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  1. Came across the forum in my quest to find strong dark beans :-) Have already been looking through some recommends for sites with freshly roasted and strong beans. On the back of That I think I will pull the trigger from Coffee Compass for some: French Breakfast Blend - Extra Dark Wild Ethiopian Highland Thanks so far
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking at buying a kg of mystery 8 from coffee compass as others on the forum have highly recommended it! I only drink 1 coffee a day (otherwise I’ll get carried away and drink far too much), perhaps two a day on the weekends, and was curious as to whether a 1kg bag would still be good at this rate? Cheers!
  3. I'm trying to decide between the French Breakfast and the Mocha Italia, but the descriptions of these don't really seem to give much in the way of tasting notes. Can anyone guide me on these please?
  4. Just reading a post yesterday about best before date tags rather than roast date. Just received my first ever CC order of mystery 9 and no roast date. Always ordered from Rave so got used to that tag rather than the BB tag. Will give them a shout as it also has batch number so they can advise when roasted, just heard this is best degassed for 10 days
  5. At the risk of spoiling the fun.... Has anyone tried this? Any feedback?
  6. Members who are regular users of the forum and with 10 or more posts under their belt can get a 10% discount on their beans from Coffee Compass. The code is obtainable from other forum members via pm.
  7. nufc1

    Selection of Beans

    Does anybody know of any other roasters who provide a similar deal to Coffee Compass where you can buy many assorted 250g bags of coffee for a discount? I would like to get a xmas gift for someone like this. I know hasbean do starter packs but they will not be to the gift recievers taste as they like a darker roast, even using the aeropress. Thanks in advance.
  8. I recently took delivery of the Quindio Decaf from Crankhouse and using the standard Aeropress guidance and brewing at 80-85c the resulting coffee was consistently sour despite changing grind, steep time etc. I contacted Dave, the owner of Crankouse to get his advice and he suspected that the coffee was being under-extracted due to low water temperature and referred me to the Coffee Compass on the Barista Hustle website. It's an interesting approach to identifying problems with coffee and potential solutions to correct them. As a starting point, the rule is that boiling water is always used and then the focus is on ratio/grind - just changing one thing at a time but always leaving water temperature the same. So the first thing I did was try again using same grind/ratio but this time using water just off the boil. Bottom line is that it worked. Brewing at around 95c produced a non sour, rich balanced coffee and since then I've been tweaking other aspects - grind, steep time, agitation etc - to develop the brew, again using the compass as a guide and recording the method and results as I go along. My question to Dave was why this coffee was producing sour coffee at 80-85c when I'd previously had good results with other beans at the same temperature. This was his reply: "I’d agree - 80C is under extracting. If you go fine in order to increase solubility you can probably use the 80C that’s recommended but all coffees will react differently. Decaf is a special case since it’s already been heated prior to roasting (that’s why it looks like I’ve roasted it heavy). It will behave vastly differently under the same brewing conditions as other coffee." Apologies if this is all common knowledge - but thought it could be useful for other noobs like me. Tim
  9. Hi all, Just received some Coffee Compass Gusto gold beans in the post after the recommendation of a few other users, very excited to try them. Not only did they get here the day after I order but I got a sample bag of the Sweet bourbon beans thrown in with them too! Amazingly quick and professional service from the guys at CC, can't wait to get stuck in! I'll post some progress I get with them and see what I think after dialling them in, although I've been told it's impossible to make a bad shot with the CC beans... One quick thing with anyone who's had experience of both the Gusto gold and the Sweet Bourbon beans, did you have to grind more/less fine or about the same for the two beans? It's only a small bag of SB beans so I don't want to waste them all dialing in! Thanks a lot Rory
  10. Hi, I've been reading a lot of forum posts about Coffee Compass and figured I had to try them out, the reviews look too good! After a couple of users glowing praise of the gusto gold I've decided to give that one a shot. I just wondered what other beans people would recommend ? The BL blend, Java, Sweet Bourbon all look great, which have people particularly enjoyed. I'm using a Compak K3 and a Classic. I want something with a good chocolate/nutty body, nothing too citrus-y but with a touch of fruit. Also I would really appreciate any recipe's for the Gusto Gold that people have found works well. Really appreciate the help, Thanks! Rory
  11. I have just ordered my first batch of Sweet Bourbon beans from CC. They were roasted Monday and shipped to me. How long should I leave them before using?
  12. anyone else having trouble with coffee compass. im getting a flash error and when i choose ignore it trys to redirect me to some chinese site and my A\V alarms go off.
  13. I'm dieting so cutting down on milk. Made an espresso this morning using Coffee Compass 'Old Brown Java'. 17 into 34 with just a little steamed milk. (Cafe Noisette?) Unbelievably delicious and well worth waiting for. Now I know what I've been aiming for!
  14. After some advice here I took the plunge and ordered Mahogany Jampit Hit, Hill & Valley and Extra Dark Ethiopian. Excellent service. I ordered the selection triple pack in the morning and it was here next day. They even substituted one pack for something not in the online selection. AND they threw in a sample of Mahogany Roast Tusker too (do people know this? I couldn't find it on their site.) I have yet to taste, but I am guessing I will be ordering from them again! Their advice was to rest the beans for 7 days.
  15. Sean

    Where is the gas?

    For the past few months I have been sticking with the same bean - CC Jampit Hit - so I could get some consistency mainly, also I really like it. Now, this is without a doubt the 'gassiest' bean I've ever had. Most seem to recommend resting up to 10 days. My last purchase was 2 x 500g bags, by the time I opened the second it was around 3 weeks after roasting. I noticed that the bag had not expanded at all in that time. It was definitely airtight. I know there is a one way valve but the bag still blows up quite a bit, but this bag was still hard. Also, one espresso I made was utterly repulsive and made me feel ill, this may be down to my lack of skill and unrelated. I always keep the bags in the same dark, cool place. Strange.
  16. Hey all, I'm about to get my hands on a Mignon to go with my Gaggia Classic. I'll need some beans obviously and am going to order some Brighton Lanes from Coffee Compass because (1) there seems to be a general consensus round here that they're excellent and newbie-forgiving, and (2) because I lived in the centre of Brighton for many years and I've come over all nostalgic. Does anyone have any recommendations for a second coffee I should order at the same time? Something that exhibits some other, different flavours? (I've been making do for a week or so with grinding supermarket beans via my old bean-to-cup's grinder and feeding that into the Classic. The espresso has mostly been sour (I think, rather than bitter) but has been to my palate drinkable as a white americano. (Kinda the same as I've been living on from my bean-to-cup for years, actually.) So I think if there's a coffee that (as espresso) is regarded as being at the smooth and sweet end of the spectrum, that might be good to try. Especially because I'm presently haunted by having read a thread where on page 8 of a newbie's trials to get some decent tasting shots out of their machine, one of the old hands here asked "Do you actually like espresso?" What if I don't?!) Oh - I gather there's a forum discount code for Coffee Compass. Who do I have to sweet talk to get a hold of that? :-) Cheers, Mike
  17. Ok you lucky, lucky people. Those of you who have been full members (paid up for a three month subscription) will have waiting for you when you get home, a little pressie from Coffee Compass - a special darker offering, especially formulated for the DSOL club and poetically titled 'The Darker Side Banging Christmas Cracker Coffee' Thanks to Richard Jansz at Coffee Compass and Dave Coffeechap for organising this one. Drink and be merry!!
  18. Ok folks here the final instalment of the current run of the Lighter Side of Life and I can already feel the eyebrows rising when you look at who are roasting for us this month! However, Richard is a very accomplished roaster who's preference is roasting on the lighter side, which smacks in the face of what people have come to expect from CC on the forum. So here is the chance for Richard and the CC guys to show us what they are capable of. They assure me they have something rather special for us and I for one am looking forward to getting into these. We have 10 guest slots available on this at £12 for 500g delivered, so if you are interested in seeing the lighter side of Coffee Compass then get your name down on the thread, Mrboots will PM you with the payment details, first come first served. Expect these in about 10 days folks perhaps sooner.
  19. Hi! If you've read some of my posts you'll know that I'm new to espresso and am having difficulty trying to identify what my personal tastes are. I've read on the forums about a chap called Richard at Coffee Compass being helpful so I emailed him about the beans/blends I have tried from different companies and my abbreviated tasting notes on each and asked for his advice. He got back to me quite promptly and proposed to put together a pack for me of different coffees and different roast levels to try and identify where my tastes lie. He also confirmed my suspicions that I do not like higher acidity brighter coffees so we will work around that. This tailored level of service is remarkable and a relief to my growing frustration. So, credit where credit is due. I echo the praise I've read on these forums to Richard at Coffee Compass and would recommend getting in touch with him. Looking forward to my tailored selection of beans!
  20. Rob666

    Coffee Compass

    I rang CC last week to enquire about the new Caravansarai blend and whether I'd be more likely to appreciate the medium or mahogany roast version. Had a great chat with Richard who could not have been more helpful. The order arrived today with a couple of bonus additions! Really looking forward to sampling all of this order when they've had some time to rest. Outstanding service!
  21. dfk41


    Has anyone tried this blend form coffee compass? It is under the mahogany roast section but it is not that dark. Very tasty though. I could taste Christmas again!
  22. After the amazing review of this coffee from Coffee Compas I have just got the delivery of 500g worth of the stuff.Cant wait to try it later tonight. Did anyone ever try it after reading the review? Tastes of coffee Review by Spazbarista[TABLE=class: ratings-list] [/TABLE] Let's be quite clear about this. This coffee is not for everyone so if you are a third wave p*** who faps over apple and cinammon, leave now. This coffee is not for you. This is a coffee for men. This coffee is not for people who worship at the altar of the Ginger God, those who arrange their sacred Red Bags in their Shrines to show their devotion to Coffees of Mediocre flavour. Don't drink this coffee and expect to recognise any tastes on your poncy coffee 'flavour wheels'. This stuff transcends attempts at description. Why? Because it doesn't need to. It doesn't need to be described in terms of other things because it tastes of what it should taste of. ****ing coffee. Drinking Compass Coffee Hill and Valley is like being kicked hard in the balls, but then being given an immediate soothing massage as you come to, after actually having drunk a coffee that tastes of something. There's something very dirty about this coffee, but in a good way. Like being snogged by your horny grandma after she's had her morning brandy and a couple of Bensons. I'm too scared to try this as espresso. I'll wait until I've grown a beard. And not an effete Hipster chinny one but a proper tramp beard that is the outward manifestation of virility and a refusal to told what to do by people with annoying midlands accents.Try this coffee as a flat white. Its indescribably good. The closest thing that can get to it is sucking on a Hookah pipe with one corner of your mouth, whilst simultaneously using the remaining corner of your mouth to suck in the sweetest and most satisfying of Mummy's breast milk. Try this if you dare, but if you are scared you might actually taste something, be warned and stay away. (Posted on 20/02/2015)
  23. Charliej

    Coffee Compass

    I had an interesting chat with Richard the roaster from Coffee Compass this afternoon as I wanted to see if they had anything new in that took my fancy, but wasn't on the website yet. He's a really nice bloke and really cares about the coffee he buys and roasts. One of the things he did say to me was if I ever buy anything from them and am not keen on the roast level then ring him him up and he would be happy to try a different roast of it for you. As a result of our chat I've got 2 250g bags of his new Caravanserai blend which is a blend of their Java Lintong and the Ethiopia Dumerso natural one 250g bag will be a medium roast and the other a darker roast version of it, he was saying it's currently his favourite coffee to drink, 1kg of the Ethiopia Cherry Red Natural roasted to the same darker profile I had last time, some Bolivian Cascara to try and a surprise sample of something else. It's really well worth giving him a call to discuss what you are after as he is quite prepared to do you a different roast profile of a coffee from the standard way they offer it.
  24. Nijntje

    Coffee Compass

    I ordered some beans from Coffee Compass yesterday afternoon and amazingly they arrived just before 8 this morning! There is a label on each bag with my name on and a best before date, but no roasting date. Should I therefore assume they were roasted yesterday afternoon?
  25. I've got 2 unopened bags of this months DSOL beans by Coffee Compass to swap as it's not to my taste. It has got lots of fans as can be seen on the DSOL thread, however I personally find to dark for my palette. If you fancy giving it a try I'd be happy to swap for anything. Its rested and ready to drink.
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