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  1. How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  2. Hi all, wondering what the best size Chemex is for me. It’s likely it will be mainly 1-2 cup brews most of the time but I want the ability to do more if needed. Can you make a good single mug brew with the 6 cup one? I realise their cup size is 5oz which is small so to serve 4 people what I co wider a good size coffee perhaps the 8 cup is needed? However would that make a lousy single brew?
  3. Rom

    Heat Pad

    Does anyone use or know of a heat pad that can used with a Chemex, etc? cheers
  4. Hey guys. Got home from offshore earlier and opened all my coffee mail. I just made my first chemex and I'm looking for some advice. I used 21g coffee (rave Columbia San pascual) with 350ml water (60g/L) I bloomed with 50g for 45seconds and then did one continuous pour, the draw down took 4 minutes. The coffee is also lacking some sweetness and seems a little too bodied for a chemex. I'm guessing I should coarsen the grind? On the plus side, a nice flat bed for my first chemex. Pretty happy really, just could be better.
  5. I've currently got a 6 cup bialetti moka express to complement my Gaggia Classic (which I'm also looking to upgrade). Would I benefit from a chemex for the days I'm feeling like a black cup of Joe? In the main I add a bit of water to the moka brew at the moment.
  6. I've read a bit about the recent post on brew methods, but I'm after some help to deal with my unfortunate situation. I work in an office with a lot of moving desks and very little storage space. Not only that a strict policy on outside electrical items. As a result my work choice is currently limited exclusively to instant coffee (it gets you through the day.... but thats about all!). I would be interested to know what you all would recommend that fulfills the below requirements. My most immediate thought is French press, but what would you guys and girls recommend? Requirements:
  7. thecoffeetweet: Another great video (chemex this time) from James Hoffman - http://tinyurl.com/7xadu4 More...
  8. I'm currently thinking about adding a new brewing method to my household. I currently have a Gaggia Classic, Aeropress and French Press, all served by the Lido E grinder (which i love!). My question is, which is the best method and best (single) piece of kit if i want to brew a single cup for myself OR a larger volume (max - 4 people). Currently, I only have a french press capable of this (heating time for multiple shots on Classic is a bit of a pain) but would like a pour over method for this too. I'm thinking along the lines of V60 or Chemex (or similar) but are these good for single and
  9. Hello all, first post on this site, only recently getting into (good) coffee and hope to learn a lot! I'm using a chemex at the moment and have really been enjoying what HasBean have to offer over the past few months - I love the fact that they use resealable bags (currently don't have a grinder, on a student budget!) and so it's really useful for freshness! Also, I find that on most roaster sites, their "grinded for filter" setting just isn't coarse enough... I can't get enough of an extraction and so I use the "jug" option on HasBean and it works great for my chemex brew! So m
  10. I mainly just drink nice strong espresso or long black / Americanos - but enjoy a mug of good Aeropress now and again (especially when travelling). So - if the Mrs were looking for a small present to get me Christmas then which should I try if the above (or other) alternative (but similar) brew methods. Any feedback, advice or other suggestions would be most welcome - and if the said purchase is less than about £50 and available with Amazon Prome then all the better! Thanks!
  11. James811

    Chemex beans

    Hey guys. I'm getting back into my brewed coffee and have just bough a chemex, a new kettle and an electric grinder (wilfa). I was wondering if anyone could recommend me some beans to try out in it as a starting point. Something light and fruity that would work well in a chemex I guess is what I'm after. From any of our usual trusted list of roasters. James
  12. I've gone from french press to aeropress to espresso machine and now back to aeropress ! What's next... - Pour over ? - Syphon ? - Some new gadget I've never heard of? I really like the aeropress at home, it's so easy and fool proof. Just wish I could 2 or 3 more cups out of it instead of 1. I'm thinking maybe a Eva Solo or Kalita wave set. What do people recommend?
  13. Dear all, Tis Christmas morning on a beautiful sunny day, like most of us I shall only be afforded the odd dip onto the forum today so I wanted to start my Christmas morning, flat White in hand, by wishing you all a fab day full of festive spirit, great company, freinds abd familly. Let's post up our cheeky Christmas coffee gifts.
  14. mp101


    Hi all, been lurking a while, though I should post though Lots of great posts on here and lots of great info. Had a Delonghi Nespresso machine for a while, but about 8 months ago, bought a Chemex, Hario Skerton Grinder and some HasBean coffee and haven't looked back. In fact thanks to Philips doing 40% off I bought a Gaggia Classic, and the Nespresso is on eBay (not used it for a while (a year maybe) Now I just need to do more research on the Gaggia/tweaks and get an electric grinder, been eyeing up the Eureka Mignon and maybe a bottomless portafilter? any advice
  15. Hey, Some people may remember me from a few years back. I had to take a break from here and coffee in general but have finally been given the green light to get back into the saddle so to speak so here I am. For those who don't know me, I'm female and live in the North East. I love coffee, have learnt loads from here and the guys at Hasbean and am looking forward to learning more. Current setup is Gaggia Classic with Eureka Mignon, CCD, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, French Press. I'm saving for a Slayer and Mazzer combo! Hope to get chatting soon and see some familiar names!
  16. Hey guys. My other half got me this grinder a short while ago. Now I'm getting more into coffee I'm starting to think I may need to replace it. Can I get away with it or does it NEED replacing? James
  17. Hi all, I've been brewing with Aeropress for a couple of years now. I've considered getting a pour over setup to go alongside it, but not sure whether there is any point - will pour over give noticeably different results to aeropress? Am I better sticking to what I know rather than introducing more parameters to worry about, or will a pour over offer something genuinely different?
  18. Although I have drunk nice coffee for a good 20 years, I always make it the same way, in a french press. Later in the year, I will treat myself to an espresso machine however until this time, I am looking for an alternative method to brewing a delicious cup. I must admit that prior to joining this forum, I was not aware of half the methods used and since finding out about aeropress, chemex, drippers, brewt, carafe brewer, my head is spinning. I like my coffee dark and strong and so my question is, which of the above would give me the best chance to brew and drink my coffee and a
  19. We are about to take delivery of a new Synchronika and would like some nice cups for the occasion....thinking of the ilk of porcelain Loveramics/Acme of similar....or w.h.y? Could also do with a few shot glasses if you had some you would part with. This would be in exchange for an 8 Cup Chemex and a full box of 100 genuine circle filters. This was purchased for my wife and susequently had literally (in the original meaning of the word!) two outings before being cupboarded....it is as new. Sláinte
  20. This is a new grinder I purchased from a charity shop. On the left I'm assuming, is the finest grind and on the right the coarsest, medium being slap-bang in the middle where it is now (edit: but not in the picture, it's on highest there). Now, I know it will be down to trial and error; but do I want my grind for a chemex a little coarser than the middle setting, maybe the second or third dot from the right?
  21. donblacc

    Chemex 6-cup

    This piece of pure beauty is up for grabs. It has sat in the back of my cupboard for too long now, and deserves to be appreciated a bit more. 6 cup wood collared Chemex, complete with almost a whole box of filter papers. Only used a handful of times - personally I'm not a huge fan of chemex style coffee, so never feel to reach for it. I hope she can go to a good home! £35 delivered. Any advice on how to get a photo up is welcomed....can't seem to upload?
  22. Came across this method courtesy of Hasbean. Using paper filters - 65grms of beans per litre of water. So, for a 500grm brew, you will need 32.5grms of coarse grind. Water temp should be around 95C Wash paper and warm the Chemex 1: 125grms pour and bloom 2: At 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 3: At 1min 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 4: At 2min pour final 125grms of water Brew should complete around 3min 30secs mark. If it goes over 4mins, grind needs to be coarser. Been using this method for the last few da
  23. Leandro


    Hi everyone my name is leandro and I am new to the forum. I previously mainly used stove top for espresso but have recently purchased a chemex pour over which I am enjoying but still finding my feet with it. Hope to learn a bit through this forum and share my experiences too :-)
  24. Sorry I know this is an absolutely stupid question, and most of you guys who are used to manual brewing can do this for one second or less but I'm not sure how to fold this thing. I folded it the wrong way and my chemex didn't come up clean because the grounds fell into the water. I searched through google and youtube but none of them helped me enough for this thing. If anyone would create a 5-10 second video or send me pictures/links showing how this should be done, I would totally appreciate it. Mine is the square filter just exactly the same as the picture. Cheers!
  25. Hi, I have finally managed to finish my home setup for making coffee, aiming for quality and small footprint. The tray is 44 x 36 cm. How many different ways of making coffee can you identify?
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