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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, Thinking of upgrading from Gaggia Classic and would like your opinion on the below machines: Fracino Piccino - 550 euro although I think I could get it to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/business-stock/fracino-piccino-coffee-machine/13852744 Little Gem Fracino - 500 euro and probably could also get it down to 450 euro: https://www.adverts.ie/other-business-office/little-gem-fracino-coffee-machine/14044323 Can't find too much info about both of them and how they compare to each other. Piccino is pretty much brand new and has been only on one exhibition; Little Gem has been used in the small coffee place. Appreciate your thoughts. Also, what would you be looking at when inspecting them before buying? Cheers.
  2. So, now that I have both, both made on the same year of 2012 and only months older than each other, I can compare them all. I get that the Pro has a bigger boiler and in theory better steaming ability. But, am I the only one who finds steaming milk on the Pro awkward? The boiler having a wider diameter means they the venting outlet sits almost touching the boiler on the Pro, whereas on the Europiccola it almost touches the group, leaving more space to tilt and manoeuvre the milk pitcher to get the milk spinning. Am I missing something?
  3. Hello, beautiful coffee lovers, I had a quick chat with Glenn who encouraged me to make a post. I am trying to create a resource that seeks coffee beans by our lovely roasters and presents them in the most useful way. Naturally, I want to make it as useful as I can, so I'd very very much appreciate your help by telling me what would you like to see on there, what would make it useful for you, if at all. I have a very early draft ready, and thought I'd open it up for you guys, before I go too far down the wrong path: http://coffeediff.co.uk/coffee It's just one page for now. I've put together some basic ideas of what I'd like to see, first of all, when checking out what's new roasting out there. I also took into account a few thoughts expressed on the pages of this forum. The roasters that are on the website already were chosen randomly, I have no affiliation or special relationship with them. My aim is to put as many roasters as I can and present them in a helpful way. There's lots to do, for example filtering and sorting by flavour, origin, roaster and so on. There's also things to do I've not thought of yet. In any case, would be grateful for your constructive criticism and feature requests. :o
  4. Hello, I am a new poster on this site although I have been a long time lurker. If anyone can help me answer this question I would be very grateful: My Set-Up - Delonghi EC680 Dedica - Krups KM 75 coffee mill (Blade) - Coffee - Fresh beans from Redber, mainly Dark Roast Monsoon Malabar. - I only drink espresso I would like to know if it is worth upgrading my grinder to a burr grinder? *** I only have a £75 budget however and wish to buy new. Most of the grinders i can find at this price point say they do not grind fine enough for espresso. Considering this will I just be better off with my blade grinder that I can go as fine as I like? ***
  5. As mentioned in Black Cat's thread, I decided to try doing a three-way cupping of the Rwandan Kinini autumn harvest natural process from three different roasters: Black Cat, Crankhouse (Google cache link) and Yellow Bourbon. Black Cat and Crankhouse are the Peaberry, Yellow Bourbon is not. It is quite common to see some beans being offered by a few different roasters, so I thought it would be interesting to compare them to see the similarities and differences and to see whether I could even detect much difference! I'm not sure how much anyone else will learn from a cupping by a novice with an unrefined palate but maybe someone will get something interesting from it. If not, at least I've learned some things from it. I didn't want to derail Black Cat's thread with a long post about other roasters, hence starting a new thread. The cupping was not blind because a) I live alone so it would have been very difficult to achieve and b) I am confident that I would have been able to tell the difference straight away anyway having tried all 3 in the V60 and because the bloom is noticeably different due to the time since roasting (more below). My thoughts may therefore be influenced by tasting notes and/or what I have found with the V60. All photos are alphabetical from left to right. Ignore the roast date on the Crankhouse, I froze it due to a surplus of beans so Black Cat is 7 days post roast, Crankhouse is effectively 20 days and Yellow Bourbon is 10 days so not identical but all 3 are within the tasty window. Appearance and aroma: I don't think the size difference comes across very well in the photo but the Yellow Bourbon beans are noticeably larger. In terms of colour, they are very similar, with the Black Cat being ever so slightly darker. There is a range of colour within all 3 with a few beans being noticeably lighter than the rest. I think this is from the beans themselves rather than the roasts as I have tried other beans from each roaster and haven't noticed this variation in colour. I have a very weak sense of smell so I won't say much about aroma but I did detect that the Black Cat had the strongest aroma and the Yellow Bourbon had the sweetest aroma, think sweetshop levels of sweetness. On to the pouring: I didn't get a chance to take a picture during the bloom due the time taken to pour all 3 (actually 4 as I also included a Colombian El Carmen from White Star that I have on the go as something for a complete contrast but I haven't included it here as I'm rambling enough as it is with just 3 coffees to compare!) but as you would expect, the amount they bloomed was in line with the roast dates. The Black Cat formed the thickest crust of the 3, while the Yellow Bourbon formed almost no crust at all. This is only the third time I have tried a cupping session, I'm not sure what the cause of this difference in crust is or whether anything can be learned from it? Using rimmed bowls does not lead to clean photos after you remove the crust... Initial flavours when still quite hot: This is a very fruity bean, all three have bags of blueberries and are a variation on a theme. I may not mention the blueberry every time, but it can be taken as read. Black Cat: As well as the blueberry, there is a slight hint of chocolate (I thought a sort of darkish milk chocolate: nowhere near as dark as a dark chocolate but not as light and milky as say the El Carmen that I'm now going to stop talking about) and a subtle stone fruit acidity. Crankhouse: An apple acidity that is very noticeable in comparison to the other two, definitely the most acidity of the three beans. Yellow Bourbon: Super sweet. The blueberry comes across more like blueberry jam and there's some tropical fruit in there too. Tonnes of sweetness but very little acidity. If you're after the sweetest, fruitiest bean possible, this is the one for you. As they cooled: I noticed the blueberry becoming less powerful for all three. I suspect this was due to me becoming more accustomed to it and picking up more on the differences between each coffee rather than the thing that tied them all together. When I noticed this happening and tried to focus on the blueberry again, it came flooding back. Some more notes as they cooled: Black Cat: The milk chocolate comes more to the front and there is a more noticeable acidity. Crankhouse: A green apple acidity becomes even more noticeable. I started to taste a very slight hint of milk chocolate too. Yellow Bourbon: Some of the sweetness gives way to a boozy fortified wine finish that reminds me of Pineau des Charentes. I found this interesting because I haven't picked up on this booziness at all in a V60 so far. I'll be interested to see if I start picking up on it from now on in a pourover. In conclusion: The Kinini is a delicious, fruity bean that will not disappoint if this is the sort of bean that you enjoy. All three are very fruity and have their similarities. Black Cat is the most balanced overall, Crankhouse has the most acidity and Yellow Bourbon is the sweetest amongst what is already a very sweet selection of coffees (this one could be too sweet for some?). I would happily buy all 3 again. I think Crankhouse have stopped selling it but I am likely to pick up another bag from both Black Cat and Yellow Bourbon before they run out. I am enjoying all 3 as a pourover. In a V60, I have also picked up on a buttery, almost croissanty flavour as the Black Cat and Yellow Bourbon cool. I didn't pick up on this at all in the cupping. I have also picked up on a hint of stone fruit in the Yellow Bourbon V60 that I didn't get during the cupping. I don't have an espresso machine so can't speak for any of them as an espresso or milk drink. On a separate note, does anyone else find a cupping session seems to affect their perception of caffeine intake? I used 30g of coffee in total and 2 hours later, I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls. This is more than I would usually have at once but I would often have had 2 cups of 15g-20g in this time period. I've found the same effect previously when I did cupping sessions with less coffee.
  6. Anyone done any comparisons? After receiving the normal caffeinated Peru-Tunki from @BrownBottleCoffee I thought I'd do a comparison when their decaf version dropped through the letterbox today. I wanted to find out how different they were, if indeed there were any differences. Used an AeroPress, 16g coffee, 250g water. Stir 5 times, let stand for 1.30, invert and press. Left - Normal. Right - Decaf. Brown Bottle Coffee Peru-Tunki. The normal beans have a bit more colour, whereas the decaf are duller, dryer and the smell from the bag isn't as strong. Same with the ground. The normal has a little more colour to it, and there was more aroma when grinding. Not a great deal more, but you can tell the difference. They smell the same though. Peru-Tunki - Peru-Tunki Decaf Colour-wise, the decaf came out very slightly lighter. In the cup, the normal caffeinated one had more of a tannin/dryer finish to it (I wasn't dialling them in, I just had a good guess at the grind and use the same setting for both so they aren't up to optimum sweetness etc.) whereas the decaf had this reduced, especially in the throat as an after-taste. I swilled out and drank water between cups. The taste was near enough identical though, which is the main thing. And concluding that when dialling each one in properly, I wouldn't expect much difference at all between them. I used the AeroPress method as I do have two V60's but only one with me so I couldn't do them side my side. The AeroPress is slightly quicker as had less variables in that water is added, stirred and that's about it). All done in 2 minutes. To compare decaf/caffeinated fully, I'm wondering what other roasters have both with the same beans? Coffee Compass probably as they have several decafs on the go. Any others?
  7. So, I really hope this hasn't been covered before, I honestly did search for it. I'm trying to work out what the pros and cons are between a direct piston (eg La Pavoni) vs a spring lever (eg Elektra Micro). I've read through the comparison thread for levers, but it's mostly just about the specifications. So far, what I can tell is that the spring is more a fixed rate/decay of pressure while the direct is up to you and your arm. Are there nuances between the two that aren't so obvious? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone, Recently started my promestic journey in coffee. Currently use a manual grinder, but am looking for an electric upgrade that will suffice for a good few years. I'm on the fence between going for a Mahlkonig Vario with ceramic burrs (seems sturdy, reliable and great longevity) and the Niche Zero. The latter is considerably more expensive. There are loads of reviews on the Niche and everyone seems sold, but cannot find any direct comparisons. Is there anybody on this forum with hands on experience for both? I'm mainly pulling espresso and flat whites for now, but am looking to add pour-over to the arsenal as well. Any guidance much appreciated! Dboggel
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