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  1. I have a Mazzer Mini, and I'm OK with the doser for convenience but there is retention to think of (the clean sweep mod is on the back burner). So in idle moments I research all the Mazzer mods to go doserless. I've looked at the octopus funnel but that needs work on cutting stainless steel, do-able but a pain even though stainless is potentially a slinky surface. https://www.tmart.com/Stainless-Steel-Funnel-Octopus-Balls-Tool-with-Rack-Silver_p369897.html So I've been looking at other funnels. Here's a couple of leads: Harmon Mute for trumpet, I presume aluminium: http://www.m
  2. S O L D Selling my trusty Mignon.This is a superb little grinder and ideal for anyone starting out ( and indeed beyond ) in their quest for a great home produced Espresso. Purchased circa 2010 in Italy ( with EU two pin plug ). I have taken to the upgrade path as such this now destined to be loved by a new owner. The doser spring was replaced April 17 by Jordan at BB. ( I requested a Burr change but cannot locate the evidence, images of burrs are attached however ) In perfect working order. More images available if required. **£130 including spare set of burrs
  3. Hi everyone Firstly, apologies! I've not posted in a very long time here. Now, for the first time in ages, I've hit a snag with my coffee making equipment and I reckoned this would be the best place to ask for advice. For the last couple of years, I've been using a Mazzer Super Jolly for all my brewing that's Chemex, Aeropress, and espresso but, quite frankly, I'm bored of trying to deal with the doser all the time. I know there are people out there who have modded their SJs by removing the doser and replacing it with a funnel or a spout, and there are loads of tweaks to the doser
  4. I know it's been posted about lots before, but what's currently considered the best version of the SJ sweeper mod? I recently got my hands on a secondhand SJ for a good price. It's a big step-up from my Iberital MC2 - but straightaway I noticed the grinds retention. I've never tried modding a grinder before, but I thought this was worth giving a go. I don't want to attempt anything too difficult... preferably, I'd be leaving the bottom vanes intact as they look a pain to remove. This post looks like a simple method, but the images are no longer available so I can't quite figure it ou
  5. Apologies if there is a thread for this already, but I couldn't work out the search, kept getting 1000's of results. The doser lens in my mazzer broke, so I am trying to find a replacement. I ordered one but when it arrived, it’s the right size, but the wrong fitment. I have a Mazzer Mini, circa 2002. The new lens I received is a similar height to the one I sourced. The height of the original is 68mm, the new one is only 69mm. The problem is that all the cut out’s are wrong, the lens blocks the screw and dispenser holes. Can anyone advise where I can get one, or maybe a spare part number?
  6. Hi, I'm only doing several shots a day and I want my grinds to be as fresh as possible. Looking at my (manual) doser, it looks as though you need to grind quite a few beans to fill up all the compartments for it to then give out a consistent dose? At any one time there will be quite a lot of ground coffee sitting there and in the grinder outlet tunnel. I realised this whilst experimenting with the grind settings. At the moment I'm grinding a bit more than I need for the tests and pulling the doser lever back and forth a few times to fill the filter which doesn't seem right? How do you all
  7. Hi folks- has anyone transplanted an Anfim doser onto a Mazzer? Thinking about putting an Anfim doser on my Robur. Will it fit? Any problems encountered by those who have done it?
  8. Which is best a Doser grinder or and on-demand one?
  9. This is my Wega 6.4 Max grinder. It is made by COMPAK, and rebadged by Wega. I bought it a month or so ago from someone who had been running a coffee shop for, so they said, about six months. It has a large hopper, which will hold about 1.6 kg. of beans, and a similarly sized doser. There is a counter on the doser which is stuck at 7218. It hasn't worked since I've had it, and since I don't care if it works I haven't tried to fix it. Judging from the condition of the grinder when I bought it, I would guess it to be seized with fine coffee particles and oils. Since owning the grinder
  10. I have a new (new to me, not brand new!) Mazzer Royal and have spent the evening doing the clean sweep and egg timer mods, which seem to have worked well to minimise retention. However, I still need to add a schnozzola or elvinator to ensure the grounds come out of the Doser in a controlled way. Seemingly, the Elvinator seems to be well regarded. Has anyone got the template file for it? I can't find it anywhere online, all the links to it appear to be broken. I'm assuming that there isn't a more preferred solution to controlling the throw of the grounds out if the doser these days?
  11. Hi all. Can anyone tell me if I can use a Super Jolly funnel and electronics on a Major that currently has a dosing chamber?? Do I need anything else or can I just plug the electronics in? Thank you
  12. So I got my first SJ (used) and unfortunately the doser took a hit in transit . Still works fine though so they can surely take a hit. Now need to make this right damn it.
  13. Hello, Can anyone give my any idea how to remove the Doser off the front of the Iberital MC2 ? Please. Thanks.
  14. Has anyone had any experience of dissembling the doser on Macap grinder? Specifically I am trying to figure out how to remove the lower vanes so I can more easily install the sweeping mods. Any guidance would be appreciated as I am concerned that I am going to break something while I stumbling blindly trying to sort the doser out.
  15. Hi all, I have been offered an MC2 Doser very cheap (£40). Reading around I think I'd prefer the auto version but I can't really turn it away at the price and funds are tight. These seem like popular models so I was wondering if anyone with one could give me a few of the pros and cons of the doser model - specifically in comparison to the manual? To get an idea of use it would be paired with a Gaggia Classic. It would be 'working' for two people and 90% of the time we drink espresso based drinks rather than filter. Thanks again for any info!
  16. First thing I want to point out on this post is that I don't claim to be an expert, nor that I have any superior knowledge or techniques. I am simply someone who enjoys coffee and have thought my journey of exploration come to my own ways of working with my equipment to get the best results I can. I myself currently have a Silvia V3 partnered with a Rocky. A great novice set up that has served me well to now when I in the process of upgrading. My Rocky is the doser version, yes DOSER... Why some of you may ask did I go with the doser version over the seemingly more popular doserless vers
  17. Hey guys I converted my SJ to a doserless so I have a few spare parts I want to sell. The lot has the doser (without lid) fork, tamper, and lid to the hopper (no hopper). You can see these in the photo. I'm happy to sell the lot for 10GBP collected from Manchester or shipped if shipping cost is included. Let me know if you want a quote, I'll have to weight everything and get an estimate from a courier.
  18. For sale is my trusty Rancilio Rocky grinder - Doser model. i've currently got 4 grinders at the moment so 2 have got to go! This was mainly used as our second grinder to our Super Jolly so has not had constant use and is in really good condition bar a couple of cosmetic issues. This would be a great first grinder for someone or an upgrade from a blade or cheaper grinder. We upgraded to this from a Gaggia MDF and there was a huge difference in the consistency and paired well with the Sylvia. There is a small crack in each of the hopper lids but doesn't affect or distract from th
  19. Unfortunately the handle of my Gaggia Grinder (MDF) snapped off the other morning, fortunately this was AFTER grinding the beans so I still had my morning coffee while pondering what to do next. After taking the mechanism apart to examine and hopefully repair, I decided that I'd never liked the dosing mechanism anyway so why spend money on repairing it. Instead I decided to see if I could convert it to a rudimentary style on-demand grinder. The doser comes off very easily; 1) remove the two black rubber bungs inside the top of the hopper to reveal two screws. 2) remove the two
  20. I wondered recently why people keep taking dosers off their grinders and switching to doserless (quite often running into problems due to this). Don't get me wrong, I've done it myself with a funnel on the Major and now thinking about it, it was a pretty bad idea. What I think people fail to see is that the doser is a pretty efficient mixer for all the coffee coming out of the grinder. All that thwacking actually helps in my opinion, remember when all the great coffee shops used to that on a daily basis? Of course you get the downsides as well like coffee retention if the doser doesn't swipe c
  21. I'm ignorant about how to use a dozer grinder. Does it fill each sector automatically, or would I need to keep flapping during grinding as I have seen some online users doing?
  22. Hello, I'm quite a newbie, but have now upgraded to a Gaggia Classic, and need to do the same for my Krups grinder. I've been on the look out for an MC2 for circa £80, but not got one yet. Had half thought I'd waited for the grind off, but suspect at my price point the MC2 is prob obvious. Anyway, I've also been watching a couple on ebay, but still don't have a good idea of what is good, and for what price (apart from the MC2). I've seen a La Pavoni Jolly, and wondered how people rated it, esp in comparison to the MC2. It is about 100 now, but only a couple of hours to go!
  23. Hi all, I'm jumping back in to the home espresso game. I owned an Iberital MC2 auto which never really impressed me. Very messy, ugly, plasticky thing. I am considering the Rancilio Rocky, and tempted by the doser version, Might be less messy? I drink around 4 double shots a day, with the occasional visitors taking it up to a maximum of 10 doubles/day. Any thoughts? Cheers
  24. My research for a grinder continues. From my research so far i am put off by dosers to the point that i have refused/not offered on a few very good and cheap grinders to date. The reason i am put off by them is that for a 10 or fewer coffees per day i cannot see the need for a doser. I also believe a doeser requires more faffing as you have to repeated flack that paddle and then clean it as you don't ant stale coffee hanging around. Then there is the grind retention issue. Am i missing the good side to a doser? Are the above issues not as bad as they appear. The reason i ask is most
  25. Hi, I have for sale (surplus to requirements) a brand new (unused) Mazzer mini. This was included as part of a package I brought from a couple selling unwanted wedding gifts (they wanted to get a fully automatic machine instead). Just unboxed and used for the first time yesterday. Selling it to fund an upgrade of my current setup (Rancilio Rocky) to either a Baratza Vario or second hand Mahlkonig K30. Thought I would give a CF member an opportunity to give it a good home before putting it up on eBay. Thanks, Shady
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