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  1. Jackabb

    Best Value Beans

    Hi. Having just put a Gaggia Classic back together I would really appreciate some advice on good value nice beans that I can really learn to get great coffee from this machine without breaking the bank, any recommendations really appreciated....?? I have a Iberital MC 2 grinder which seems to be reasonable if not a bit loud Many thanks
  2. I've just stumbled across this channel on vimeo - scroll down for some short clips of how coffee is produced, processed in the origin rather eye opening and interesting to me, like this one from Ethiopia, Peru, coffee nursery in Mexico, Ethiopian coffee preparation or an innovative processing (natural-hydro-honey) I love to see how the coffee is actually grown, picked, processed, the environment and the people connected with it - most likely they've never tried an espresso in their life
  3. As a present I was going to buy someone a 3 month subscription of coffee. Does any one have some suggestions that are cost effective for a 3 or 6 month sub, can be 500g or 1kg p/m? Cheers
  4. Dear all, I would like to know where and how could I sell few Kgs. of a fantastic gourmet coffee beans. I have just arrived from my country Ecuador in South America, and I brought roasted coffee beans from my friends's farm. It has win golden cup in Ecuador few year ago. I have been a barista for many years in London, and I tried many different coffees, so that is why I consider my friends's as one of the great coffees I tried, is medium roast, creamy and smooth full of flavor, belief me. Please any advise on how to import the bags, or where I could find the process?
  5. OK so not the most reliable source but there is a link to the site that sells it (currently sold out). http://metro.co.uk/2017/03/04/wine-infused-coffee-now-exists-in-the-world-6487274/ What will they think of next ...
  6. Hi Guys, Another post my last post gave me some new ideas i'd not come across "white label roasters" I've been in touch with a couple but want to expand to as many bunsinesses as I can. I'm looking at setting up a small online business with thoughts of expanding in the near future. Is there anyone on here or know of any decent companies to contact? Cheers
  7. Hi Coffee Lovers! Really looking forward to getting involved with all coffee related conversations! Feel free to follow me on Twitter too @cremedelacoffee, or add your own coffee bean reviews to my website, which I built for my family to review beans just for fun but would love others to get involved. http://www.cremedelacoffee.com Any recommendations of beans I should try, please let me know your recommendations!!! :-)
  8. Hi all, I had about 6g of left over coffee beans today, wasn't enough to make an espresso so I just ended up throwing them out and then opened a new bag (of different coffee). What do you guys normally do when you have leftover beans? Feels like a waste just throwing them away.
  9. Does anyone have bean recommendations that accentuate the creaminess of a latte? I'm a fan of FIX COFFEE's (in London) latte if anyone's had experience reproducing this at home.
  10. ChrisGT


    Hey folks looking for recommendations for coffee roasters to try, it's my old mans birthday soon and I'm just about out of Monmouth Coffee so time to put a order in, mainly like coffee with sweet notes rather than fruit and it's mainly espresso and espresso based milk drinks if anyone's any suggestions for ones to try out then please post up. I try 4 different coffees a month as a 250g bag lasts me about a week. Thanks folks
  11. Hi all Coffee companies are increasingly launching flavoured coffee. Whether it be flavoured beans, flavoured ground or (dare I say it) flavoured pods! Just wondering what everyones thoughts in this forum are on flavoured coffee. Have you had bad experiences, good experiences, any gems out there you would recommend to anyone? (Me personally have had a wonderful flavoured coffee from Coffee & Tea Junkie in the US, made by Patties Place, the flavours are incredible) Thanks all in advance for input & feedback. Casey
  12. Hi, I'm from England but currently visiting coffee farms in South Africa and Zimbabwe, great fun! How would I go about importing the beans into the UK? Thanks Adrian
  13. Hi any one buy there beans from here, What's your views!
  14. Is it a no no to put a second lot of beans in grinder before the first has run out. a different variety I might add:confused:
  15. I am trying to recreate the Mocha that you can buy at the Costa Coffee shops UK, and having been told by a Costa barrista that the beans and powder you can buy in store aren't the same , I can't get hold of the proper stuff Does anyone know how I can buy it or what the nearest commercial equivalent is please?
  16. CoffeeFreakNI

    La Scala?

    Hi there, I'm trying to find a brand of coffee beans that I saw in a cafe. They come in a brown bag that says 'La Scala' on it. The only thing I can find is a Bewley's brand but I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for. Has anyone come across this brand before?? Thanks!
  17. Christiangaz777

    Hi guys

    I want to buy an espresso starter pack from Has Bean. It usually takes me 2 months or so to get through the pack. How long would you recommend usage of each pack. Regards
  18. Ok, so what are peoples fave ever beans? Are they ones that have been through a cats digestive system or are they from a mountain in jamaica? Or maybe they're from aldi? What's your fave bean?
  19. Hi folks Finally I've bitten the bullet and bought an electric grinder. This got me thinking that I must look at the rest of my hobby, to see if I need to improve! A little embarrassed to say, I've been using supermarket beans with a Hario Skerton, and a gaggia classic, I have a Knock tamper. One the whole, this has been an improvement over my Nespresso machine I previously had. I've never taken the plunge on freshly roasted beans, down to laziness I suppose. How old are supermarket beans for example, compared to 'freshly' roasted beans? I now see a whole art
  20. Afternoon, I've just ordered some coffee from the peeps at Atomic Coffee Roasters in Auckland. I decided to double up my order and make one of each available on here (assuming there's any interest its first come first served). I'll take the hit on the international postage as I was getting some anyhow so I don't envisage it being more than £10 + P&P each if anyone wants to try them. I anticipate they'll be here for the end of next week but it might be a couple of days either way. The four I've ordered are: *Sold* Argento (Recommeded starting point - 2
  21. So we needed to look for an alternative site... Radiator to remove, never on anyway and all in a good cause ... Well that's a start ............. Starting to take shape, bit of an idea where we are going .......... Quite happy with that and there's a few off cuts left over .... That's made it a bit tidier ......... and like people said it does need to be full on and accessible, it just wasn't comfortable in it's original position Maybe I can settle down now and put the effort into a brew or three ....... and pick the brains of people at the t'other end of
  22. I received some Starbucks Christmas Blend coffeee beans (for Christmas...) but I don't have a grinding machine, only a Cafetiere, so was wondering the easist way to get them ground? I could go to the nearest Starbucks, I guess, but that's a 15 mile trip, which seems a bit excessive. And will they grind them on demand for free? Any suggestions welcomed.
  23. I am in Italy at the moment, there is a great slow food movement, artisan producers of almost every food you can imagine but there seem to be very few coffee bean roasters, I cannot find the Italian equivalent of Has Been or Smokey Barn, nor the Italian Bella Barista. Does any one here have any ideas? Paul
  24. Does anyone know of any high quality roasters who source and sell broad range single source coffee beans? Thanks
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