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Found 23 results

  1. ‘Twas the night before Christmas And the beans have all run out, The coffee machine’s not working It needs a good bash and a clout! The grinder’s full of gravel And the milk has all gone off, The bar towel is full of holes And I’ve really had enough. I dropped the flipping tamper It landed on my toe, The jug has sprung a leak or two It’s time for it to go. I opened those Lavazza beans The bag top ripped right off, The beans are scattered everywhere And they are fit only for t’trough. As for Norvin’s funnel thing I don’t need it these days, There's three more like it on the shelf. From when they were all the craze! The Monolith needs cleaning It’s all packed and ready to send To Kafatek by Parcel-Drop Post - Bound to meet a sticky end. But what’s this in my inbox? Forum Members' missives from on high? Hold on! Help is on it’s way Whizzing through the sky! The Forum crew will rally round They’ll really save the day. It’ll be the bestest Christmas ever Who needs Santa and his sleigh? The Foundry chaps have all chipped in With bags of fresh roast beans Camboshef has offered his grinder And sundry top hole machines. Joey and Jumbo Ratty Have come up with the goods, Snakehips will deliver The mince pies and the puds. Coffeechap's sending us his Torr, Stanic a cloth of watered silk, DFK47 the sweetest sugar, Joey24 the freshest milk. Grumpydaddy has filled a huge great hamper Overflowing past the top With biscotti, chocs and lovely stuff - MrBoots will bring the pop. It will be one big Forum party One to savour in years to come. And if you don’t like this poem Stick it up your festive . . . Happy, happy Christmas everyone
  2. Check out Beanies Christmas Nights Flavoured Coffee - http://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/Christmas-nights-wholebean.html
  3. There should be a mince pie thread, so let's see some pics of home made mince pies
  4. Christmas/Holidays/Gifting/Sprouts Day is coming! Countdown to the big day with a festive edition of the CFUK Advent Calendar! To get us started here's December 1st through the rectangular window! Top Tip: Make sure to break clumps and distribute your grinds thoroughly.
  5. Christmas is coming and we have a special offer for forum members. We have 4 ex demo machines available at a very special price for the festive season and due to our upcoming factory move. All machines are a stainless steel case and PTFE internal pipework. The Vesuvius is an advanced pressure profiling machine using a mag drive gear pump. Up to 5 profiles can be stored each with up to 7 pressure phases. Pressure is PID controlled and managed directly via the extremely accurate gear pump, not a needle valve or similar, believe this gives superior control. The machine has 2 PID controlled boilers one for steam and the other for brew water. It also has some unique features such as last shot protection, eco mode and even the ability to enable or disable brew water preheating to suite the environment and load requirements made of the machine. More can be read about the machine and supplied accessories at this link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesuvius/download/file.php?id=148 Note: all machines come supplied with a bottomless portafilter, tamper and group brush as an additional accessories that are not mentioned in the user guide above Order before 10 November 2018 the price will be £2050 + a £20 contribution to air shipping and a free group pressure gauge fitted. Order after 10th November the price will be £2150 for the machine a £20 contribution to air shipping (an optional fitted group pressure gauge will be £16 extra not free) The warranty offered is 2 years parts only and is fully transferable should you sell the machine during this period. *Ex demonstration means the machine may have been exhibited, or even used for a limited number of shots at exhibition or other venues by ACS. As such they should not be considered a “new” machine. They will of course all be factory checked and prepared in the same way any new machine is. These factory direct machines represent a saving in excess of £1200 (if the Christmas offer is used) for the right people and are all VAT inclusive prices. These are for private and not business purchase should you be wanting to use a business treatment of VAT If you want a machine claim it on the thread, stating clearly the options you want. PM me with your e-mail details and delivery address and phone number.. I will update the thread with the machines remaining as they get claimed.
  6. Hi all, apologies this is London specific. The London coffee festival guys and Spin London are doing a coffee and bikes Christmas special in Shoreditch. I'm going tomorrow for the afternoon session and was wondering if any other forum members were planning on being there? link below; it's £1.75 for two tics if booked online (£5 at the door). If you use the code LCC2014 while booking you get entered into a raffle for an airbag bike helmet (yes, there is such a thing; who knew?!) http://www.spinlcf.cc/
  7. Ok so I've been reading the threads about the VST baskets and keep being asked what I want for Christmas so I've come to the conclusion that a VST basket (and some Square Mile Red Brick) would fit the bill nicely. I am currently using the standard silvia basket and dosing around 16g, my triple that came with the bottomless PF has never really been used. What I want to know is the following: 1) Is it worth going for the 18g over the 14g for the Silvia? 2) Does the 18g VST fit in the standard Silvia PF? 3) If it doesn't, what are the dimensions of the 18g VST so I can see if they will fit my (cheap) bottomless PF?
  8. Sprouts! Rows! Monopoly! Groaning tummies! Food! Booze! Boxing day walks! And you'll have lots more, I'm sure! Did I mention repeats?! I don't think there's ever likely to be a Christmas coffee-song to challenge the 12 days Of Hissmas released last Christmas by @Snakehips ProDucktions! [video=youtube_share;kR4GzMMe9Kg] And here's the thread if anyone missed it last time around
  9. Email reads:- Sorry to mention the C word in January We're either late to the party or very early! 25% OFF CHRISTMAS BLEND ROAST: MEDIUM | DARK IN THE CUP: CHOCOLATE, SPICES & RED FRUITS DISCOUNT CODE : TWENTYFIVE 25% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR 25hrs.. WHILE STOCKS LAST TERMS & CONDITIONS: To meet free delivery terms please ensure the order value is over £25 after the discount code has been applied Discount code can only be used once on our website and entered during checkout Discount code can only be used on Christmas Blend only and not in conjunction with any other offer Subject to availability VALID FROM 14:00 27/01/20 >> 15:00 28/01/20 (GMT)
  10. MarkT

    Christmas Dinner

    Right who's cooking Christmas Dinner?? It's a mere 4 days away. Im cooking this year for my Inlaws. Cooking myself as I hate the Inlaws cooking. Their idea of Christmas dinner is very bland and boring. Jist finished he's writing a menu plan. Gonna follow Gordan Ramsey's recipe idea this year.
  11. I'm sure a few us have plans to get in something "special" for the Christmas period. Just wondering if anyone has decided what to go for yet? It may be slightly risky to go for something I've not tried yet, but the new Guatemalan from Foundry sounds amazing and may well get the nod from me.
  12. I'm new to making espresso, but love it so much. Got my first pressurised coffe machine for Christmas. Trying to get most out of it. Found about this forum on reddit. After reading tons of stuff realised I need a grinder and fresh beans instead of pre-ground coffee from supermarkets which I'm currently using. Was shocked by prices on good grinders. Trying to find something reasonably cheap but good, most likely Eureka Mingon.
  13. My Warmest Wishes for a Very Happy Christmas to all Forum readers. So what did you get that was coffee related this year? My wife gave me (amongst many other things) a carefully researched recipe for a spiced coffee grog (spiced butter, cream and rum figure highly in it). But it came with a collection of all the ingredients needed, and a couple of exceedingly nice latte glasses to serve it in.
  14. Fairly new to this quest for a prefect home espresso, my good lady got me a Gaggia Baby Class for Christmas so have been trying to get it right ever since. Okay so, is there a correct amount of coffee to be using? I've read several different amounts but they seem to be between 14g and 16g? I started out measuring 15g of beans for a double shot, but had trouble getting the 25 to 30 second extraction time. I'm using a Hario hand grinder for the moment and the setting I have settled on seemed a little too coarse (60ml done in 15 seconds), the next finest is too fine (60ml takes about 50 seconds). So after reading several posts on here about filling the portafilter right up to the top before tamping, I tried doing it that way. That makes a much better shot on the coarser setting, extraction time is about 30 seconds and they taste great to me. But when I weigh it out this is 21g of coffee! I've also noticed that the coffee puck is coming into contact with the shower head now, is this okay?
  15. Hi everyone After trying Starbucks Christmas blend I do fancy a coffee with a bit of a "Christmas spice" to it if you know what I mean. Has Beans Christmas Blend isn't going to be on sale for a while yet so I am looking for suggestions if anyone has any. Many thanks HLA91
  16. Merry Christmas to all visitors to Coffee Forums UK over the festive period. Our site will be alive 24/7 so feel free to use it as the perfect excuse to escape to your 'third space' for a few minutes or hours... Have a great festive period and thanks for being a valued member in 2008.
  17. So, what are you hoping he will bring you ??
  18. Rumour has it Santa and her Elf will be launching a compendium, nay an Extravagana, of Christmas-Coffee related fun, frivolities and sensational entertainments next week for all the family here on the forum! Watch this space as a procession of other-worldly delights unfold before your disbelieveing eyes keeping you entertained over the festive period. We’ve got a crossword, spot the difference, word search and a daily quiz question, plus a spectacular musical extravaganza coming up on Xmas Eve. Bring your own sprouts, mince pies and Paxo
  19. It's coming up to the time of year where we are asked the dreaded question "What would you like for Christmas?", and if you're like me, you'll just um and err for a while and then finally fess up to wanting something to do with Coffee or So this year, lets all brainstorm, put a list together of what we would like, and then over the next month we can source the suppliers with the keenest prices and list them here too. Then not only will we have a list of ideas to hand, but also price points and suggested retailers too. I'll kick off the list with a Hario Coffee Siphon 2 cup I look forward to seeing your ideas and aspirations, which should be inspiration for all
  20. Christmas is coming. Don't deny it!! So what completely unnecessary and purely indulgent coffee-related items would you put on your letter to Santa, considering reindeer-mail takes 6-8 weeks to arrive?
  21. Hey everyone My flatmate was going near a drive through Starbucks (only 1 in Europe i think) so I hitched a lift as I wanted to try their Christmas blend as it was only £1 so I thought I would give it a go. The coffee had a lovely spice to it which was quite enjoyable but sadly there was a really strong burnt/charcoal taste which overpowered it. I have read quite a bit about Starbucks over roasting there beans and I can only assume that the taste was because of that. It is a shame as that spice was nice. I cant wait for HasBeans Christmas blend to come out I am really looking forward to it, does anyone have a rough date for when it is usually released? HLA91
  22. coffee_forums: New Christmas Gift Guide Poll "What budget do you (try to) stick to for Christmas presents for your partner?" http://tinyurl.com/2ac7b4r More...
  23. For Christmas I'm getting a s/h classic ( I know I am, I bought it yesterday ) It has the Silvia steam wand already. I'm just thinking of accessories/add ons/upgrades that I should put on my list I've already got a pid and a timer, which I never fitted to the delonghi, so those will be going on. Also have scales and knock box. my list so far; 18g VST ridgeless Tamper for above Shot glasses any suggestions? thanks
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