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  1. Hi, Friend of my brothers who owns a cafe is looking to get a new coffee machine, his existing coffee supplier who also services the machine showed him a 2 group CIME machine. I had not heard of them before and there is not a lot of info on this forum or online. Just wondered if any of this parish had any knowledge or experience with these machines. Thanks
  2. Hi there! I'm using professional espresso machines at work (usually 2-3 groups) and have been using Nespresso at home - time to upgrade ;-). At home am drinking 2-3 espressos on weekend and 1-2 lattes, never make more than 1 coffee at a time. While looking at various machines I've passed on Breville and Rancillo Silvia and am looking to choose between: 1) Bezzera Unica PID - due to it's PID and extraction pressure valve, well understanding that I need to wait for hot steam to froth 2) Rocket Appartamento - like HX but worried about less temperature stability and no pressure gauge
  3. Hey all, I joined this forum a few weeks ago after purchasing a De'Longhi Eletta ECAM 44.660.B Bean to Cup. After a few weeks I've decided it isn't for me due to average taste in coffee and actually not very hot coffee. Also with reading a lot on this forum I'm going for the more manual option so..... I have a budget of around £500 for a coffee machine and grinder. I've read around the classic and i'm not a big fan of the looks (I know it's not all about the looks) and I think you need to like the look of the machine you are wanting to use. Basically I'm a huge fan of flat whites and want to r
  4. Hi All, Have recently agreed a couple sales for machines off the forum, one of which is to replace the machine currently at work. This is that machine. Its a Sage DTP, in good condition, currently fed bottled Ashbeck, previously Volvic. Cleaned regularly after use, and backflushed regularly (using the disc and occasionally tablets). It has no warranty, but has caused me no issues and has never had a fault. Its had an easy life, making no more than 5 doubles a week for the last 18 months while at work, previous to that it would've made approximately 10 a week. Its got some gener
  5. So I am looking to upgrade in the next couple of months, probably post Christmas but no harm in doing the research. Had a Cubika(with a siliva steam arm)for the past 4 years but have been well aware of its limitations, especially since getting a Mignon MK2. I think the clear way for me to go is to a Classic or a Silvia, both of which I have used since two of my brothers have them and I think the general consensus among us is that we prefer the Silivia and after using them I wold probably aim to get one myself. My question is, after seeing how many modded classics there are around for
  6. Was browsing Gumtree for coffee paraphernalia and found this on there: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/gaggia-classic-espresso-machine-and-accessories/1269669248 Been on for 20days so might be able to get it a bit cheaper, no mods done but thought it seems like a good deal! Would snatch this up if I wasn't over in West Yorkshire.
  7. I'm looking to buy an espresso machine such as the Gaggia Classic and I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a good website to purchase from? Most of the websites I come across are US based and the ones I find in the UK only sell appliance style machines.
  8. Hello everyone, After buying an ex army Land Rover last year, I have finally finished converting it into a Gourmet Coffee Bar, but I'm really not so great on the power front, so needing some advice! I have a Fracino CON2ELPG, which in the future I will be running on LPG, but for this summer I shall be powering the Machine with a generator. The Element rating is 2.85kw, and pump is roughly 150 watts. The rest of my equipment, grinders etc, will be battery and inverted operated so that's not a problem. So what maximum & continuous wattage would I need from the gene? Would I get away wi
  9. Hi, Ive just bought a brand new Gaggia Carezza Deluxe and I'm new to it. I bought it from coffeeitalia and when I maybe a bit of a newb to it but when I go to throth it, I first empty the water before it throths but then it stops and it makes a loud thudding banging noise and wont throth anymore, what am I doing wrong? I must admit the throther is confusing me a bit. I had a delonghi before and I had no problems with that but this gaggia is a more expensive machine so I dont know really.
  10. Hi guys, A quick question about free on loan coffee equipment here in the UK. I'm Australian and have come from an establishment in Melbourne where we got through 60-70kg+ of coffee a week, and our wholesaler supplied my employers with everything: Barista training, tamp, grinder, cups, custom painted La Marzocca FB/80 (everything!) Now I'm doing my own thing, targeting a small space in Hackney, London and I'm trying to establish which boutique suppliers might offer a free on loan machine/grinder and how many kg's I might need to get through to interest them. If not, whether an
  11. I could do with some advice. I'm looking to upgrade this year from my Piccino. I was wondering what the main differences are between the Expobar Office Leva Dual Boiler Coffee Machine & PID and the Rocket R58, which costs around £600 more. Another option was the cherub, Its just a shame theres no PID on these yet
  12. I am enquiring on behalf of a fellow coffee lover He has an Elektra Microcasa a Leva machine which was produced in 1981 and requires a new spring, which is not produced anymore. Do you know of any machines being broken down or suitable replacement parts?
  13. Hi to all you wonderful coffee lovers! We here at Sanremo UK have created a video which was released yesterday on Youtube, and has just gone past the 1000 view mark! We are hoping to make it go viral and would love your help as coffee professionals to spread the word If you have a Twitter account, are on Facebook or have a blog, we would be very grateful if you could share it with your followers and friends! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it [video=youtube_share;F9AOg6caaz8]
  14. Rancilio Classe 10, was working prior to being left on with low water level. Overheated and cut out. Have been going through a trouble-shooting process. Purchased a brand new element but it is still not kicking in. Purchased a new boiler temperature probe and a new Overheat Safety Cut-off. Still not working, please help!
  15. Last night I attended a CoffeeHit open day where Paul generously laid on coffee, milk and beer, and allowed all who turned up to spend as much time as we wanted on the La Marzocco Strada coffee machine they have recently installed (and are retailing). The coffee was supplied by Square Mile and was their Autumn Espresso blend. We had a choice of grinders (Mazzer Robur E, Anfim and Mazzer Luigi (Super Jolly Electronic?) as well as pretty much every cafe accessory known to man. The only limitations were our skills (or lack of as we discovered) as we tried numerous extraction techni
  16. I am currently looking to buy a coffee/espresso machine for my home (I work from home too) and would really appreciate any advice on what I should be considering. I've run some web searches looking for machine reviews but aside from those I found on Which, and the results seem to be contentious according to certain reviews, I have not been able to find anything else particularly helpful. Initially I was looking for a semi automatic machine with an integral grinder but I am also okay with buying a grinder separately if that is the right way forward. I am a novice to coffee making, certai
  17. Check out the fantastic video shot with GoPro Camera inside a roaster
  18. Just saw this. First thing that popped into my head was 'snowman'.... maybe due to time of the year.... My second thought was how the hell do you use it... Further info on ebay if you search "La Sorrentina"
  19. Hi all, just in in the process of obtaing a lease for my coffee machine. They have requested vechile details for hpi check as its for a mobile van so they can register an interest on it. Is this normal? many thanks ?
  20. We now have engineers based in the following regions for repair, diagnosis, installation services for commercial and domestic coffee machines and grinders. Region Covered: London, Greater London, Brighton, Surry, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Canterbury, Midlands (North) All engineers carry huge range of spare parts with them for all types of machines and grinders. PM or email us: [email protected]
  21. Hello everybody, just stumbled upon this here project: https://www.anzacoffee.com/ While it focuses on styling and artistic integration into living space, they might have forgotten about contacting @DavecUK for technical questions. Way down on this page there's some specs: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/anza-redefining-espresso-in-concrete-and-corian-coffee#/ Nevertheless, an interesting approach! Now, I'd like to see more different looks on serious equipment... Stainless alone can't be the end of the line
  22. Hey, As I mostly make espresso based drinks I’m looking to try and move on some of my other equipment that isn’t getting as much use as I’d like! First off are: 1) Technivorm Moccamaster in black - comes with original box. I have purchased the Artisansmith Shower Head (from Australia) but I do have the original head as well. Also I think half box of filters. 2) Baratza Virtuoso - should be in good condition as hasn’t had a whole lot of use. I can’t find the original box unfortunately but may turn up! I did post a valuation thread but didn’t get any advi
  23. I've been enjoying coffee from my "rescued" Moccamaster which I got for the equivalent of £10 but over the last few weeks the coffee from it has developed a strange/nasty flavour and there also seems to be a grounding issue, it zaps me lightly in certain parts. I already replaced some parts and really don't want to spend any more money it. Not sure what's causing the strange flavour, but it could be just that the plastic filter holder and the plastic lid for the server is not possible to clean thoroughly and always has some stale coffee smell or there is something else wrong, possibly inside t
  24. Selling a Breville (Sage) Infuser, bought in Australia. These are not available (yet) in the UK, and are an upgrade compared to the Duo temp. PID control with programmable temperature (+- 4ºC), automatic version with programmable amount of espresso (single and double shot), and manual version that also allows you to control pre-infusion time. Pressure gauge. This was an upgrade over my previous Gaggia Classic, with much more reliable and predictable temperature thanks to the PID and thermocoil maintaining consistent temperatures even after steaming. One of the greatest advantages over the
  25. Hi All have been procrastinating over a Sage DB and am on the verge of purchasing, just wondering what other options are out there that don't require a 1/2 hr warm up or more. May main machine is at work and is a La Spaziale mini Vivaldi 2. For home use I have a rather battered Silvia and to be honest am finding the whole temperature surf/wait for steam a bit of a chore. Was wondering whether the Bezerra BZ10 might be an option as it has a heated element in the group and should get up to temp quicker. Bella Barista don't look like they'll be getting any in soon - so may have to
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