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  1. For all those people that have the itch, to just keep spending money on coffee stuff. When you need another thing to add you signature... Who will be there first to blink ? https://coffeez.kr/8
  2. Hey, I use an aeropress for work and I’m enjoying the long steep method by far after reading about it on here. I’m finding the coffee so clean and I can really taste some of the complexities. Lately I tried Horsham Coffee Roasters Kenyan Kianderi, which has been my favourite so far. Tasting notes of Rhubarb, Blackcurrant and Toffee. I just went to their site to purchase some more and unfortunately they don’t stock this bean anymore. So I’m after some recommendations for a good bean to try in my aeropress. Thanks, Tony
  3. Please check out those amazing coffee paintings from Got Coffee website: - Coffee Paintings
  4. My friend at Fallen Tree Coffee Truck https://instagram.com/FallenTreeCoffeeTruck has a lot of coffee left over from an event - Dear Green's pulped Brazil from Fazenda Pantano. https://www.deargreencoffee.com/products/brazil-fazenda-pantano
  5. I recently ordered 2 bags of this as it was the first fresh coffee I ever ordered and wanted to try it on my new machine but my palate has just got too used to light roasts. It is really nice though. This will cost you £12.90 delivered from CC. It was only roasted on 29th Oct so is ripe and ready to go. Payment will be in the form of a forum donation and I'll cover postage. £10... make me an offer.
  6. Hi All, Quite new and won't even have my classic until tomorrow, but i've bookmarked one or two sites that describe the taste with a chocolately, nutty and one even with an Orange taste but before taking the plunge I thought it would be worthwhile asking forum members for their recomendations who's actually had experience with different sellers and tried various different roasts as it seems that even some members have had ups and downs with established sellers on here, and of course if you want to add in your own favourite please share
  7. Ok, so just finishing off the Rave Fudge Blend. Now I have worked my way through quite a few beans over the years, most of Rave/James Gourmet and some Foundry, with the odd random bean from further afield. I have a preference for chocolate/nutty/caramel type notes. Roast wise I'm happy to try any, so no massive preference for the purposes of trying new beans. I'll be using it primarily for Flat Whites, and potentially for chemex. But as I said, primarily Flat White. So, nice and simple, what have you tried that was nice, and I know everyone is different, but Im willing
  8. Hi, first post and new member I love coffees with fruity tastes such as strawberries, lychees etc but get quite overwhelmed when looking for coffee beans and end up sticking to the same beans and roaster. So... Just wondering what recommendations people have for coffees with fruitier notes such as berries, lychee, melon etc? Lighter, medium, dark roasts... I'm easy.
  9. Hi can anyone give me any feedback or thoughts on this roaster / Any information will be hugely appreciated !! Thanks Sean
  10. Hey, I'm looking around for a hand grinder under £60, I do eventually want to get a Aergrind, Lido or something of that sort but don't have the budget for it right now. Looking for something decent until I do, not expecting incredible results. I usually make coffee with an aeropress or v60, I've tried some of the very low end grinders and they were atrocious at coarser settings. I've been told to consider a Rhino or Porlex? Are there any other decent grinders at this price point?
  11. Hi. One month ago find in youtube Poland company that make manual grinders and tampers. And I preorder one . They sell it from 1 June . If somebody interesting check it . Its good quality in my mind .
  12. We are opening a tea room and been quoted £139 per month for a casadio group 2 machine which works out at £5000 for the three year term. Is this about right or are we being had? Thanks
  13. Hi All, Just looking for advice, I'm wanting to get a filter coffee machine (to compliment my aeropress). Just wondering if anyone has used the Merlitta Look (glass or flask without the hot plate)? Or whether I should spend the extra and on a Moccamaster or a Wilfa Svart Classic any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  14. I work for a data management company, and as demo in our briefing centres we've created an analytics dashboard for coffee. It tickled me, so I thought I would share... This is displayed on a large interactive screen next to the coffee area in the briefing centres. One of our engineers reverse-engineered the output from the service port on Jura machines and designed a little listener (embedded in a coffee cup, appropriately) that logs it to a central location - these are now installed in the Jura machines in offices across the globe. We have a bunch of Franke machines as w
  15. Los Angeles Times 'A future cup of coffee in California could give you jitters before you even take a sip. A nonprofit group wants coffee manufacturers, distributors and retailers to post ominous warnings about a cancer-causing chemical stewing in every brew and has been presenting evidence in a Los Angeles courtroom to make its case. The long-running lawsuit that resumed Monday claims Starbucks and about 90 other companies, including grocery stores and retail shops, failed to follow a state law requiring warning signs about hazardous chemicals found everywhere from household pr
  16. Free £3 at Costa coffee Download the app and register your details Use invite code: 3VOJ to claim £2 once you first use the app Enjoy your coffee
  17. Found these coffee roasters having deals on code for all I believe is BREWATHOME the percentage off is varied between suppliers 😀👍
  18. Hey there. Myself and my boyfriend are thinking about starting up a coffee van we have no idea where to start. Was wondering if anyone could help with where we are allowed to park it and to sell coffee that way? I know we might need a street license in some areas but does anyone have any other information about where is ok to park and to trade? Thanks in advance 😊
  19. Hi, I am hoping that people on this forum may be able to help. My wife and I are looking to setup our own coffee cart business. We will not be going down the franchise route, but will instead opt to build out our own business. It would be great if someone was able to share an example P&L demonstrating the kind of items which will need to be accounted for, so consumable items (assume selling only coffee, tea, no food) and cups etc. In terms of required equipment I will be looking to purchase out right a vehicle and the coffee machine etc, so do not worry about any HP
  20. This is hard, must.....get.....instruction...... Being an impatient git and definitely trying to make things consistent and repeatable is giving me headaches. Yesterday was pretty good, 18g in, 40ish out in 27 seconds, i felt i was getting somewhere with a few minor tweaks life would become easier.......not so Woke up this morning, heated the machine, warmed the head, weighed 18.something and into the grinder she goes. fluffed and levelled 18g in the PF, used the eazytamp to get a flat consistent tamp........24 out in 27 secs!!!!!!!! Nothing has changed since yesterday. s
  21. Hi I'm a little fed up of using flimsy plastic bags with one way valves to store coffee. Has anyone ever used an airtight coffee container? Recommendations from amazon would be appreciated. Many thanks
  22. hi all as per title, any one tried this? only comes in 1kg bags so wanted some opinions before i order. http://grind.co.uk/shop/grind-coffee-1kg-bag thanks!
  23. My father is a gout sufferer and I was doing some study to adjust my diet, since my last blood test results regarding the uric acid level were a bit too high. It is interesting to go through the materials dealing with the groups of food that are banned/neutral/positive (regarding the amount of purines per weight and impact on the uric acid). In the oldest materials (books) coffee is forbidden, in the newer ones (a list the doctor gave my father) it is considered neutral - not to be consumed during an attack but overall no positive or negative effect. However, on Wikipedia, it is already l
  24. Anyone tried this? Got it as a birthday present and is quite tasty. I was sceptical at first but was roasted in January
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