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Found 27 results

  1. I tend to use various sized cups and some times a shot glass for pulling shots, the gap on R58 is quite big. I have searched the net for like a cup stand or drip tray riser not sure what it be called. Probably only need like 1" high or so, currently use a small box! Once I got my 3D printer going will make something to similar.
  2. Hi all, I am on the lookout for a Mug like the Loveramics Bond Mug 300ml. Never used one, but typically use Loveramics Coffee Cups and cant fault them. Just wandering before I bite the bullet if anyone uses anything else, but of similar style. (ie. Straight Edged, solid, thick walled) and approx 300+ ml. Thank you
  3. Can anyone recommend a grind cup for the EK43 that fits the thwacker really closely? I'm currently using the bottom to a Porlex grinder... it leaves a slight gap around the side and I'd like to reduce the amount of coffee dust I get sprayed all over the kitchen
  4. Photos please! So many designs, brands, prints... Let's see the best. Bonus points to those that support a poorly spelt name.
  5. 4 x Londinium Espresso Latte Cups (inc saucers) - Made by Ancap / d'Ancap, Italy. One cup feels like (as I couldn't see anything) there's the slightest imperfection in the casting not a chip. I found this when taking them out to photograph. Come boxed (though its a bit old). I purchased theses when I'd hoped to get an L1 machine. I ended up getting a SDB and these are a constant reminder of my stupidity so they're going £25 + PP (if required or can be collected from sheffield)
  6. I have a set of small espresso cups with the Rancilio logo along with the saucers that I don't use for sale. I have only ever used two of the cups, and never used the saucers. The items are not marked or broken in any way. New, these can be bought from BB for approx. £25.90 excluding delivery so I will sell these for £15.00 excluding delivery. I don't know how much the delivery will be for these but I will try and find out. Happy to have you come and collect if you are near the Bristol area. ** Delivery charges ** I have taken these from the Royal Mail website and weighing a single cup and saucer they are approx. 309g. Six of these should be below 2kg (small parcel) so I have taken this as the price point: Royal Mail Special Delivery (Guarantee by 1pm) - £11.00 Confirmed (signature required) - 1st Class: £6.55; 2nd Class: £3.90 Standard - 1st Class: £5.45; 2nd Class: £2.80 Thanks Stu
  7. What type of drinking vessels do you use I have used thin wall type bone china cups , they look fine but don't retain heat / warmth very well I have better heat retention using a thick wall mug style like this one . . . . . Whats you favourite Cup / Mug ?
  8. Diggy87


    I’m looking to get a new 8oz cup and saucer, I really like the Inker Luna but the best price I can find for a single cup with the option to have a different coloured saucer if from Cooksmill but the price of delivery is extortionate!!! Does anyone have any other recommendations? It doesn’t have to be Inker but I would like that kind of style.
  9. Hi All, I currently use a Contigo West Loop Autoseal travel mug, for my journey to work. I've found this to be very good at keeping drinks hot, it's quite similar to a little flask but I also find it mutes the flavours of the coffee. I am guessing that's because of the smallish spout and so limited air that I get in with the drink. I had a look at the Keep Cup but that also seemed to have a small drinking space, was wondering does anybody have a good travel cup they would recommend? I really hate getting stuck in traffic with no coffee .
  10. conchord

    Orange Cups...

    Looking for some orange espresso and flat white cups. Anyone got any spare to sell? Cheers.
  11. Hi all, So I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm struggling to find the info and whilst I know its probably personal taste I'd still appreciate your input. I'm after buying some cappuccino cups and can't decide what size. I've read the cup shouldn't hold anymore than 6oz but can't find if this is for a single or double shot. I suspect this is for a single shot cap but is there any problem using a 12oz cup for a double shot one? Sounds daft but I've never held a 6oz cup and worry it might be a bit small so along with the fact I only own a double unpressurised basket at the moment I wonder if a larger cap might be better. Btw I've seen these cups and really like them but any other options would be appreciated: http://coffeehit.co.uk/notneutral-cappuccino-cup-180ml-6oz?___SID=U Thanks in advance for any help. DTB.
  12. As I mainly make Americanos and Cafe Cremes I just wondered what the height clearance on these 2 machines are for large mugs if I wanted to make a very long pour to make a cafe creme? My favourite mug is 110mm tall If this is a no-go with these Fracinos, are there any other machines of the same type (Rocket / ECM, etc.) which have better clearance? Getting very excited as I'm looking to replace my Jura Z5 after 7 years of service. It's going to be a bit of a leap from B2C but looking forward to a better cup in the end!
  13. Hi, I'm new here and probably won't be a regular. I'm here out of pure frustration. I'm an American who has lived in the Netherlands for the last 17 years and cannot locate a cup warmer. When I lived in the US I had a coffee cup warmer that was activated by a magnet that was glued to the bottom of a cup. If the position of the cup were at 3 or 9 o'clock, the unit would switch on and stay on. If I wanted to turn the unit off I simply rotated the cup until the light went out. I don't think they are made anymore but it was a great idea. I'm simply looking for a conventional coffee cup warmer that gets plugged into a wall outlet ... and it appears that no one markets this in Europe. I've been to stores here in Holland and they don't carry this. I've looked at Amazon.uk and saw a Mr. Coffee MWBLK Mug Warmer but Mr. Coffee markets their products to the US and Canada so even if I were to buy this I'd still have to buy an external add-on transformer because of the voltage difference. Doesn't anyone market a single cup warmer to countries that use 230 VAC? I also realize there are cultural differences with how coffee is served, but I am astounded that I cannot manage to find a coffee cup warmer. Anyone? Thanks in advance, Dave Horne
  14. My latte art has just leaped forward and all I changed was my cup. I had been using various teacups and mugs. Latte art has been hit and miss. Not too bad and when I concentrate I can produce a decent rosette. Today I started using 6oz Inker Luna cups. First try and I poured a beautiful rosette without even thinking about it. When preheated with boiling water they feel lovely in my arthritic hands. The other half may baulk at £10ish for a cup and saucer but they are worth every penny.
  15. What do you drink yours out of? (And if it's an egg cup, dare you own up?) Jon
  16. d'Ancap branded on the bottom. Don't think they make these any more - vintage collector's edition £12 posted
  17. Londinium Espresso (?) cup. Its 8.5 cm diameter at the top, so possibly too large for an espresso. No chips or cracks. Price: SOLD Sorry, again I'm not able to get photos rotated
  18. I can drink out of almost any cup but for latte art some are easier than others to learn/perfect the skills. So talk to me about your views on this..... What should I be buying? Why too should I pay a fortune for a single cup?
  19. shin

    Inker Cups for Sale

    Hi there I have 5 Inker cups for sale. I have ONE each of below. Indicate on this thread if you want them. £10 each including postage using Royal Mail 2nd Class Recorded. or £40 for all 5, including postage. Cash on collection, bank transfer, or PayPal (fee must be paid by buyer) please. 1. Inker Blue (light blue) Tulip Flat White Cup - SOLD 2. Inker Gray Tulip Flat White Cup - SOLD 3. Inker Green Latte/Cappuccino Cup - SOLD (to my friend, not on forum) 4. Inker Red Latte/Cappuccino Cup - SOLD 5. Inker Orange Latte/Cappuccino Cup (This is cup only and no saucer, therefore this is £7.00) - SOLD Thanks!
  20. For Sale I have a set of 6 Grey ACME Tuplip cups These are still sealed from the outlet looking £20 posted via royal mail. These will be very well packaged but there is a chance of breakage so collection if possible is desired. Located in NI. Also have 4 matching Grey saucers that I can include for £2.50 each.
  21. 280ml cup brand new Does not come with saucer posted in well padded box £9 delivered no lower offers on this please
  22. Hi guys, I'm busy putting together a proof-of-concept for a new biodegradable*, temporarily reusable, coffee cup with integrated sleeve and hinged lid. With the aim that the cost per cup is comparable with existing disposable cups, lids and sleeves. To make sure I gather good insights I really need testers. If you're interested, when the trial batch is ready, I would like to be able to send you a few dozen cups for trial with your customers. Simply serve hot beverages in the cups and gauge feedback. Share your insights with me and that's it! For more info on the cup, you can view details here: https://challenges.openideo.com/chal...eve-idea-stage Many thanks for reading. Let me know if you're interested. Matt *Full disclosure, I'm still sourcing the right material. Very few out there that can withstand hot drinks.
  23. Is this size and shape of cup used important?
  24. Hi guys! I've seen images of these very specific style of coffee cups but I can't seem to find if they have a certain name or where to source them. I found this image of some on etsy but they are tiny for espresso whereas I am looking for a latte size. Thanks,
  25. Hello everyone! I am moving from UK, and I won’t have any space to use all of my coffee equipment in my next apartment, therefore I am selling my beloved and well maintained items. (Sadly…) Please have a look, and let me know if you like to see in person, or buy anything. Pick up is available from Shoreditch, London. Everything can be posted at buyer’s responsibility. For espresso machine and grinder, I would like someone who can see the machine/grinder, agree and pickup in person, but can be posted. Please note, these items are all sold separately and not bundled. I can advise postage when you request. (I will post together if you are buying multiple items.) Also multi buy discount considered too. All items listed are bought new, and have only been used by me in a domestic environment. Picture to come. Looking froward to hear from you. Thank you! ITEMS FOR SALE Pics will be uploaded in the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frbmvsxlsut89l4/AAC5nV3fe2CNmOICEgZD4BwEa?dl=0 1. Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus v3 PID - £950 - SOLD (£1,150 for Rocket + Mazzer) Comes with all items included in the box + Puly Cuff (half used) + Competition E61 Shower Screen by IMS (fitted) + Tyler Thermomiter on Group Head (fitted) High Res Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1l61rfi36omtabd/AAAjaFZXaEOngZ2lBjxrhq8la?dl=0 Bought in April 2014 from Bella Barista. Has been used everyday in the mornings, and little more on weekends. Has been using Brita filter (changed every 2 weeks). All in good working order. Has a customised drip tray and it drains via hose, so you don’t have to empty the tray after every 5 shots. 2. Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter + original basket - £20 - SOLD 3. Rocket Espresso Cellini Stainless Steel Cup Rail - £20 - SOLD 4. Motta Knock Box - £15 - SOLD 5. VST 18g Ridgeless Precision Porta Filter Basket E61 - £10 - SOLD 6. Motta 58mm Flat Base Tamper (Black) - £10 - SOLD 7. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer with Doser (Matt Black) - £350 - SOLD (£1,150 for Rocket + Mazzer) Doser has been customised for single dose use, but can be easily put back to original. Not in pictures, but comes with metal grind tray (to go under the doser) and a original hopper (unused). This was bought NEW and never been used in retail environment, so in very good condition. You can see dust on back body on pictures and they are not scratches. Body is in a very nice matt black, and in good condition. High Res Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kc5q6962zmgv4bb/AAAoQ40ldMyEO0G8RN6s1yZQa?dl=0 8. Motta Milk Jug Stainless Steel (Polished Silver) 0.25ml - £7 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 9. Motta Milk Jug (Matt Black) 0.35ml - £7 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 10. Motta Milk Jug Stainless Steel (Polished Silver) 0.5ml - £10 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 11. ACME Espresso Cup & Saucer Set (Grey) (I have 3 sets and price is for each) - £10 each set (1 cup and 1 saucer) - SOLD 12. Gorilla Tamper (Tall) for E61 (Very precise, tight fit for E61 baskets) - £65 - AVAILABLE! Very good, precision tamper. Fits tight to VST baskets. Bought from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. 13. Tiamo Tamper Matt - £5 - SOLD 14. ACME Cappuccino Cup and matching saucer set (Black). - £10 - SOLD 15. Inker cappuccino cup with matching saucer set. (Green) - £10 - AVAILABLE!
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