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  1. Hello all. My trusty ten year old Classic has blown and I need some advice as to how to fix it. I have it on a timer switch and since it was last used, someone has switched the pump to the on position. So this morning, when the timer switched the machine on, the pump immediately pulled all of the wasted from the reservoir, dumped it over the floor and then burned out (I assume). My wife found it in this state and switched it off at the mains. When I investigated, the pump made a humming noise, but wouldn’t pump water. Is there anything else likely to be wrong other than needi
  2. Hi all, I've looked for a link in the stickies but can't fine the info so I am asking here. I'm thinking about getting a classic off ebay and wanted to know the basic differnces over time. I understand that Gaggia was bought by Philips in 2009 but were any changes made to the classic then? The only thing I can find out is that in 2015 the solenoid valve was no longer used. I can find info and a thread on the brand new but not the older ones.
  3. Hi All, So there's just two more days until I pick up my Gaggia Classic! I'll be buying the Classic from a member on this forum who ironically also purchased it themselves from a well established member "GerryM" who appears to have done an amazing job on the Classic already installing Mr Shades PID, 10 Bar OPV adjustment, Silvia Wand and more. The original For Sale can be found here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?38599-Gaggia-Classic-with-Mr-Shades-PID-OPV-and-Silvia-wand-Mod-%A3210-collection-Coventry After having a good read on the CoffeeForum and watching videos
  4. Hello, I recently entered the magic world of home-espresso: now, I come from Napoli and I live in Geneva, so this basically is an attempt to survive the lack of proper coffee shops here and get something similar to my place's "caffè". So, I bought a 2015 Gaggia Classic, a set of non-pressurised baskets + a Naked PF from Edesia Espress and a Breville/Riviera & Bar Smart Grinder which I see got very good reviews around the forums and websites. Everything works fine, except I always end up with shots that come through too quickly. It's true that I'm looking for a ristretto, b
  5. This post is more mostly about installing a PID on my Gaggia classic,because when I was looking to do it I could not find a specific post, blog, or video that explained it step by step. Thank you for reading—I hope it helps you with your project. Recently I took my Gaggia Classic out of storage and dusted it off. I put it up and nearly forgot about it when it completely stopped working. I pulled it out of the attic last week after I did a little work on my encore baratza grinder. It reminded me that I was never able to pull a good shot of espresso from my Classic due to the OPV
  6. I've had my trusty Classic for about 10 years now. It gets a regular back flush (about once a month) and a descale every now and again. I live in a soft water area so there never an issue with limescale build up anyway. I've changed the portafilter seal many times over the years and moved away from the OEM rubber seal years ago in preference for silicon seals from an E61 as they're the same size. I get the blue ones for a few quid each. I've never had any problem with these in the past. Recently I started getting water leak from around the top of the portafilter when I make a
  7. Does the forum have a sub-forum for machines for sale? I see mention of it, but can't find it. Looking for a Gaggia Classic.
  8. Gaggia Classic Ri8161/40 purchased from Currys 24/11/2011 (still have receipt). Light use as I only drink coffee at the weekend and then only 2-3 cups per day. Regularly cleaned with puly caff and backflushed. The machine is working absolutley fine and produces great coffee, but could probably do with the grouphead seal being replaced (as I never have) and showerscreen. Probably best bet for a new owner would be to buy the service kit for £20 and replace seals and gaskets and then it will be as new. Some light scratches on the top where cups have been warmed. The machine comes with all origina
  9. Is there any news when this model will be available in the UK? it looks like its available in Ireland.
  10. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-with-rancilio-silva-wand-and-accessories/1340368799 Gaggia Classic pre Philips £75
  11. Gaggia Classic Pre Philip - Heavily Modded (PID, OPV, IMS shower screen, Silvia Wand, bottomless PF, IMS double filter) - £200 ono inc postage Machine was stripped and rebuilt and descaled this week I did notice that after the descale the steam wand may not be fully closing but this really is minimal when at steam temp and I assume with passing more water it would close fully again as it worked perfectly before. This comes with a lot of extras to list for this so will do my best but everything you see is included. Motta 58mm Tamper 2 xGaggia portafilters Bottomless porta
  12. Hi, I have my 1425W Chrome Gaggia Classic - 04/2000 for sale for now £150. It is in good condition for its age & has been looked after – It only has a couple of minor rust patches behind the water tank. Recently I have done the following:- Boiler stripped, cleaned & descaled New grouphead seal fitted New boiler seal fitted New Shower Plate Holder Diffuser Modifications:- OPV set to 10 bar Rancilio Silvia steam wand I will also incude:- Motta Competition 58.4mm Tamper (Less than 1 month old) Gaggia Portafilter with Double unpressur
  13. Hello, Need a little help finalizing which of the two to get. (I know the former I can only buy new, but the Silvia I would buy used). With all things being equal (grinder, coffee, workflow, etc) is the shot and steam going to be really that different? I've been a long time Bialetti user and nespresso (for convenience in the morning - but I get specialty roaster pods). But I spend way too much money every day at all the awesome roasters here so its time to learn myself...I'll be making 2-3 cappuccinos max and likely only a couple of times a week (for now). Thoughts ? Than
  14. Has anyone seen/bought/used any of the refurbed/modded Classics from http://www.jowolfe.co.uk?
  15. I am selling my beloved Gaggia Classic Coffee machine as I have recently made the move to a bean to cup machine. This has served me well since I purchased it new in 2012. It has been serviced three times, the most recent being in May 2017. It is very regularly descaled and generally well looked after. Recently, there has been a very slight drip from the steam wand but this has not caused any issues with use. I still have the original box and manual (albeit a little worn) and everything else that came with it. Postage is possible but, given the weight, collection is prefe
  16. I have decided to sell my roughly one-year old Gaggia Classic 2019 (also called the Pro, Model Number: RI9480/18, Serial Number: TU901842081344) here in the forum (coming here directly from the Valuations section). It works perfectly, never had any problems with it, the only reason why I am selling it is because I would like to move into a much higher category (I became highly interested in pressure profiling). I backflush weekly with Pullycaff and descale the machine monthly. I use Brita filtered water and empty the tank after each use. The only scratches I could find is on the side of t
  17. I would like to sell my roughly one-year old Gaggia Classic 2019 (also called the Pro, Model Number: RI9480/18) but I would like to ask for valuation as I cannot find a similar one pre-used . It works perfectly and makes an exceptional espresso, the only reason I am selling it is because I would like to move to a much higher category. I backflush and descale the machine regularly. After the awful changes in 2015 introduced by Philips, Gaggia listened to its customers and returned to the well-respected features of the pre-2015 model with the Pro : - Made
  18. Reposting as all the pictures seem to have disappeared from the original! I am selling my 5 year old Gaggia Classic, below, having recently up-caffeinated to a Rancilio Sylvia. I've used the Classic every day and had no serious problems. It has been regularly cleaned (but not back-flushed). Used with soft water only. I haven't fiddled with any of the settings and all the working parts are original, apart from the gasket and steam wand. (New Panarella wand fitted.) At one point it started leaking from the boiler, which I rectified by replacing the sealing washer - no problems since. P
  19. Looking to sell my Gaggia Classic that I have owned for a couple of years now and has been faultless. I purchased this from this forum from Gaggiamanualservice who had completely refurbed and fitted with upgraded solenoid and steam wand. It has been descaled during my ownership. Unfortunately I no longer have the time (and work from home a lot less) so the machine is redundant. Looking for £100 plus post (should be £10-15).
  20. I have taken my Gaggia Classic apart so many times I have lost count. Every time in the past I have had great results but not this time. I replaced all the o rings, including the big one on the boiler. I have taken the solenoid mechanism apart, cleaned it as I know this is often the cause of problems. The pump is ok. When I reassembled the machine it starts and runs perfectly, water coming out the grouphead. But the moment I put coffee into the portafilter it runs for about 15 seconds and then the sound of the machine changes, becoming quite muted and coffee stops flowing. I can leave it runni
  21. Hi all, Up for sale is my Gaggia classic. This is the 2006 Italian model 1300W. I purchased this about 6 months ago second hand and immediately stripped, serviced and rebuilt it. It comes with the rancillo wand, one double basket (could do with replacing) portafilter (has end cap missing) When I stripped the machine I completely cleaned the boiler, replaced all seals, replaced both boiler and water thermostats, replaced the shower plate for a brass one, as well as the shower screen. I also set the pressure at 9bar using the pressure gauge from the group. Everything works as it shoul
  22. Hey guys! I have a Gaggia Classic bought in 2016 from the UK. It should be 9403/11. I have a double basket but I don't know whether it is a 14g or 16g basket. Mine has a ridge on the vertical side. I have been dosing 17-18g and flow seems okay, but the taste is bitter. The following video at 4:10 shows of the two baskets. Some images of the basket I have. From left, Gaggia Pressurized Single, Gaggia Pressurized Double, and Gaggia Commercial non-pressurized double Coffee that comes out with the lack of crema. Looks like overextract
  23. Help! My CLA2LPG machine is over pressurising the boiler when water source is turned on. It seems that water is constantly flowing into the tank and filling it up to mains pressure. I'm running a mobile system so a water Reservoir going into a shurflo 25psi pump with an accumulator. This is then fed into the high pressure machine pump and thus into the machine inlet. When the tank is empty and everything is then turned on, the high pressure pump engages and fills the tank until it reaches the correct level and then the pump turns off. However, the pressure in the water system
  24. Anyone who read my introduction post the other day will have seen that I just recently entered the world of home espresso making by purchasing a Delonghi Scultura ECZ 351. I quickly realised I'd made a bit of a mistake and should have gone with a Gaggia Classic, but by that stage it was too late to return to the shop. So, I persevered and got a bottomless portafilter and modded the steam wand a little. I'm now pulling what, to me, seem like pretty good shots. But then I am an absolute novice. However, I can't help feeling some buyer's remorse, and despite my better judgement I'm alre
  25. Hello, I'm after a pre 2015 Classic and was wondering what people's thoughts are on buying a pre modded machine? Run to The hills or take advantage of someone else's workmanship? Also hints on what to keep an eye out for would be greatly appreciated.
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