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  1. So.. in the Christmas spirit, I am prepping my wife for a grinder upgrade Having an F5 modded for OD, single dosing has its drawbacks and I would like to get an some improvement in the grind, with the hope I can taste the difference Anyway, space in the kitchen is at premium, so height is a bit of a problem, with our low units. Sill at the bottom only gives 39-40cm clearance, but if Id push the grinder in and still had good access, this could be 44-45cm. F5 currently lives in the corner so is pulled forward and not under the units. Another priority is ease of dialling beans in, with
  2. http://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/04/26/compak-weighs-in-with-grind-by-weight-tech-in-new-pk-line/
  3. I might do without the machine for a bit and just use v60 with a coarse grind, it depends how I do on budget. If you had to buy new and needed everything except kettle, v60, and coffee, what would you get instead?
  4. i spotted this when it was listed at 99p so i had a silly little bid on it to keep it in my lists, well my phone went with 10mins remaining and it was on 58quid so i bid 65 and won it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Compak-Coffe-Grinder-/282332577010?_trkparms=gh1g%3DI282332577010.N34.S2&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&autorefresh=true&nma=true&si=bqCc6LnkMqSEmN9l675ViViuE8w%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc if the link doesnt work for you then eBay item number: 282332577010 the listing doesn't say much about it so i am unsure what model it is but it seems like a b
  5. hi all, My Vario is now 6 years old I have an undiagnosed problem with it... With Christmas coming up, think I will dip[ my toe back into the grinder market. Having not been on the forums much I am a little out of touch by a quick peek at Bella Barista this morning showed a few around my budget... Max £350 I like the look of the Compak K3 touch... Does anyone have any experience with this machine or can provide ideas for alternatives at same/similar price point. Will be used exclusively for Espresso. Thank in advance. Dan
  6. Due to a recent change of circumstances (the wife's still here I'm off the coffee for the foreseeable future and I was left with a few options: 1) Turn off the L1-P and grinder and leave them stood looking lonely for the next 4-6 months. 2) Sell them both. or 3) Sell the R120 and go for an OD one so the wife will still use the machine (she will not mess about weighing every two minutes I'm told). So I'm trying option 3 first. The r120 is every bit as good as I'd hoped for, but please note it is a weighty beast and tall to boot. In a home environment the burrs will out live
  7. If you were to choose a grinder for a very busy coffee shop what would you put your money with? mazzer? mahlkonig? cimbali? any others? cheers J
  8. Well I finally received my new NS Oscar coffee machine and am thoroughly enjoying it. There's so much to learn though! I now realise I need a new grinder. The Ascaso i2 I have now (bought second hand a few years ago) is the weak link. After lots of reading I've narrowed it down to 2 grinders: Eureka Mignon - €302 ($330, £222) inc. shipping Mahlkonig Vario - €379 ($415, £280) inc. shipping I'm favouring the Eureka because of the price, sturdiness and favourable reviews. I haven't read any reviews that convince me the Vario is definitely worth getting over the Eureka (some pu
  9. So I realise that "Grinder options Having recently replaced my Gaggia Classic with a Fracino Ariete, it's the Kitchen-aid grinder's turn to do the walk of shame. I feel compelled to stick up for it now, as it's not as bad as you think. In stock form it's distinctly mediocre, however with Mazzer burrs and a stepless mod it's passable for espresso, even "decent", relatively speaking. But that was with a Classic, and it's now clearly the weakest link, more so than I am, and that's saying something. Moving swiftly on. In the ideal world I'd have something that's minimal faff for si
  10. I've just taken delivery of an E8 from BB with red speed burrs. After running 1.5kg of coffee through I've started dialling in and I'm on about 10 on the scale which puts the adjustment arm around the back of the grinder. I'm not sure if the 0 mark has been set up as genuine zero. I have not got my head around the parallel system yet and I can't tell from the manual, my question is: can you adjust the orientation of the adjustment collar or is it fixed? The manual says it needs to line up with the locking shoe but until I take it apart I don't know if that can be moved as well. Also seems
  11. I'm looking at some Compak options on ebay. Is it possible and easy to remove the dosers and convert to doserless?
  12. Hi Guys, I have a Gaggia Classic which is matched with a Compak K6 which has a doser. between me and my wife we drink a few cups of coffee a day and I feel i`m wasting alot of beans using the doser. It has a mini hopper also. I`m looking to sensibly/practically convert this to a doserless grinder. I have spent yesterday reading up on grinders and discovered the Niche Zero Grinder which looks perfect for my needs but I cant warrant the £500 upgrade cost when I'm told my K6 is a fantastic grinder. I have removed the doser today, which was a pretty simple task. I`ve read ab
  13. Hi all, I've been getting back into the wonderful world of filter coffee recently, and forgotten how much I enjoy using the V60/Aeropress, and thinking about upgrading the set up. My first question is if I use my espresso grinder (Compak K3) and just put it on a coarser setting, will this be better/worse than a specific filter grinder? Then if not and a specific filter grinder is the way to go, what would people recommend? Maybe around £100-£200 mark. I've read very good things about the Wilfa Svart that they made with Tim Wendelboe, does anyone have any experience with this? They seem to
  14. Hello everyone, I managed to get myself an Elektra Semi Automatica and an Elecktra MSC Grinder package on eBay a couple of years ago. Really happy with the machine, but the grinder is a bit of a nuisance for a number of reasons. There is quite the mess created with retained grinds and static seems to be an issue. Also, the grind chute gets clogged regularly and grind retention seems to be a real issue on these grinders (for me anyway). I would like to upgrade to a non doser grinder to try and limit the general mess created by the Elektra grinder as well as upgrade to something
  15. Evening all, I've been hovering on the Forums for a while so thought I would finally take the plunge and say hello. I started with a stove-top mokka pot, which did me for a long time, then I got a Baby Gaggia Dose, which was a big improvement. Then I was given a serious upgrade to a Fracino Heavenly and Compak grinder, and although I'm having a great time, the coffee habit is becoming quite compulsive, not to say expensive. On the plus side I hardly drink coffee when out these days as it just doesn't cut the mustard any more, so I'm saving a few pennies there. I've just posted another thre
  16. Well, I never thought I'd see the day that I contemplated selling my beloved Compak K10 Fresh on-demand 'titan' conical grinder.... but here it is. I bought this awesome grinder from @coffeechap a couple of years ago, and I love it - huge 68mm conical burrs, 19g dose ground in around 3.3s straight into the portafilter, small hopper - clean, quick, looks good (especially with the digital display, which I will miss deeply!) and with the knob / worm screw grind adjustment (some love it, some hate it) I think the entire package is just the best. I've not contemplated selling it, changing it
  17. Just finished disassembling, cleaning and reassembling my new grinder so thought it would be the perfect time to post my set up. So here is my Izzo Alex MK1 and Compak K10, next to my Gaggia Classic and Compak K3. The pictures don't really show how much bigger the K10 is to the K3. Really happy with my set up and shows that you can get a good one cheaply, if you are willing to scour eBay for weeks and clean for a couple days. Posting this while waiting for my machine to heat up, so I can make my first coffee with the new grinder. Does still need work, grinder is
  18. I came down this morning to a worktop covered in coffee grinds and couldnt work out why. Then I started to hear an odd noise when I was in the lounge. Turns out it was my E8 grinding on it's own. It was set to a .2 second grind time which I use to top up the basket. I switched the button to change it to my 4.5second grind time to see what that did. Turns out that resulted in even more coffee on the worktop. I assumed it was perhaps a temprental portafilter switched, but then it started beeping constantly at me with and without grinding. Clearly a gremlin in there som
  19. Had this since November. Grinder as had about 8 kilo through it and bought form BB last March paperwork was lost while in transit, and can be confirmed with BB, the machine only needs brew boiler seals doing, it leaks on warmup then seals it self. Had a full group head rebuild as well. And replaced the bottom half of the pressure valve. If anything did arise the price of this is a good price and I will gladly pay for the said item. 2. baskets 2. Portafilters. 1 tamper and Matt included. Some info is on my Postage shocker in the duetto thread £1100 Pick up only.
  20. Hi all, Due to a recent grinder upgrade spree, I have 2 of these grinders to offer up for sale to forum members prior to listing elsewhere. Both are separate sales, but listed them both in same thread for ease. Both grinders are in excellent condition, have had around 10-12kg put through them at most. In my setup I use one for Decaf and one for Regular, so they have both done the same weight of beans give or take. I'd argue they are barely seasoned yet, but they have produced great results for me and would be a great addition for anyone. They come with the standard hopper, and c
  21. Hi All, This grinder is surplus to demands. It was used in a busy'ish cafe of my mum and dads for about 2.5 years and has been in my house since, solely as a decaf grinder. So this is not my primary grinder and is way to nice to sit being used, currently no more than a few shots a month. I would say its in very good condition, circa 2013-14 grinder. With a few light marks but I would say in better condition than most for use and age. It has had regular services throughout it life as well as a burr change a couple years back. I would however say it needs a new set, however, I am not
  22. I have been spending some time looking at getting my new londinium R and see that The compac E5 has been paired as a good choice for this machine, the next grinder up is twice the money and I am wondering if there is truly any benefit to spending the extra. i currently use a mazzer with my expobar Brutus but I'm fed up with the mess and fafh and hence a complete change over. I havent seen any negatives on the Londinium R machine and from what I have read they seem well made and reliable, I would welcome any feedback on this point. I Wasn't sure if I should post here or th
  23. Greetings All! Suggestions to sort my dilemma would be most welcome! I have a Duetto Mk IV from BellaBarista. This is currently paired with a Mazzer Mini Type A. I have a 20g VST basket in the portafilter. It's taking about 26 seconds to fill the basket, which is where the problem lies! The boss hates the noise and I have a sort of green light to upgrade the grinder to reduce the irritation! I realise that no grinder is ever going to be quiet but if I get the coffee in the portafilter quicker, then I mights get less grief from her ?!?!?! Grinders that are currently in the m
  24. Starting yesterday, the grinds started coming out of the left side of the chute. It's not life-threatening, but not ideal. It does affect distribution, though not as badly as you'd think - they tend to pile up towards the centre anyway. A tiny amount spills off the edge of the portafilter. I'm thinking it's a case of the exit chute curtain having a blockage? ( @dfk41 ) In which case I'll have to remove the adjustment collar before detaching the plastic cover on the front and having a poke about...
  25. For sale is my K10 that i bought from Cam via the forum. There is nothing at all wrong with the grinder, it is solid, very quiet and grinds very quick. It sweeps super clean, and when single dosing just a couple of pulses and a sweep in between you get out what you put in. There are some spare burrs with it and a set of doser internals. This is Cams review of Compak K10 conical grinders: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?22065-Compak-K10-Conical-Changed-my-coffee-life-THANK-YOU! Selling to fund other ventures, I'm looking for £525 collected from the Midlands.
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