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Found 75 results

  1. Anyone who read my introduction post the other day will have seen that I just recently entered the world of home espresso making by purchasing a Delonghi Scultura ECZ 351. I quickly realised I'd made a bit of a mistake and should have gone with a Gaggia Classic, but by that stage it was too late to return to the shop. So, I persevered and got a bottomless portafilter and modded the steam wand a little. I'm now pulling what, to me, seem like pretty good shots. But then I am an absolute novice. However, I can't help feeling some buyer's remorse, and despite my better judgement I'm already thinking of offloading the Delonghi and getting a Classic or a Rancilio Silvia. My question is - is there really that big of a difference? I mean, at the end of the day, it's just hot water being forced through the coffee at pressure isn't it? I'm having to temperature surf with the Delonghi, but my understanding is I'd have to do the same with a Gaggia Classic. Would I be pulling noticeably better shots with the Gaggia/Rancilio? Perhaps I should just enjoy the Delonghi and stop overthinking it? I realise this is all highly subjective, but I don't know anyone locally with one of these machines, so internet-based advice is all I have to go on...... I do have a decent grinder (Feld2).
  2. Hi I'm Sophie, I've posted a thread on the coffee machine section if anyone can help. Have a Delonghi at the moment but it's starting to go, looking for an improved weekend latte ?
  3. My search for my first coffee machine has taken me to this one and I've almost made up my mind. I've read a few reviews and it seems promising on Amazon but I'd like to hear it from "real" people who might have or have used the machine too. Let me know if you have any thoughts on it
  4. Picked this up for £7.52 on ebay. £10 on a couple of baskets, £10 on rancilio steam wand and a bit of hacksawing and filing later this is the result. Looking to PID in the future. This is a bad example as it stays reasonably consistent but quite often find the extraction speeds up a LOT towards the end, anyone have any idea why this might be? pressure, channelling, basket size? Cheers, Toby
  5. Hello all, I hope you don't mind my posting this - I wasn't sure which thread it fell into so thought best to create a new one... I wanted to share a competiton to win a DeLonghi coffee machine - there's also a video of latte artist Søren Stiller Markussen creating celebrity portraits: http://www.t5m.com/DeLonghi Enjoy
  6. hi everyone! i've been reading through all the posts and doing heaps of reasearch to find a great coffee machine as a gift for my partner. alas i'm going round in circles and as soon as i find a machine i think i see something else which i think might be better! my budget is £200 tops for a machine, and i'm all over the Iberital MC2 grinder and the fresh beans! For one reason or another (mainly reliability, i don't want to worry about buying second hand and poor steam wand) i want to discount the Gaggia machines from the equation for now and find out other than them what is the best machine for my money? Main concerns are a good espresso shot (of course!) and a nice microfoam to have a go at some flat whites! (don't worry i have realistic expectations at my budget!) Initial ideas so far are: francis francis x7 ascaso pablo (i even emailed seattle coffee gear and they recommended this!) Dualit Espressivo DeLonghi ECO 310 B Icona if anyone can offer any advice, tips, offer other machines, set me on the right track etc i'd be so so grateful!! many thanks!!
  7. Hi ive had my ecam 23.450.s for a couple of months now. ive used a combination of beans and ground coffee's. ive only inserted the ground coffee at the right time. i notice recently, even when i rinse, there seem to be lots of bits in the rinsed water, as opposed to colored water a few weeks ago. ive cleaned the machine as per the manual, i.e. the diffuser and milk frother. i cant see any evidence of bits inside the machine and am unsure where they keep comming from, i use the machine a lot, 8-10 cups per day. taste is fine, but the bits dont look right. any ideas? many thanks
  8. Nespresso are offering £30 Cash Back* for any Nespresso machine purchased between 20 November 2008 and 25 January 2009 *Terms and Conditions apply In case you have purchased a machine and have not yet claimed (or wish to claim and the shop does not prompt you to claim) then PM or email me for a voucher - I have 2 available The Cash Back offer applies to a range of machines across the Krups XN series, Magimix M series, Siemens TK and Porsche series, Delonghi Lattissima and selected Miele models.
  9. Hi guys, I have an opportunity to purchase one of these machines for £200. However, the cup count is around 3,700. Is the machine likely near the end of its life with that number of cups under its belt, or is it still worth buying? What goes wrong on these? Anything I should look for in particular? Thanks, Ian.
  10. mp101


    Hi all, been lurking a while, though I should post though Lots of great posts on here and lots of great info. Had a Delonghi Nespresso machine for a while, but about 8 months ago, bought a Chemex, Hario Skerton Grinder and some HasBean coffee and haven't looked back. In fact thanks to Philips doing 40% off I bought a Gaggia Classic, and the Nespresso is on eBay (not used it for a while (a year maybe) Now I just need to do more research on the Gaggia/tweaks and get an electric grinder, been eyeing up the Eureka Mignon and maybe a bottomless portafilter? any advice to get the best from the classic are welcome Thanks Marc
  11. [h=1]The coffee maker is just 2 weeks outside of the warranty & has developed the problem of making lukewarm coffee. The coffee has never been boiling hot but usually fine. Then in the evening just started this lukewarm coffee.[/h] Anyone else had this problem or any idea what it may be. Annoyed this has happened just 2 weeks outside warranty. Thanks
  12. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and I'm very much a newbie when it comes to home coffee, but I've done a lot of research and I'm keen to dig deeper and though you guys may be the best peeps to ask Up until today, my coffee evolution has taken me from Illy pre-ground in a french press, to owning a few Bialetti Venus brewers (still in use), getting a Hario Skerton and decent beans (e.g. SquareMileCoffee)... modifying the Hario to remove burr wobble .... then canning it because it was still a pain in the ass at 6am when I really needed to be in the shower ..... Replacing the Hario with a Mahlkonig Vario which I've loved using and tweaking and reading the different grinds with beans from different sources and ages. And that's where I've been for the last couple of years. Making half decent coffee from my perc machines and frothing warm milk from the microwave with a mini electric whisk. But I still kept researching and although my current method is working well, I still had the craving to move up to making proper espresso based drinks at home .... and eventually I caved and my first ever espresso machine arrived yesterday. I'm overly happy right now ... and it's just a wee DeLonghi EC680 New in the DeLonghi range and almost identical to the EC860, but teeny tiny at only 15cm wide. I get that it's probably seen as naff and/or low-brand considering the present company, but I have virtually no room in my kitchen and buying an all singing and dancing machine right now would be like giving a Ferrari to a new driver. It's my first machine, so if I can make a good brew with a cheaper machine it then upgrading in the future can only make it better. Which is why I'm looking to replace the pressurised baskets as soon as I can and get hold of depressurised ones as well as a naked (bottomless?) portafilter to use with them to help me improve my grind and tamping technique. I've looked around the interweb and haven't been able to find anywhere that I can get some. I'm hoping there is something off the shelf I can use so I don't have to dig out a micrometer and 'jimmie' something to fit. If anyone could help in this next step in my brew evolution, that I'll be eternally grateful (or at least until after the caffeine wears off ) Ta CW
  13. Hi there, I've a Delonghi EAM3200 that's a few years old now. I bought it second hand really cheap cause someone had stuck green coffee beans into it and, in the process of cleaning it out, they hadn't put the grinder section back together properly. I fixed it and we got a brand new coffee machine for €50. Anyway, the backstory is to explain that I've taken it apart a few times in my efforts to fix it so I'm not afraid to get inside the machine. Lately at the end of a brew cycle it's started making a really loud grinding sound and we haven't been able to figure out why. We've cleaned it thoroughly and made sure everything is as it should be but today, when I made a coffee, I got the coffee but then the infuser stayed stuck up inside the machine and the 4 red lights (water, grinds, alarm, descale) are cycling non-stop. I've tried unplugging and resetting, nothing seems to work. I've pressed the two coffee buttons for 10, 20 and 30 seconds and then the power button. I've left it unplugged and off for an hour. Nothing resets it. I plug it in and turn it on and instantly, the 4 lights start to flash alternately. This evening I took the whole thing apart and removed the heating plate to get at the infuser from the other side, but it's empty. There's no grounds in there, nor anything blocking. While I was there I cleaned a few o-rings and made sure everything was connected correctly. Put the whole thing back together and still nothing. Has anyone any ideas how I might resolve this? None of the Delonghi videos or any Magnifica related videos have anything that matches or provide any solutions. You folks are my last hope before it goes in the recycling. Thanks
  14. Hi, I have an ESAM 5500. (I love it) It has a water spout at the side and a milk container for ...well...milk. Everything was working fine and then suddenly there is not enough draw on the milk jug to froth the milk. I have cleaned the jug top and replaced the o rings on the thingamijig that goes into it, but no joy. Now it won't express hot water from the spout that fits onto it, and I can't hear the chug chug of the pump that usually makes that sound to dispense hot water. I have managed without it for a while, but I really would like that facility. Can anyone give me a heads up of what to do? Is is a pump replacement? Separately, yesterday the grinder started whizzing and only ground a few beans for my cup of coffee, ggrrr. Does this mean a new grinder, or can I just give it a clean? I use distilled water in the machine. Many thanks in advance for your help Kim
  15. Great bean to cup machine, really good espresso maker. Selling as my other half insists it's too big for kitchen. And I might go back to a Gaggia. Makes perfect espresso with a multitude of customisable options from length of shot to amount of coffee dispensed, strength of shot and fineness of grind. Steam wand makes great cappuccino/flat whites/lattes. Milk dispenser stopped working (common problem I'm told) so sold without, but makes no difference to functionality and I preferred using the machine without the dispenser anyway as I've always preferred manually steaming my milk (not a euphemism). Can pick these up around £650 new. Would like £350 as it's in perfect condition and only a year or so old. Will be boxed in original packaging. Open to reasonable offers. South West London but often on road for work so delivery also not out of the question. Any questions feel free to ask.
  16. Hey guys, I'm looking for a fully automatic coffee machine, and i can either get the Delonghi ECAM 44660B or the Delonghi ECAM 45760W. There is a minor price difference between the two machines(50£). Which of them, should i choose, and what are the differences between the two machines? I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks
  17. Morning/Evening All, Looking for some advice on a Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 4500 that my elderly parents have. I noticed today that when I turned it on it went through the normal and expected Heating up process however what didn't seem normal is the amount of water it went through when rinsing. It used just over 250mls of water which seems a little excessive...is this normal? When shutting down it pumps out 100mls. Any ideas? Also, can anyone provide details on how to do a factory reset, ie, reset the unit to factory defaults as if using for the first time. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi all, Hopefully one of you might know the answer to this... I've recently joined the world of the Gaggia Classic having spent a few years in pressurised Delonghi land, and just want to know if my experiences are to be expected. I have a 2004 Classic with no mods yet [other than steam arm, although a gauge for OPV mod turned up today] and have the standard non-pressurised baskets: - I've managed to find a grind setting on the MDF which, coupled with a full basket [level with the top of the basket before tamping - a set of scales is on the shopping list] and a heavy tamp, gives me a 25 second shot in the double basket. However the double shot I get from the Gaggia is weaker than the one I used to get from the Delonghi. Perhaps I should dig out the old DeLonghi basket and compare the amount of coffee they each hold, but are there any others reasons why this might happen? - I'm struggling to dial in the single basket, which I would prefer to use for Americanos [the double is too strong for one normal size mug]. Is it normal that in order to get a 25 sec shot with the single basket I'm having to use a coarser grind and lighter tamp? I've read on this very forum that the best thing to do with the single basket is to discard it, but would prefer to use this for Americanos if at all possible. - Last thing... I'm getting far less crema in my Americanos-with-milk with the Gaggia than with the DeLonghi. Should I just presume the crema from the DeLonghi was this fake crema I've been reading about...? Many thanks in advance!
  19. What does everyone pull these at? I have been experimenting with them today, but to be honest, I'm not really enjoying them. They are so acidic that they don't push though milk at all when pulled in what I would call a 'normal' espresso range, i.e 16g @ 27s >> 30g. As I experimented with them, I pulled 16g @ 31s >> 31g, there was very muted acidity over a watery taste. Then I pulled them at 16g @ 35s >> 25g, there was a lot more body and the acidity was more of a sweet taste than a sour taste, but I'm still not getting many bitters at all, actually, the shot was quite nice to drink though with a light mint chocolate aftertaste, even now about 20 mins later I can sort of smell after eights. I adjusted my grinder a turn so tomorrow I'll try pulling 16 @ 35 >> 20g (one turn makes about a 5g or 5s difference) or so and I'll try it with milk. Actually, today I ran out of milk, so I have been unable to try the other shots in milk. I know HB is a very acidic roaster, but I'm wondering how tightly I need to pull until I get a higher bitter content.
  20. I have had a Delonghi coffee machine for a while now (A BCO410) and want to get more seriously into making coffee. I also bought a grinder (Dualit 75015). The Delonghi is here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/DeLonghi-BCO410-Loading-15-Bar-Machine/dp/B003UMHO8G/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I understand that this (and the grinder) are probably subpar as far as espresso is concerned. However I have been playing with it after reading some of the posts on here. If I set the grind to finest or use Illy espresso coffee I can get a shot that takes about 25-30 seconds with a strong tamp on 15g of coffee. But it still tastes quite bitter. The Illy is undrinkable, but I have been trying Rave Rwandan and Italian Job and those taste noticeably better, but not fantastic. I am going to upgrade the grinder to an MC2 as per several advice threads on here, but should I upgrade the Delonghi as well or wait and see how it and the new grinder work out? I am looking into the Gaggia Classic. as a replacement. Are these Delonghi machines really that bad? BTW I am not going to try and mod the grinder (I am going to use it at work for filter coffee). Thanks in advance for any tips. Cheers Mark
  21. Hi all, My Treviso leaks through the brewing part while it gets up a head of steam making a mess and more water going into the shot than should do. It never used to. We have ultra soft water. It's a few years old. As pany parts are available I want to try and fix it as it makes great coffee. I've partly disassembled it and found a parts diagram on the web. I can't figure how the device works, as in how it switches where the output from the boiler goes. If the pump is on for espresso - I see it pumps water under pressure into the boiler, and it comes out through the coffee. The same boiler chamber is used for making the steam. So what normally stops the steam coming out of the brewing plate? and physically selects where the output goes. I can see there's a big rubber gasket that seals the coffee basket to the machine and a gasket that seals the top and bottom halves of the boiler together. I can't see on the diagram any other gaskets that, if worn, may cause the leak. I see on other threads that people have taken these apart in the past - so any guidance would be very much appreciated Thank you Nick
  22. Hi folks, I recently descaled my Delonghi using a product made by Oust (said it was all-purpose and could be used with coffee machines). I followed the instructions in the manual and all seemed well. The machine works fine apart from one thing. After a shot has been pulled, the water used to drip out of the filter basket, leaving a solid puck which would come out in one lump. Not so now, doesn't matter how long I leave it I'm left with a soggy cow pat to deal with afterwards. I'm not sure which was right, I'm assuming it should be fairly solid. The coffee is perfectly okay, no change in quality but the mess is a problem. I don't understand how descaling could have caused this. Any ideas? Thanks!
  23. I was given a Nespresso machine a few years ago and it did what it said on the tin, but I wasn’t upset when it went bang a couple of weeks back and I happily binned it. Wanting to enter the world of proper espresso I naively replaced it with a Delonghi bean to cup machine, which didn’t really deliver. This in hindsight is hardly suprising. Fortunately it developed a fault and it was returned. What it was useful for was to help me figure out what I wanted, which was a more hands on, learning new skills, kind of approach. Starting from scratch and doing what I should have done before, I’ve spent the last few days reading this and that, and trying to narrow my choices. My original budget was about 350quid which I’ve realised is on the low side but I don’t want to get too out of hand, which I imagine is pretty easy to do. I now appreciate the need for focusing on the grinder first and my early thoughts of a 80/20 split in favour of the espresso machine have been forgotten and had almost decided on a Gaggia Classic with a Rancilio Rocky. Since then I’ve read good reviews of the Iberital MC2 which is less than half the cost of the Rocky. My budget is now looking to be around the £500 area for the grinder & machine and now wonder if I’d be better off with a MC2/Rancilio Silvia set up over the Rocky/Classic. Any thoughts? Bear in mind that size is an issue so a relatively compact set up is what I am after. My needs are mainly espresso or americano, latte’s are a very rare need so a superb steamer isn’t my main focus. I realise this isn’t a particularly original question but it does let me say hi and thank people who have replied to other threads that have got me this position. Also, tampers? Is there more to them than purely aesthetics, apart from being the correct size? Steve
  24. Hi, So, my first week with my new gaggia evolution has gone ok. I've been using some gaggia ground coffee that the shop gave me and is ok, just a little bitter. Problem is, when making an espresso 9 times out of 10 i cant get the shot to run out into the cup. It normally just drips out. I use the single scoop that came with the machine and tried tamping it under different pressures and if i dont use much pressure it seems to run out like it should. All the videos i've seen, the people tamp real hard! I've just got some Nero beans which i've always liked and ground them nice and fine but still have this problem, and now i get less crema than the gaggia stuff! Any tips?
  25. It's not for me before anyone asks, I have my Melitta and I love it. Recently I persuaded my workplace to get a Melitta bean to cup, however since then the boss seems to think a Delonghi machine would be better - and a couple of colleagues agree (it's Delonghi, they're great, they know what they are doing, blah blah blah), specifically this one; https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I6E7B90/?coliid=ISP92BG847J58&colid=1F3I323Z4760R&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I've laughed at this suggestion and told him categorically that there is no chance the coffee produced will be as nice. He bought the Melitta bean to cup from Amazon, and this one he is thinking of purchasing from Amazon also. I think he'll try and do a taste test between the two. Can someone guide me, am I right in thinking the coffee made in the Melitta should taste better than what the Delonghi machine will make? And give me some clear negatives about the Delonghi to fire ammo at him, please This guy ( ) says they are very good (grinds finer than other super automatics etc), but then he is selling them.
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