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Found 441 results

  1. Did a descale yesterday and after running it all through then a run with a tank of clean water the pump is now a lot noisier than it was before and is not working so well. I'm loathe to do it again as I only stripped the pump down not so long ago but would stripping it down and having a poke around be of any help, I'm a bit worried the pump is on its way out so quite keen to learn if any one knows what might be causing the pump to be so much noisier now and for it not to be working properly in that it is taking quite a while to get the water to come through the head and when it comes its really slow, works fine out the steam wand which made me wonder!
  2. Hi I have a Gaggia Classic Espresso 2 Cup 2008. Over the year this hasn’t really been used too much so it’s generally in great condition. Today I tried descaling but had no water flow at all. So I have spent the day taking it apart to clean head, boiler etc - i did this exercise but to be honest all the parts all seemed in pretty good condition and any small bits of corrosion that there were I cleaned out but sadly do luck with water flow. No evidence of the water being pumped around so I’m thinking it could be the pump itself - as I have pulled apart the solenoid and cleaned that and it looked ok. When I turn the machine on the pump sounds like it’s working but literally no water is pumping out or around the pipes and the machine was just getting hotter. Has anyone experienced this problem before? Does anybody have any advice to help with this? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  3. I know there have been a couple is pressure gauge installations described, but I thought I'd share mine. Here you go... I did it about three years ago but only very recently got round to editing the video. The machine is still going strong, giving me a pressure reading every morning.
  4. A bit of an update on my PID kit that I've recently been working on. Whilst I'm keeping the current kit alive and kicking, and the full details of it are still here: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?27931-MrShades-Gaggia-Classic-PID-Kit-Complete-PID-kit-with-full-guide-%A389 I've also been working on a kit that uses a PID controller that looks almost identical to the Auber one. It's 1/32DIN (rather than 1/16DIN for the Rex C100) and therefore half the size. It's half the size as it only has one display (rather than the two displays on the 1/16DIN Rex C100). It's obviously much smaller, and this kit comes with a new aluminium box - that is also a two-part box (Auber seem to use an extruded single piece box, which you can't simply assemble around the controller once you've wired it up). As with the other kit, there's a cut-out in the front (around 44mm x 22mm) and a rubber grommeted hole in the rear. As with the normal kit, all the SSRs and wires and everything else come with it - and they're all the same as the original kit. Hence there's now two options: 1. The original 1/16 DIN kit, with dual display - being a larger unit, with larger enclosure 2. This new 1/32 DIN kit, with single (dual purpose) display - being a smaller unit, with smaller enclosure As with everything, when it's smaller it's also more expensive (which is true for the PID controller and the aluminium enclosure) so this 1/32 DIN version is £5 more than the 1/16 DIN version - so it's £94 shipped to the UK. Any questions, please just ask - and I have these in stock now and if you'd like one then please just PM me. Some pics of the kit and controller: (It was cold in the workshop, and hadn't warmed up - so it's showing 14C. Obviously normally it would show the brew temp at around 93C) A couple of pics to allow you to see the difference between the 1/16 DIN (larger, dual display) and 1/32 DIN (this one, smaller and single display) versions: (Other than the fact that it doesn't say "Auber" on the front, if you can see any difference between this PID and the Auber one then let me know!) For the avoidance of doubt, and to prevent any questions - Whilst this 1/32DIN controller LOOKS like the Auber one, and many (if not all) the menu options are the same - it does NOT have the hidden Auber menus, and it does NOT provide preinfusion or any of the fancy Auber only functions. It provides materially the same functionality as the Rex C100 and controls brew and steam temp. I hope you like it! Many thanks, MrShades
  5. I have decided to sell my roughly one-year old Gaggia Classic 2019 (also called the Pro, Model Number: RI9480/18, Serial Number: TU901842081344) here in the forum (coming here directly from the Valuations section). It works perfectly, never had any problems with it, the only reason why I am selling it is because I would like to move into a much higher category (I became highly interested in pressure profiling). I backflush weekly with Pullycaff and descale the machine monthly. I use Brita filtered water and empty the tank after each use. The only scratches I could find is on the side of the plastic water tank and dip tray from touching the steel during the regular removals (bigger clearance would have helped) and very slight marks on the top probably due to the cups kept there (see pictures). I bought the machine directly from the official UK distributor, Gaggia Direct, upon release in December 2018 so along with the 2-years manufacturer’s warranty it came with an extra one from them. This leaves a bit less than 1 year remaining for manufacturer’s and then 1 extra year remaining for Gaggia Direct. But as I did some (reversible) modifications on the machine (see below), I cannot guarantee 100% that the warranty still applies, perhaps some others with better experience could confirm on this. About the RI9480/18 model: After the changes in 2015 introduced by Philips, Gaggia listened to its customers and returned to the well-respected features of the pre-2015 model with the Pro : - Made in Italy (the factory is close to Bologna as far as I know) - 3-way Solenoid Valve which allows backflush cleaning - Professional chromed-brass group and portafilter - Aluminium boiler Along these features they introduced: - A beautiful, newer design with rocket buttons - A professional steam wand (which is the first mod they recommend you to do on a pre-2015 machine if you’re into milk-based drinks) Now there is only one beloved feature missing from the pre-2015 models: the new model lacks the adjustable OPV. Therefore, I replaced the current system with pre-2015 original Gaggia parts to allow a wide range of pressure adjustment instead of the factory preset 15 bar. It is the exact copy to the pre-2015 setup based on the series numbers from the exploded view and I specifically ordered the new parts from MrBean2Cup. Naturally, I still have the 2019 setup available so the modification is fully reversible, unlike other previously suggested methods such as cutting the spring of the safety valve. It is currently set to 9.5 bar. Asking price excluding extras: £350 (The price of a new machine WITHOUT adjustable OPV comes cheapest at around £400.) This includes (see pictures): - Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 machine with UK plug and pre-2015 Gaggia adjustable OPV setup fitted in (I can provide series numbers for parts if needed) - Original box and warranty documents - Original accessories including plastic dosing spoon, plastic tamper, single and double baskets and Gaggia’s ‘perfect crema’ basket - Original Gaggia Portafilter - the double spout got scratched upon removal, it can be replaced for £5 and this has been considered in the asking price - The non-adjustable OPV setup which has been removed from the machine I also have further upgrades available and for buyer's convenience I enlist them as optional extras. Please bear in mind that these extras will become available to purchase separately only after the machine is sold. The remaining ones will appear in a new post. Available extras (see pictures): - Professional beautiful olive wooden double spout chromed-brass portafilter (has much better quality and look than the original one) £25 - Professional single spout chromed-brass portafilter £20 - Pressure gauge for OPV adjustment compatible with the portafilters £15 - 58mm blind filter/ blanking disc for backflushing £5 - Motta 58mm distribution tool £20 - 58.5mm precision tamper with red walnut wooden handle (fits IMS perfectly) £20 - IMS Competition Basket 7-9g single £10 - IMS Competition Basket 12-18g double £10 - IMS Precision shower screen £15 - Brass shower plate holder £10 - Additional tubing for potential later replacement £10 I can also offer an asking price including ALL extras: £450 Delivery: I am based in Birmingham and I would prefer personal collection. Upon collection you can try the machine and ensure it functions correctly (and have a nice cup of espresso) and that it is indeed in a good condition. Moreover, it saves us both the risks of shipment. Nevertheless, I am also willing to potentially consider shipping it especially if your offer includes all or a larger amount of the available extras. Otherwise, if you are located relatively close to Birmingham by train and you can convince me that your location is worth a one-day visit I may 'ship' it myself! 😁 Payment: Cash upon collection or PayPal Domestic Personal Transaction. I think this is the only used 2019 version on the market at the moment, especially the only one with the adjustable OPV setup. Obviously sellers want to sell higher and buyers want to buy lower but, in my opinion, it is important to find a fair and balanced equilibrium so I tried to set the prices accordingly. This is a great machine in great condition and I think it does deserve its asking price. I have uploaded some pictures and will upload more but please do let me know if you require any specific ones. - Adam
  6. OPV Adjustment for the Gaggia Classic 1. You will need a pressure gauge that has been modified to fit the bottom of the standard domestic Gaggia portafilter. (fig a) This assembly cost me less than £10 to construct and the parts were readily available. 2. Prime and warm up your machine to the normal operating temperature (At least 20 mins). 3. You’ll notice that there’s no basket in the portafilter above, false pressure readings will be given if you leave it in there. Fill the pressure gauge with water from your machine before attaching it to the head. This serves to eliminate the chances of air being trap in the portafilter and primes your machine for the first test. 4. Switch the pump on. As the pressure rises open the steam valve a little, this will hopefully allow any remaining air out of the system. Once you have a steady stream of water from the steam wand close it and allow the pressure to build until it settles. If you’ve never adjusted your OPV before you’ll probably looking at around 14 bar of pressure. These machines are shipped at this pressure for use with pods so if you do use pods don’t touch a thing. Make a note of your reading and switch off the pump. 5. SWITCH THE POWER OFF AT THE WALL AND REMOVE THE PLUG FOR ABSOLUTE PEACE OF MIND. 6. Remove the two screws from the rear of the top plate and lift away. There is an earth wire attached to the cover, remove it but do not forget to replace it on reassembly. 7. It’s hot in there, be careful. Part of the reason for having the machine warm is that it comes apart a lot easier. Locate the OPV (fig b) (fig b) OPV valve Remove the pipe and put it to one side out of the way. (fig c)[/center] (fig c) OPV pipe removed Using a ratchet wrench, extension and 17mm head remove the top of the OPV. I have specified the tool because I have read of people attempting this with spanners or adjustable spanner even pliers. This is a really bad idea. Like I said it’s hot and you will inevitable burn yourself. At best a spanner will slip and you may damage something else such as your solenoid. Once the top of the OPV is removed you will see a small 5mm (3/16) hex head inside. It can be difficult to see sometimes as there will be water on top of it, but trust me it’s there. (fig d 1 and 2) (fig d 1) OPV, 5 mm hex head revealed Insert a 5mm (3/16) Allen key in the hole and turn it anti clockwise approximately 270° or three quarters of a turn. Reassemble your machine in reverse order. Don’t forget that earth wire and re test the pressure. 8. This is known as a static pressure test which means there’s no flow through the portafilter. The pressure you should be aiming for is 10 bar not 9 bar. This is because the difference between a static reading of 9 bar and a dynamic reading i.e. with flow through the head is 1 bar less. Therefore you need to set your machines to 10 bar which will give you 9 bar dynamic. Here's a video of the gauge in action (at this point it's reading 9 bar instead of 10 bar) 9. You will need to repeat this a few times to get it right but it’s worth it IMHO. I am pulling vastly improved shots with much better crema. Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for any damage that may invalidate any warranty. You should only attempt this adjustment if you know what you are doing and have the right tools to do it. If you do not feel in any way confident then leave it alone.
  7. I would like to sell my roughly one-year old Gaggia Classic 2019 (also called the Pro, Model Number: RI9480/18) but I would like to ask for valuation as I cannot find a similar one pre-used . It works perfectly and makes an exceptional espresso, the only reason I am selling it is because I would like to move to a much higher category. I backflush and descale the machine regularly. After the awful changes in 2015 introduced by Philips, Gaggia listened to its customers and returned to the well-respected features of the pre-2015 model with the Pro : - Made in Italy (the factory is close to Bologna as far as I know) - 3-way Solenoid Valve which allows backflush cleaning - Professional chromed-brass group and portafilter - Aluminium boiler Along these features they introduced: - A beautiful, newer design with rocket buttons - A professional steam wand (which is the first mod they recommend you to do on a pre-2015 machine if you’re into milk-based drinks) I bought the machine from the official UK distributor, Gaggia Direct, upon release in December 2018 so along with the 2-years manufacturer’s warranty it came with an extra one from them. This leaves a bit less than 1 year remaining for manufacturer’s and then 1 extra year remaining for Gaggia Direct. My personal upgrade include a pre-2015 adjustable OPV system with original new Gaggia parts: the only feature the new 2019 model lacks from the old setup is the adjustable OPV (over pressure valve). Therefore, I replaced the current system with pre-2015 original new Gaggia parts to allow adjustment on the model. This is a significant upgrade and, furthermore, it is fully reversible and more reliable unlike other previously suggested methods such as cutting the spring of the safety valve since it the modification copies the exact pre-2015 Gaggia design with the exact Gaggia parts. It is currently set to 9.5 bar. I would like to emphasise that this upgrade is fully reversible so the machine could be restored to its original condition anytime if desired in order to preserve the warranty. This whole package includes: - Gaggia Classic Pro 2019 machine with UK chord - Original box and papers including documents for manufacturer’s and Gaggia Direct’s warranty - Original accessories including plastic dosing spoon, plastic tamper, single and double basket and Gaggia’s ‘perfect crema’ basket - Professional olive wooden double spout portafilter - Professional single spout portafilter - Original Gaggia portafilter with pressure gauge installed for OPV adjustment + original Gaggia double spout in case you want to use that - 58mm blind filter/ blanking disc for backflushing - Motta 58mm distributor tool - 58.5mm precision tamper with red walnut wooden handle - IMS Competition Baskets 7-9g single and 12-18g double - IMS Precision shower screen - Brass shower plate holder - Pre-2015 original Gaggia OPV setup - 2019 OPV setup, Gaggia shower screen and Gaggia aluminium shower plate holder - Additional tubing for later replacement The price of a new machine comes cheapest at around £400. You can confirm after a bit of online research that the cost of the upgrades noted is well above £350 (especially considering the OPV replacement). Taking into consideration that all the components are in very good condition, around one year old, and the machine still has almost a year of manufacturer’s warranty (+ one year of the UK distributor, Gaggia Direct), how much could I ask for it realistically?
  8. I've been doing some research recently - and have now managed to quite easily disable the 20min timer on the latest 2018+ Gaggia Classic / Gaggia Classic Pro / Gaggia Classic 2019. Some quick background, and where I started from: The first image below is the switchbank of an EU Gaggia Classic 2018+, which has the timer. The second one is the switchbank of a US "Gaggia Classic Pro" version, that doesn't have the timer - but otherwise is very very similar. The wires used are largely different colours, but there's also two or three connectors that are used on the EU version, but unused on the US one. Curious.... ? So - with quite a bit of digging around, tracing wires, taking things apart and general investigation - I found that the easiest way to defeat the 20min timer is to simply remove the two "extra" cables from the front switch-bank (the green one and the blue one below it) and then to bridge these two wires together. Doing this doesn't seem to affect the machine in any other way - it turns on the same, heats up the same, brews, steams and turns off the same (but only when you press the button to do so, it doesn't turn off automatically after 20 mins). Hooray! I've shown some pics of the wire that I made up for this mod - using high temp flexible silicone cable and a couple of 6.3mm male spade connectors - you simply plug one connector in on one side, and the other on the other side, and fold the wire over. Simples and reversible if required. (I'm going to make them slightly longer, as it makes folding them easier - even though it's using flexible silicone cable, when they're short it's not quite as easy). I've also included some additional photos of the wire installed. If anyone buys my 2018+ Gaggia Classic PID kit and wants one of these cables then I'll include one free of charge IF THEYASK FOR IT. (If you've previously bought a 2018+ kit and want one then it's just £1 for 1st Class postage and packing). If anyone else who's a member on here can't make one, and wants to just buy one from me - then I can provide them at minimal cost - £2 plus postage (1st Class 70p, 2nd Class 61p!). I'm still working on a good, effective OPV mod - and I'll probably combine this timer disable mod, with a 9 bar OPV mod, and sufficient silicone pipe to properly replumb the OPV (right now they have the OPV dumping into the drip tray on currnt models, which is a crazy waste of water) within a "Fixes for the Classic 2019" combination mod kit within the next few weeks.
  9. Hello to all you fine coffee lovers and Merry Christmas what's left of it. Simply put I have been lurking on this forum for far too long dipping in and out of posts when I had 5 minutes spare or to try and find the reason behind my poor shot pulling abilities its a rocky road which many find themselves giving up and going the easy route, not for me I take the difficult route every time maybe for all the wrong reasons at times but anyway thats me and my little opener. Thanks to you all for your help that I have not yet thanked in my lurking days, I am here now to make amends
  10. Hello guys and gals, I have not done anything to my Classic in a while and am itching to do a mod to curb the current upgraditis urges. I liked the whole dimmer thing that I have done a few people do in the forum and I understand that the pump should be replaced for that. I know @MrShades recommends the Invensys 65W CP3A pump but since Invensys are no more, I'm not certain which one of the results that comes back on fleebay is the correct pump. (http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xcp3a.TRS0&_nkw=cp3a&_sacat=0) Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Hi peeps My trusty old Gaggia Classic has been playing up and not drawing properly, so I've taken it apart and cleaned out all the usual places, including stripping open the boiler to clean inside there. It worked briefly afterwards and has then started to trickle through. So presumably there's been a blockage somewhere. I then left it for several months and finally took another look today only to find loads of gunk inside and mould in the 2 tubes that go into the water reservoir. I've 2 questions. Where can I get replacement rubber tubing for those? How can I clean inside the Elka pump (see photo), as that's the last place I've yet been able to clean? Actually, a 3rd question. Is there anywhere else I should clean that I've not found yet (have cleaned inside the boiler, group head, shower plate, solenoid valve)? Thanks in advance folks Dan
  12. Naked Portafilter has (I believe) a triple shot basket, good condition with normal scuffs around the lugs - £15 posted Double Spouted Portafilter with double gaggia basket and plastic screw off spout - £12 posted Thanks!
  13. Hey guys! I have a Gaggia Classic bought in 2016 from the UK. It should be 9403/11. I have a double basket but I don't know whether it is a 14g or 16g basket. Mine has a ridge on the vertical side. I have been dosing 17-18g and flow seems okay, but the taste is bitter. The following video at 4:10 shows of the two baskets. Some images of the basket I have. From left, Gaggia Pressurized Single, Gaggia Pressurized Double, and Gaggia Commercial non-pressurized double Coffee that comes out with the lack of crema. Looks like overextracted with 17-18g? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, So I should have a Gaggia classic in the next week or so (Hopefully less) and I have been looking at the various mods that can be done to the machine to make it run like a more expensive machine. I have seen mentions of countless mods and was wondering if anyone had links to threads on them or if there is actually nothing documented for them. I don't plan on doing these mods straight away I want to use the machine as it is to see how far I can get with it and then see what needs improving. I will list a few I have seen mentioned so far and see if anyone has any link OPV Mod http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?3859-Adjusting-the-OPV-(over-Pressure-Valve)-Gaggia-Classic PID Obviously MrShades for this http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?31342-MrShades-Gaggia-Classic-PID-Kit-(1-32DIN)-Complete-PID-kit-with-full-guide-%A394 Dimmer pressure profiling (I believe this is for pre-infusing)https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?20575-Gaggia-Dimmer-Switch-low-pressure-pour Automatic shot timer https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?t=21171 Brass plate for the boiler to increase its thermal mass to help with temp dropping from cold water being added. http://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/Mobile/MobileModels.aspx?ModelID=1976 Water preheat, or using the OPV to put water back into the tank and warm it up. Warming coil around the boiler To finish this off i have searched however there are so many posts just saying I have done x,y,z mod and its great but no explanation how and I did not want to resurrect a load of old threads instead I thought I would start a brand new one and hopefully have all the information and links in the same place. Thanks in advance!
  15. Help! My CLA2LPG machine is over pressurising the boiler when water source is turned on. It seems that water is constantly flowing into the tank and filling it up to mains pressure. I'm running a mobile system so a water Reservoir going into a shurflo 25psi pump with an accumulator. This is then fed into the high pressure machine pump and thus into the machine inlet. When the tank is empty and everything is then turned on, the high pressure pump engages and fills the tank until it reaches the correct level and then the pump turns off. However, the pressure in the water system seems to push water past the high pressure pump and continues to fill the boiler until its completely full of water and water is flowing through the steam tap. My first thought was check the manual fill tap. It's closed and seals properly. Then checked the fill sensor. It works and shuts off the high pressure pump as soon as it contacts the water, however water is still flowing into the system. Next thought was solenoid. Took it off and tested it, it's working fine. Not stuck open or anything. It's shut when it needs to be. Then thought maybe a problem with the inlet manifold, so I took it apart but it all seems to be in check! So, on the inlet manifold where the water pipe connects to it, the manifold splits the flow 3 ways. One goes through to the manual fill/waste, one goes up to the solenoid and one seems to bypass any kind of valve and goes directly into the back of the boiler. When this last pipe is disconnected from the inlet manifold the boiler drains. This unvalved connection is what seems to be filling the boiler up to mains pressure. Am I missing something, is this supposed to be an open connection into the boiler, what would be the purpose of the solenoid in that instance? Totally stumped at the moment, any advice would be much appreciated. Edit: It's probably worth mentioning that this machine has been sat unused for over 10 years so this is my attempt at getting it refurbished. Most of the other components/thermostats seem to be working correctly.
  16. Mazza's recent comment about adjusting the OPV got me looking at the various other forums out there, and the mods people have done. In particular, this thread at coffeesnobs goes into a lot of detail. Has anyone tried adjusting an OPV before (on a Classic or indeed any machine)? Would there be any benefit in messing around with the adjustment to see if my machine can be improved? (I don't have any obvious issues at the moment, just an extreme urge to fiddle with anything technical.) Just to be clear, I don't use the single basket, or make ristrettos.
  17. Hi folks, i've been lurking for a while, reading reviews and on that basis bought a Gaggia Classic and Iberital MC2 grinder. I love the classic, however as an eternal tinkerer i went after the PID mod to try and get some more consistency in my espresso. I got all the bits together, however the controller i purchased was a CKC tinner Rex-C100. I've two issues, when is set the input as PT100 i get nonsensical temperature readings, i'm using a 3-wire PT100. I'm ordered, or should i say received, a cheap HK variant of the C100 that isn't configurable for pt100, i.e. software is but hardware isn't. Does anyone have experience of this controller. My second issue is that with the two SSR's mounted against the back wall the water spout fouls on the 2nd relay and i can't re-install it. I appreciate any guidance available. Cheers Danny
  18. As the title says really. Im doing my research and have read that there are some classics to avoid. I believe the early ones and the latest ones are the ones to go for? ideally I’d like a new or a mint second hand one but I’m a bit confused as looking on a website there are brand new ones being sold but they don’t look like the 2019 model. Looking second hand and some places don’t specify their age so don’t want to accidentally buy an undesirable model... if that makes sense?! could anyone point me in a direction or advise what to go for and what to avoid date wise? ps- a Rancilio Silvia is also on my radar Thanks
  19. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine/1346208703 Gaggia Classic pre Philips £50 on Gumtree knock box, tamp ect Bargain if you’re interested
  20. Here is a Classic that really has done its time. Having said that note that it has a Rancillio steam wand - A Torr Tamper - 3D printed coffee catcher - Internally a brass distribution block replacing the original. A newish PF c/w basket & would you believe it still ‘fires up’ The major problem is that the group head gasket has welded itself to the head. If the good parts were taken out & sold separately. The Torr Tamper alone must be worth more than I am asking for the Machine. However its being offered as one lot & I have no intention of splitting it. If you want it, you’ve gotta take the good with the bad but really £25 for the lot!!! (+P&P) It has been in my Family ? since 6 years ago. Maybe a ‘project’ for someone? ?
  21. Reposting as all the pictures seem to have disappeared from the original! I am selling my 5 year old Gaggia Classic, below, having recently up-caffeinated to a Rancilio Sylvia. I've used the Classic every day and had no serious problems. It has been regularly cleaned (but not back-flushed). Used with soft water only. I haven't fiddled with any of the settings and all the working parts are original, apart from the gasket and steam wand. (New Panarella wand fitted.) At one point it started leaking from the boiler, which I rectified by replacing the sealing washer - no problems since. Pump is a bit noisy. Steam/temperature lamp hasn't worked for a year but I get lots of steam, so it's probably just the lamp. I'd much rather sell it to someone who is happy to get into the innards if and when it needs fixing. Spare gasket included. Comes with original filter holder and naked holder. £100 including UK postage and it's yours. The proceeds are going to YMCA Roomsponsor (shameless charity plug here) so your coffee will taste twice as ethical. Make me an offer!
  22. I've had my trusty Classic for about 10 years now. It gets a regular back flush (about once a month) and a descale every now and again. I live in a soft water area so there never an issue with limescale build up anyway. I've changed the portafilter seal many times over the years and moved away from the OEM rubber seal years ago in preference for silicon seals from an E61 as they're the same size. I get the blue ones for a few quid each. I've never had any problem with these in the past. Recently I started getting water leak from around the top of the portafilter when I make a shot. My first thought was change the seal and last time I'd actually bought two for this reason so I had a spare. I swapped it out and it worked ok for a few shots then started leaking again. I asked the seller if he'd had any other people complain about these seals being faulty and he just said I shouldn't be using them and should stick with OEM. So I bought a couple of OEM rubber seals, fitted one and again, it sorted the issue for a day or two then it started leaking again. It's only a few drops that sadly tend to drip down into my cup. I've had it all to bits multiple times now to see if I've missed something and made sure everything was nice a clean but can't seem to solve it. Someone has suggested trying a new portafilter itself but I've actually got 2, an original double spout which I've barely used and a naked portafilter which is my go to. It makes me think there's not an issue with that as I've tried both and it happens regardless. Have I missed anything. I have been toying with the idea of an upgrade anyway and maybe the Classic has just reached the end of it's very long and fruitful life? When something is usually so bullet proof like the Classic is, it's strange when something suddenly goes wrong like this for seemingly no reason.
  23. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/gaggia-classic-coffee-machine-with-rancilio-silva-wand-and-accessories/1340368799 Gaggia Classic pre Philips £75
  24. Looking to sell my Gaggia Classic that I have owned for a couple of years now and has been faultless. I purchased this from this forum from Gaggiamanualservice who had completely refurbed and fitted with upgraded solenoid and steam wand. It has been descaled during my ownership. Unfortunately I no longer have the time (and work from home a lot less) so the machine is redundant. Looking for £100 plus post (should be £10-15).
  25. I have taken my Gaggia Classic apart so many times I have lost count. Every time in the past I have had great results but not this time. I replaced all the o rings, including the big one on the boiler. I have taken the solenoid mechanism apart, cleaned it as I know this is often the cause of problems. The pump is ok. When I reassembled the machine it starts and runs perfectly, water coming out the grouphead. But the moment I put coffee into the portafilter it runs for about 15 seconds and then the sound of the machine changes, becoming quite muted and coffee stops flowing. I can leave it running and sometimes after a few minutes the noise suddenly increases and coffee comes out. Attach another portafilter and back to the same muted sound and no coffee. It is as if when under load it cannot work. I have had this machine for years and have always managed to fix it but cannot this time. I am getting to the point where I will sell this fine piece of Italian engineering for something else? regards Andre
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