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  1. My latest pack of FP-2 are noticeably thicker than all the ones I have had in the past, and don't seem to fold perfectly symmetrical either. Has anybody else noticed this?
  2. Hello need to sell quite a few items due to upgrading and need space for new gear Hario gooseneck kettle - £30 Chemex 6 cup with papers - £30 Rattleware latte art jug £15 Motta tulip yellow £5 Motta 500ml £10 Ims comp basket £7 handmade dirossi tamper 58.45 £45 (slight dint, cosmetic)
  3. How coarse do I grind for a chemex please guys, slightly finer than I would for normal filter?
  4. As the title says. In excellent condition. Very little used. I would say there are about 80 papers left. But don’t hold me to that. £40 inc P+P
  5. Hello, I am quite new to making coffee beyond instant and I've been having issues. Today I tried to make a litre with 65 grams of coffee in my Chemex. I used a gooseneck kettle in the hopes of getting better results but with the bloom I had such a large surface area that it felt impossible to stop the coffee creeping up the sides. Is it possible my grind is too fine? I am using the Chemex setting on my grinder, but maybe it needs to be a bit courser for that amount of coffee?
  6. Pretty much as the title says. In excellent condition with very little use at all. Filter papers are unbleached and number wise I'm not going to count them, but will safely say there's more than 50 and less than 100 £40 inc P&P
  7. How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  8. donblacc

    Chemex 6-cup

    This piece of pure beauty is up for grabs. It has sat in the back of my cupboard for too long now, and deserves to be appreciated a bit more. 6 cup wood collared Chemex, complete with almost a whole box of filter papers. Only used a handful of times - personally I'm not a huge fan of chemex style coffee, so never feel to reach for it. I hope she can go to a good home! £35 delivered. Any advice on how to get a photo up is welcomed....can't seem to upload?
  9. Sadly I've outgrown by trusty Gaggia Cubika after buying it 4 years ago for £99 refurbished from Gaggia when I was 17 and my older brothers got me hooked on making coffee. However, I can no longer handle the unpredictability of it especially as it hasn't aged well. All this has been further exacerbated since getting the Mignon...upgradeitus has truly hit! As I'm now 21 and about to graduate I am in no financial situation to upgrade so have switched to only brewed. I love brew methods but do find myself missing the process as much as the product of espresso! Anyway...here is my (tame) setup for the foreseeable future, when I took this pic my 'Mizudashi' cold brew pot was full in the fridge. --- The svart isn't mine, I got my housemate hooked on coffee and got him to buy the wilfa and an aeropress ---
  10. Hi all, wondering what the best size Chemex is for me. It’s likely it will be mainly 1-2 cup brews most of the time but I want the ability to do more if needed. Can you make a good single mug brew with the 6 cup one? I realise their cup size is 5oz which is small so to serve 4 people what I co wider a good size coffee perhaps the 8 cup is needed? However would that make a lousy single brew?
  11. In in the garden, glorious sun shine. I'm going to enjoy this half litre of coffee th wash the car
  12. Hi, Being quite new to all this, I pretty much get the impression V60 and chemex are essentially the same, probably the chemex has higher quality paper, they seem very similar anyway, is there someone with good experience with both methods who has the sophistication to give a view of the differences in the quality of coffee they make? Thanks, Thomas
  13. Hey guys. Got home from offshore earlier and opened all my coffee mail. I just made my first chemex and I'm looking for some advice. I used 21g coffee (rave Columbia San pascual) with 350ml water (60g/L) I bloomed with 50g for 45seconds and then did one continuous pour, the draw down took 4 minutes. The coffee is also lacking some sweetness and seems a little too bodied for a chemex. I'm guessing I should coarsen the grind? On the plus side, a nice flat bed for my first chemex. Pretty happy really, just could be better.
  14. I mainly just drink nice strong espresso or long black / Americanos - but enjoy a mug of good Aeropress now and again (especially when travelling). So - if the Mrs were looking for a small present to get me Christmas then which should I try if the above (or other) alternative (but similar) brew methods. Any feedback, advice or other suggestions would be most welcome - and if the said purchase is less than about £50 and available with Amazon Prome then all the better! Thanks!
  15. I'm using an 8 cup chemex and generally brew ~700-800ml at the weekend using an all in one go pour method. I'm getting coffee spitting back up the spout which has knackered a Hario scales. I had to resort to a gangster method of placing the chemex in a retro Typhoon 4kg kitchen scales this morning. I have a set of Brewistas, but they are sitting in my midweek house. Anyone else happen across this problem? I presume either decrease the volume of the brew or change the pour method.
  16. Hoping to move soon so having a bit of a clear out. As a result, I'm selling this 1-3 cup Chemex bought from the forum last year. I've only used it 3-4 times as I much prefer espresso based drinks. It comes with ~80 papers. I'd like £28 posted, please. Happy to post up any more photos.
  17. Hi there, I would like to buy a manual coffee maker and I'm not sure which one of AeroPress vs French Press vs Chemex I should go for. Could you tell me how these 3 devices compare on a number of parameters? E.g. Control over the brewing process, convenience, brewing time, cups brewed at a time, aroma and bite, strength, grind size? CHeers!
  18. Sorry I know this is an absolutely stupid question, and most of you guys who are used to manual brewing can do this for one second or less but I'm not sure how to fold this thing. I folded it the wrong way and my chemex didn't come up clean because the grounds fell into the water. I searched through google and youtube but none of them helped me enough for this thing. If anyone would create a 5-10 second video or send me pictures/links showing how this should be done, I would totally appreciate it. Mine is the square filter just exactly the same as the picture. Cheers!
  19. Hey guys, I'm getting back into manual espresso so on the look out for a machine and grinder set up, current budget around £1000 I've been trying to source a Mazzer Super Jolly or similar but then it's occurred to me that I enjoy some Chemex / Pour Over action too. Would a SJ be able to cope with this or am i better off looking at more general options? TIA
  20. Leandro


    Hi everyone my name is leandro and I am new to the forum. I previously mainly used stove top for espresso but have recently purchased a chemex pour over which I am enjoying but still finding my feet with it. Hope to learn a bit through this forum and share my experiences too :-)
  21. I've currently got a 6 cup bialetti moka express to complement my Gaggia Classic (which I'm also looking to upgrade). Would I benefit from a chemex for the days I'm feeling like a black cup of Joe? In the main I add a bit of water to the moka brew at the moment.
  22. Hi, I have finally managed to finish my home setup for making coffee, aiming for quality and small footprint. The tray is 44 x 36 cm. How many different ways of making coffee can you identify?
  23. I usually go to bed around 00:45 - 01:15. So it's soon bedtime and I'm already looking forward to waking up naturally at around 07:30 - 08:30 and drinking great Americano / espresso coffee. Brewed via Hausgrind / Aeropress or Chemex - espresso via Mazzer Royal / ECM
  24. After seeing all the great home set ups and shiny equipment from some of the other members, my set up is definitely nothing fancy. It does however, have everything I need. I'm a big fan of manual brew methods such as the Hario, Aeropress and Chemex. I also, for the most part hand grind my coffee at home. There's something quite satisfying about grinding by hand (that is, if you're not trying to make coffee for more than two people!). I like the fact that setting yourself up at home with a full manual brew set up - scales, hand grinder and something to brew with can be done for between anywhere between GBP50 - GBP100 which is really accessible for a lot of people. Especially if new to the world of speciality coffee.
  25. NateChat


    Hi All. My first Chemex experience. Coffee was on the weak side. 20g of coffee and final 350g out. Was the grind too coarse? Took about 3 minutes.
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