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  1. I have a Mazzer Mini, and I'm OK with the doser for convenience but there is retention to think of (the clean sweep mod is on the back burner). So in idle moments I research all the Mazzer mods to go doserless. I've looked at the octopus funnel but that needs work on cutting stainless steel, do-able but a pain even though stainless is potentially a slinky surface. https://www.tmart.com/Stainless-Steel-Funnel-Octopus-Balls-Tool-with-Rack-Silver_p369897.html So I've been looking at other funnels. Here's a couple of leads: Harmon Mute for trumpet, I presume aluminium: http://www.m
  2. Hi guys Over the past 12 months or so I have realised that I am as much "in to" coffee machines and grinders as I am log burners! I've always enjoyed a proper coffee, but for many years ran bean to cup machines. As a young dad of two and a full time worker the convenience suited me but at the start of this year I decided to go manual. So I bought a Sage Duo Temp and Sage Smart grinder Pro. I very quickly replaced the Duo Temp with a Fracino Cherub which I love. I still use the Sage grinder but have been looking for the right opportunity to replace it. And it would seem I am getting
  3. hi this is still a work in progress..... so i will add as i go along so far i've dismantled it and sanded it down with 320-600 grit paper to prep for primer for 2 pack paint that was left over from a tractor respray which will be David Brown Orchid its had two coats of primer and one coat of colour that ive substantial dripping on so will have to be resanded and respayed with more care see photos below the intention is to add a funnel doserless mod, funnel has not arrived yet but i couldn't help but get stuck in
  4. So my hand grinder packed up. It cost me £10 on amazon and was a pretty good grind for costa rican beans (hasbean) but it was a PITA to use and yesturday during grinding something snapped and now it just goes round and doesn't grind :/ I could just buy another but...hassle. It lasted over a year so happy with that! I like the idea of an electric grinder but I don't want to sacrifice grind quality. Nor do I want a doser type one...on demand. I have a £30 dehlonghi burr grinder, it is terrible, clumpy, and you get white/light brown strings of...something in the grind. I use a chea
  5. After a grinder to pair with a Sage DB - budget of up to £500. Doserless, expecting to make 2 - 4 shots a day. Is anybody kind enough to offer a recommendation?
  6. When I've got a bit more time I'm going to take the doser off and have a little poke around but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this kind of mod or even any information if it's even possible or not?
  7. Hi, As I am new to the forum & grinders would you recommend the Mignon for my first grinder? I am a low volume user & would use it exclusively for espresso. I am confused about doser vs none doser too. Does the Mignon come in both versions?
  8. I've been making some modifications to my grinder, namely removing the doser and adding a small hopper, which seems to be a fairly common thing. Especially for those using ex-commercial grinders in the home. After hunting around for parts to do the mods, I ended up drawing what I needed in CAD and have started 3D printing them. I've only got around to printing the hopper so far, aiming to do the doserless funnel this week. Got me thinking, would this be a useful service to offer around? And if so, how much would people be prepared to pay? The cost of materials is not too much
  9. Hi all, I'm jumping back in to the home espresso game. I owned an Iberital MC2 auto which never really impressed me. Very messy, ugly, plasticky thing. I am considering the Rancilio Rocky, and tempted by the doser version, Might be less messy? I drink around 4 double shots a day, with the occasional visitors taking it up to a maximum of 10 doubles/day. Any thoughts? Cheers
  10. My research for a grinder continues. From my research so far i am put off by dosers to the point that i have refused/not offered on a few very good and cheap grinders to date. The reason i am put off by them is that for a 10 or fewer coffees per day i cannot see the need for a doser. I also believe a doeser requires more faffing as you have to repeated flack that paddle and then clean it as you don't ant stale coffee hanging around. Then there is the grind retention issue. Am i missing the good side to a doser? Are the above issues not as bad as they appear. The reason i ask is most
  11. Hello all I've been looking for a good grinder for a while and have seen quite a few commercial ones on ebay, typically Mazzers, Iberitals and the like. I really want a doserless one though, just adding enough beans for a cup and collecting the grinds in the portafilter. I'm thinking it should be possible to remove the hulking great doser and replace it with a small chute/funnel or the like. Has anyone done this and could comment?
  12. Hi All, I'm seriously considering an Iberital MC2 for my birthday and thought I'd ask here for opinions on whether I should opt for the model with or without the dosing chamber? Thanks Andy
  13. trying to get that perfect coffee but no where near! I'm wondering if the grinder will make that much difference?I know it is said it does but does it REALLY?I have a peugeot coffee hand grinder at the min,I drink caps,flat whites and americanos and the single cup size dip type,before I got the peugeot I used a cheap blade mill and to be honest I cant see any improvement after getting the peugeot,with the blade grinder I got 2-3 really good cups of coffee once but never can seem to do it since? SO would a new grinder be the answer??? I've did some reading and would buy the mazzer mini if it
  14. Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting my wife a coffee machine for Christmas, but alas I have no idea about coffee. I occasionally drink a cup at work with milk and 2 sugars (judging from the name of this website I'm pretty sure that's as close to blasphemy as I can get - sorry!) and always have a hot chocolate every time we go out somewhere. I have a tenancy to waffle on so I'm going to bullet point the rest of this post and hope you lovely people can help me out a bit - please excuse any stupidly simple questions! I've tried to do a little research already I have a budget
  15. The Iberital MC2 is an exceptional grinder for the price (currently around £100 at leading coffee retailers) I am looking to buy 1-2 of these for training purposes and use in a home environment. I am leaning heavily towards the doserless model on the belief that the amount of grounds can be determined to fill the portafilter using a timer that is adjustable. Are there any reasons why I should get the doser version over the doserless?
  16. Hi, Can anyone suggest some burr grinders for me to look at under £100, if any exist ? Its just for home use 3/4 cups a day, must be able to do espresso ground, as thats all I drink. Thanks
  17. After reading TheDoc's thread, including the pros and cons of doser or doserless, I thought I read a comment about measuring out the beans. Currently I keep a small amount of beans in the grinder and when I am grinding into the portafilter there are normally some left in. I keep the rest of the beans in a tin in the fridge. Should I only have enough beans for one double shot in the grinder at a time?
  18. Hi, Picked a super jolly up with a broken doser vane. This may be a stupid question but do I definitely need to replace the lower vane, or can I use it with one vane snapped? Looking at doing doserless mod, but not sure it's worth the effort as have heard issues with static etc. Cheers nj
  19. Thought I would share this Major I acquired for not much (error with the listing price and too far/expensive to return!) back in May. Dithered forever and a day on what to do with it - it had been neglected in a north London restaurant and was clogged and chipped but in solid working order. Finally settled on a colour (Harley Davidson Chrome Yellow from Kustom Canz) and then, having modified a fudge funnel and had a friend turn a wooden lid, gave in to the Daniel Wong kit which seems so slick. Still want to replace the drab black electrical flex, but otherwise we are go
  20. I've had the Rocky for six years from new and it's had very light home use. I'm the only coffee drinker in the house. I didn't use it at all for two years. It’s in very good condition. I replaced the burrs a couple of years ago - not that they really needed it! The Rocky is great for espresso, drip, filter etc. It has a wide range of adjustment. I'm selling it because space is tight in the kitchen, so I've gone fully manual with a hand grinder. A really nice grinder to own and built like a tank. Served me very well. I've given it a thorough clean. Comes in the original box wit
  21. SOLD: Mazzer Super Jolly Timer - modified for single dosing I've decided that for now I prefer hand grinding so for sale is my Mazzer Super Jolly. Details: - Doser removed and replaced with home made funnel - Lens hood mod - Burrs replaced in June 2015 with maybe 8kg of coffee through them since.Plenty of life left and barely broke in - Original hopper included with sale - Original doser included - Grinds tray not available, but available to buy relatively cheaply if it matters to you. - Grinder is in good condition, motor is nice and quiet, burrs spin true, all cleaned out
  22. After a massive bout of "upgraditis" i've decided to put my new MC2 up for sale. Purchased from Happy Donkey on 14th October (it has ground approx 2kg of coffee) so is as new condition (no dings, knocks or scratches). Have purchased a new Compak K10, so will no longer be needing it. Please read any reviews about this grinder, it is a fantastic entry point (i'm just a sucker for expensive shiny stuff). Cost me £141.90 including delivery, but i'll accept £90 delivered Please PM me if interested Many Thanks Andy
  23. I bought this grinder from @Rhys and used it for about ayear. It was kept as a spare when I bought another grinder but now that I haveput my name down for a Niche, there is no need to hang on to it. Modifications, include; conversion to stepless adjustment, Octopus funnel, disabled doser cut out, camera lens hood mod – the funnel can bereversed to make a little hopper (see photos), portafilter rest has been raisedand located nearer to the grinder body. ​ Also included are the original doser arrangement and beanhopper. Faults; The
  24. This was my main grinder until I purchased a feldgrind in search of a quieter grinder to please my wife. This has been modded to doserless, but includes all parts to return to stock. I also use a collapsible lens hood for the hopper, but again this includes the original hopper (which I have seen cut down in the past if you should be so inclined). This includes the 80 step grind adjustment as opposed to the lesser 40 step - I found this to be adequate - however I have seen this modded to stepless on the forums. Please note there is a noise when the grinder slows down - I believe
  25. I realise that I'm a relatively new user here (today), but I have been lurking for a long time. I have just splashed out on a Vario, so my few week old Iberital will be for sale as soon as it arrives, which will hopefully be sometime next week. It will come in the original box and has not been abused in any way. At present it is dialled in for Happy Donkey brazilian blend on my Gaggia Classic. It has probably ground a total of about a kg or two of beans. It will come with the receipt also. £100 plus postage (These are now £114 plus VAT = £136 new). Here's a pic. I'm in East London E11 if
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