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  1. I’ve started to notice weird transparent floaty bits on the surface of my black coffee. Anybody else got the same effect. Does anybody know what it is? I’m using the Hausgrind and V60 and AeroPress.
  2. Hi there, today I have been trying to get a decent cup of coffee from my machine. i have gone through two bags of fresh coffee, whilst experimenting. I reckon i have had two cups out of the two bags. Ive followed the instruction on screen, grind level etc tamping all that stuff, but they either fill the cup no crema or a measly amount. Some that look just right that are so sour its undrinkable. I have got the extraction to 9 seconds but still, it is vile! Any help offered would be appreciated!
  3. Just picked up via twitter what most of you in Bristol will already have known - that the fair city is going coffee festival in September. Probably well timed in a good spread across the year of UK festivals from London-Glasgow-Bristol-Manchester. Not a lot of detail yet unless anyone knows more. It should be a great showcase for the growing number of SW based roasters.
  4. Been a busy few months, I've been away from the forum, enjoying my coffees (usually from foundry coffee roasters cafe in Sheffield city centre), and the odd aeropress at home. As much as I want to like black coffee and aeropress, my taste buds prefer milky espresso based drinks. Some of you may remember my previous dabble in making espresso at home, I had a sage barista express that ended up back at John Lewis due to the steaming function not working correctly. Now, I am trying to decide on a new set up. If cost was no object I would be buying a lever machine from foundry coffe
  5. For sale is my 8 month old Rancilio Silvia. It is in fantastic condition and barely used. It has been maintained regularly and always been kept clean. The machine was bought from Bella Barista, a well known coffee machine supplier in the UK and includes warranty from them which expires 22/01/2019. • Comes with rubber backflush disk for cleaning and double filter basket. • DOES NOT COME WITH ORIGINAL BOX but will be packed super securely and sent via UPS tracked service. Metal cup warmer has a stain that I can't seem to remove (see photo). It may come off with
  6. Hi guys, I have recently purchased the Sage Barista and am finding that after I have extracted my espresso the portafilter is left with watery coffee. Not sure if this is due to the grind, or it being too compact? Any advice would be great - thank you. Sinead
  7. Hi everyone, its great to join your community. I have recently designed a product that turns your Aeropress into a Kyoto drip tower. Its a small addition to your Aeropress that radically changes the way it brews allowing you to make a 2.5 hr brew through the system whilst still using the Aeropress filters and bottom chamber assembly. We just previewed it at the New York Coffee Festival (we are from London but unfortunately missed the London festival), it was really well received and a few people remarked was the best cold brew of the show. If anyone is interested it is now live
  8. Dear Forum members, My brother brought me some coffee from a trip to Cambodia. It comes as a dry, fine powder and smells like hazelnut. Do you know what kind of coffee this could be? It has a drawing of a weasel on the packet. Could this be something like Kopi Luwak, the kind where a civet eats and digests the beans before they are made into coffee? My brother, unfortunately, does not remember. And no-one around me speaks Cambodian. Many thanks! Sine-A
  9. What is the minimum budget should be allocated for grinder in order to get a good cup of coffee from Pour-Over&French Press?
  10. Whilst I am not a huge believer in the "organic" certification - especially when it comes to coffee! - I am conscious with what I consume. It is important to try to eat/drink and support organically grown produce. I know in places such as Ethiopia, most of the coffee grown is organic by default. Does anyone know of origins which tend to use less chemicals in the growing? Alternatively, any which are known to be using excessive amounts?
  11. Hi all, as we got back home today from a vacation, I would like to report on few coffee experiences after 9 days and 3800 km driving across from Poland to Romania and Bulgaria and back. We aimed for Vichren, the second highest peak of Bulgaria and then a bit of relax at the shore of the Black Sea. All accommodation was through a booking website in private places or small apartment facilities. I will post some pictures later after processing. First night was in Timisoara, Romania and I was offered a dzezve coffee by the homeowner. It was a surprisingly good, nice balanced cup, apparen
  12. For all you South Londoners, these dudes just opened their doors about 2 months ago. It's a sweet spot, brewing up Brixton-based 'Assembly' coffee as espresso and filter - as well as snacks and a heap of other locally-produced goodies. Great guys doing greater things for the community. Drop in and say hi!
  13. Hello coffee heads, I'm in the very early stages of planning up a business venture and I was just wondering how much, typically, you can acquire milk alternatives for from wholesalers? I'm after the basic Soy, Almond and Coconut. Trying to cost a vegan menu but as I'm new to this world and wholesalers only let people already in the trade browse prices I'm not sure where to go from here.. I can have a fairly good guess on the prices but I want to be exact. I know it'll vary from supplier to supplier so I'm just looking for personal experiences
  14. In London there are a great deal of independent coffee shops, many served by knowledgable bearded staff. The coffee invariably tastes infinitely better than coffee served in chains. Take as espresso for instance, it is normally far richer in taste and stronger too. Why is this? Is it the beans / equipment, both, something else? Thank you
  15. An interesting coffee article from the guardian , I try to hate tom hanks ,but then he does something else and then I find I can not . https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/mar/02/tom-hanks-sends-espresso-machine-to-help-white-house-press-fight-for-truth
  16. Might be of interest to people...
  17. Hi, I've been asked by a few people whether I would consider putting on coffee classes, as I know a few cafes that offer this, whether it be espresso theory, brewed coffee, latte art or if you have the qualifications, offering full SCA courses. I've worked in coffee for 6 years (and been interested in for nearly 10) and have placed in the top 6 UKBC finals as well as worked with previous and current UK barista champs. I currently have completed SCA professional barista, (soon to be completing professional brewing) and I have started some sensory training, completing my foundation cou
  18. Hey! I just treated myself to a Sage Barista Express Espresso for my birthday and starting to learn some new things which is great. In the package it said an espresso extraction should take around 25-35 seconds. Mine is taking around 6-9 seconds! So I'm going wrong somewhere... I'm doing a single shot, used enough ground coffee and tampered so its nice and compact. The only other thing I can adjust is the grind size. I've set it so the grind is finer to see if it will help, it makes a small difference but no way near 25-35 seconds and now the pressure dial is nearly ov
  19. Hi all... I've painted all my life and within the past year decided to pluck up the courage to set up my own online shop to sell my watercolour paintings and prints, i've exhibited but I'm trying to think of new ways to push myself and get my work out there.. I was wondering about coffee shop wall art? Do you ( or anybody you know) display artists work for sale? Do you think my work would fit into a coffee shop vibe?? which prints? I thought i'd ask around relevant places online first before going into my local coffee shops ( i'm nervous!) Any advice much appreciated. Don't wa
  20. I have a bean to cup De-Longhi and for the past couple of years have been searching for the holy grail. I have tried various Costco beans, beans from Costa, varios supermarket beans but none have come close. I have tried all the coffee maker strengths but haven't changed the grinder setting. Mrs PDES and I have milk with our coffees. I am looking for the sort of medium to strong roast with a thick crema - the sort you get in good coffee shops. So far I haven't come close and to be honest, the quest is getting expensive. So, I am looking for suggestions. Anyone? Thanks
  21. Just a recommendation thread. I ordered some Foundry beans on Monday and it is Thursday and they still haven't arrived. Having about 10 beans left in the hopper and not wanting to use the ones I promised to send to someone on here, which I still haven't been able to post... I went to Waitrose for some Duchy Farm Organic Smoked Bacon (best bacon ever, seriously, try it!) and I noticed they sell beans as well as ground coffee. I picked up some of these (below) just to tide me over. But instead I find on the FIRST cup they are absolutely delicious!!!! I didn't even need to change the grind settin
  22. My father is a gout sufferer and I was doing some study to adjust my diet, since my last blood test results regarding the uric acid level were a bit too high. It is interesting to go through the materials dealing with the groups of food that are banned/neutral/positive (regarding the amount of purines per weight and impact on the uric acid). In the oldest materials (books) coffee is forbidden, in the newer ones (a list the doctor gave my father) it is considered neutral - not to be consumed during an attack but overall no positive or negative effect. However, on Wikipedia, it is already l
  23. This could potentially be another OCD project methinks. Like the time I got a scratch on the car and I wondered how the heck I could get that away. Now many years later I am more than happy to discuss clear coat hardness of any given car/make model, how many microns you could polish off using this or that product.....you get the idea and maybe you have a similar experience :-) Nonetheless, this is the type of projects I really like. Learning new stuff, perfecting techniques and talking to and meeting new people interested in the same :-) Our setup is a Profitec Pro 300 bought at a lo
  24. delivered under extracted sourness in everything i had. So in the search for a decent cuppa, and tying it into lunch, I decided to hit "jaunty goat coffee" in Chester, a mere 450 mile round trip. I done a bit of research and it certainly delivers in terms of beards/piercings and coloured hair, but alas everything espresso based was a total let down. As I made such an effort, I had a double shot, a flat white and a chemex brew which were all under extracted an sour (except the chemex), even the wife noted the sourness and wouldnt finish her flat white. So I thought id buy some beans whi
  25. Hello all, I’m new to this - recently I purchased ILY coffee beans that came in a tin and a relatively cheap manual coffee grinder. I grinded the beans and stored them with the grinder / jar in the fridge (the grinder instructions recommends this) and I stored the beans in the tin in the cupboard - very dark but not exactly cold - not hot either. Anyway, I checked today and after just 24 hours both the beans and ground coffee have gone stale. Not sure what to do now, maybe go back to my nespresso lol. Anyway, all help / advice is much appreciated.
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