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Found 33 results

  1. Can anyone recommend a grind cup for the EK43 that fits the thwacker really closely? I'm currently using the bottom to a Porlex grinder... it leaves a slight gap around the side and I'd like to reduce the amount of coffee dust I get sprayed all over the kitchen
  2. Hi, Just a question out of curiosity... I was wondering how (good quality) coffee shops get consistent doses of coffee repeatedly? Do they use scales? Or do expensive grinders have scales built in to them so that you can just programme the grinder to output 18g (for example) and it does it every time? This has always puzzled me, because to get a good quality cup you really need to measure the weight, and I thought in a commercial cafe this would take too long? Thanks in advance! Rory
  3. Hi Everyone I'm just wondering if any of you have experimented with different dose sizes into the 54mm double basket (single wall, obviously) on the Barista Express? I have only started playing with weighing in/out and have only tried 18g in so far, 1:2 ratio pull, 30s but it's too acidic for me. I went finer on the grind by one notch and it goes out to 45s and too bitter and too 'heavy'. So wondered if any of you have tried different doses to any great effect? Cheers
  4. There are many coffee shops serving Square Mile coffee that will also sell you the beans, but they set their own prices. My local coffee joint sells a 350g back of Winter Espresso for £9, which seems a bit high (it's £7 on the SM site). Anyone know a good place to buy the wonderful SM beans in town?
  5. I have a number of circuit boards for sale for the gaggia baby range, dose, class d, and the twin. email me through the website if you need one. thanks
  6. What baskets are you using for your Londinium and what doses do you use? I've been using the ridgeless EspressoParts 14G HQ baskets with a dose of 16.5 grams. This seems to be the maximum dose with that basket as I see a fairly prominent imprint of the dispersion screen when I am done with the shot. By the way, I leave the basket in the group head while I prepare my next basket to let the pressure out so I don't get any sneeze.
  7. Hi guys - new to the forum (and home coffee). I've recently purchased a Gaggia Baby Dose from eBay - a 2006 model. I'm having some problems with the touch buttons. I use it everyday - and about 2 or 3 times a week - the buttons become unresponsive, then after about a minute, they start to self activate, seemingly randomly - until it's forcefully turned off at the back. Leaving it off for a while seems to settle it - but it's a slightly annoying problem. Any ideas? I've been told it's a new CPU or flow valve that's required. Thoughts?
  8. Hi, I'm looking to slipstream my morning routine a little. Though it's not much, I'd like to be able to pre-dose a couple 20-30g amounts (e.g. for drip) into small, airtight containers the night before so I can just throw them into the grinder without having to faff with boxes/bags/spoons/scales when I'm bleary eyed. Does anyone have a recommendation for something that would suit? Thanks
  9. Hi, what degree of repeatability can be expected from a timed dose? I expect there are several factors relating to beans, hopper level, environment and the grinder inlet. I'm interested to hear user experience about which factors affect the dose the most. My grinder is 9 months old and has around 15kg though it so I consider it run-in. I find the weight of a timed dose still varies by anything up to 0.5g either way - and I mean for a given time, bean, hopper level and grind setting. It means I still have to weigh and manually tweak the dose before tamping. I assume the timer on my grinder is accurate so the variation I see can only be down to the grinder design and the way beans fall into the burrs, right? Thanks
  10. I recently had a bag of coffee I didn't much like (the guilty shall remain nameless!), so I used it to have a bit of a play with the various baskets I have. I kept the grind exactly the same and changed the dose in order to achieve a roughly similar ratio and time across the baskets. Dose : Output (equivalent ratio) > PreInfusionTime + ExtractionTime VST 15g 14.5g : 29g (1 : 2.0) > 6 + 25s 14.5g : 31g (1 : 2.1) > 5 + 29s 14.5g : 31g (1 : 2.1) > 6 + 26s VST 18g 17.5 : 33 (1 : 1.9) > 7 + 40s 17.0 : 34 (1 : 2.0) > 7 + 34s 16.5 : 33 (1 : 2.0) > 7 + 32s 16.5 : 33 (1 : 2.0) > 7 + 33s 16.0 : 33 (1 : 2.1) > 6 + 32s IMS B68 2T H24.5 M (rated for 12-16g) 15.0 : 29 (1 : 1.9) > 5 + 37s (Probably similar or slightly slower than VST 15) IMS B68 2T H26.5 E (rated for 16-22g) 16.5 : 33 (1 : 2.1) > 7 + 33s (Same as VST 18g at equivalent dose) And for single baskets: VST 7 7.5 : 14 (1 : 1.9) > 3 + 37s 7.0 : 13 (1 : 1.9) > 3 + 28s 7.0 : 16 (1 : 2.3) > 3 + 33s 6.5 : 17 (1 : 2.6) > 3 + 30s (Seems to taste better at longer ratios. The coffee sits much lower in the basket and the lever consequently catches at a higher point. I'm assuming this means lower pressure and therefore harder to extract?) IMS Single 10.0 : 15 > 2 + 42s 9.0 : 18 > 2 + 36s 8.5 : ran out of coffee! (Lacks body, very light crema, not keen on this basket) I'm not sure how useful this is to anyone but thought I'd share it. It seems moving between VST baskets does require either a grind change or equivalent dose change (i.e. had to dose down a lot more in the 18g than the 15g). It will be interesting to see if this holds true for other coffees or whether it is coffee-specific.
  11. As someone who's still on the steep learning curve to espresso nirvana I was just interested in what dose people tend to use. Usually I'm using anywhere between 16g -19g depending on which basket I've decided to try out. What dose do people use and is there a particular reason for this?
  12. I'm planning on giving the LM 17g basket a whirl at the weekend, any recommendations on what dose would be a good starting point? I'm currently using 17g in my Gaggia Standard double.
  13. I'm interested in peoples dosing methods. I have an mc2 with a timer so i used to set the timer to output around 16g into a small plastic cup. At the time, my scales were 1g and i could normally hit "16g". I then bought some 0.1 g scales and found the dose was varying a bit. Anyway i could adjust by grinding a tad more or losing a bit to get to 16g. I then started single dosing by weighing out 16g beans. I could get 16g out of the grinder by a hooking out most of the retained grinds. Starting and stopping a few times usually did the trick. Then i read about the inconsistency that single dosing could cause if the beans popcorned (which they did) so i tried putting a tamper on top of the beans. To try and get better grind consistency i went back to leaving some beans in the hopper and for a few weeks i tried grinding into the portafilter, then weighing. I still found the dose weight a bit inconsistent (up or down by 0.5g or so). Adjusting the weight is a bit more of a faff when handling the portafilter so i have gone back to the plastic cup method. i'm pretty much back where i started but with 0.1g scales. i can see me switching between dosing into the plastic cup and the portafilter trying to find a method that minimises disturbing grinds. What do others do (with a doserless grinder)?
  14. Hi I’m having difficulty trying to get a drinkable single origin espresso. I think the problem is down to not being able to grind fine enough. Can someone take a moment to check my experiments and conclusions and see if I’m on the right track or have missed something? Thanks Set up La Pavoni Europiccola Millennium porlex mini. Notes: Upon recent purchase of this, my first espresso machine, I was able to get consistently good espresso using Steampunk Velos blend. I then wished to experiment by purchasing a range of single origin beans from Steampunk and HasBean. I have experienced nothing but disgusting, undrinkable coffee since. I have done a lot of experiments and a lot of research since then. First I had to learn how to better describe what was wrong with the taste. To check for bitter vs sour I did the following: Bitter:- I roughly ground some beans and left them in a cafetiere for an hour. Sour - I made an espresso at a low (80C) temperature. Now I could describe the taste I was getting as acidic and bright. Almost sour. The starting point for the parameters I had established with the last set of beans were: Temp: approx 85C This is the starting point on the group head. By the end of the pull I am reaching about 95C on the temperature strips.) Dose: 13.5g ( in the double basket) Tamp: Light grind - finest setting Results with single origins beans = Crema good. Taste incredibly bright/acidic. Conclusion: Experiments to conduct vary tempoerature, tamp, dose. Research indicates too bright a flavour can be countered by an increase in temperature, a decrease in dose, an increase in tamp pressure Todays experiments: Test 1 - much higher temp temp = 95C start parameters: Temp 95C, Dose:13.5g, tamp: lightest. Grind: Finest. result 1 = bitter coffee Test 2 = a little higher temp = 90C start parameters: Temp 90C, Dose:13.5g, tamp: lightest. Grind: Finest. result = slightly less bright than 85C start. No hint of sourness. Conclusion - slightly higher temperature better for brighter beans Test 3 - decrease dose from 13.5 to 12g parameters: Temp 90C, Dose:12g, tamp: lightest. Grind: Finest. result 3 = less bright at 1:2 ratio in 20 seconds. faster extraction time. more watery. little crema At 1:3 ratio in 30 seconds was less bright and almost drinkable Test 4 - increase dose to 16g parameters: Temp 90C, Dose:16g, tamp: lightest. Grind: Finest. result 4 = much brighter/acidic taste Conclusion: lower dose subdues brighter beans Test 5: return to best dose and tamp heavier to try to increase extraction time parameters: Temp 90C, Dose:12g, tamp: heaviest. Grind: Finest. result: little crema, not as fast an extraction time, less acidity. almost drinkable in terms of taste but on the watery side. Test 6: lower dose to 10g parameters: Temp 90C, Dose:10g, tamp: heaviest. Grind: Finest. result: no crema, little acidity, little taste, very fast extraction 1:4 retraction ratio in 15 seconds Conclusions: lower dose = less brightness too low a dose = little flavour Higher temperature before turning bitter helps remove any hint of sourness heavier tamp = slower extraction time From previous experiments and research, a finer grind increases the extraction time to produce a smoother drink. Therefore, for these single origin speciality beans I believe I would need to be able to grind finer to be able to extract any flavour without the brightness. So… better grinder or have I missed something?
  15. Last night a new artisanal espresso bar opened in London (69 Long Lane London EC1A 9EJ) Visit Dose Espresso's website for more information - http://www.dose-espresso.com/ Good vibes on Twitter from some of the people that attended the launch party Post your review here
  16. Just bought a plumbed original L1 on this forum to add to my Vesuvius and Ponte Vecchio Lusso and am in the process of getting to the best basket / dose combination. On my Vesuvius, I dose 18g in an 18g VST basket. When I do the nickel test (or 5p) the dose leaves the correct impression at between 17.5g and 18g with the beans I am using -perfect. However, when I do the same test on the L1, in the 18g VST I only get 15.5g before it leaves an impression whilst in the 20g VST I get 17g. This is with both the Londinium IMS 35 screen and the KVW screen I have on the Vesuvius when used on both. I am trying to get the same headspace when dosing on both machines. I know VST recommend +/- 1g with their baskets but dosing based on the nickel test I do get nice pours and it empties dry like a hockey puck. Just feels wrong to dose outside VST guidelines. Also, not sure why the difference between the machines - i’m using new Londinium groups seals. Does the L1 make the screen sit lower - not sure. Are other experienced Londinium users dosing with VST and having similar results? My pre-infusion at 1.3bar is 7 seconds
  17. I understand the differences between these 2 grinders, and at these prices, the cost difference in negligible....what I am trying to weigh up is to go for the 'simpler low tech' option, or the option with more features but more electronics....and more to go wrong? I'm not expecting to last as long as my Mignon Mk2, but a reasonable longevity would be nice. I know Sage items are not that repairable and spares not the easiest to come by. Or is there something else I have missed that would sway the decision....? Thoughts?! Thanks, Chipstix.
  18. Does anyone know what is the rated dose for the single, single-wall, 54mm Sage basket? Literally halve the double-dose to 9g, or is more needed for good results? I know that people don't tend to like single baskets, but I got surprisingly good results out of the VST single (7g) on a Gaggia Classic. With some coffees, I even got tastier results from the single than the double And the VST worked really well at switching between baskets without big adjustments in grind size. I was hoping that the Sage single baskets would also work well Has anyone had much luck with them?
  19. Please Help! I have been playing with the my new grinder & coffee machines and i cannot get a decent shot out of them! Every one tastes FOUL. I am running out of money with the amount of beans i am wasting! I have the Gran Macinino professionale Grinder, Its set on the finest setting. I wish it would go finer but was told that it should go far enough to stop flow but i can't get it to that point? The coffee machines are both Gaggia babies (one is a class the other a dose). I have just cleaned, descaled and replaced gaskets on both machines. I have treid different beans, different grind settings, even pre ground and in desperation i nipped to the shop and tried pods!, nothing appears to work? (i was shocked at the washing up foam that came out with the pod!!!! I have tamped lightly, tamped medium, tamped hard, and as then as hard as i can without breaking the portafilter handle!! I have tried warming the machine up for a few minutes, warming up for ages, running steam wand first, running steam wand during, etc..etc.. I have tried the double basket (non pressurised), the single basket, the pressurised single basket, the pod basket, I even tried that silly little nipple and pressurised basket that is supposed to make a foam crema?! I get different results out of both machines and no matter what i do its not fit to drink. I ran a flow test by pulling water through for a fixed time and the baby class has a slightly higher flow rate than the dose, but its marginal. I havent checked the pressure but then it has the plastic safety valve so non adjustable anyway! (without buying and installing OPV, but the cost of that means i might as well go buy a classic!) I got my laser gun thermometer out and checked the brew head temperatures, i checked the boiler temperatures, i checked the water temperature as it came through into the shot glass.... i even checked my own temperature by this point!!!!!!!!! Does anyone live near to J40 on the M1, west yorkshire, and know how to get a baby to make decent shots? Are you willing to give me an hour of your time to help me before i jump off a bridge with frustration?? I would love someone to use my machine and make a nice shot, show me where i am going wrong... I would then know whether to bin the machines or to bin the operator :-) I have another couple of machines in the house, a built in one, i think its crap but it works, and an old Bodum Granos and i can make a really nice shots and perfect microfoam with both of them.... but not a sign in hell of me doing it with the gaggia's so far??????????? Why why why why why why? ? ? ? ? ?
  20. I've recently purchased a Gaggia Baby Dose to replace my ageing Delonghi. After six weeks of experimentation with grinding, tamping pressure etc... the machine just does not seem to be performing. No crema and very slow extraction times - even when there is no coffee in the filter basket. Typical extraction times for a 40ml shot of water (it: no coffee in the basket) are 1m05s. This rises to 1m30s+ when adding coffee or (unbelievably) over 2m30s if using a coffee pod. Obviously I'm worried about damaging the pump with extraction this slow and am trying to ascertain whether the machine is simply faulty. When just pumping water it only comes out in a drip, and when making two cups of espresso it is very prone to dispensing (at an even slower drip) out of one side of the portofilter only so you end up with one full cup and one 1/4-1/2 cup. I've done all the cleaning/descaling I can think of (including shower head and related parts) but can't think of anything else to try. Any suggestings greatfully appreciated.
  21. i recently purchased the above machine, (my first), used, from ebay (74825 or 74826 model, with the 6 buttons top front set in 2 triangles, manufactured in silver or red; sorry about detail but after searching the net 'baby dose' gives me the wrong model), anyway i'm looking for the instruction manual as the one i bought was missing. can anyone recommend a site or email me a copy of theirs or give me any other ideas even if its just the basic instructions as i'm desperate for a cuppa!!! thanks for taking time to read this thread coffee-lovers
  22. Hey All, I usually get my Gaggia Baby Dose (its about 14 years old I think) professionally serviced, but now I am unemployed I thought I would have a crack at fixing the leak it has recently developed. I am certain this persistent leak is down to the boiler gasket (I have already swapped out the head gasket). Today I come to do the gasket repair and I discovered a couple of problems: * The company that previously serviced the machine seems to have used glue to secure in the black plastic parts which hold the circuit board and the frame over the boiler. I am not sure if I can dissemble this so I can get the boiler out. * I am not sure what this kind of red hose is. I was expecting clear silicon pipes, I am not sure how to deal with this. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can deal with the glue and the red hose? Some pictures are attached to show the problems. Thanks.
  23. I've been seeing a lot of soggy pucks which sometimes stick to the shower screen with my DB. I've been dosing 18g and as I've been going finer on the grind I've seen this getting worse. So been doing some reading and I think I've found that leaving too much space in the basket can cause the soggy puck. Appreciate that this isn't a 'problem' so to speak more just trying to understand cause and effect. Started to dose 20g today and that has improved the puck and it knocks out slightly easier. What dose levels are others using in their DB baskets?
  24. I'm using a 17g marked La Marzocco basket in my Rocket Premium plus V3. The previous owner recommended 19g, so I have been weighing the coffee and hitting 19g. I have seen other techniques and videos that fill the basket, collapse, fill, collapse and then sweep off the top such that it is flush - then tamp. This would be faster and save the weighing process, but with my 19g, the coffee is no-where near 'piled' above the top edge such that it could be swept flush? Is this just a characteristic of the basket I am using? Confused!
  25. Good afternoon, Hoping for some pointers re my methodology. Using Fracino Dual Fuel and getting consistent 35g/36g yield from 18g dose, extraction time is around 24/25 secs. Fracino portafilter with VST 18g ridged baskets. Beans just now are Bazilian Ipanema roasted on 10/08/17. The problem is I also consistently only get about 45ml total yet crema looks good, taste if anything in very slightly bitter. When I inherited the Fracino I was told it had very custom settings on the volumetric buttons so I initially set button to deliver 36g (through 18g dose) then ground finer till 24 seconds was achieved. Have I missed something as I had thought I should be getting around 60ml total. Thanks in advance for any help.
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