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  1. I contacted Fracino and was told I never have to descale my machine. I find this hard to believe. Has anyone descaled their retro and how did you go about this?
  2. Hi, I've been looking into buying a Piccino, but could someone please advise on how easy (or more likely difficult) these machines are to clean and maintain? So far from reading, there is no difinitive answer on how to descale Fracino machines, other than sending them back to manufacturer. And as a complete novice, how do I properly look at a second hand machine before buying to see that it has been properly cleaned and cared for? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have had my Duo Temp Pro for a while now and really like it. However I am not so happy with the overly expensive original cleaner agents for backflushing and descaling. Water filters as well. Are there any alternatives to these? Preferably some that use the same chemicals so the machine won't be harmed in any way / so the warranty is not affected. //Rasmus
  4. My Melitta Varianza is telling me "descaling needed". 1. I'm confused as to why this is, I used the supplied water hardness test and it barely even registered on the softest water setting. Also, I know we have ultra soft water as the technician (when installing our instrument autoclaves) said we don't need any sort of filter as the water in Aberdeen is very soft. 2. What should I use for descaling purposes now? 3. What do I do now to prevent the need for descaling in the future?
  5. Hi, I received a Sage Barista Express for Christmas, Father Christmas was finally good to me; it has gone on " Clean Me" mode once since then, it has been cleaned once as per instructions and it is now coming to 40Lt use, I'm thinking about changing the ClaroSwiss filter for the first time as per instructions. So, I'm thinking about descaling the coffee machine before changing to the new £14.95 water filter and I have a few questions I hope you clever people can answer for me. Do I leave ClaroSwiss water filter in place while I descale the coffee machine? the instruction manual doesn't
  6. Sorry for asking such a daft question. I'll be performing my first descaling and would rather not buy Sage's overpriced descaler. Out of these 3 what are people using and recommending ? Dezcal, Durgol or Puly Descaler ? Thanks
  7. I had been interested in an alexia evo but on checking the manual the company do not encourage or give instructions for descaling and I suspect it would invalidate the warranty They suggest using softened water and you shouldn’t need to descale. what do others do? do you use volvic or alternative or use water filters or just descale regardless? Am thinking of moving from a bean to cup to a fairly future proof machine and thought the alexia looked a good option Thanks for any advice on this
  8. Hi At the weekend I descaled my Gaggia Classic as it was coming up for 3 months since last time. I've had the machine from new for about four years and regularly descale. However, after this last time I am now no longer getting anywhere near the pressure I need for it to push a cup of coffee through. Does anyone know what might be the problem? Just to note, a few days previously I removed the piece you remove with an Allen key to clean it and it worked fine after that so I don't THINK it has to do with that. Would really appreciate any help or advice to get my little machi
  9. hi all People on here were super helpful with problems a couple of years back, so posting again.. I recently descaled my Gaggia Baby (after leaving it a bit too long for a hard water area). It was fine before the descaling. The descaling went fine, but now I have an issue with almost no water flow through the filter holder apparatus. It will just about make a coffee, but takes about 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds, and I'm worried it will give up altogether. Water seems to be escaping back into the water reservoir, as you can see bubbling in it as the machine is straining to prod
  10. Hi all, I just bought a brand new De'Longhi coffee machine after my old one died on me. I always had problems descaling that one. What's the best way to do it in your opinion? Do you have any recommendations?I'd appreciate your tips!
  11. I have a Jura A9 automatic. Yes I know, but it's the perfect balance between ease and coffee which tastes great to me. I've owned it for a month now and it's time to give it a clean and descale. Jura obviously recommend their own (costly) cleaning tablet, descaling tablets and milk cleaner solution. Do I have to use their products? Or is there a cheaper recommended brand which will be just as effective and unlikely to be found voiding any warranties?
  12. Just wanted to share my experience with the first issue I have had with my Profitec Pro 700. I did my second descaling a week ago and a few days later I found the maonometer for the steam boiler had frozen at 0.65 bar. Initially I thought the manometer had a defect and I was just about to email the shop I bought it from but decided to have a closer look at the issue. I took the sidepanel off and detached the cables for the power switch and lamp to get access to the manometer. I took of the capillary tube and instantly the needle went to zero bar. I removed the tube completely and with a thin n
  13. I live in a very hard water area - TDS of 312 when measured just now with a TDS meter. That level of water hardness would kill an espresso machine without very regular - too regular - descaling. I've been using different makes of bottled water - Volvic (TDS of about 110) and I've settled on Asda Eden Falls which has a TDS of about 80. I've measured and confirmed the label TDS measurements with a TDS meter. A TDS of 80 is not soft and will lead to scale build up although with gentle descaling (? citric acid) I'm hoping its not too bad. I'm putting the bottled water through a
  14. Hi, I've just found ANOTHER Izzo Pompei 2 groups going really cheap. It's a dual power/fuel model. I haven't seen it yet but going to collect it later this week. The person said that it's been "condemned" due to scale. Apparently, it's been used without a filter. Apart from that (and on the photograph I can see that the gauge is stuck somewhere in the territory where it shouldn't be - far right!) it seems to be in a good condition. The seller said that the pressurestat is not switching the machine off, so I can only imagine that it got completely scaled up and that it doesn't functio
  15. Could someone explain how to descale the R58 please without the faff of disconnecting the water level thingy. I understand part of the process ie mix citric acid fill water reservoir with descaling solution run hot water tap on machine and group head to get solution into the machine. My problem is the steam wand if you switch the machine on with the steam valve open it doesn't produce any water just steam as the boiler heats up. Hoping someone can help, thanks.
  16. I have a Sage Dual Boiler BES920UK and it needs descaling. I have run through the process up to opening the 2 valves at the front to let the water drain from the boilers. But when I tighten those screws back up again and press Manual, I get the valv error message. I can't seem to get past this. When starting this descaling process, the machine was cold, if that makes any difference. Any ideas? Thanks, Jon
  17. I've searched and found the below thread.... http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?1672-How-to-descale-a-Gaggia-Classic just wanted to check that this is still the best approach. With regards to back flushing: - is there a guide - should it be done / is it necessary? thanks Paul
  18. A lot of the time, there seems to be many people that weigh in with the opinion "ohhh no, I wouldn't use that to descale an espresso machine". And, basically, I wondered why...? Whilst I was descaling a machine after a full strip down I used very strong citric (Dezcal) solutions, 4x the recommended dosage at one point. My reasoning was that the regular recipe was for day to day descaling, and I was getting rid of heavy scale. The parts that I descaled in this solution suffered zero adverse effects. I also immersed a group head completely in a similar solution, which did not damage th
  19. I have a couple of questions regarding the use of plumbed in filtered softened water. First, the story:- I recently plumbed in my Profitec 700 using a BWT Bestmax Premium filter. Previously, for a period of 10 weeks I used Brita jug filtered water; splashes, on the drip tray and the front facia, dried leaving a white/grey lime stain which was easily removed by wiping with a soft ctoth. My water supply is hard or very hard (depends on which web-site one is looking at); local water supplier informs me that my water has a hardness of 301 ppm equivalent CACO3; a Calmag drop test pro
  20. Hi everyone, my R58 is coming up for some descaling. Would any kind soul like to talk me through the process and recommend the product I should use? I have so far just used tap water, but think I'll revert to volvic which seems to be the mineral water of choice, so as to minimise having to do the descaling process! As always, thanks for any advice offered.
  21. Hi, I just descaled my Gaggia new Baby '06 with a bottle of Gaggia descaler. Now, unfortunately, I can't steam any more. There's plenty of hot water coming through, but absolutely no steam. The steam button on the front panel isn't working properly any more either: it pops out when pressed but the light stays on. I guess this indicates that the steam function should be working. What does one do when there's apparently no repair service anywhere in the country you're living in? I sincerely hope that one of you can help me out :-)
  22. I'm after a bit of advice please. Living in Essex the water is so hard I have to chisel it out of the tap. As a consequence I Brita filter and frequently descale my machine. If I follow the instructions on the Seattle Coffee Gear site it takes me 8 hours to descale my Rocket. Frankly - Life is to short!!!! I think I'm going to plumb in my machine and I am giving serious consideration to installing an Everpure ES06 cartridge ( http://www.omniwash.co.uk/warewashing/product/Everpure-ES06-Cartridge/902/32/). I have 2 questions.... Firstly, if I install this how frequently should I
  23. How often do you guys descale the silvia? Also, would you recommend a particular product? There seems to be quite a mixed opinion on this...
  24. Hopefully this can help all new buyers of (Gaggia) machines. So, what needs to be done for a new machine? Apart from running a couple of tanks of water thru as per the manufacturers recommendation is anything else necessary? Would a backflush or descale be at all beneficial? My new gaggia baby should arrive imminently and I want to be ready!
  25. I've bought some Puly "Cleaner/Descaler" to descale my Gaggia Classic. Bought it from Happy Donkey, who sell it as "Puly Baby" and sells is as "not a citrus based descaler". However, the ingredients are: "citric acid, malic acid, sodium citrate". Does anyone have long-term experience whether this causes problems with the aluminium boiler? Would Gaggia own-brand descaler be better? (recommended by the instructions booklet; no surprise) Does anyone know whether that is essentially the same thing as the Puly, or is it based on different chemicals? Thanks
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