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  1. Hi All, Have recently agreed a couple sales for machines off the forum, one of which is to replace the machine currently at work. This is that machine. Its a Sage DTP, in good condition, currently fed bottled Ashbeck, previously Volvic. Cleaned regularly after use, and backflushed regularly (using the disc and occasionally tablets). It has no warranty, but has caused me no issues and has never had a fault. Its had an easy life, making no more than 5 doubles a week for the last 18 months while at work, previous to that it would've made approximately 10 a week. Its got some general marks from day to day use, mostly on the drip tray as expected. But nothing out of the ordinary. There are no dents or damage. The only other mark I can pick up is on the face of the machine, ive tried to photo this, but is not obvious, however, I've used a torch and flash on camera to try and bring this out as much as possible (it therefore looks worse in the pictures IMO). Comes with the standard 4 Sage baskets (2 single and 2 doubles - pressurised and non). Sage cleaning tablets, backflush blanking plate, Milk Wand Cleaning Tool and the Sage Razor. Ive never used two of the baskets or Razor. Ideally collection is preferred, however, I will box up and post if someone wants to arrange a courier. This will be at buyers risk and cost. I'm asking **£150**. Any questions, please ask.
  2. Every time I press the steam button my spout just pops out after 2 seconds of steam. There are screws behind the spout should I mess with them or are they not related?
  3. Hi, Friend of my brothers who owns a cafe is looking to get a new coffee machine, his existing coffee supplier who also services the machine showed him a 2 group CIME machine. I had not heard of them before and there is not a lot of info on this forum or online. Just wondered if any of this parish had any knowledge or experience with these machines. Thanks
  4. San remo opera 2 for sale. 3 group head. 2 years old in excellent condition (from coffee shop hunter & sons, bath) £6000, can arrange to ship anywhere in uk. Dont know how to add pictures so if youd like me to send some please give me your email.
  5. Hi there! I'm using professional espresso machines at work (usually 2-3 groups) and have been using Nespresso at home - time to upgrade ;-). At home am drinking 2-3 espressos on weekend and 1-2 lattes, never make more than 1 coffee at a time. While looking at various machines I've passed on Breville and Rancillo Silvia and am looking to choose between: 1) Bezzera Unica PID - due to it's PID and extraction pressure valve, well understanding that I need to wait for hot steam to froth 2) Rocket Appartamento - like HX but worried about less temperature stability and no pressure gauge. Am I missing any good machines in comparable price range? I've also heard complains about espresso taste due to water being reheated multiple times in boiler machines and better taste from HX machines where water is 'fresher' - is that something that I would strongly feel and does it strongly favour Appartamento in that case? Would love to hear your views!!!
  6. The ACS Minima is in Alpha and I will be getting one to test and review in a about a week. It is a very small footprint dual boiler machine (but large boilers), brew boiler 800ml, the service boiler which does steam and hot water is a huge 2.3 litres which for this class of machine is VERY large. Boilers are as usual stainless like the Vesuvius, Vibration pump, internal tank, stainless steel, full E61 groupsolenoid (less maintenance), steam and water wands, PID with countdown timer etc.. I've suggested to them that prior to launching to dealerships a softer launch to real people as beta testers might be a good idea, because retailers are not great at this unless they send it to me. The process will use the following stages: I will get an Alpha machine - effectively pre production, so mine won't have as good a finish as the production machines I identify any issues, potential improvements (desirable) Check operation, temperature, PID tuning Soak test it and pull lots of shots, take photos Write report Production quality machines are made (with any alpha test changes) and offered to beta testers who expressed an interest Beta testing ensures that in a wide range of users situations Beta testers would be expected to fit minor modifications if it proves necessary (it would be in your own interest anyway) The machines will not be free, but they will be significantly cheaper than retail, because they will be factory gate pricing. It is envisaged there will be approximately 8 machines available for beta testing, so please put your name down on the thread if you are interested. Timescales will depend upon the performance of the minima in the Alpha test. Note, it's not envisaged that new people looking for their 1st ever machine would be suitable, but ACS may want one "greenhorn" to see how it performs in the hands of the very inexperienced. Below is a photo of the part finished Alpha Machine. please bear in mind it is an Alpha machine and is not looking it's best at the moment. Things like labels, covered in bits of laser film, chrome caps etc.. etc.. none of it is done...but it gives you a general idea of the shape. So let's hope it gets here intact and undamaged!
  7. Hi, What’s the general consensus on connecting a coffee machine to an extension lead with other accessories? I made my better half a coffee this morning on my new ECM Synchronika. When I went back my make my own coffee the lights had gone out (green & orange) and the PID was blank. Pressed a button on the PID and nothing... So I assumed that it had ran out/low of water as I’m using it via the reservoir atm. Opened the flap and the reservoir was low so I topped it up. Then I couldn’t get the machine to turn on. Switched it off and back on again and nothing. Switched the mains off and on and nothing. I then switched the switch for tank feed and still nothing, so switched it back. Checked reservoir and all okay, float at the top, in correct place and reservoir tank properly in place etc. The only thing I noticed was the green light was dim when switched on instead of bright like it had been/should be. The last thing I thought to try was to remove the plug from the extension lead and plug it directly into the mains socket, and it worked! So I’m wondering if it was unable to draw the power it needed? There is only 3 items connected to the extension lead, the coffee machine, my Niche grinder and a Philips Hue light. Surely that’s not using up too much power? The extension lead is rated to 3000W. This is was it says on the product description: “You can have a maximum 10 sockets with up to a load of 3000W combined from all 10 plugs.” Its this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duronic-ST10B-Extension-Engineered-protected-Black/dp/B000OV0CEY I was planning on plugging the extension lead with the 3 items mentioned above into a Meross WiFi plug, which I received today so I could turn everything on remotely, but I’m not sure now? Any my ideas why this happened and have I done anything wrong? Thanks, Tony
  8. Hi I am looking at purchasing a good coffee machine for my shop any recommendations? Budget is £4000 Manjit
  9. Gaggia classic coffee machine with Iberital burr grinder, tamper and milk jug. This machine has an upgraded (Rancillio Silvia) steam wand and upgraded coffee basket. This in my opinion is the best espresso setup available at this price point. The upgraded steam wand is a new addition to the machine and makes a massive difference to the steaming capabilities as well as making the machine more hygienic than the original Gaggia steam wand. Price is firm at £250 with the extras included at this price. Collection only from Hoylake, Wirral (CH47) Image of setup can be seen here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/gaggia-classic-home-espresso-kit-coffee-machine-with-grinder/1281136404
  10. So I am looking to upgrade in the next couple of months, probably post Christmas but no harm in doing the research. Had a Cubika(with a siliva steam arm)for the past 4 years but have been well aware of its limitations, especially since getting a Mignon MK2. I think the clear way for me to go is to a Classic or a Silvia, both of which I have used since two of my brothers have them and I think the general consensus among us is that we prefer the Silivia and after using them I wold probably aim to get one myself. My question is, after seeing how many modded classics there are around for sale(PID, OPV etc.) but having no experience of using one, how does this change things? Would a modded classic be better than a silvia? Or is the dream scenario to get a Silvia with a PID? I can't see that theres anything else viable at this end of the market? Not keen on the Sage DTP and can't see that theres anything else other than hoping for an exceptional second hand deal on something better coming along? Any advice would be appreciated! I am a student so although this might seem like an insignificant purchase to some, it's an investment for my next 4 years of coffee!
  11. Was browsing Gumtree for coffee paraphernalia and found this on there: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/gaggia-classic-espresso-machine-and-accessories/1269669248 Been on for 20days so might be able to get it a bit cheaper, no mods done but thought it seems like a good deal! Would snatch this up if I wasn't over in West Yorkshire.
  12. Hi, I am selling our san remo opera 2 coffee machine. We have had it for 2 years. In excellent condition, 3 group head. From our shop we closed last year in bath (hunter & sons). Please get in touch if interested. Open to resonable offers. Will organise shipping to anywhere in the uk. Thanks
  13. Hello everybody, just stumbled upon this here project: https://www.anzacoffee.com/ While it focuses on styling and artistic integration into living space, they might have forgotten about contacting @DavecUK for technical questions. Way down on this page there's some specs: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/anza-redefining-espresso-in-concrete-and-corian-coffee#/ Nevertheless, an interesting approach! Now, I'd like to see more different looks on serious equipment... Stainless alone can't be the end of the line
  14. I've been enjoying coffee from my "rescued" Moccamaster which I got for the equivalent of £10 but over the last few weeks the coffee from it has developed a strange/nasty flavour and there also seems to be a grounding issue, it zaps me lightly in certain parts. I already replaced some parts and really don't want to spend any more money it. Not sure what's causing the strange flavour, but it could be just that the plastic filter holder and the plastic lid for the server is not possible to clean thoroughly and always has some stale coffee smell or there is something else wrong, possibly inside the boiler? I've decided to go for a new filter machine, and been looking at Behmor Brazen Plus as well. It's ugly but I've had really good coffee served from it in a shop, and due to flat basket and shower head it might make a cleaner cup than Moccamaster possibly? The other option seems to be getting a new Moccamaster, which is very readily available in Scandinavia with spare parts. Another similar brewer / Moccamaster clone is the Wilfa Precision which seems to have a nicer filter basket with variable opening (the new Moccamasters don't have this feature anymore). Does anyone have any recommendations?
  15. Hey! Don't shoot the newb here - just looking for some advice as to where to purchase a Simonelli Oscar II? (any tips as who to avoid, or who has good service/or discount!). I'm in Central Scotland if that helps! Side note - any grinder tips more than welcome - I haven't entirely settled on which one I want yet..
  16. Considering eBay uk is full of used coffee machines and grinders and has a thriving used market, I did some searching on France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy for a good used grinder. Virtually no nice used models - even in Italy!!! What's going on here? Do they just dump everything used and buy new or what?
  17. This is a Breville Dual Boiler the original version of the Sage Dual Boiler - Sage is the European trademark. It is having the same specs as Sage but because it was not sold under European regulations it will stay on for one hour before going to standby while the Sage I think will stay on only for 20 minutes. I bought it from a forum member (here is the sale thread) in November 2017 and I enjoyed his pours since last week, when I received my Vesuvius courtesy of DaveC and Paolo Cortese. After I bought it, I noticed bit of steam escaping on top of steam boiler so I replaces all the o-rings I could access. I will include spare o-rings and the originals that I replaced. It had 4-6 doubles every day using Volvic water. After each session it had group head cleaning and back flush program running without capsule. Every weekend it had general cleaning and back flushing with capsule. It has some dents and signs of use but it is in a very good condition delivering very consistent shots. I'm asking £450 collected from Coventry and you get what you see in the pictures. I can pack it securely and deliver it at buyers cost and risk. EDIT: Also I replaced the Australian plug with UK plug
  18. Hi fellow members I have been using a Vario and Silvia for the last 4 years and am now looking to upgrade these to something nicer and capable of making coffees for more than 3 people at the same time, so that somebody isn't left over while others finishing their coffee As you may know, I always pre-warm my Silvia for nearly 20-30 mins before it reaches its tempreatures, or another 5-10 mins after 2 singles. Can you please recommend a nicer and more capable machine that can be immediately used without pre-warming, no wait between the multiple shots and delay for steaming? My next grinder will probably be a supper jolly, and a budget would be around Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance Jon
  19. Hi everyone, I've just moved to Barcelona and I am looking to buy a new coffee machine around 400 GBP. I've checked this website, and these two machines seem to be fit for purpose. - Nemox Fenice: https://www.coffeeitalia.es/brand/nemox/nemox-fenice.html?utm_source=CaffèItaliaES&utm_campaign=5eb421ae06-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_97d65ea325-5eb421ae06-432984893&mc_cid=5eb421ae06&mc_eid=8bece2f4e3 - Isomac Giada II: https://www.coffeeitalia.es/maquinas-de-cafe/maquinas-semiautomaticas/nueva-isomac-giada-ii.html They both seem like a better option than a Classic, specially the Nemox seems more reliable and stable in terms of temperature. The problem is that I don't know any of the machines. What do you guys think?
  20. Hi all, I am selling my Rocket Appartamento due to upgrading. The machine is in extremely good condition as it was only purchased in February this year from Bella Barista so it’s still warranted until 26/02/2022 which can be seen on the warranty card in the images. I have only used filtered water in the machine but have ran a descaling cycle every 45 days or so and have backflushed after every brewing session, although once a week with Cafiza tablets. the machine comes in it’s original box with single and double portafilters, rocket tamper, blind basket for backflushing instruction manual and warranty card. Sadly there are a couple of minor scuffs on the top cup warming plate, this was done before finding these forums and finding out about using the black perforated backing trays to protect the metal surface, Hence they have been used ever since and will also come with the machine. Also one of the black stickers has come off on the steam knob. Collection from Derby £825 Ono Thanks for looking.
  21. Hey, As I mostly make espresso based drinks I’m looking to try and move on some of my other equipment that isn’t getting as much use as I’d like! First off are: 1) Technivorm Moccamaster in black - comes with original box. I have purchased the Artisansmith Shower Head (from Australia) but I do have the original head as well. Also I think half box of filters. 2) Baratza Virtuoso - should be in good condition as hasn’t had a whole lot of use. I can’t find the original box unfortunately but may turn up! I did post a valuation thread but didn’t get any advice so I’ve based it on eBay sold listings. Looking for around £300.
  22. Hi there, I have a MyWay Izzo Pompei Dual-fuel Two Group Head Spring Lever Coffee Machine that works well on electricity, however not tried it on gas. If you've got a cafe premises it would be perfect for you, these machines go for about £4000+ brand new and make a really nice brew. Would like £2500 ono, many thanks.
  23. Hi there, I'm new to this forum but would like to get some feedback from everyone. I'm considering selling my MyWay Izzo Pompei Dual-fuel Two Group Head Spring Lever Coffee Machine, but am wondering if there was a demand for it? It works well on electricity, however not tried it on gas. If you've got a cafe premises that would be perfect for you, I do know these machines go for about £4000+ brand new. Anybody interested at all?
  24. Hi and welcome to the sale of my beloved coffee machine setup. Coffee machine is an expobar leva dual boiler with PID and has a naked portafilter with VST basket, this was originally purchased from Bella Baritsta. Grinder is the MAHLKONIG VARIO and comes with all original accessories, this was originally purchased from HasBean. The coffee machine is in great working order, anyone interested in the sale is welcome to come and view the machine and I am happy to demonstrate this machine in use. There are lots of accessories included in the sale including: 3 very good books. Lots of fresh coffee. Tamper and tamper mat. Grinder and espresso machine cleaner. Scales, knock box, jug and cleaning accessories. The pictures below show all items included in the sale. I am looking for a price of £850 all in, I am not currently looking to split the items. I think this show amaizing value for money as I have over £1600 invested here. Thanks for looking all. David
  25. Hi there! I'd really appreciate some assistance with my new Rioba Firenze machine. I want to use it on the go so I need it to be unplumbed, fed with the hose from a filtered water barrel. I've got it out and set it up, and it doesn't seem to want to work. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Or what I might be doing wrong? Thanks a lot in advance!
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