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Found 16 results

  1. These are the main 3 I'm currently considering, the Cubika and Baby Class are in my price range right now, and the Classic is slightly out of my budget. Is it really worth investing the extra £40-50 or so to get the Classic, or should I get one of the other two? Are there any other machines in the sub £60 range I can look into? I'm not going for the most amazing cup, just something to get me started with home espresso. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, I've got a friend at work who's got a Gaggia Cubika (74511 model) and he's looking to replace the gasket seal. Does anyone know if the Blue Cafelat seals will fit? (https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/cafelat-e61-8-5mm-silicon-gasket.html) Cheers Luke
  3. Good evening Ladies and gents. I have my my first machine, a Gaggia Cubika (stainless version), that I no longer require. The machine requires a thourgh cleaning and descaling to be running properly as it has been sat in a cupboard for nearly a year now do will require a service before use. Comes with double basket, portafilter, measuring spoon etc. looking to swap this for someone's spare items (VST basket or 57-58mm tamper) and postage cost (approx £10) as I've just picked up a Classic and need these any use use to someone who doesn't mind giving it a once over to be in per
  4. Hi there I am just re discovering coffee, and am looking at buying an cubika from eBay. Can anyone tell me how they got on with theirs, and is there anything I should look out for? Is there another machine I should be considering? I get that it will need de-scaling, but if I can get some idea's on other parts, I can ask the question before committing to a purchase Thanks in advance Jon
  5. took the lid of the top 2 small screws took photograph and unplugged the wires to the boiler loosened off the round nuts at the bottom and loosened the top bolts turned the machine upside down to loosen the bolts and they fell out with another 4 nuts ooopss where the heck did they come from ? i still cant get the boiler out of this machine can anyone step me through it, i'll post up some photos
  6. hello there. I've recently bought a gaggia cubika from eBay..at a pretty good price, but as it was described as not used for a while,, I can see why... I have a couple of problems I'm hoping someone could help me with... 1) there is a slight dripping/leak coming from where the outer body of the cubika and the "filter holder attachment" meet.. Seems to be out the side where the unit body work and the boiler meet.. (naming from a diagram I've seen of an exploded cubika) ... (see my image in the link below for the exact location on my cubika).. Its not much of a leak.. But I'm guessing
  7. tcr4x4

    Gaggia Cubika Plus

    Thought I'd try here before Ebay, maybe you know someone wanting a good basic starter machine. Its my old Cubika Plus, in use almost daily until 14th Feb, when I got my Classic. I think Ive had it about 2 years, there was a period where I stopped using it as much in between, so its not been 2 contunous years usage. Comes with the double pressurised basket and the pod adapter. I cant find the tamper/spoon at the moment, but its around somwehere! Has the instructions, albeit a bit crinkled and coffee stained. In very clean condition. Ive cleaned the group head and shower sc
  8. Just introducing myself, real names John and the story behind my nickname is not one worth telling such is its mundane nature. I've been slowly drifting to an interest in coffee for a little while, have been using stove top maker with ground from hasbean and recently was given a cubika plus as a birthday present. As is my nature when in the first throws of a burgeoning hobby I tend to over-indulge in online reading and geeking it up for hours. Unfortunately this brought me to realise perhaps the classic would've been more suited but i'm going to make the best of it for the time being
  9. I have recently Purchaced this machine and have had no problems. Made a few latte's when I got it, but today I go to it, brew button and ports filter working fine, pouring some nice coffe, but the steamer is not the same. It only pours water through for a few second and then stops completely. It does not build up enough pressure to create steam like it did before... I have tried every combination of buttons, did the water cyle thing, emptied thr machine of water, started fresh a few times but no luck.. If anyone else has experienced problems like this and has found a solution, I would be
  10. I have an old Briel on which everything is manual! I want a better machine but am on a very tight budget! Currys are doing the Cubica plus for £89 but I am concerned that the machine, though Gaggia by name is not up to much! What is wrong with the Cubica? Cheers
  11. Domestic Line - Manual Download for New Baby Twin manual Download for New Baby Class D manual Download for New Baby Class manual Download for New Baby Dose manual Download for New Baby manual Download for Gaggia Classic manual Download for Espresso Dose manual Download for Espresso Color manual Download for Espresso Pure manual Download for Evolution Espresso manual Download for Viva Gaggia manual Download for Cubika manual Domestic Line - Grinders Download for MDF Grinder-Doser manual Download for MM Coffee Grinder manual
  12. dirge


    Is the referb Cubkia a good machine? How do people rate them? Pro's con's etc?
  13. Will the Filter holder from a Cubika fit a Classic ?
  14. Hi this is my first post. I have owned a Nespresso machine for over a year and although I think the coffee is fine I decided to buy a second hand Gaggia Cubika. I live in Scotland where the water is soft so no limescale problem. But I bought the machine from someone in England. I have ran a descaler solution through it but was wondering if there is anything else I should do.? Also I have read reviews that say the rubber seal goes on this machine quite quickly and was wondering if there is a site I could buy replacement seals .? Thanks Brendan
  15. Hello! Just registered here. Firstly, i'd just like to say i cant believe there's a coffee forum!! Anyway, i love the stuff even though i only use a caffatiere (sp?) and one of those things you stick on the hob. I do grind my own beans though. But i've been wanting a proper machine for ages but have no idea what im looking for. I want something to make a good espresso and just a 'normal' americano type coffee. Most machines seem to be 15bar with prices starting from £50, i have no idea what the difference is between this and a £200 machine. Anyway i was thinking of getting one
  16. Im looking for a recon/second hand classic if someone can point me in the right direction. Am I right to be straying away from a cubika? I read that there is reliability issues with the buttons. Can I get one from phillips? I had a quick look on their website but they didnt seem to have any Gaggia products. Im a bit cautious of buying a machine from ebay because I wont really know if its been looked after. I'd happily buy from someone here though. Thanks
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