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  1. At the moment I have a Delonghi burr grinder in my kitchen to grind the beans for my Moccamaster filter machine. I have resorted to buying pre ground coffee as the mess this thing makes from static is unbelievable. When I take the box out after grinding, I find I am getting so much mess on the kitchen worktop. I don't believe for one moment that coffee grinding is a completely mess free operation but this is rediculous. Can anyone give me some tips please to limit this?
  2. Hi there, I've a Delonghi EAM3200 that's a few years old now. I bought it second hand really cheap cause someone had stuck green coffee beans into it and, in the process of cleaning it out, they hadn't put the grinder section back together properly. I fixed it and we got a brand new coffee machine for €50. Anyway, the backstory is to explain that I've taken it apart a few times in my efforts to fix it so I'm not afraid to get inside the machine. Lately at the end of a brew cycle it's started making a really loud grinding sound and we haven't been able to figure out why. We've cleaned it thoroughly and made sure everything is as it should be but today, when I made a coffee, I got the coffee but then the infuser stayed stuck up inside the machine and the 4 red lights (water, grinds, alarm, descale) are cycling non-stop. I've tried unplugging and resetting, nothing seems to work. I've pressed the two coffee buttons for 10, 20 and 30 seconds and then the power button. I've left it unplugged and off for an hour. Nothing resets it. I plug it in and turn it on and instantly, the 4 lights start to flash alternately. This evening I took the whole thing apart and removed the heating plate to get at the infuser from the other side, but it's empty. There's no grounds in there, nor anything blocking. While I was there I cleaned a few o-rings and made sure everything was connected correctly. Put the whole thing back together and still nothing. Has anyone any ideas how I might resolve this? None of the Delonghi videos or any Magnifica related videos have anything that matches or provide any solutions. You folks are my last hope before it goes in the recycling. Thanks
  3. My search for my first coffee machine has taken me to this one and I've almost made up my mind. I've read a few reviews and it seems promising on Amazon but I'd like to hear it from "real" people who might have or have used the machine too. Let me know if you have any thoughts on it
  4. Every time I press the steam button my spout just pops out after 2 seconds of steam. There are screws behind the spout should I mess with them or are they not related?
  5. Ok, so I have returned my Sage Barista Express after 2 years and four(!!) replacement machines. Horrendous reliability. Im after the following machine : - make decent, easy flat whites and americanos. - “automatic” as in press a button.. whilst I loved the tamping etc of the Sage it was too hard for my other half to enjoy making coffee. Undecided about the milk aspect - are there any machines that can auto deliver a nice flat white milk? - around £300-£500 Im at a bit of a loss to what machine I want. Is there any fully automatic machines that do all the work and give you a nice flat white at the end or am I asking too much?
  6. Anyone who read my introduction post the other day will have seen that I just recently entered the world of home espresso making by purchasing a Delonghi Scultura ECZ 351. I quickly realised I'd made a bit of a mistake and should have gone with a Gaggia Classic, but by that stage it was too late to return to the shop. So, I persevered and got a bottomless portafilter and modded the steam wand a little. I'm now pulling what, to me, seem like pretty good shots. But then I am an absolute novice. However, I can't help feeling some buyer's remorse, and despite my better judgement I'm already thinking of offloading the Delonghi and getting a Classic or a Rancilio Silvia. My question is - is there really that big of a difference? I mean, at the end of the day, it's just hot water being forced through the coffee at pressure isn't it? I'm having to temperature surf with the Delonghi, but my understanding is I'd have to do the same with a Gaggia Classic. Would I be pulling noticeably better shots with the Gaggia/Rancilio? Perhaps I should just enjoy the Delonghi and stop overthinking it? I realise this is all highly subjective, but I don't know anyone locally with one of these machines, so internet-based advice is all I have to go on...... I do have a decent grinder (Feld2).
  7. Hi I'm Sophie, I've posted a thread on the coffee machine section if anyone can help. Have a Delonghi at the moment but it's starting to go, looking for an improved weekend latte ?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie so please bear with me . We bought a gaggia classic on eBay last week, and long story short, it's pulling shots way too fast and the seller thinks the solenoid valve for damaged in transit. We're now in a situation where he'll get it fixed or give us a refund. We're weekend latte drinkers mostly and want to move up a level. Our previous machine was Delonghi,uk version of the 155 I think. I found the temperature swings and process of the gaggia more long-winded, and likely it's too much for our needs in the end given rare usage. But I do want to use ground beans. Should I get a Delonghi dedica for example for ease of use ,plus a grinder? I've seen some burr grinders for £40ish which wouldn't break the bank when we get the £150 refund if that's what we choose. Or should we brew with a cafetiere or aeropress , and buy a frother for example ? I loved Costa lattes but now have been drinking Small Batch coffee in Brighton for a few years, so want to get closer to that from home. Any recommendations much appreciated.
  9. Since buying a Delonghi Scultura two months ago I have succumbed to the coffee bug in a new way. I have since upgraded my grinder to a Sage Smart grinder and replaces the basket with an unpressurized basket. The problem is the basket doesn't quite fit so often ends up either in the bin or occasionally stuck to the machine. Of lesser concern the filter also has three holes in the bottom now as I had to remove a screw to fit the new basket in, which means having two sueperate shots isn't possible. I was wondering if there are any portafilters compatible with Delonghi machines other than the official one. I'm far too tight to replace a new coffee machine (although it is bound to happen at some point.) I've searched the internet but can't seem to find any that work. Thanks for your help.
  10. It's not for me before anyone asks, I have my Melitta and I love it. Recently I persuaded my workplace to get a Melitta bean to cup, however since then the boss seems to think a Delonghi machine would be better - and a couple of colleagues agree (it's Delonghi, they're great, they know what they are doing, blah blah blah), specifically this one; https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I6E7B90/?coliid=ISP92BG847J58&colid=1F3I323Z4760R&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I've laughed at this suggestion and told him categorically that there is no chance the coffee produced will be as nice. He bought the Melitta bean to cup from Amazon, and this one he is thinking of purchasing from Amazon also. I think he'll try and do a taste test between the two. Can someone guide me, am I right in thinking the coffee made in the Melitta should taste better than what the Delonghi machine will make? And give me some clear negatives about the Delonghi to fire ammo at him, please This guy ( ) says they are very good (grinds finer than other super automatics etc), but then he is selling them.
  11. For some years I had a gaggia classico espresso machine, which did the job for quite a while, but eventually just stopped working, and couldn't be fixed. I wanted to upgrade to a good bean-to-cup machine to keep the coffee fresher, so bought a DELONGHI MAGNIFICA bean-to-cup espresso which I had heard (where can you road-test these things?) good things about. It made good coffee, but soon developed a fault that, despite my sending it back to the manufacturer two or three times, was never repaired. The grinding heads just didn't catch on the beans, and the machine would whizz and whirr and then produce a thin, barely drinkable coffee, which was a terrible disappointment and a miserable waste of good coffee beans. I had hoped that this was a fault with the specific machine, and accepted a replacement from the vendor, but the brand new machine soon developed exactly the same fault, which appears to be inherent in the design. I get good coffee here and there, but all too often end up with something watery and nasty. Now I want to send it back for a refund, but I want a new, good, espresso machine that will grind and make proper coffee. Is there something in this price range that actually works?
  12. Hey guys, New around here and just getting started on my coffee brewing journey, After realising my love for coffee by purchasing an aeropress, I bought an Delonghi EC680M Sage (Breville) Dose Control Pro and I'm looking to try and perfect my espresso. Wondering if anyone has the same kit or similar and was wondering which grind settings and timings you were using for your brewing? Cheers!
  13. Hey All! I've been looking for a coffee community that knows a thing or two about superautomatic machines and this seemed like the closest to what I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience with the ECAM23.210 and particularly the grinder settings? I've set it to the finest grind and have run a few shots through but every time the shot still pours in about 20 seconds (double shot) which seems way too fast considering it's on the finest grind. Anyone experience the same thing and know any tricks on how to fix it and get the grinder working correctly? Inb4 people upset about using a superautomatic.
  14. Hi i'm James from Liverpool, new on here. Just bought this new machine and thought I’d try and get some opinions on the machine or coffee's in general before i delve into using it. I bought the machine because i do really love a nice coffee, i did have a tassimo machine which is ok but it’s hard to find something you really like and then you can't change it how you would like it either. Anyway, i now have this Delonghi machine, seems to get decent reviews given its price, seems to be one of the better machines in its price range, so seems pretty good. I've not actually set it up yet as was waiting for some other things to be delivered that i have ordered, so thought I’d see if anyone can give me any tips for using it or just making coffee's in general. I probably won't be making just a standard black coffee or espresso, i generally like latte's, cappuccino's and flat whites. I'd also maybe like to learn how to do a mocha. I have ordered a thermometer for the milk frother, some espresso glasses and a milk pitcher and 2 different coffee's starbucks house blend and illy coffee. I ordered the thermometer because i read that it’s easy to burn the froth and it can take a bit of time to know by feel when it’s right. Also i ordered the espresso glasses because i had read that the machine i bought doesn't have much room between the filter and the base and my glasses probably wouldn't fit. So i will be using them espresso glasses to just transfer the coffee. I guess one question i have straight off is when coffee places usually put 'one or two' shots in a latte for example, i am assuming that is the equivalent of one espresso glass? The glasses i have bought say they are 80ml would i fill one of them so have what i would class as one shot? Thanks for any help, James.
  15. Hi! Anyone with delonghi bean to cup machine what setting have you guys got you're grinder set to? which is best? I've moved mine between 1-3 which has made is slow to come out of the machine.
  16. First post here having done some research and learned a lot from the wealth of posts on here. One thing I haven't learned: how quickly does a 'typical' machine take to be hot enough to pull a shot? I'm looking to make a significant upgrade from my DeLonghi EC220 and have my eye on a number of machines, from the Expobar Leva to the Rocket R58. The machine will be principally to satisfy my addiction to double espresso although it would be remiss not to have something capable of making the full range of drinks. Currently, I get up in the morning, switch the machine on and then 75 secs later the thermoblock has warned the water to a workable temperature. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate the low-end nature of this and the obvious compromises in taste, quality etc but I also like the speed with which I can pull a shot before doing anything else. That said, I'm happy to accept that a better machine will take longer, but hence it begs the question, how long do I need to allow from switching on say, a Rocket R58 dual boiler machine to pulling a shot? Is there a difference between single and double boilers in this regard or indeed a HX machine? Grateful for any insight.
  17. Hi All, I'm new to the Coffee game however I've just bought myself a Sage Duo Temp Pro and am looking for a grinder sub £150. I'm currently using pre-ground coffee and reading on here using a grinder should hopefully be a step up. I don't have a vertical height limit however worktop space is somewhat limited so nothing massive please. I've been looking at the Baratza Encore is this a good option? Are the cheaper ones from De'Longhi any good to start with? Thanks for any advice
  18. Hi everyone, I appreciate I've got a crap coffee machine and it's probably had its day but I wonder if anyone knows what it means when the 'Ready' pilot light goes off a couple of seconds after I start the extraction - ? I've pre-heated the machine and it hasn't been doing this previously but started yesterday, so effectively it's a complete gamble each time as to whether the light stays on during the extraction or goes straight off - I'm guessing it means the boiler temp has suddenly dropped or something but I just wanted to try to be sure before I chucked it and upgraded. Thanks
  19. Hi All, Please can I have some advice. Just found out that my family have bought a Delonghi coffee machine for me for Christmas. Wife told me off for looking for grinders and coffee machines. I was thinking of investing on Mazzar SJ and Giggia Classic. Is Delonghi any good compare to the Giggia Classic? I would be grateful for your advice. many thanks in advance. Mark.
  20. Rancilio Silvia V1/V2 steam wand for sale. This is the single hole version and I used it on my old delonghi machine for a couple of weeks so it's in great condition. All the parts are with it such as the nut and O ring so it's complete. £10 including shipping (U.K. Only) sound ok? I'm open to offers though. Cheers
  21. Hi All, Would like to try this machine on grinding beans for the first time. Does anyone have any suggested dial settings for an espresso. I'm using Lavazza beans if that makes any difference Thanks Daz
  22. This may be the wrong place to ask this question(!) but would like to hear your opinions anyway I've been a coffee fanatic for 10 years and have been through every kind of machine. In the past few years I've become more of a coffee snob and learned a lot, first owning a Fracino Piccino for 2 years and then Sage Dual Boiler + grinder for the past year or so, as well as V60 drip, cafetiere, the works. However after having used a nespresso machine for a few weeks at my parents house, I fell in love with the convenience, and have found myself now a bit bored of spending 5 minutes faffing around on a fully manual machine to make the perfect cappuccino, when the nespresso machine is so compact, quick, easy and makes a perfectly acceptable drink. This plus the fact that the manual setup took SO much space in my kitchen (the dual boiler is a beast, and this was also a big factor) lead me to give up my machine last week. I'm now trying to decide the best next move, my current order of preference for a new machine (but not totally decided), is: - £700 Delonghi Bean to cup. Pros: Freshly ground, very good cappuccino with one touch. Con: Most likely to develop a fault. (Although I had one for 7 years and it worked perfectly through to the end) - £180 Nespresso machine. Pros: Super easy quick cappuccino, cheap, compact little machine. Cons: Preground coffee (would use Pact when they bring out nespresso capsules later this month), capsules a bit more expensive (but money isn't a huge concern). - £500 Sage Barista Express. Pros: Freshly ground, very good cappuccino (not sure I will notice a difference vs Bean to cup?), can still retain some coffee snobbery. Cons: More faffing around, less convenient. Bearing in mind I only drink cappuccinos & americanos nowadays (so getting the perfect espresso shot doesn't really factor), What are your thoughts? Has anyone else been through this dilemma and questioned whether all the extra faffing around of a manual setup is worth it / been tempted by convenience? thanks!
  23. I am a newbie in terms of at home coffee makers and machines. I was a barista for just under 3 years and am obsessed with everything about coffee. In a bid to save money (and stop giving it to companies like starbucks.. ) I invested in a nespresso, quickly decided it wasn't for me as it lacked every element of coffee that I love and brought a Delonghi ECC221. The machine is fab, it has a milk steamer and expresso section, which is all I need, for now. However, the coffee that comes out is so incredibly weak. I've tried Starbucks level 5 (the strongest bean) I've tried Ocado level 4, Waitrose level 5 and they all taste the same, weak and like dishwater. I've used ALL three of these coffees before by boiling the water in a small milk pan and they were strong, very strong and using far less coffee (a teaspoon) compared to a scoop that I'm using now. After some advice from my aunt I tried double packing the coffee, filling it up, pressing it down and filling it up again till I have as much in there as possible and still the colour of my coffee is more like tea than anything else. Does anybody have any advice. Is my machine faulty? Am I just doing something wrong? I like my coffee strong! thanks for any help! (for reference this is the machine: http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10701_10001_325004903960?CMP=SSH&tmcampid=28&tmad=c&sku=7926615&ci_src=18615224&ci_sku=7926615&placmp=SSH_6999963655_331016061_20397783621&mkwid=srbWBzZtG%7cpcrid%7c81701839941%7cpkw%7c%7cpmt%7c%7cpdv%7cc%7cprd%7c7926615&gclid=CjwKEAiAh560BRDu-aD93r-J_zoSJACrxZG21dhSOZUOrTsEyK-7dc5PkW7JILGmiYrZH-jP-pcgRBoCM5Tw_wcB )
  24. Hi, I'm new to home coffee machines and was wondering if this is normal? On my Delonghi EC820 I can extract a shot of espresso no problem. When I switch the boiler to steam and it gets up to temperature, the machine dumps a load of water into the drip tray. Is this normal? Sometimes it just seems to spill all over the counter and make a right mess. Can I stem the flow? Overall I'm happy with the machine as it produces a good drink for a newbie like me. Bought from John Lewis, £250, reduced to £120 in the Black Friday sale.
  25. Hi there! I've had my trusty De'Longhi KG79 for nearly 3 years now and have generally been very happy with it. I generally utilize it for V60's or Aeropress based coffees. However, I guess like a lot of people who stumble across this forum and are then quickly transfixed by all the possible upgrade options I am now thinking about upgrading this piece of kit for two reasons: 1) everyone says it's likely to produce the biggest change in coffee-tasting results and 2) a potential move towards an entry level espresso machine such as the Gaggia Classic. Having done a bit of research it seems the Mazzer SJ might be a good step up and a quick look through the sale forum and other auction based websites suggests there might be a bargain to be had if bought cautiously. My questions are: 1) Am I likely to benefit/experience from such a grinder for humble V60/Aeropress made drinks as much as I am if used to grind for espresso and utilised in conjuction with a Gaggia Classic for example? 2) What specifics should I be looking out for if buying second hand from auction-based websites (other than standard cosmetic stuff)? Thanks!
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