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  1. I've had the E8 since 08/15 and haven't used it at all for the past two years. I got a Lido E in 12/15 and took the Ceado out of service sometime towards the end of Jan 16 while intending to fit it with a arduino timer but I could never be bothered to solder all the parts together, make a custom lid for the doser and perform other modifications to make it easy and quick to use. Fast forward two years (after using the Ceado a couple of times since) and I get a Pharos which I'm very happy with. I think I should probably sell the Ceado, especially before the Niche comes out and this forum i
  2. Wajid


    Hello everyone, Thanks for having me on the forum. I'm just getting started on the coffee journey. A recent trip to Milan opened my eyes to espresso and the delights of affogato! I'm so thankful for all the advice on this forum - I'll post more about myself in the Intros section...
  3. I bought this Ceado E7 for £200 from Jonc last year http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?27393-SOLD-CEADO-E7-Coffee-Grinder-%A3200 It's been used for 2 drinks a day and I replaced the burrs a few months ago. Running incredibly smooth no complaints at all other than i want to upgrade to something on demand like that Zenith Eureka 65e. Just wondering how much is a fair price for sale?
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ceado-coffee-grinder-comercial-on-off-used-/262404001930? Looks to be either an E7, E8, E9. I've asked for more details and directed the seller to the Ceado page to help him out with narrowing it down.
  5. Bought from new in September 2015. Used for just over a year before I took the plunge on an EK43. It's been sitting unused since before Christmas as I really like it and wanted to be sure the EK was a keeper before I let it go. I'm not a heavy espresso drinker (part of the reason the EK makes more sense for me). I typically make 5 espressos a week, so it's not hard to do the maths and realise that the burrs on this are only just broken in. Comes with: Original large hopper, Mazzer mini 350g hopper and perspex tube hopper (for smaller quantities) - see photos. + Small footprint +
  6. In the first of what I expect will be approximately 10 "ooh shiny new Ceado grinder" posts... Fracino Ariete, Ceado E37S, Torr Goldfinger I started the year out with a mildly modded Gaggia Classic, Kitchenaid ProLine and no-name 58mm tamper that I had been living with for many years. I made the mistake of starting to attend "real" cafes and realised what sh*tty coffe I had been drinking, so this kinda happened. My thanks go out to Coffeebean, CoffeeChap and Jens at CafeKultur for what I hope will immeasurably improve my quality of life! In a cruel twist of fate howeve
  7. I know quite a few of us on here have this grinder so thought it might be worth setting up a dedicated thread. I will start the ball rolling... anyone having issues with the SCC at all? I have the newer metal flap, but I find it hard to find the sweet spot between preventing the coffee flying out horizontally and reduced clumping - I just seem to go from one extreme to the other.
  8. I need to raise some funds for my other expensive hobby (technical diving if anyone is interested! And I am also increasingly drinking brewed coffee, so my Londinium setup is on the way and I am going to get a Behmor instead. Londinium 1 - the original and best version. This one is plumbed and so operates completely silently. I will supply all fittings including flexible drinking water tubing, inline shutoffs, nearly new inline water filter and fitting to feed it from a standard washing machine feed, couldn't be easier. The machine has been well looked after and had new sea
  9. Looks promising, what do you think? Nice big flat burrs https://www.ceado.com/en/product/81.html
  10. pedg

    Ceado E37T

    Has anyone got any experience with the Ceado E37T. The specs look similar to the Mythos 1. Similar power motor, bigger burrs, also Ti Nitride coated. Looks like a bit of a beast. Overkill? Worth the extra few hundred ££ over the E37S? Cheers GP http://www.ceado.com/en/product/75.html
  11. Great price for this grinder. A steal if it's an E8. Cheers https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/nsf-certified-proffessional-coffee-grinder/1140560668
  12. Hi all, I'm a new owner of a used e37s. I've not had much luck with the beast for now, it seems to keep stalling. I've spent the past few evenings trawling through the interwebs, taken the grinder mostly apart, put back together, and no joy I'm currently about 4 numbers coarser than when the burrs touch. I don't think that's particularly too fine. Beans are a medium roast bean roasted a few weeks ago (rip beans). Also please excuse the mess around the grinder. grind setting here, proof that my grinder is mostly clean here, here and here. The jam will also happen if i grind at
  13. Hello, Does anyone know how to age or tell which version a e37s is without is serial number or sticker? I've taken apart from the machine and the only reference to date is a sticker behind the display, which says 2012. Thanks Egglet
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CEADO-E6-TIMER-COFFEE-BEAN-GRINDER-USED/112810403476?hash=item1a44062694:g:lBwAAOSwXEdagKRk
  15. christos_geo

    Ceado E37S

    For sale my 83mm flat burr Ceado E37S on-demand grinder. Having purchased an EK about a year ago I have not had the time to carry out side-by-side testing as initially hoped, for therefore it remained unused and under its cover. It's literally a shame having it sitting unused that being the only reason for this reluctant sale... It was purchased new in from Caffe Italia by a home user in Dec 2015 and I bought as new in Dec 2016, once again for 2 espresso shots a day at home. It's in absolutely immaculate condition with new burrs fitted in June 2018. It's an absolute pleasure of a grinder
  16. I've gone and opened my ceado e37s up to give it a clean, and to see if I can work out why doubles were taking 10s to grind when for everybody else it only seems to be around 5s. In the process I've gone and removed the flap which seemed to have a lot of compressed grinds behind it which I thought might be causing the issue. However, now that I've gone reassembled the grinder, the grind is extremely coarse. I adjusted the grind adjustment collar thingy, but even though I can hear the burrs chirp, backing off slightly still causes super coarse grinds. Does anybody know what I've forgotten to do
  17. Hello all Need this to go quickly - Quick relocation out of this country forces this to go in the next 2-3d. Came with my used e37s have since 'downgraded' to a smaller hopper as I do not need this monstrosity for domestic use. Looks pretty new, no major scratches or any cracks, as pictured. sliding thing works well. Free to a good home - needs to go in the next 2 days. Can post if you want but you will need to cover costs of postage. Ideally local collection - based around St Helens area (now without a car as that's gone as well), I'm in Liverpool tonight for dinner
  18. Dunk


    Weirdly over the last week or so my E37 has been having some crazy static meaning that all the ground build up in the chute rather than coming out. Any ideas why it's changed all of a sudden / how to stop it?
  19. Hi all So I've had my e37J grinder a while now and although it's great at grinding, I'm constantly annoyed at the grind distribution, which is a bit messy at best. I saw that the e37T had this specially designed metal guard they call a shuffle snoot that redirects the grinds straight down and although I tried getting one through ceado, they just redirected me to my dealer. The dealer was then told by them on enquiry that they wouldn't supply one for my grinder (e37j) because it wasn't an e37T Now frankly I don't give a fork, I'm happy to pay for it and adapt but apparently "comp
  20. Up for sale is my Ceado E37S grinder purchased from coffeechap via CF back in March last year. It is the latest version with the metal exit chute flap. Simply selling as the Niche has now moved in and is better fit for my current coffee requirements. Great condition as per photos and mechanically perfect (minor use - on average once or twice per day). Shot count is 41287, but reflected in the lower than typical sell price. Comes with a smaller hopper (a coffeechap special creation!) which is a lot more practical for home use. Also comes with unused new pair of burrs and gri
  21. I have the potential opportunity to get a EK for my home. Currently using an ceado E37 which is really good. Just wondering if it is that much of an upgrade / will it require more maintenance?
  22. Hi everyone, Here I am listing my 10 month old Ceado E37S V2 Grinder (metal exit chute = zero clumping). This is an amazing grinder, capable of producing ~18g ground for espresso in less than 5 seconds. Price reduced to £725! Amazing price for this age and condition of grinder, but I'm looking for a quick sale as I need the money. It is a commercial grade grinder with 83mm burrs, and I have made approx. 1-2 espresso's per day since owning it in a domestic setting, so the burrs and the grinder as a whole are immaculate. I am the second owner. The first owner also used it in
  23. So I've been toying with both the SJ and the Ceado for the last few days, and my feeling is that the E92 just doesn't suit my usage patterns. The ceado is a proper Robur competitor of Titan class! I only have 1-2 flat whites a day, at which point the retention of the E92 becomes a fairly significant issue. However, if I was having a few more throughout the day, the sheer grind quality and flavour profile would hugely outweigh the need to flush the first shot of the day. Its super fast, super quiet, dispenses superbly neatly into the portafilter, and has a variety of nice optio
  24. This should last me out. Just so long as it doesn't hasten the end.?
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