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Found 7 results

  1. Bit of a boring Sunday today and being the inquisitive type, I thought I'd pull my K10 Fresh apart and see how the thing worked and try and understand the variation in grind retention some users have reported. Some users have the rubber grind screen in place, this tends to hold a couple of grammes of coffee behind it until new coffee is pushed through dislodging the stale grinds. Some users have reported machines not having them present from the factory so not sure if its something Compak do or dealers remove them. Mine had the screen present when purchased and I thought I'd try it without it. This is the top of the chute, you can see the screw where the screen is fitted. this is the inside of the chute once removed. this is the inside of the grind chamber with the exit into the chute at 12 o'clock. The mating face to the grind chamber, you can see how the pieces mate up against each other to avoid any nasty steps. The screen itself Grind retention is reduced without the screen although grinds exit at a faster pace with no noticeable clumping present with the beans I had in the hopper for trials. thats all for now, thought it might be of interest to someone looking at a big conical grinder and curious how these things work.
  2. This comes up here and there, but i haven't found any "with and without" comparisons. The K10 Fresh (certainly the one i'm using) has a bit of clumping going on. It's not the end of the world, but just wanted to get some thoughts about that rubber flap inside... what is it actually for and what are people's thoughts on removing it? Apparently, it is missing from some machines from the outset. Thoughts seem to be it is an anti-static device, or perhaps to help regulate dose. I'm not so bothered if the dose occasionally suffers, as i tend to weigh them all anyway. I can't see an issue with static, in London? Also guessing that grind retention goes way down without it. Obviously i could just remove it and find out, but great to have thoughts from others who have tried with and without for comparison before i do that...especially as those hex screws seem to defy all my allen wrenches! Thanks.
  3. Annoyingly missed the one that just went - saw it on ebay and didn't even realise it was for sale in the forum! People with new / nearly new feel free to post or PM me - i don't have the post count to PM the suppliers here! Budget £1200
  4. Here is my newest (and I hope, final) setup showing the GS/3 MP and the Compak K10 Fresh as well as other bits and pieces: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7961[/ATTACH] Taken with a wide-angle lens so a bit distorted but you get the picture. DB
  5. Can somebody please explain to me the difference between the compak K 10 fresh and the k10 pb? Why is the fresh more expensive as well? Thanks:)
  6. I have been on a search for a really top-end espresso grinder, which has led me to the Compak K10 Fresh. However, I am also looking for that grinder to be useful for other brewing methods, possibly up to and including French Press. I don't want to compromise on the espresso grind, but I am willing to compromise on alternative coarser grinds (within reason) Having done numerous searches on the Web, and forums, i am getting mixed messages about the extent to which large conical burr grinders / high end flat burrs (Mini E, K8 Fresh, etc) can yiled good results for much coarser grinds. Specifically, who does or has used the Compak K10 Fresh (or one of its dosered siblings, where the adjustment mechanism would effectively be the same,) for a coarse grind? My concerns would be twofold: 1. Can the adjustment actually get there - without pulling everything apart and moving the internals around. My guess would be yes. If my understanding is correct, the grind adjustment knob had a direct and unconstrained mechanical effect on the burr distance - which happens to be supported by a digial readout / calibration - the adjustment knob can keep twisting, and keep moving the burrs further apart (correct me if i'm wrong). This may mean the digital reading goes "off the scale", at which point its not counting any more, so coming back again probably needs a quick zero and / or the dialed-in espresso setting will no longer show the same digital readout for the same setting. I can live with that.. It won't be that often i need to do it. 2. Ignoring constraints in point 1 - can the burrs, at that distance, still produce consistency? This is where (some) seem to query the viability of this type of grinder. French Press: what are the results and observations from people who have actually tried? I don't need equivalent perfection levels produced at espresso settings - by which i mean i can be quite tolerant of imperfection for French Press. Will i still get better results using this set-up, than just buying pre-ground - for which staleness will obviously be the enemy? On a bit of a tangent: It has been said that the principle enemy of coffee ground for French Press is fines. Could those be sieved out after the grinding? (using some sort of kitchen sieve) I would not consider a second electric grinder just for coarser brews - however rational that would be. My wife is not going to approve of K10 expenditure if i then need to get a second grinder for "other" coffee. I might consider banishing the french press altogether if the K10 could excel at something slightly lower down the coarseness - I know very little about the alternative methods like drip and filter and aeropress but so long as there are methods and equipment out there than produce enough for say 4-6 people, then happy to be converted! Thanks very much! N
  7. Compak K10 Fresh Grinder - black Six month old Compak K10 Fresh grinder, perfect condition, functions as new. 6 months old used in a domestic environment. One of the great titan grinders suitable for home or high volume business use. Grinds double shot worth of coffee in 3 seconds, very consistent grind and dose and quiet running. See pictures below for condition etc. Unit is boxed with all accessories and manual. Comes with shorter hopper. Can be collected in Cambridge or couriered. The box weighs 20.5 kg and can be shipped, or picked up from Cambridge. £1200 delivered or £1190 collected. I'm VAT registered so could provide a VAT receipt for any businesses wishing to purchase which might help. Please contact me with any questions.
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