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Found 24 results

  1. I have seen this Stockwell and Co water sold by Tesco at 17p for 2 ltrs is it ok for using in Sage barista express?
  2. I love watching videos on YouTube, it's a great way to learn, to see different techniques being used, to see theory put into practice, to see how variables can affect outcomes, all sorts of information is at your fingertips really. I've just come across another video, in my search for more knowledge on all things espresso. This one in particular has really shown me the light. I now realise my equipment is in surplus of necessity. Quite frankly, I've been really idiotic to be spending the money that I have been doing so. Take heed people, watch this beautiful extraction! To save you some precious time, go to 1:03. [video=youtube_share;fC9D7_2JHnU]
  3. Gene Cafe CBR-1200 roaster - 1KG capacity. Fantastic roaster for a beginner or a veteran. Clear drum allows you to see right into the drum to determine roast by looks. Comes with exhaust pipes and chaff collector. Quick - 4 Minute cooling process. In great condition, bought 2 years ago, deep cleaned recently and in perfect working order. Pictures here:https://postimg.org/gallery/3g7q82yva/ Can no longer buy new in the UK. Spares are available in the UK from Bella Barista. The power control mod has not been done but can be fitted for relatively cheap (£40). Looking for about £2500 but willing to listen to any offers. Please let me know if you're interested!
  4. Im looking a good site to buy used espresso machines, any ideas?
  5. I've got a couple of 2010 Mazzer Super Jolly Timer grinders... both great spinners and grinders, but they've got paint chips and are in need of some cleaning and aren't modded in any way. They've been sat in my workshop for a while, and they just need a new home rather than taking up my bench space. Would make great project machines (if you wanted to strip and repaint) or cheap grinders if you're on a budget and prepared to live with the (purely cosmetic obviously) chips - and don't mind some initial work in cleaning and fettling (mainly just removing the burr carriers, burrs, doser, and giving it all a good scrub/clean and removing the coffee oils that have accumulated through use). Burrs are good in both cases, motors spin well, but dosers are stiff and whilst they work fine they'd benefit from a strip and clean - and to be honest I just don't have the time right now. One is in slightly better cosmetic shape than the other - hence I'm looking for £170 for the first one and £180 for the second. Collection from Swindon, Wilts - or delivery via courier at cost. First one: £170: Second one: £180: See next post
  6. Hi guys, We've a brand new coffee promotion running UK wide, and we're here to offer you the chance to purchase for an incredible starting price. The deal is here: Coffee Deal Please feel free to ask questions & post feedback!
  7. Hi there, please be understanding - I'm new. I am just about to take a leap from my DeLonghi Bean to cup over to a Sage Dual Temp Pro. This means that I'll need to get a grinder or use ground coffee. Trouble is, I have used all of my money on the machine. Should I: a) Buy pre-ground coffee until I can afford a grinder (how much for something basic?) b) Try to get a second hand grinder (how can I check to see if it's still OK) c) Buy a hand grinder or "something" up to £50 c) Try to budget for something - how much before I'm not wasting my money Any suggestions welcomed, as well as pointing me in the direction of anyone selling something similar in South Wales / maybe the West Country (I can't access the "For Sale" forum yet! Thanks again for your help!
  8. Not interested in high end so in the same way that the guys I work with have a choice of buying CK screwdrivers cheap and change every 6 months or Bahco for more ££ and change every 18 months, What are my options for middle quality kitchen Knives? Something that will hold an edge and sharpen ok preferred or just buy another cheap one as needed. Used to be that Sabatier sat in this market. Thoughts anyone?
  9. Hello. Could anyone recommend a budget grinder for me please. I don't really want to spend over £50. I'm sure people will tell me their all terrible at that price, so just give me the least terrible option. Preferably something that doesn't sound like a chainsaw, or explodes on first use. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi All, I'm new to the Coffee game however I've just bought myself a Sage Duo Temp Pro and am looking for a grinder sub £150. I'm currently using pre-ground coffee and reading on here using a grinder should hopefully be a step up. I don't have a vertical height limit however worktop space is somewhat limited so nothing massive please. I've been looking at the Baratza Encore is this a good option? Are the cheaper ones from De'Longhi any good to start with? Thanks for any advice
  11. £240 including postage, seems clean, someone might want it Ebay number :- 232421412425
  12. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ranchilo-expresso-coffe-for-par-or-repair-/182446819570?hash=item2a7aad88f2:g:ho8AAOSwNnRYkTZQ
  13. Can someone kindly explain to me as to why these green beans are so cheap? I usually see 1 kilo going for around £8... how come these are under 4 quid!?? Are they of really bad quality and taste and thus not worth getting or something? http://www.918coffee.com/collections/green-beans/products/african-coffees?variant=1036564805
  14. Hi All, As I only get through at home about 150g of beans over a weekend period I can't afford nor justify the expense of a 'proper' roaster and was wondering if there was a low cost version such as a pan over the gas hob I could use instead? Cheers Daz
  15. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fracino-Coffee-Machine-/131698756495?hash=item1ea9db8b8f:g:FJ8AAOSwaA5WlBfv I'd be interested if it were closer, one for the northerners!
  16. http://www.boreshacoffee.com/coffee.aspx best coffee beans The Beans Boresha’s organic coffee beans are 100% Arabica. Arabica coffee is the earliest cultivated species of coffee tree, being grown for well over 1,000 years. It produces approximately 70% of the world's coffee, and is dramatically superior in cup quality to the other principal commercial coffee species. All fine, specialty, and premium coffees come from Arabica coffee trees. Arabica coffee grows only in particular environments with adequate rainfall, temperate climates, good soil (often volcanic), sufficient altitude, and roughly between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Under the ideal conditions, it can take as many as seven years for the Arabica coffee plant to grow to its full size. After a few years, the plants begin to produce fruit, the seeds of which are the coffee beans. Our beans are cultivated in the rich soils of small farms located in the fertile, high mountain regions and moist lake areas of Africa. The coffees from this region are complex and have intense berry or floral aromas and have undertones of berries, citrus fruits and chocolate. Boresha coffee is naturally grown without the use of any artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemical products. Crafted to satisfy the most diversified and discriminating of palates, our carefully selected exotic beans are roasted in a temperature-controlled environment within a state-of-the-art roasting facility in California.
  17. At the moment I use a hand grinder. I generally make one mug (two coffee cups) each time. For health reasons I would like to buy a small electric grinder, coffee specific of course I don't want a thing with blades but a proper grinder reasonably priced. Any suggestions? Thanks
  18. I have a Gaggia Classic arriving and a list of extra's to get it up to Coffeforums spec:) thanks to hours of reading here.. but a grinder, gosh my brian is overloaded now with choices. It is tough, budget is low but I take it there is no point skimping. However a few points I need to consider, 1. it has to have a small footprint and our under cupboard headroom is only 14"/360mm so it can't be tall. At a push I could relocate it all but I'm still not certain what my wife will think when it takes over the worktop 2. Were not espresso drinkers, more latte,cappaccino mocha , I presume that makes no difference to the grinder? Possible grinders so far hand grinder - Knock Feldgrind cheapo Elec grinder - De'Longi Pro Burr Grinder - or Wilfa Grinder As for a "proper" grinder the list is so long now I'm not sure where to start..think maybe I'll get some pre-ground coffee to start with. Someone did post the De'Longi although it's loud it does grind ok, however I'm not enamoured by anything that's loud in the morning. Blimey it's midday and no work done, this forum is killing my productive rate!
  19. The time has come to move on the SJ. In black I Would describe it cosmetically as "fair" but mechanically flawless and producing a superb grind. I put new burrs in it about a year ago and at 1-2 coffees a day they're probably barely broken in and will realistically outlive the next owner! (Unless that owner is a shop grinding 100 shots a day). I've done the clean sweep mod and the grinder WONT come with a hopper. A cheap entry into proper grinders perhaps? £150 collected from Edinburgh or postage at buyers expense
  20. Hi all, As some of you may have seen, I've been having some basket and dosing woes recently with some of the stock baskets that came with my Classic. I'd started to do a bit of research into different basket options and quite quickly settled on the idea of an 18g ridgeless VST. I realised that this would also mean an upgrade on my 58mm Motta Tamper. After a bit of digging around I stumbled on an 58.4mm version of the Motta tamper that I already own for the very reasonable price of £25 - Link. Today both the basket and tamper were delivered and it fits like a glove. I've only used it twice so far but for me it's a great, affordable option for those looking to upgrade to a VST and suitable tamper. Don't get me wrong, I envisage a point where I'm going to be pining over a Torr tamper, but for now this is great!
  21. Hi, Apologies for another 'what grinder' thread, but I'm hoping you can help me. I need a cheap but decent enough grinder for work. It needs to be cheap because someone will probably nick it!! Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheap but decent grinder? Stupid question I know as there probably is no such thing, but I can't afford to keep replacing it if it does get stolen/borrowed on a long term basis. I am saving for a decent one for home but need a cheaper one for work. Second hand is an option but but don't really want to spend more than £50. I've looked in shops but they all look rubbish. tough one, but any ideas appreciated. Cheers Chris
  22. Hi all, Just wanted to get some opinions on these two hand grinders. I'm looking for a grinder to use with my Aeropress. So far it's come down to one of the following two: Hario Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder or Porlex Mini Mill Hand Grinder. Could anyone advise on which one of these (or which other one I haven't considered) would be best? Thanks!
  23. Just bid on and won a kilo of 100% Ethiopian origin fresh light roasted arabica coffee beans. I contacted the seller prior to bidding to ask about roasting dates and their reply was "Yes all our coffee is fresh roasted. The bags come with a roasted on date and a best before date. I believe that it is not correct to sell old beans, as it is like drinking wood! I also can grind the beans to any specification for you. Thanks for your interest." I paid £5.39 for the kilo delivered , I'm feeling pretty smug:cool:
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