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  1. Hi all, Can somebody recommend a good coffee shop that will accommodate parking for a motorcycle as I would like to combine my two most enjoyable passions coffee and beautiful motorcycles. At the moment I am based in Essex region and I am happy to ride out for a coffee run, now at the moment it’s too cold for me, but would like to start planning a few rides to sample great coffee. On a different note on the weekend I was in Covent Garden and following the recommendation on this forum I made my way to TY seven dials for coffee and was not disappointed great coffee plus a beautiful La Marazocc
  2. Hi guys, Ash here from desire.coffee I just wanted to let you know about a little app on our website that you can use to find coffee shops near your location. Great for when you're on the go! Check it out at https://desire.coffee/find-a-coffee-shop/ and let us know what you think!
  3. Hiya, I've been writing a coffee blog for places and would love to share it with you all!! If you fancy having a read you can find it here: https://thegoodthebadandthelatte.blogspot.com/ Thanks x
  4. I'm taking a trip to the Channel Islands soon- are there any decent coffee shops worth visiting on Guernsey?
  5. As titled, anyone know of good places to grab some lunch, a nice coffee and maybe some cups or other coffee related gear? Thought I'll go for a day trip tomorrow, so trying to hit as many birds as possible with the one stone
  6. Hello folks I've decided to sell my specialty coffee business in Glasgow, is it okay to put info on coffee forums and which thread is best to put it in? Steph
  7. Well done Gary. Ace achievement. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/harbornes-steam-room-voted-best-14836786#ICID=ios_BMNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  8. I'm sometimes running a new pop up charity coffee shop in Bramley, Hampshire. This will be in one of our local village halls. The address is Clift Meadow Pavilion, Clift meadow, The Street, Bramley, Hampshire, RG26 5BP. I'll be making tasty espresso based drinks with a Fracino 2 group and EK43. We're also likely to have a filter coffee offering, although I'm still deciding which method I'll use. All proceeds will go to charity for our first few events. We're aiming to be there approximately once a month for the next few months. I'll post in this thread as and when dates are b
  9. I know nearby Bath is well respected and heralded for certain coffee shops, but can anyone recommend anywhere in or close to Frome? Thanks
  10. Hi guys I'm considering starting a coffee shop, in fact, sooner than expected I have found my venue, so I need to start getting things underway. I'm on a budget, aren't we all, but I'm very much of the mindset that I'd rather have second hand high end equipment, than cheap brand new stuff - in terms of coffee machines anyway. Grinders will most likely be new. I want two three group machines, and at least two grinders. I had my eye on some second hand La Marzocco Strada's but I just don't think its sensible spending such a big chunk of my limited budget on machines. So I am now consid
  11. I have a couple of hours to kill after a meeting in Dublin soon. Any recommendations for a quick schlurp?
  12. Hi to all those fellow coffee lovers out there! In mid Sept I take over a coffee/deli house in Sussex and am excitedly looking forward to the experience. We shall be serving great coffee and, as you would expect, lots of lovely treats. I look forward to spending time well spent on here digesting and sharing views etc. My initial question regards insurance; Public Liability and Employer. What are your experiences? Which insurer has been good for you and you would be happy to recommend? Many thanks Jules
  13. Hey everyone does anyone offer successful breakfasts to go in their coffee shops and are they popular? Thanks in advance
  14. Hey everyone I was hoping to pick your brains. I currently have a full time job and have been passionate about the coffee industry for quite a while. I hope to gain experience in a local coffee shop for a while before deciding if it is something I want to pursue further. there is a local coffee shop that I think is amazing and I was wondering if any of you business people could give advice on how I go about having the conversation. I would be able to work the odd weekend and was hoping to maybe do one evening a week for this guy. I don't need the money so I could work for the guy as a voluntee
  15. Friends are going to Milan in a couple of weeks. Apart from Taglio can you recommend anywhere?
  16. Time for a moan (sorry) I'm back in London armed with my London's Best Coffee app excited to try out all these new offerings but so far I've been underwhelmed to say the least. Ok I've only been to 4 places so far in Battersea and Clapham. My gripe is the coffee doesn't seem to be that important of a feature. No options of beans, no tasting notes or roasting profiles, no info on the roasters and the staff I've asked seem to know very little about what they're serving although I'm sure they all know how to make pretty patterns with the milk. It seems like all these "specialty" coffee shops ar
  17. Just booked a long weekend in Amsterdam in early June and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good coffee shops to check out while we are there? Staying near to Westerpark but will be on bikes so fairly mobile. Given the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, I am assuming there should be some good spots to try. Top be absolutely clear, we are seeking espresso recommendations (albeit other recommendations welcomed)!! Rob
  18. In Budapest just now. Was in Espresso Embassy yesterday. In Bean Buster today. Can recommend both. Bean Buster use Steampunk beans, weird coming all the way from Scotland to drink a bean rosted near me .
  19. As part of some research for a project I'm working on, I headed over to my favourite site for data viz, and stumbled on the above, which I thought would be interesting to share. It's also proof that, just when you think you've been really smart and original, there's a bunch of people who have beaten you to it, and someone else even smarter who saw it coming and has already made a nice pigeonhole for you! Nonetheless, great to see a few of our London faves get namechecked. I will be working within chocolate-sprinkling distance of one of Monmouth's outlets and the dubiously name
  20. I am going on a mini break to York shortly can anyone recommend a good coffee shop. Thanks in advance
  21. Hello everyone, I'm looking to open a coffee shop (in Leicester), and am considering barista courses. At the moment, I'm considering going to Italy (I looked at Italian Barista School). Has anyone here heard of it or been? I'm sure there are a lot of first time 'I want to open a coffee shop' posters here, but I'm deadly serious about it! I'm worried about travelling to Italy to only end up on a substandard course (I've seen a lot of people do that with gelato!) Also, do people think it so worth travelling to Italy over? Or should I just stick to a course in the UK?
  22. Hi everyone i was wondering what alternatives sell well in coffee shops. i have seen some coffee shops trying to sell art and honey and jams etc but i was wondering what are the most funky things you have seen thanks
  23. There's such a focus (on forums as well as in shops) on espresso I feel like brewed doesn't get as much attention as I'd like! I've certainly been to many shops where the espresso is tasty but the quality of brewed coffee is lacking in comparison. That in mind it would be great to pick all your brains for coffee shops you think are producing great stuff. I'll start the ball rolling with: UK: Colonna & Smalls, Bath Established, Belfast Abroad: Barista Parlor, Nashville Panther, Miami Axil, Melbourne Filter, Melbourne
  24. A local coffee shop, coffee apothecary, made it through to the finals of a competition for a new Marco SP9. They are close to winning but just need a few more votes. The competition ends today at noon so if you could spare a second could you please #SP9APOTH on the facebook link attached. https://www.facebook.com/MarcoBeverageSystems/posts/817002478421305 And if anyone is in the Aberdeen area, they are definitely worth a visit!
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