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  1. Picked this up yesterday - a deal from the sales thread First thing I thought, I should give it a clean. Start as you mean to go on and all that. Now admittedly, I could have done a better job, but all things considered I think it cleaned up very well. https://photos.app.goo.gl/vB0Caz4aoD06THjT2
  2. Dear coffee lovers I am seeking advise when running a backflush cycle on my 2019 model duo temp pro. The machine comes with the newly updated silicon disc that has no hole. The silicon disc is inserted into the portafilter along with a cleaning tablet. The manual states that you need to run water through the system for 20 seconds, stop and repeat the process 3 to 4 times or until the tablet has dissolved. My concerns are that this machine does not have a 3 way valve therefore I find that the pressure builds up inside the machine causing the portafilter to become stuck. You almost have to
  3. Morning guys - im after a bit of advice please. Im the proud owner of a giotto evoluzione 2, absolutely love this machine! Iv had my machine just over a year now, and it has inevitably picked up a few micro scratches here n there (mainly due to brick dust after some extensive building works). Iv heard good things about cape cod cloths for getting rid of minor scratches etc, does anybody have any experience using them on a rocket? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello Everyone, Have you seen this already? https://youtu.be/gy3b_rMygDM Seems interesting! Hope the projects gonna be realized, it would be very nice way to clean the machine.
  5. Is cleaning a Mazzer grinder with uncooked rice a safe, advisable and non-damaging way to go about things? I don't have any of those grinder cleaning pellets and heard rice is good for this - just run it through until it comes out whitish... Do it or don't? Thanks
  6. Is it just me who finds cleaning your machine enjoyable? Just spent a great hour stripping down my grinder, good clean, new beans dialed in, the back flushing my machine, cam lube, good wipe down and polish, most enjoyable! All ready to go
  7. Just a small topic to show all the pr0n nakedness of a Fracino Cherub being cleaned, stripped and rebuild to restore it to some form of glory I asked here for some recommendations for cleaning products in order to get this moving, but frankly I wan't to try the coffee from it as is at the moment! For that reason, last night I just had a wee look inside the case and taken a few bits off to see how they were faring. Below, credit goes to Puly Caff, plus for the brass shower head a citric acid paste, applied with a finger. Next are portafilters, although, they already had
  8. Hello! Bought some beans in-store today from Coffee #1 (Monsoon Malabar) is this generally a good idea or are they old and dusty by the time I get them? Second I have a Hario knock off grinder. I clean it every time but the burrs are staining brown already. Do I accept this as an inevitability or is there a good way to clean without damaging the unit? Cheers!
  9. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with using Espresso Cleaning tablets. I need to buy some pretty soon for my Sage machine, and they're £12.99 for 8 on the sage website. There's something similar I found on Amazon by Urnex and these are £11.99 for 100! Any thoughts?
  10. Hello all New to grinding my own beans and just bought and iberital which is challenging me! OK a few quickies: 1. In terms if dialling in, I managed to get a nice 21 sec shot earlier, so can I assume the grinder is dialled in? Bizarrely every shot afterwards was different, so presumably my tamp is to blame primarily? 2. Simple question, how do I clean the grinder? I'm hoping it's not a full in dismantle job, but I'm all ears :0) 3. Adjusting the grind - quite simply I've been adjusting while the grinder switched off and then restarting, this ok? 4, when swapping be
  11. Hi Everyone, I do so hope you can help. We have a 5 year old Gaggia Coffee, which we paid a lot of money for but have used maybe a dozen times.... It's always dripped at the portafilter since we bought it, but I let the OH convince me this was normal. Anyway, we decided that the machine needed to be used, so we cleaned it out, used Gaggia descaler etc. (Should we have removed the filter plate and cleaned under there too?) We then set it up for espressos and it now spits very hot coffee absolutely everywhere but into the cups. We've checked the portafilter nozzles, and the r
  12. Is it advisable to backflush a domestic espresso machine? I've not seen anything in domestic user manuals to do this when cleaning and wondered if it was necessary or harmful to the machine.
  13. So I thought I'd give the duo temp pro and grinder a clean today.. popped the blank disk into the portafilter with the tablet and ran shots until it had dissolved. alao ran a vinegar / water solution through the group head and steam wand as per instructions. rinsed tank and ran water through the machine again. now when running the machine without any coffee I'm getting loads of coffee grounds out of the group head. I must have run 10 'shots' but it seems to keep coming! Is this normal or should I run another back flush cycle with just water to try and flush it through?
  14. Hi, we’re looking to do an outdoor event and need to find a way to rinse jugs. Thinking of sourcing a portable pitcher rinser, a sure flow water pump with accumulator. As anybody done this and does it general enough power? Anytips or videos of how to do this? Welcome Peace
  15. Hi looking for advice please. I have a Eureka Mignon been using it a couple weeks or so learning about grind settings I am almost ready for trying other been flavours would you recommend just clearing the hopper out completely and starting a new been perhaps wasting first few gram or do i need clean the machine. Just unsure about best practices. Many thanks ?
  16. so again - I am new, only been making coffee in a mokka for a short while and have watched oodles of videos and one thing keeps being split into yes and no but with the exception of a chappie cleaning a really really yukky one, no helpful hints. to begin with, using my supermarket or generic brand coffee a quick wash with hot water and a clean at the end of the day with some bicarb did hte trick, nice and sparkly. Now that I have moved onto fresher things - local roasta, ground, and today my first homeground lot from yummy beans, I am finding the cleaning still going well howe
  17. Good morning, Running a Fracino Contempo Dual Fuel with filter fed from water containers via Sureflow and Fracino high pressure pump. I have a routine for sterilising the containers and tubing using Puriclean and to date no adverse effect such as tainting water taste etc. But I've been wary of running this though the pumps and coffee machine itself leaving a potential weakness in my system. What do other do for ensuring full water path is sterilised. Thanks in advance for any advice/help.
  18. Dear Sage Forum members Happy New Year! We recently purchased a Sage machine & responded to the first CLEAN ME request- placing clean disc in 1 Cup Filter basket, cleaning tablet... cleaning cycle. No water came out of portafilter. Every video show water coming out of portafilter during cleaning cycle. Only water that came out was in drip tray. is this OK? The water pressure was extremely high during the cleaning cycles. Thanks in advance for your responses. Sincerely Jonathan
  19. What dictates how often people clean the burrs on their machines? Time or weight of beans having gone through?
  20. My Cremina dates from 2002 or 2003, so it's basically the new design, but the yoke is slightly different. I believe the newest version has pins that go through the yoke/group and yoke/piston and are fastened with circlips. Mine has pins that go through the yoke/group, and yoke/piston too, but they screw in to the other side of the yoke, and are tightened with an allen key. I have particular problems with the pin that goes through the piston. There are two washers that go on either side of the piston, inside the yoke. So the pin penetrates as follows: Yoke->washer->piston-&g
  21. I just bought a Krups Prodigio for our holiday home (on the Isle of Mull) and in the instruction manual I can't find how to rinse out the machine itself (after use). Is this because the brewing process itself leaves the machine clean? Our DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine (including frothed milk) prompts me to clean the frothing mechanism after every session, and it automatically rinses as it powers off. Perhaps the Krups machine has turned itself off in my absence, sending some rinse water into the drip tray in the process? I'll go and take a look... well, there was quite some weak
  22. Every time I wash my flask I get reminded of the caked on gunk that gets built up, you can't even scrape it off, nor do you want to. So tonight I decided to give my stainless steel flask a deep clean. Having tried soaking it in vinegar, baking soda and even bleach with no success in the past I came across someone suggesting washing up powder. I thought I'd give it a shot as i had nothing to lose. So I added half a scoop of washing up powder, in my case Persil, topped it up with boiling water from the kettle, gave it a stir and left it for 30 minutes. After watching Eastenders(don't ju
  23. I had been a bit lazy and neglected the cleaning of my grinder for 3 months.....never again. I felt the coffees were tasting not as clean as they should and some of the flavour notes muted. I thoroughly cleaned the grinder, burrs and burr chamber, the difference was marked. I usually clean once a month and will never again miss my cleaning schedule. I always clean manually...never with grinds. I use toothbrushes, bottle brushes damp and dry kitchen paper.
  24. Picked up a cheap Superjolly. It has seen better days. Just thought I would add a couple of pics, partly as a warning to those of you who buy from ebay about what you might get, partly about what has turned out to be a useful tool for removing a seized adjuster The red handled tool you see in the pic is an oil filter wrench (this one is by bluepoint but I think Rolson do a cheaper one) It took a day of soaking with penetrating spray then me applying my, not inconsiderable, weight and jerking it to free off the coffee glue it was encased in. Simply put, this grinder had not
  25. I have a Jura A9 automatic. Yes I know, but it's the perfect balance between ease and coffee which tastes great to me. I've owned it for a month now and it's time to give it a clean and descale. Jura obviously recommend their own (costly) cleaning tablet, descaling tablets and milk cleaner solution. Do I have to use their products? Or is there a cheaper recommended brand which will be just as effective and unlikely to be found voiding any warranties?
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