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  1. Hi there, I bought a second hand Gaggia classic and descaled (Gaggia own descaler) and backflushed (Cafiza) as instructed by a Gaggia Classic video. I have since flushed at least five tanks of water and made about 10 espressos only to find out that there's still some very little white particles in the water (alongside a few coffee grains) when I run just water through the group head. Do I need to continue flushing water through the machine or go for another descale? PS I've been using normal tap water (Birmingham) and water from a Brita Jug - it makes no difference whatsoever.
  2. Just checked out Puly descaler sachets on amazon which the description states isn't suitable for thermocoil/block machines. Just single and dual boilers. Any idea what descaler is suitable? Excluding the overpriced sachets sold by Sage Many thanks
  3. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the espresso world. I've inherited a barista express (yes I've read its not the best but its perfect for me) and would love to keep it working as long as possible. It's been around a year, and afraid that the London hard water was affecting it I ran it through a descaling procedure. After reading about how tough descaling is on machines I now regret that and flushed the whole machine thoroughly. Lesson learned and I'll never descale again. Sage makes hard water filters, which I read are ion exchange resin based, so if I let the water sit in the tank
  4. I contacted Fracino and was told I never have to descale my machine. I find this hard to believe. Has anyone descaled their retro and how did you go about this?
  5. I have bought a used La Pavoni and it needed a good descale. After trying a sachet of oust (20 mins) and then some vinegar (overnight), most of the scale is gone, however there are still areas of stubborn scale left. These don't appears to fizz when putting vinegar in. The element is now clean, so not sure if I need to worry about what's left? Is it worth trying some citric acid next?
  6. Morning all, Picked up a second hand Bambino recently for my workshop. Unit was serviced in November of this year and had lots of new parts (inc element), however on setting the unit up my water appears to be rather cloudy (even after leaving it settled for a long time, so clearly not just bubbles) previous owner had the unit running with a dual filter setup and i am running the Fracino DSU 10L filter (flushed before use with 5 buckets of water, although was running clear by bucket 3) I am planning on dropping the water out today and inspecting the boiler for scale, there was a
  7. Hi Folks, Just bought a second hand Gaggia classic from eBay, it is an older made in Italy polished chrome model with the limited addition colored metal Gaggia badge/Logo on the front. The seller advised it has been in their loft for years and prior to that didn't see much use. All looks good and most pleased with it so far. Very shiny and only slight evidence of coffee residue in the group head and basket. After flushing a couple of tanks of fresh water through, it made a (to my uneducated palate!) very nice espresso and latte, but figured i should give it a good clean and descale t
  8. hi all there is lot of conflicting info out there on this subject. Rocket for example say do not use descaling solutions and Francino say you dont need to as long as you use soft water. Guy from Fracino says use Brita filter as some bottled water do more harm then good. Any advice? Im getting a new Cherub and want to get it right from first use ha
  9. Just got out the bag of items which came with my DTP so that I could do a descale. What are the tablets on the left of the attached photo? It says on the label 'insert one tablet in the special opening' Once the Sage provided stuff is used up can I use Puly cleaner as I have a box left from when I had the Gaggia. Richard
  10. Hi All, I have a problem with my three-year-old Quick Mill Verona insofar as the rotary pump has stalled/seized. I can hear it electrically buzzing, but there is no rotation. I'm pretty sure it's not an electrical fault but excessive scale build-up within the pump head as it is well overdue for a descale. But this creates a Catch-22 situation. I can't flush descaler through the machine if the pump won't run, so how do I get round the problem? I know I should have descaled sooner, so it's my fault it has happened... any advice gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation. In all other
  11. Hi all, It would seem that my faultless verona is no longer faultless following a full descaling session where there is now a very small leak (10-20ml over the space of 8 hours) has developed. That aside, a more serious fault has developed where the boiler suddenly lost pressure and this was due to the feed inside the water tank not being submerged in the water correctly. Now these units automatically detect when there is no water feed and either top up or switch off - however this didn't happen. I'm beginning to think when I set the brew boiler switch off for the draining seque
  12. Hi all After many years of using and heavily modifying Gaggia SBDU Baby/Classics my curiosity has finally got the better of me and I snaffled up a secondhand refurbed/repaired Sage Dual (yes, from XSitems). I know the risks of buying secondhand and but am sufficiently skilled in diagnosing and repairing Gaggia units (albeit only SBDU ones) that I figured I'd take the risk, if only to get first hand experience of how the Sage DB works. Anyways, the good news is that it appears to work fine. The case is in good condition, there are no signs of leaks, the pumps make the expected noises
  13. Hey all, I know there is plenty of discussion on Citric Acid previously and have looked at these, however, just want to see if people had any direct recommendations. There are loads of variants and versions of this on eBay etc, however, none of which have any real info on concentrations. So, nice and easy, does anyone have any links for what they've used and what they know works well. Not that it matters hugely, but it will be to descale the Fracino Cherub. Thanks all.
  14. Hi all. Very new to all this! I bought a second hand Gaggic Classic as my first machine and it has been sitting for a while so I want to rebuild it from scratch before firing it up. My main concern is water contamination due to limescale and other ickyness - I don't want to be drinking coffee made with dirty water! I've taken the boiler and copper parts apart and descaled them with citric acid which worked well. The main pieces that are left now is the water pump, the silicon tubes and the teflon tube. Firstly is it possible to decale the water pump? Can I open it up and take it
  15. Ok I admit it, I have been negligent, It’s been 3 years since I did a descale of my expobar dual leva I decided to check the mushroom and was pleasantly surprised to see it was pretty clean. The Edinburgh water is very soft, maybe too soft and some more minerals would improve flavour? The other side is completely clean so I think I will leave it for a while yet.
  16. I picked up my first classic last week and only got around to having a play with it yesterday, only to find that when running some water through it, there was a few little black particles and a small amount of lime scale in the water. 1. Should I be looking to flush this out wit some descaler? If so should I opt for the Gaggia liquid or tartaric acid? (I have some tartaric acid but I'm not sure what ratio I should use, or I can order some gaggia solution online) 2. Strip out e boiler and clear it out with a dremel style tool? 3. Replace the boiler. Any help would be grea
  17. I have a sylvia (V2 I think) and am getting an issue where water/steam is bubbling BACK into the water reservoir The temperature of the water is hot, but I don't think it's just thermostat failure, more likely a blockage or leak The flow is far too low out of the head. I've cleaned so far with puly caff/blanking plate, but the blockage is clearly further back - even here it doesn't look as if the pressure 'builds' as much as normal for the back flow I intend to use some descaler tonight or tomorrow night. Any suggestions as to the likely cause? Blockage? Limescale?
  18. I bought some citric acid crystals ready for when I need to descale, I decided to try it on a kettle that was pretty bad, our water is fairly hard and this kettle had never been descaled. I followed the recommended procedure and used a teaspoon of citric acid. It didn't do much so I tried again, again very little difference. I then tried a measure of Kilrock, within 10 minutes this had dissolved all the scale in the kettle and it looked as good as new. So did I get poor citric acid crystals or is it just not very effective? Is Kilrock ok to use in my machine? It didn't smell great bu
  19. I just finished a full teardown and rebuild of a Gaggia Classic and it's not pulling water through. Seems to be the solenoid valve but I took it apart and descaled it. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? I'm a bit stuck now
  20. Can someone advise please. Puly Caff or Cafiza for descaling on a regular basis in a la Spaziale mini Vivaldi please. Perhaps citric acid would be better I have ordered some milton for the water tank and grease just incase lol Thanks
  21. Hi All, apart from the first 2 months I've owned my ECM I've used Ashbeck bottled water exclusively (for the first 2 months I used Brita filtered water, filter very regularly changed, and a good descale before the switch to Ashbeck). From what I'm reading it seems others who used Ashbeck don't descale at all ? Is that right ?? I was thinking of doing a precautionary descale (with Puly - which I've used with my previous machines) every 3 months or so, but if it's not needed I really won't miss having to do it ! Would love to know what long term Ashbek users have found regardi
  22. Morning all, Have just plumbed in my Giotto evo 2, 3M scalegard pro and it's doing weird things. Normally it takes around 30 mins to get up to temp and give that "fizz" on the group head. But since plumbing in yesterday, it doesn't feel like it's getting to working temp, even after being on for an hour or more, certainly no "fizz yet"? I very crudely measured temp with a thermometer and got approx 77 deg C in the cup straight out of the group. Like I said, very crude measurement but I would have thought it should be higher than that. Pressure in the service boiler seems fine, sitting
  23. I own a gaggia classic which I pull two shots per day from using Volvic water. I'm looking for some advice on how often I should descale this machine considering the above?
  24. I have been remiss in my duties. My Gaggia Classic has been fed Brita filtered London tap water for the past year, with no effort to descale. In defence I knew I was returning to Australia and planned to do a full strip and manual descale before packing the machine up for transport...which I did today. My PID steam temp is set to 150, so when I re-fill the boiler after steaming the group head is still superheated and a lot of steam is produced there. This resulted in needing to descale under the dispersion plate too! The limescale was a slight yellow color and rock hard, Not even t
  25. Hi, I thought I'd share a picture of the mushroom of my Pro 700 after 10 months of only running Ashbeck through it, making, most of the time, 1 latte and 1 flat white per day. Should I descale in a few months time? Thanks.
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