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  1. This month's roaster, incredibly, was established in 1837! I hope they don't mind me using this old picture of their cafe. Thoroughly interesting read About Atkinsons The coffee I've chosen is one from an origin I've not bought from at all since taking over from Fluffles nearly a year and a half ago so we're all well overdue to visit this fine coffee producing country. I also understand this particular farm/lot holds special significance to Atkinsons so I look forward to hearing about it in the big reveal. Guest slots for this one are £14 for 500g delivered to your door. P
  2. Exactly one year on from their first LSOL, Craft House Coffee are back and this time with a very very exciting rare varietal exclusive lot just for us. This is certainly right up there with the priciest coffees we've ever had and I think we can expect great things given the cup quality of this particular varietal. Guest slots for this one are £20 for 500g delivered to your door. Whilst that may seem pricey for LSOL, I think it's still pretty darn reasonable considering the cost of the coffee itself. It will not be available to buy on their website either. Please sign up below
  3. Who else could serve us up a winning Christmas LSOL coffee? Sorry for the delay but Foundry have been very busy so this has only just been finalised. We're aiming for dispatch on 18th December with DPD delivery so it should arrive before the end of the week and before Christmas! Pricing for a guest slot is £20 for 500g delivered to your door. If you would like a guest slot please sign up below and await a PM from Daren with payment details. If you've been a guest before please feel free to go ahead and pay Daren to the usual account/paypal add. Don't forget to add your for
  4. I was super keen to feature these guys again, having tasted some blinding coffees from them recently. The one we're getting is no exception and is a pre-release exclusive to us. I really can't wait, having seen their taste notes. ** THERE WILL BE NO GUEST SLOTS THIS MONTH ** sorry to disappoint. Also, after some discussion with Daren, we have decided to take a month (or two) off from the subscription so we won't be renewing again now until late February or early March We need to do a bit of streamlining and I need to build a bit of a buffer of roasters willing to take part s
  5. Origin need no introduction. They've been in the specialty coffee game since before I knew what a pour over was! If anyone is interested to know more, check out their "About Us" section on their website. It's been an interesting process engaging with a specialty roaster as large as Origin. I was passed around various departments until finally landing with Dan who is their head of wholesale and a top chap! Origin are different to many roasters we feature on LSOL as they are (I think) all direct trade, as opposed to sourcing from an importer like Falcon. I'm hoping this will mean we
  6. A new quarter begins! I've got three great roasters lined up as well as a decent list for the next quarter. Our mission....to always try to buy the tastiest coffees that we can...I say we but @Daren barely pulls his weight Kicking things off are Assembly Coffee from London. Some of the long time subscribers will recall them providing a coffee for us long ago when fluffles was still running things. Here is what they say about themselves: We are aiming for them to roast our order some time w/c 11th March for delivery later that week. I haven't had final pricing yet bu
  7. And for my final month running LSOL... We have Common Coffee. Who are Common Coffee and what are they about, I hear you asking? Find out more here www.commoncoffee.co.uk I really like their approach, choosing coffees to fit their standard profiles: Strong, Sweet, Bright, & Complex with no nonsense inbetween. We've been given the choice between bright and complex... and they are not the ones listed on the website! I won't tell you which one you're getting Dispatch for this will be sometime w/c 19th August, with parcels arriving probably towards the end of that week. G
  8. Hi,just thinking about joining a coffee subscription service,does anyone know which is the best out there,as there seems a lot to choose from, would be great to hear feedback from some of you that use subscriptions
  9. I'm extremely happy to announce Crankhouse Coffee will be roasting some rather excellent beans for us in February. I know many of us are still enjoying the January coffee but due to logistical reasons we need to get this one rolling. Dave at Crankhouse has been a top chap to deal with and I think he's picked us a totally excellent coffee. This coffee is being used by a barista local to Dave in the UKBC heats. I believe we are getting it at the same time as the heats as a bit of an exclusive -->We are aiming for dispatch w/c 19th February Guest slots for this one ar
  10. Coming to you live from the top of a volcano in Indonesia....where the Wifi is incredibly ropey... It is with great pleasure that I can announce November's roaster with a poster...Drop Coffee out of Stockholm. I'm sure this comes as no great surprise to anyone who followed the original sign up post. This roaster needs no introduction really but for those with no clue https://www.dropcoffee.com ***Disclaimer....the whole order is getting sent to my house and I will be shipping it on to you all individually so please be patient as it may take some time and I'll do my
  11. Introducing October's roaster with a toaster Round Hill Roastery I'm sorry this post is going up a bit early, as we're very much in the middle of September's coffee. I want to take nothing away from that great coffee! The reason for this being early is I'm going off travelling for a month and want to get this sorted before I go. I'm leaving you all in @Daren's capable hands. I just want to say the people at Round Hill Roastery have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Something about a postage label fetish???? For this month Round Hill are offering us one coffee but tw
  12. In an attempt to really get something super special for November, I've approached a big name European Roaster through some great contacts in the UK. This won't be cheap as we will be charged VAT for this coffee on top of international and domestic shipping and the weak Pound vs Euro. Price will be approximately £10-12 for 250G delivered...this is just what it costs! In order to make this work we need to get a certain number of people on board. In my opinion, the coffee we've been offered is totally worth all this effort or I wouldn't be doing this. So with nothing else to
  13. For those of you that have heard of or tried Cartwheel's coffee before...this needs no additional hype. I sampled one of their coffees recently and it blew me away. Cartwheel are highly regarded by a few discerning forum members...you know who you are. As of right now, you can't buy Cartwheel coffee retail outside of going into their shop so this is some kind of crazy early-access exclusive! Learn more about them on their website ->http://www.cartwheelcoffee.com/ Guest slots for this one are £18 for 500G delivered to your door. If you've been a guest before the way to
  14. First roaster of this next quarter....coming fresh of the back of an absolute gem from Cartwheel....is Bailies Coffee Roasters from Belfast. I've sampled a fair bit of their coffee by now and I've been suitably impressed with the lot, what's more they have been a joy to deal with. About them: Their website: https://www.bailiescoffee.com/ Their favourite ice cream flavour: unknown I was spoilt for choice with what coffee to pick but I'm happy with what we went with in the end and it's a country we haven't visited for awhile. At the moment dispatch/delivery is (more or
  15. LSOL isn't always about super rare or exclusive coffees, sometimes it's just about trying new roasters or trying something a bit different. With this in mind I'm pleased to announce our roaster for March is The Good Coffee Cartel out of Glasgow. These guys come highly recommended by our very own Jeebsy. This isn't an exclusive so if you go spying on their website you will probably work out what it is. It is however very tasty and from a country we haven't visited for awhile. Guest slots for this one are £14 for for 500g delivered. We need payment sharpish so I will send details ou
  16. Back for (I believe) a third time! Almost certainly my favourite roaster at the moment having had nothing but fantastic coffee from them every time! Foundry Coffee Roasters in Sheffield have kindly agreed to provide our coffee for August! They've also offered us a hugely exciting coffee that I think is more the sort of coffee I've been trying to get this whole time! Naturally any coffee from Foundry is hugely exciting though This is a pre-release exclusive! Price is £16 per 500g delivered. (Two guest slots would be £32 delivered due to having to guarantee a cheaper price for our
  17. Hi Coffee People So I've just become a fully committed coffee drinker having taken delivery of a shiny new Rancilio Silvia. Without doubt I'll be drinking more coffee than ever, and I have already noticed more friends calling in for a coffee, so I'm considering getting some sort of coffee subscription. There seems to be a lot of these packages available up and down the UK. does it work? Is it good value for money? How much coffee do you need for 3-6 cups a day? I'd love to get your views on wether I should sign up... thanks in advance...
  18. Many thanks to Glenn for authorising this post. We’re delighted to announce the launch of our coffee subscription service. Due to high-demand, customers are now able to purchase coffee to have it delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months. The great thing about our coffee subscription is that it will allow you to experience a wide range of different coffees and the various flavours and profiles that these benefit from. Each order will be delivered via the Royal Mail in our innovative letterbox friendly, recycled packaging. Simply choose your su
  19. LSOL monthly coffee subscription slots are now available in 1kg-per-month and 500g-per-month options! Everything else is pretty much the same. Money is paid up front for the quarter and every month a carefully selected roaster will send you some yummy, delicious and unmarked beans to your door for discussion! Money left in the pot in the end at the quarter will go into next quarter's pot to allow us access to more premium coffees. The pricing is as follows: - 1KG per month is now £70 per quarter (£23/kg) - 500g per month is £40 per quarter (£26.66/kg) - Guest slot
  20. I need to educate my coffee palate a bit more, a subscription seems a good way of doing this. I will probably try the beans both as espresso and brewed; I tend to have a flat white in the morning and then take an Aeropress to work. I'm probably looking at a bag every fortnight, so that I actually finish the bags, weekly may work though with my current consumption. What would everyone recommend? Has to really be one of the ones that delivers in letterbox friendly packages as I don't want to be continually traipsing to the sorting office. thanks in advance
  21. Hi all, I was wondering if you guys could share or advice me on coffee subscription please. I'm wanting to try new flavours and new beans. So so if you have a subscription please could you let me know where it's from and how much, 200g/250g, how are the varieties and why you like them and why would you recommend it to anyone. Many thanks in advance. Mark
  22. My name is Adam and along with a group of students at Edinburgh University we are in the process of building a student run online coffee subscription service, but would really love advice on what features/aspects would be most important to you, and also what you feel are the biggest drawbacks of subscription services? We are not yet ready to launch and would value your opinion Many thanks, Adam. P.s I've cleared this with Glenn. It's great to be a part of a vibrant community
  23. Hi guys I just came across the forum and thought I would join in to learn a thing or two. I am a bit of a beer geek but I am learning lots about coffee right now. I've started a blog on my website http://www.bottleandbean.com to document my journey, so if anyone is finding their way into coffee feel free to follow. It's called Inside Out Coffee Blog because i have a beer and coffee subscriptions business I founded with my business partner John. I brew at home on an Aeropress or French Press but sometimes struggle with correct amount of coffee or grind size, so i'm looking fo
  24. ADVERTISEMENT NOT APPROVED BY ADMIN Hi guys I'm the co-founder of a new coffee subscription business called NAME REMOVED. I just wanted to share the site with you and get some feedback! We are the only subscription service that gives you exclusive ‘Live’ online tastings with the UK’s best independent brewers and coffee roasters. Here's the concept: We choose one roaster to be the feature roaster each month. We make up a package containing 3 x 120g of different coffee from the roaster The same week you receive the coffee you have the opportunity to join in a ‘live’ onlin
  25. Are these common? I'm thinking about something for mother for Christmas? Who does them? Is it monthly? How much coffee a month? Does it work out cheaper than buying as and when? Thanks
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