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  1. After a bottomless portafilter that will fit a fracino cherub so would fit most standard e61 groups
  2. Hi guys, I've been away from the forum for some now but I've been using my cherub every day. Today it's let me down badly. I purchased in January 2013 (a group purchase with other members) and have to admit I may have let the maintenance slide a bit. This morning it will make coffee but there is no pressure to froth milk. The bar is at zero. There is nothing on the pressure bar. Any suggestions? I live in Shaftesbury if anyone knows someone close who could take a look. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Help needed to get my posting numbers up to be able to view the for sale section! Current set up is Rancillo Rocky and Gaggia Classic, but now looking to upgrade the Classic. Was planning to buy a new Fracino Piccino, but the dual boiler is not really relevant as I always black coffee and only steam milk for the occasional guest Wife won't let me stretch to a Fraccino Cherub this time, so after reduced my expectations to a Quick Mill Carola, I have dropped the budget to £500 for a new Quick Mill Silvano (tickling my fancy due to the PID). I'd like to see what
  4. Just a small topic to show all the pr0n nakedness of a Fracino Cherub being cleaned, stripped and rebuild to restore it to some form of glory I asked here for some recommendations for cleaning products in order to get this moving, but frankly I wan't to try the coffee from it as is at the moment! For that reason, last night I just had a wee look inside the case and taken a few bits off to see how they were faring. Below, credit goes to Puly Caff, plus for the brass shower head a citric acid paste, applied with a finger. Next are portafilters, although, they already had
  5. For sale is my Fracino Cherub espresso machine + Eureka Mignon grinder, with a few extras, all for £600. Hoping to sell as all items together at this stage, but if there is no interest in the full package after a week or so I’ll consider splitting the cherub and the grinder. Collection or local delivery only at this stage - the machine is in Fife (near Dunfermline), and I work near Glasgow. The Cherub I bought the machine from michaelg (forum member) in December 2014, and I believe he bought the machine from shrink (also a forum member), who originally purchased
  6. Dear all: a quick inquiry. After 12 years of faithful service-despite-neglect, my Silvia has given up the ghost (almost... more later). After spending more time than I ought I came up with the following choice for a replacement: Cherub or Oscar II. I produce mostly cappuccinos and lattes with Americanos and espressos in 3rd and 4th place (about 4 a day). I don't want a new hobby, just reliable drink-making. So, 1. Cherub or Oscar II in absolute terms? 2. If Cherub in 1, is the price differential worth it (the cheapest I see is around £529 for the Oscar; £781 for the Cherub)? 3. If Che
  7. Hello everyone, This will be quite long so I apologise in advance. I had my heart set on a Fracino Cherub, after reading through many posts on here and ask over the web I'm wondering if it's right for me. I've had a Jura C5 for a while and it's OK but not as good as i hoped. What I do like about it is no warming up. I like to make a coffee when I fancy one but I've been reading that you have to switch the Cherub on for half an hour to warm up and if you leave it on it brews too hot and costs a fortune in electricity, is this correct because I'd like to leave it on during evenings and
  8. So, a while back I got some great advice from here and invested in a Cherub. I recently got the chance to plumb it in, so have done so. Anyone else done this? My pour is quite fast but I am currently running filterless. I am going to fix that next week, any advice on inline filters? Britta-C seems to be the thing. Do you think the filter will slow the water down or is this all due to the pump? I think the grind is dialled in correctly. Any finer and my pucks break up. And the coffee is good, so. One annoying thing about the plumbing is that it comes out of the bottom of the unit and the
  9. Hiya coffee people, I'm David, Dave if you like. From Liverpool, I'm a carpenter but i also like to get involved with car mechanics even engine rebuilds, so i thought getting my head around my Fracino cherub would be a doddle. After bringing brew pressure down from 13 to 10bar i'm still not getting a crema on my shots. Although every improvement that i have read on here (bst filter, longer warm up, pre infusion) have all benefited me i still only have a wispy bit of crema coloured liquid. But the coffee i drink now is better than before finding this site. So thanks people and i look forward to
  10. Hi, just seen this on Ebay might be of interest to someone. With 3 days to go it is at £211 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fracino-Cherub-commercial-grade-espresso-coffee-machine-/161775151388?hash=item25aa8ce91c
  11. I've been getting decidedly varied shots out of my cherub. Sometimes it makes exceptional coffee (a "hit"; sometimes it is very sour (a "miss"). I've tried all the usual variables, but I think it is possibly temperature / temperature stability that is causing the inconsistency. I usually give the machine about 15 minutes to warm up. I've noticed that if I leave it on all day, I get better "hit" rates / fewer "misses". How long do people recommend allowing the machine to warm up? Any little tricks I could use to increase my "hit" rate?
  12. Hi everyone. What a great source of information! So my current gear is a Gaggia Classic (like a lot of you on here) and I've got an Ascado i-mini grinder. I'm always a sucker for a bargain so generally buy everything 2nd hand and as cheap as possible. Gaggia I bought for £30 with a blocked solenoid valve and took it all apart to find out what the problem was and the i-mini I found on gumtree for £80. Really trying to get my coffee closer to that of the coffee shops I spend too much time in. Coffee is freshly roasted and stored in a vaccum jar and put into the grinder 18g at a time. Pul
  13. http://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/Heavenly---Cherub.html Just for Forum members, a brand new Fracino Cherub delivered to your door for just £630 all in!! Come and grab yourselves a bargain....! Let me know if you are interested.... Andy
  14. Hi there, I'm new here and very much looking forward to buffing up on everything coffee! From what I've read on here already you seem like a nice bunch, so I wonder can you help me? I'm in the market for a new machine (who isn't?). Having looked around I'm seriously tempted by the Fracino Cherub, a machine I can hardly afford but one that is proving difficult to resist! Does anyone have any major objections? Any horror stories? Alternatively, does anyone have high praise for this machine? I'd really love to hear any views on the matter, whether good, bad, or offering alternatives. A
  15. ill try again as it seems my last attempt didnt actually post anyway, Hi Guys/Gals after some excellent advice from the good people of this forum the second, and final, part of my new setup arrived this morning so i thought i would document the process to start off its a quick note of my old and well loved setup of a gaggia baby dose and a bodom hand grinder that took about 10 mins to gind 19g of beans but this morning i had this arrive in the post (please note my youngest daughter didnt come with it but decided to help) Box of bits that come with it
  16. Didn't like the stubby thing it came with, it gets your hands too hot when holding the tap, and it gets the machine in a mess. Michael at fun in a cup found a potential replacement, and with a bit of swapping and borrowing of parts from both my machine and the donor arm, it's now fitted It works well, is anti burn, so cool to the touch and looks better too I think for others thinking of doing this: I had to retain parts FC194E (lower half of water tap, with shower built in, is transferable to new arm, and is better) FC221D (large nut to secure it all..
  17. I have been considering upgrading from my trusty Gaggia lately but am a bit unsure of what the other options are. I mostly drink straight espresso but make the occasional milk drink at the weekends, usually for the misses, and when guests come over. I considered the Silvia but dismissed it as not really enough of an upgrade from the Gaggia. Then I read about Fracino and their Cherub and Piccino machines. These appear to be really interesting propositions and seem good value for money. I love the look of the Cherub but wonder whether a HX machine is really for me or whether a dou
  18. Hi, I am in the market for a Fracino Cherub if anyone is selling one please! My budget is circa £350.
  19. Hi, I have had a Gaggia Baby Class D for the last couple of years and am now looking to upgrade. I began with a Dualit grinder which even with the burr realignment mod couldn't grind finely enough so it wasn't long before I ordered a MC2 doserless espresso grinder, now I could pour correctly timed espresso/ristretto shots with decent crema but the taste was very sour. It turned out I had serious channeling issues although not completely resolved, have been minimised by carefully dosing, knocking and tamping. I then bought a bottomless PF to help the diagnosis which certainly helped me di
  20. My 4 Year old Cherub has overheated a couple of times in the last few months, presumably setting off the pressure relief valve. Does it maybe need a service? Gaz
  21. Hi all Merry Christmas! I can get a new cherub for 850 with finance agreement but leaning towards expobar office leva for 950 but no finance. Would the e61 on leva make big difference worth extra money? Or is it generally better machine?
  22. Totally love my new Cherub. One thing I have noticed though is that the spent pucks are soaking wet. My old Gaggia Classic left them bone dry, and they went straight into the knock box, leaving the basket as clean as a whistle. Now I am left with a soggy mess each time, and have to wash the basket after each pull. Is this a feature of the Cherub do you know, or do I perhaps have a fault here? Best wishes, Ray
  23. Hi all I finally decide to get an engineer out to service and repair my Cherub, which I bought new in January 2014. I contacted Francino to get an engineer out, I couldn't travel to Brum and stay with it. When I gave them the serial number they said it was 6 years old and they could only service it at the factory as it was so old. What the... How old is it any thoughts, is it worth repairing?
  24. Hi, I'm after a bit of advice about my Cherub. It has been out of action for a few months while I moved house. When I finally got round to sorting the machine out and making my first coffee I found that no water would come out of the group head. The steam wand and hot water tap work fine, and the pump also comes on as normal and after a few seconds sounds like it is working against resistance to flow (the same sound as when back flushing). I have taken out the screen and brass bit but still no joy. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips? I assume it has somehow blocked but I have
  25. Whats it worth in need of a service and descale About 5 & half years old
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