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Found 21 results

  1. Hi. Just started looking for a new grinder as I wanted to upgrade my Iberital MC2, which although has done me proud (especially for the price) was a bit noisy. Today I found a Mazzer Major Aut on FB sales locally listed just as a coffee grinder so picked it up very cheap. Amazed by the weight and the size of it when I picked it up but saw it running with a few beans and seamed in pretty good nick apart from some drinks to the paintwork. Not expecting a lot for the money but am happy to work on it if it needs it. It has a sprung tamper on the front and a doser which reads 1850 - the 5 diget is between the 5 and the 6 and stays there until up to 7/8 is this normal or has it been clocked etc? I would like to change this for a doserless if possible? Is this easy to do and where is the best place to buy the bits? Also any advice on dismantling and cleaning and using before I go charging in would be much appreciated. I have tried to add a few pictures below Thanks in advance Jack
  2. Lets start something that's not about, when is my grinder coming, interesting as it might be. How is everyone who has received their Niche Zero finding the grinder. Have you compared it against your existing grinder if you have one, has it helped the coffee making process, do we have some videos of your Niche in action and the shots it's producing. How are you finding the weight consistency out vs in etc..
  3. Hi all, apologies for the strange request, but I've had someone contacting me about renting out my grinder to them, and I have absolutely no idea how much to do it for on a daily basis? The grinder is a Graef CM80, in great condition. I don't know if I 've posted this in the right area but would really appreciate any help, thanks!
  4. Hi and welcome to the sale of my beloved coffee machine setup. Coffee machine is an expobar leva dual boiler with PID and has a naked portafilter with VST basket, this was originally purchased from Bella Baritsta. Grinder is the MAHLKONIG VARIO and comes with all original accessories, this was originally purchased from HasBean. The coffee machine is in great working order, anyone interested in the sale is welcome to come and view the machine and I am happy to demonstrate this machine in use. There are lots of accessories included in the sale including: 3 very good books. Lots of fresh coffee. Tamper and tamper mat. Grinder and espresso machine cleaner. Scales, knock box, jug and cleaning accessories. The pictures below show all items included in the sale. I am looking for a price of £850 all in, I am not currently looking to split the items. I think this show amaizing value for money as I have over £1600 invested here. Thanks for looking all. David
  5. FOR SALE - £750 ONO. Hi all, I am looking to sell my Sanremo SR70 grinder. My business closed so I no longer have a use for it. The grinder was only used for 3 months and has been sitting (covered over) in my flat for a couple of months. As much as i wish i could plumb in my Sanremo ZOE Group 2 (which i am also selling btw if interested ) and make coffees in the comfort of my lounge it just isn't fesible! The Grinder still has the plastic covering on the front. No Marks at all. It comes with a Sanremo knock out drawer & tamper. Collection from Leeds please OR i can deliver to places within reasonable distance. Some features for you: Fast Electronic Grinder Doser (on demand) Touch Screen Display with CapSense Technology Motor cooling fan with thermostat 7g in around 2.2 seconds Immediate, accurate, fresh and fast Electronic audit data Up to 3kg per day Colour; Black PICTURES - for some reason i can't get these to rotate, feel free to contact me for more info. Extra info http://www.sanremouk.com/portfolio/sr70-evo/ http://www.casaespresso.co.uk/whats-the-best-commercial-coffee-grinder/ (I know they are a bit bias but there is some decent information here)
  6. Rancilio Rocky (non-doser) coffee grinder, never used (apart from the factory test prior to dispatch), still in packing box, unwanted pressie...for sale £150 plus postage.
  7. Hi, I've been looking around to replace my cheap Sunbeam grinder with something that makes a nice espresso or french press. It's very messy and produces clumpy grinds. It seems like the Baratza Virtuoso is the most recommended for espresso and french press http://www.coffeeholic.link/best-coffee-grinder/. Looks like it has a quality burr set and nice features for approx $250 (the high-end of my budget). My second option is the Breville Smart Grinder Pro (BCG820) which seems popular with buyers and closer to my budget. It has just about every feature that I need and easy to clean. With 60 adjustment levels I’m guessing that it will be accurate enough to get my preferred shot just right. It's a lot of information to take in, should I just go for the Virtuoso (it’s not that much more)? Is there another coffee grinder that I should consider buying? Any help much appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Slightly off topic,however, I have a smart pro grinder being delivered next week. Currently using this for grinding coffee beans. http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-grinder-gvx231 thinking I might use it to replace the spice krups spice grinder which is on its way out which is this model http://www.krups.co.uk/coffee-mill-f20342 the difference if that the spice grinder has blades, any reason why the top coffee grinder would not work for whole spices including cinamon sticks?
  9. It seems I bought a Mythos; despite not knowing a huge amount about these I recalled Coffee chap saying they were good, so I bought a used one - billed as nearly new. Now I am after some advice please (I'm sure many will think I should have asked for advice pre-purchase!) How do I tell how old it is please? I know the shot counts can be reset - but are the continuous time and start numbers fixed (i.e. will they give a good picture of use)? Is there an easy way of finding out if the burrs are titanium or not? Are there any height reduction mods - the price of the £120 short hopper scares me! Any other worthwhile mods (I know about BB Clump Crusher) Anything else I should know? As always, all advice very welcome.
  10. Hey guys, I'm doing some market research on behalf of a client and was wondering if you could help me out! In your expert opinion, what's the best coffee grinder on the market and why? Looking forward to your opinions! Thanks in advance. - J.G
  11. Hello, I'm quite a newbie, but have now upgraded to a Gaggia Classic, and need to do the same for my Krups grinder. I've been on the look out for an MC2 for circa £80, but not got one yet. Had half thought I'd waited for the grind off, but suspect at my price point the MC2 is prob obvious. Anyway, I've also been watching a couple on ebay, but still don't have a good idea of what is good, and for what price (apart from the MC2). I've seen a La Pavoni Jolly, and wondered how people rated it, esp in comparison to the MC2. It is about 100 now, but only a couple of hours to go! Thanks for any info! Jon
  12. For sale: £100 +PP Excellent working condition - light use. ASCASO I-MINI NON-DOSER COFFEE GRINDER - STAINLESS STEEL 250W (Note, This is the 250w version rather than the 140w motor) Metal Body 250w 700rpm 54mm burr
  13. New, never been used, but no box. I have the smaller version of this, and it's worked great so far. This larger one from CoffeeHit is £39.90 - grab this one for £24 posted to mainland UK. Josh
  14. Hi all Thank you for welcoming me into the forum. My coffee background is probably going to be frowned upon, but here goes anyway: About 12 years ago I replaced instant coffee with french press. I then got into using stove top coffee makers, thinking that I was drinking espressos. I then dabbled with the idea of getting an espresso machine but decided the whole process looked too messy and settled for one of George Clooney's Nespresso Machines, which I have now been using for 10 years and still like. So a few months ago I started drinking more french press coffee again, just for a change from the pods, and this time I stuck with it. The only drag was how long it was taking to grind the coffee beans in my little La Cafetiere Hand Grinder, so I did a little research and decided I needed a cheap little burr grinder like the Bodum for £60, which is apparently good for producing grounds for the stove top and french press. Anyway just before Christmas I was out for a meal with a friend, and I mentioned to her that I was looking for a coffee grinder (this is where things got crazy). My friend asked our waiter if there was anywhere in the area you can buy coffee grinders. A few minutes later the restaurant manager asked me to follow him down to the storeroom where I was presented with a sturdy 2ft tall cardboard box, and inside the box was the biggest coffee grinder I had ever seen. The manager told me that this grinder has been sat in the storeroom for a few months after the restaurant owner suddenly decided to replace all of the coffee equipment, and if I want it I can have it. I was totally blown away by this offer of a free beast of a coffee grinder, and I obviously didn't turn it away. So here I now am with what I now know is a Mazzer Super Jolly Aut sitting on my little kitchen worktop, which to my untrained eyes looks to be in very good condition. It also came with the original box which displays a purchase date of 01/11/17. I have jumped from a little hand grinder to this beast of a machine so that I can occasionally grind some coarse beans. The first thing I did was vacuum out all of the old grounds and give the machine a good clean, mostly inside the doser and the burrs (without attempting to remove the lower burr). I then popped in some beans and fired it up. It produced both coarse grounds and talcum powder . I then figured out that in order to go from coarse to fine, I needed to rotate the adjustment ring while it was running so that no beans became jammed. For the last month I had been toying with the idea of selling the SJ and buying something a bit more sensible; After all it is surely an overkill, plus im very strapped for cash! However I love this thing for all its ridiculousness. I think it looks really cool, it's a talking talking point in my little kitchen, and it grinds my beans . So I have decided to keep it! Perhaps one day I might even obtain a proper espresso machine and really put the SJ to good use. I do have a few questions that I hope you guys might be able to help me with please: Q1. Can I buy the Stop that screws down into the adjuster ring? It never seems to come up on eBay, although I suspect it might cost the earth if it ever does become available. Q2. The doser is obviously the most impracticable part of this machine, however I am most certainly not handy enough to convert it to doserless myself, plus I really don't want to tamper with a perfectly functioning machine that I could never afford to replace or get repaired. I wonder if my best bet would be to do the Cocktail Shaker mod I read about here. Then at least grounds wont pile up on the centre nut of the doser. That said, im even a little nervous about taking the centre nut out in case I screw something up. Is there not something that can simply be placed securely inside the doser to stop the build up of grounds in the centre? Q3. Does anyone know of a suitable grounds catcher that can sit on the portafilter holder that is wide enough as to not miss any grounds and allow the doser handle to have free movement? Something with a handle would be even better, but so far I've not found anything that would do the trick. Q4. Can you put grease on the burr adjuster ring thread to make the action smoother? Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice you might have.
  15. Morning all! This is my first post here after looking for a UK forum to help my coffee making. I'm David, from Nottingham, UK. I I posted a few days ago on home-barista.com forum, before I found this UK one. They concluded that my issues are all about the grind. http://www.home-barista.com/tips/pours-way-too-fast-something-fundamental-t21371.html#p250438 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ9qvg8u63s&hd=1 I'll say straight off that I'm not after making 'exceptional' coffee, but I would like to make good coffee. I've now learned about grinders, but crikey I thought my machine was already a fair bit of £££. I know in the world of you guys who take it to another level that it's not, but to me it's my first coffee machine that wasn't a kettle and instant or a cafetiere it was still a significant purchase. I purchased it because I like coffee and started drinking more coffee that wasn't instant! So usually at a coffee shop I have a regular Americano, not an espresso. I hadn't really tried many espresso's straight until I got my machine... if one could call mine espresso's! I can't currently see my taking this to too high a level like many of you, but I would like to get more out of my current machine, which as you can see from my video that I'm woeful at so far! I'll be honest, I went into this a little naively, thinking the coffee machine was the main purchase. Thus getting 'funds-approval' from the other half for anything above £100 will be difficult to do currently. If you had to pick one or 2 of the cheapest 'acceptable' models, what would be good for me? Or is there a tried and trusted model that I'd be able to pick up second hand from ebay or similar? Is there anything under the price of the Iberital MC2 that is worth considering? I'm open to a second hand model of some description, but £150 would be my absolute limit, and even explaining that one to the missus will be tricky! Should I think about getting a better portafilter yet too? Or one things at a time? One thing is for sure after looking at many youtube videos is that I should get a better tamper. The supplied one is plastic and leaves a gap at the edge. Thanks, David
  16. Hi, I'm off to Birmingham in a couple of weeks and was hoping I could get to check out a few grinders while I'm there. Can anyone recommend where to go to check out some non-commercial grinders. I'm particularly interested in the Rancilio Rocky as my budget is around £250, but I'm still open to suggestions.
  17. Hello! I'm selling my well loved, Mahlkonig grinder, which has lived in my kitchen for the past 2 years. Time has come for me to sell it as I'm moving house and its probably not going to fit in my kitchen. One lady owner, maintained yearly, small scratch on the back but in great condition and would be a great addition to any business or passionate home barista. Cost me £1650 new, so would be after O.N.O. £900 Get in touch lynseyharley at hotmail dot com or 07825 670680 Thanks for reading, Lynsey
  18. Gotcha! Just recently bought myself a Dualit Espressivo and an electric grinder to go with. Thought I'd better make myself more accustomed to the various coffee variables! I used to enjoy a cup of instant, nowadays I prefer the real thing! But I havent quite mastered the Dualit yet, Anyone out there who has any experience with this machine? Cool beans!
  19. Hello all Fairly new to this stuff so please be gentle I have been given a Gaggia Baby Red Dosage (well it's arriving soon) and I want to be able to make decent espresso etc I know I am best off starting with beans rather than pre-ground and thus I need a grinder..... Anyone familiar with the above Cuisinart Coffee Grinder, DBM8U Auto Burr http://www.johnlewis.com/230222107/Product.aspx My coffee making is limited mainly to the weekends so I was hoping to keep the budget down a little Any advice welcome
  20. Hi Guy's, I was given at the weekend a very old & sad looking coffee grinder. It is a cast iron type (only marking is No. 3) and is in need of a lot of TLC. It was removed from a shed about 20-30years ago when a family member was selling an old pub and has been hiding in a roof space since then. What I was wondering was if anybody knows how to identify it & if there are any good places where parts or at least 'pattern parts' can be purchased? Many thanks for your help!!
  21. Hello coffee lovers. Another newbie here. I’ve been lurking on the forum for a while, reading with interest on all sorts of topics. I’m sorry if a lot of what I’m going to ask has been covered, but sometimes I find it’s better to just collate all of one’s queries into a new list. Hopefully other newbies might find it useful as they come along. I’ve been into ‘decent’ coffee for a while, but I feel it’s time to up the ante. At home the setup currently includes a cheapish grinder (this Cuisinart one which is so loud I have to take it into the shed to use if my baby is asleep!) and a French press. With good beans I often find I can get pleasing results, but as my wife really loves cappuccinos and my favourite tipple is an espresso, I’m really after a set up which can handle both those things and handle them well. Firstly, the grinder, which is where it all starts. The Cuisinart has to go. What do I replace it with? I’ve seen grinders ranging from £30 to over £1,000. I’m happy to spend up to around £100 – I would have thought that would get me a decent one, but there are so many names – any help would be appreciated. Secondly, the machine: Gaggia – any more word on them? Have Philips got things sorted with parts and servicing? Is it safe to buy one? Are there any alternatives to Gaggia? Whenever I look around, it seems that they’re the only people who make machines that do what I want within the price range – others tend to be much cheaper or much more expensive – am I missing another good brand? Assuming it is Gaggia, on a budget of £400, what am I looking at? Classic? Baby? There seem to be lots of subtle variations, what are the differences? Thirdly, alternatives to the French press: Hario drip pots – I’d like to have a go with one. What are the advantages? Where can I get one in the UK? Lastly, beans: I know coffee oxidises and goes off quickly. But how long do people keep it? I always keep beans in the freezer (does that work?) and use them within about 3 weeks. I was just wondering what people’s thoughts were on this. No point in having all this kit and using crap coffee… That was quite long winded. Thanks in advance for helping out with all this. d
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