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Found 12 results

  1. For the Aeropress, I have found darker roasts seem to cope well with more grams in, whereas medium/lighter roasts seem to cope better with less grams for the same amount of water (and all else things equal). Is this right? Or do I need to adjust something else? I find I can get away with 15g for darker roasts (for 220g), but I find I need to go down to 11.5g for a couple of medium roasts I have been trying recently.
  2. You may laugh at me (and you probably should) but I picked up a few cute wooden wooden barrels in Lidl. You can store bits and bobs in them. Lidl was even nice enough to put some free coffee beens in them to show that you can store stuff in those barrels. Not tried the coffee yet, what if it's amazing? You don't package crap coffee into wooden barrels, right?
  3. The labels used to describe degree of roast, such as "light" or "medium dark" are inherently ambiguous, as they adhere to no known standard. On the other hand, scales such as Agtron numbers are consistent and finely graded. I just came across the shop site of the US roasters Counter Culture. They do give the Agtron roast levels of their coffees. Here's an example https://counterculturecoffee.com/shop/coffee/la-golondrina I, at least, would be grateful if this sort of thing were to become widespread among specialty roasters
  4. Hi All The Fracino is having a little rest and the Christmas present La Pavoni Pro is doing all the hard work for a few weeks. The Piccino likes RAVE Signature and I like the result. The La Pav is not a Signature fan. Finer grind, regular grind ~ its OK but not great. The La Pav came with a tin of Illy Dark Roast ground coffee and that breaks the rules and tastes better than fresh ground RAVE. What keeps La Pav owners happy in the coffee stakes? What do I like to drink? Double Espresso, no sugar, thick and creamy with a lovely Crema. A bit like how I like red wine ~ "this is delightfully floral sir!" ~ "do you have a solid red that looks like Venos cough syrup?" ~ "sir might enjoy this Chilean Merlot/Argentinian Malbec!" My last buds are not good, so don't tell me about vanilla, lime, lemon, blackcurrants, etc. I like a thick taste on the palette, no watery delicate touches. I'm enjoying the La Pav but any/all help gratefully received, along with possibly suitable beans. I look forward to Lever Bean suggestions.
  5. Ordered some Guatemalan decaf from Redber this morning and when I said I drink milky coffee I got 'you'll want a dark roast, definitely not medium'. So I ordered a dark and a medium dark roast to see if I could tell the difference. Maybe I should have ordered a medium to see if this is myth or accepted truth. I'm fairly new to my coffee obsession, and I'd like to here a variety of views on this. Why not medium roasts with milk, or indeed something lighter?
  6. I fancy trying a nice Dark Roast alongside the Lighter ones I currently have. I have looked through some of the DSOL threads however would be interested to know if anyone can recommend a stand out Darker roast they have enjoyed as Espresso? I know it's personal preference but would be keen to get a heads up on what you have enjoyed so I can give it a go! Thanks Mark
  7. Hi everyone i was wwondering is it more about the roast of the beans or the bean choice for milk based coffee. I Have read that its generaly a darker roast for this. Is there a rule of thumb for this?
  8. Where to start... Like everyone, I'm trying to improve my coffee. I've chosen my equipment, which is a Cremina and HG One, and I want to stick with this equipment because I love using it, amongst other reasons. My results have been a bit variable. It's probably taken me a year to work out how to consistently get good-looking pours. I'm there. If the visual indicators are right, I am getting my distribution right now, and the coffee should taste good. So the most important variable should be the bean... well I'm sure that's true anyway. I started with Hasbean. I've always loved their way of doing things. They obviously know what they're doing, obviously care about both customers and suppliers, and they're doing a superb job. As I got deeper into my hobby, I realised that the coffees I've enjoyed the most are generally low acidity, and in some ways I don't want ultra complex layers of fruit. I like chocolate flavours, and not so much boozy or fruity. I started to experiment with other roasters, and found various forms of great coffee, generally darker roasts, and generally less complex. I also found that generally the darker coffees seem to be easier to get a good pour.. perhaps the bean splinters more easily or something. When they've been lighter, it's usually been the El Salvador or Brazilian beans that have floated my boat. In the meantime, I kept up the SSSSS subscription with Hasbean, which keeps reminding me of what a wonderful job they do, and probably 2/3 of the coffee I've had on SSSSS goes straight into the yummy category. This gets me thinking that I've given up too easily, and maybe need help and advice. So... for the first time, I started to look at which beans have been washed, natural, or pulped natural. I discovered that I've never had a pulped natural I didn't like. As far as I can see, none of the SSSSS was a pulped natural, which surprised me... they're mostly washed. I was thinking perhaps a good approach would be to order some pulped natural beans from Hasbean, or am I barking up the wrong tree here? Do people choose their beans based on the processing? I notice that Hasbean have a 5-pack of Santa Petrona which is different processing for different packs. Quite tempted to give that a go and see whether my pulped natural theory stands up. I welcome any and all advice, but especially any help from @garydyke1 who must surely be the expert on the Hasbean range If I had to summarise what I'm looking for, it's low acidity, but perhaps a little more complex (but not too much) than what I might get from a darker roasted bean. I do recognise that this post is probably all over the place and doesn't make much sense!
  9. ronsil

    Mocha Italia

    Now here is a great bean. Roasted to perfection by Richard at Coffee Compass Brings back an instant taste of the best of Italy. Rich deep flavours. I roast dark but very difficult to achieve this sort of result in a 250 gram roaster. You need a larger quantity to preserve the bean without charring in places. Much more mellow than the ubiquitous 'Old Brown Java' If your heart is weak don't even think about these. Great stomach settling effect
  10. Hi, Looking for a wee bit of advice as I'm looking to try and find some beans which are closer to that Classic smoky Italian espresso taste. I've tried a load of different offerings from Has Bean over the last couple of years and they are certainly interesting, but having recently returned from holiday in Naples, I find we're now craving something a little heavier, and less 'citrussy' than the HasBean beans seem to offer. Ideally, Looking for something reasonably heavy, with plenty of 'bass-notes' but not too harsh on the bitterness front. A nuttiness would be a bonus. I have tried some Square mile Red Brick in the past, and have to say I wasn't blown away by it. My wife is threatening to resort to Illy beans (which, tbh, have not been too dreadful). We're using a Silvia paired with a Mingon, and drink mainly espresso, and espresso-based coffee. Thanks for your help Richard
  11. Hmmmm....... I am thinking we can vary the shot and variables for the shot as much as we like , but ultimately isn't it the roasters who will dictate the trend/trends and flavour in the cup? For someone new to extracting the coffee for them self, I believe that I am only at one end of the scale, which I have found to be close to acidic sweet and fruity .and to alter extraction to get a darker more coffee flavour maybe near on impossible with the majority of light to medium roasts. I appreciate weighing shots and grinds to get some sort of constant to work from. but ultimately if the beans (roast) you are using are not capable of giving you the end result you are on a hiding to nothing. So is the trend for espresso at one end of the scale? Or am I missing something? i found talking about dark roast gets a Tut tut. But don't know why ? (Other than people believe this is a way to hide poor quality beans) .
  12. In addition to 'in my mug' I'd like a 'go-to' bean that I can have a fair stock of to dig into. Being relatively new to this game I'd like some recommendations of what I could try. It's for espresso, medium/dark or dark roast are usually my favourite. Usual notes I like are Dark Chocolate, cherry, pecan, cinnamon etc. Much appreciated
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