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  1. So I've had my Mignon nearly two weeks now and put about 1kg of beans through it and think its probably time to give it a good clean and get to grips with it internally etc. Just looking for any advice on cleaning it generally and also any tips that people may have found while cleaning these or taking them apart! Any help would be much appreciated Steve
  2. Picked this up yesterday - a deal from the sales thread First thing I thought, I should give it a clean. Start as you mean to go on and all that. Now admittedly, I could have done a better job, but all things considered I think it cleaned up very well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vB0Caz4aoD06THjT2
  3. My machine came with a tablet to clean it which I plan on replacing with those by Cafiza when I've used it. However, there is a sachet of powder for descaling which goes in the water tank. Any advice on good third party alternatives? How often should descaling be done? I will replace the charcoal filters with non-branded ones from Amazon. Does this sound okay? I've heard people talk about using vinegar?
  4. hi everyone I haven't posted for a while. I bought a second-hand Gaggia Baby last year some time, and with my usual lack of organisation I haven't cleaned it yet. It has been used a couple of times a week in that time. Anyway, I have some Cimbali Ecocleaner tablets. Can I use them to clean it, following this procedure? If so, how many tablets? https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?1672-How-to-descale-a-Gaggia-Classic Cheers!
  5. So I purchased a shipping damaged Enea from Ebay here in the U.S. Seller was very accurate in his description of the unit. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the original box. Clearly it had been dropped from a significant height. The portafilter holder was bent, some damage to the plastic cap on the top of the machine and surface scratches was about it on the outside. On the inside the capacitor housing was broken loose from the mounting, same with the control board and several of the connectors had pulled loose from the on/off switch. A little hot glue, reconnecting and it powered
  6. Hi people! Keeping espresso machines neat and clean of left over grounds seems rather obvious and straight forward since everything is easily accessible and, for the most part, visible. Still, it gives me a headache to go after debris that much after each and every shot. To be sure I'm good to pull the next one, I undertake the following procedure: flush w/o portafilter, stop water brush group head gasket and shower screen sides (using a hard plastic brush that came with the machine) flush again, stop water again insert portafilter and rinse for 10+ seconds wipe filterbasket and
  7. Hello. We have de-scaled our brass dispersion plate on the Gaggia Classic using Purly Cleaner and the colour went from gold to copper. Is this expected? Is this safe? Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. What dictates how often people clean the burrs on their machines? Time or weight of beans having gone through?
  9. My Cremina dates from 2002 or 2003, so it's basically the new design, but the yoke is slightly different. I believe the newest version has pins that go through the yoke/group and yoke/piston and are fastened with circlips. Mine has pins that go through the yoke/group, and yoke/piston too, but they screw in to the other side of the yoke, and are tightened with an allen key. I have particular problems with the pin that goes through the piston. There are two washers that go on either side of the piston, inside the yoke. So the pin penetrates as follows: Yoke->washer->piston-&g
  10. I just bought a Krups Prodigio for our holiday home (on the Isle of Mull) and in the instruction manual I can't find how to rinse out the machine itself (after use). Is this because the brewing process itself leaves the machine clean? Our DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine (including frothed milk) prompts me to clean the frothing mechanism after every session, and it automatically rinses as it powers off. Perhaps the Krups machine has turned itself off in my absence, sending some rinse water into the drip tray in the process? I'll go and take a look... well, there was quite some weak
  11. Not got a manual on this grinder and have searched the internet and i cant find any info on how to get to the Burrs. Anyone got any idea on how to take apart so i can give them a clean.
  12. Good morning, Running a Fracino Contempo Dual Fuel with filter fed from water containers via Sureflow and Fracino high pressure pump. I have a routine for sterilising the containers and tubing using Puriclean and to date no adverse effect such as tainting water taste etc. But I've been wary of running this though the pumps and coffee machine itself leaving a potential weakness in my system. What do other do for ensuring full water path is sterilised. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  13. Hi, I've been looking into buying a Piccino, but could someone please advise on how easy (or more likely difficult) these machines are to clean and maintain? So far from reading, there is no difinitive answer on how to descale Fracino machines, other than sending them back to manufacturer. And as a complete novice, how do I properly look at a second hand machine before buying to see that it has been properly cleaned and cared for? Thanks in advance!
  14. Time to get the basket out of the portafilter, hold it up to the light and have a peep through the holes. Are they all there, does it look as if a few didn't quite get all the way through during manufacturing, or does light come through every single one?....If it doesn't, get the old toothbrush out and a bit of washing up liquid, wet the brush a drop of WU Liquid and have a gentle circular scrub at the holes, gentle, because you want to keep the bristles straight (don't let em bend over) and little circles because it cleans better. keep going until all the holes are open and visible. Whi
  15. Hey all, I know there is plenty of discussion on Citric Acid previously and have looked at these, however, just want to see if people had any direct recommendations. There are loads of variants and versions of this on eBay etc, however, none of which have any real info on concentrations. So, nice and easy, does anyone have any links for what they've used and what they know works well. Not that it matters hugely, but it will be to descale the Fracino Cherub. Thanks all.
  16. We are a small company based in St. Gallen / Switzerland offering a tool for cleaning groupheads of espresso machines. Being relatively fresh to the business (roughly one and a half year in) it's super important to us to get feedback from users all over the world and - of course - from the UK. What is good, what maybe not so much? We are here to learn from you! Also, we would like to give helpful advice where it is asked for. If you want to know anything, please feel free to ask (and ask again) until you are content with our answer. Lastly, we, of course, have also a commercial inter
  17. Hey guys, asking for a friend here. Does anybody have advice for maintaining a Gaggia Classic 2015 (RI 9403/11)? Since there is no 3 way valve and a spring valve instead, backflushing is out right? Is just descaling every 3 months okay? Thanks in advance
  18. These were used for making the "Sitomagus Stirrer" the up and coming competitor to the Londinium Distribution tool! I have started the clean up of a second hand La Pavoni Pro' and have found the brushes were good for cleaning the insides of steam and dipper tubes. When doing my extensive research for the 'Stirrer', I noticed that there were some similar brushes with brass/bronze bristles. These may be even better? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5Pcs-Cleaners-Cleaning-Brush-Wash-Stainless-Steel-Drinking-Pipe-Straw-SliveHLJK/192682086096?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057
  19. Hi! I am running out of the steam wand cleaning powder and I have noticed that it is really hard to find on the market (at least in Sweden, but I also noticed that it is not listed on sageappliances.co.uk any longer). How have you solved it? Do you use some other powder or some other method to clean the steam wand (apart from the daily cleaning)?
  20. Recently got the silvia steam wand upgrade from happy donkey. While fitting it i took a closer-than-usual look at my water reservoir and it was pretty dirty, as was the silicon tubing. I'm concerned that it's fungal growth. The shorter tube is easy enough to remove and clean. Is there an easy way to disconnect and clean the one that connects to the pump? I've shoved a pipe cleaner down/up it as far as i can but ideally the whole thing needs to be taken out. Thanks
  21. I bought my machine a couple of months ago and love it. But the time has come to clean it. I've seen a couple of vids online, so the process itself looks simple enough, but do people recommend only using the Sage tablets? They seem very expensive for the amount you get, and I've seen links to cheaper ones, but if they are worth the extra then I'll pay it if it helps keep the machine working properly. The other problem I have is sourcing the cleaning disc, Sage UK don't have any in stock, and the Breville ones seem massively expensive - especially when postage is added.
  22. Hi all, Just bought the Sage DTP last night and got it set up. Just thinking down the line and wondering what advice people have on cleaning products and filters? I don't think mine came with a descaler, although apparently they usually do so might double check the box when I get home. Do people recommend using the sage descaler only, or are there cheaper/better alternatives? I've heard a lot of people mention Puly, and I know some people just use citric acid? second thing I'm wondering about is the water filter - it recommends changing every 3 months. the filter type on the mac
  23. Hi, I've lost, or never had one since new, the cleaning disk for my barista express. I cannot find it anywhere available to buy... Not even on sage website. Is there anyway I can clean my machine without it? Can I replace it with some DIY hack? Thanks.
  24. Group cleaning / descaling Machine cleaning / descaling. Could you post your link(s) here @DavecUK better than them getting lost in that other thread. Cheers mate, appreciated as always.
  25. The subject of espresso machine water tanks is rarely discussed and unfortunately sorely misunderstood by manufacturers and consumers alike. I'll list a few misunderstandings 1. Wash the water tank every 2-4 weeks 2. Building a machine where you cannot remove the water tank without significant machine disassembly, so much so they never get washed and end up turning from white to brown (you know who you are) 3. Water tanks can be washed out with warm soapy water (rather like warm fluffy clouds) 4. Users believe manufacturers The water tank should be removed and washed weekly, ev
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