes a great dosing leveller, which I've used to good effect as it has a nice gentle curve not unlike one of those of the Scottie Callaghan product. The scissors are
  14. I missed out on the group buy but found this source: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Glass-Rod-Tube-Supplies-Cutting-TO-ANY-SIZE-/151909246537? I've just received a 150mm x 58mm with 3.5mm wall thickness tube. I also requested that the sharp edges be taken off the ends (fire polishing). The cost was: £9.15 for the tube £2.00 extra for smoothing the edges £5.50 postage so £16.65 total posted which seemed reasonable considering it was an order of one tube. The only slight issue is that there a are a few very light scratches
  15. I've just got hold of a Eureka Zenith and have been single dosing using an Aeropress funnel with a tamper over the top where the funnel narrows to avoid beans bouncing out. However, I'm having to push the grind button at least two or three times to get all the beans out. I assume this is because the beans are bouncing around in the funnel. I would put something on top of the beans to weigh them down as they go in, but this is in the way. Does anyone have any advice on how I can weigh the beans down or avoid having to grind more than once on each dose? Perhaps a Zenith user has created
  16. Usually I've been dosing at 16g, with as fine a grind and as light a tamp to give a mouse tail when giving a good pull. Decided to try 15g instead to get a 1:2 ratio (Square Mile, Red Brick) and ground a little too fine as I was lifting the back of the La Pavoni up when pushing down on the lever. Managed to get drips out to start with, eventually getting a trickle but it took a while. Persevered as I didn't want to have a sneezing fit all over the counter. 15g>30.2g. Surprised at how good it tasted.. Got fruity cherry and caramel out, checked the packet and that's what it said. It was
  17. So, I've been getting the hang of my Giotto Evo over the past few weeks and am very pleased with it! I'm wondering however what sorts of coffee quantities people are finding work best. I'm using a VST basket (supplied by the retailer when I bought the machine) which is labelled as being 17g, and all the advice I come across seems to recommend using no more than 18 or 19g of coffee at most, and perhaps much less. Now, I can produce a nice espresso with 17 or 18g but the puck is always very soggy afterwards. I can also produce what I think is an equally nice espresso with 20g (and a slightl
  18. Hi, Just wondered if anyone switches between basket sizes much? Is it the case that a 15g dose in a 15g VST will require roughly the same grind as an 18g dose in an 18g VST? I tried it with my previous beans and that did turn out to be the case, but don't know if all beans would act the same. But it does seem logical that a certain weight of beans in one basket will produce a similar flow to a different weight of beans in another?
  19. Hi Today I took the plunge and ordered a eureka zenith 65e from bella barista. I have been using a vario and single dosing 15g into the hopper before every drink. I'd like to start using on demand grinding but not sure of the best way to dial in so would like some advice. When using new beans do you weigh the contents of your basket and adjust the time till you reach the required dose? The vario is a decent grinder but I recently upgraded my machine from a Sylvia to a rocket evo 2 and I want complete consistency from shot to shot that I'm not getting at the moment. Any ad
  20. Hello, I have recently joined this Forum having upgraded to the Cellini. I realised that there is a significant amount to learn not having used an HX machine before and in my quest to learn I have confused myself more that once! At the moment I am trying to find out the type and size of the Baskets Rocket use for the Cellini. (Single and Double). My understanding is the Italians use a dose of 7/14g so I tried this but the headroom in the basket appears considerable. There is an indentation, which looks like a line, in the basket about 3/4mm below the top which I have taken to b
  21. Hi All, I'm looking into electric grinders for use with aeropress or other brewed methods (non-espresso basically). Given that a lot of these brewing methods seem to work best with a specific amount of ground coffee (give or take), I'm confused about how it's possible to get the right amount with either a doser or doserless grinder, without wasting too much coffee. Is it really the case that you can only get multiples of the dose weight from a grinder with a doser? Or that you have to just eye things up or keep returning to separate scales to weight what you have ground with a doserless g
  22. Just got myself a bottomless Portafilter for my rancilio silvia machine. It came with a 21g basket pre installed. I tried dosing it with 18g and what came through when pulling the shot was main water and very quick. I guess this is down to not fully dosing the basket or can a basket be under dosed and still give good results? If not would the best option be getting a VST 18g one? Also I am finding that with the stock Portafilter and double basket dosed with 14g I am getting good results with one bean (25g extraction in about 30 seconds) but with another the same 14g dose takes up to 40 se
  23. Hi guys, I am having difficulty pulling shot with this particular beans I just bought from Pact Coffee. For the volume of the beans, I think these beans are heavier than other beans. I do single dose of 18g into 18g VST basket. (Using Mazzer SJ) Usually pull about 50-60g of shot in 27sec. However with this beans I cannot get it right. Even if the weight of shot is 60g after 27sec, the shot goes blonde in after about 20sec and the shot splashes everywhere from the naked portafilter. So I grind in same mesh, but did 19g of beans, but result was same. Go blonde before
  24. So, I've just made a small aluminium foundry. I plan on casting a doser/funnel for personal use. If I'm successful, I'd happily make a few more for you lot. I really dont want this to seem like I abandoned the forum for ages, then came back on to sell things. I'd only pass it on for a few quid on top of postage, say £7 posted or something like that. You guys helped me out massively when I first got into coffee, I'd love to do something like this as a thanks. If this seems as some sort of sale and dash, it's not. If you register your interest and I'll get round to you sometime. If this fai
  25. Hi I have recently switched from the La Spaz to the GS3. i think i now have a dosing and distribution issue. I am trying to grind straight into the portafilter and, as you know, you get the classic volcano. The issue is that i try to 'fill' the volcano but this is quite difficult to do reliably. I either have to bang the portafilter to try and get the hole filled or else i try and use my finger but the level of the coffee is below the top of the basket so this is not very easy and leads to poor results. The outcome is that i get a lot of duff shots with massive channelling and (with a naked
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