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Found 11 results

  1. Morning all, I'm slowly diagnosing my sour shot issue and can fairly confidently point my finger at brew temperature. I'm using Clifton Coffee EQ (http://www.cliftoncoffee.co.uk/shop/eq-seasonal-espresso-blend-v-9/) which is a fairly light roast but it's grinding a dream, fairly dry fluffy grinds and super easy and nice steady even extraction using a naked portafilter. I've been using 18g grounds (I have a Ceado E7 grinder) and experimented from 1:1.5 to 1:2.5 brew ratios in around 30 seconds extraction and the shots are still coming out different styles of sour i.e. strong and sour to thin and sour. Given that all other variables seem to be under control the only thing I can put it down to is temperature. To start with I had to the PID set to 119 with a 40 minute warm up but now I'm at 123c (around 1.35 bar on the steam boiler) with an hour warm up, I leave the portafilter in the grouphead and everything is super hot to touch by the time I'm coming to pull my shots in the morning. I'm not doing more than 80ml cooling flush to remove the flash boil then weighing / grinding beans, filling the portafilter, a small amount of WDT and tamp which all probably takes in the realm of 30/40 seconds then pulling my shot. The process for the second shot is the same with the added knocking out and wiping the portafilter (dry cloth) so maybe a minute. The shots have definitely got better since I've upped the PID to 123 but they're still on the sour side and from what I've read elsewhere I should be able to pull light roasts at 119 however they were tooth enamel stripping sour. I've tried a few different beans and had the same / very similar results. Sorry for the length of the post but I wanted to cover to give as much info as possible as I'm at a bit of a loss. From videos I've seen online the length of the cooling flush seems very short for the boiler temp being so high? Any suggestions on what I can try next other than getting the professionals in? *cough* @coffeechap *cough*
  2. Selling my Ceado E7 grinder that I purchased on this forum last year as I've been hit with a case of upgradeitus. It's in decent condition, super quiet operation and I fitted new burrs in June 2016 which have had maybe 3kg of beans through. The hopper is massive but I've been using it for single dosing without any issue. Sorry haven't got any pictures currently as I'm in work but I'll get some up tonight although here's a link to the original sale thread http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?27393-SOLD-CEADO-E7-Coffee-Grinder-%A3200 Stealing some comments from the original sale post Hoping for £175 which is almost what I paid for it a year ago but the replacement burrs were £50. Any questions just ask
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ceado-coffee-grinder-comercial-on-off-used-/262404001930? Looks to be either an E7, E8, E9. I've asked for more details and directed the seller to the Ceado page to help him out with narrowing it down.
  4. I've just finished rebuilding a La Peppina and thought I'd show her off...Paired with a Ceado E7 grinder for a super quiet set up.
  5. So i've got on really well with my e7 but sort of desperate to get ahold of an OD grinder. 2 questions: 1) if anyone has any experience with the two (or similar) am I likely to get a similar grind quality from an RR55 when compared with the E7 - the E7 appears to be higher retail price for a doser grinder vs an OD, either implying significantly better quality or paying for Ceado name... 2) would £250 for a used Brasilia in good nick be suitable, don't really have anything to gauge used prices against. Cheers, Toby
  6. Hi guys I just picked up an E7 second hand as I wanted to up my grinder quality to go with my new machine. Curious if anyone has found any time and coffee efficient workarounds, or even mods to make it doserless, as I've noticed it's not the best when it comes to grind retention in the dosing chamber. At the moment I've resorted to using a compressed air duster to blow stale grinds into position to be dosed out but can see this getting quite frustrating (and expensive!!) after a while. Cheers Toby
  7. I'm after replacement burrs for a Ceado E7, but no one appears to list them on their websites. Even eBay is strangely quiet on the topic. My understanding is that 64mm burrs are pretty standard, with a lot of interchangeability evident. Although the Ceado cutting pattern is different to the Mazzer SJ, does it really matter? I would have thought that you could realistically whack on a set of burrs with the same dimensions and it would be fine, assuming the screws line up? Would love some more thoughts on this matter! Edit: I also can't find any info regarding official burr dimensions, so would love any advice.
  8. When I've got a bit more time I'm going to take the doser off and have a little poke around but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this kind of mod or even any information if it's even possible or not?
  9. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ceado-Coffee-Machine-Grinder-/321971408211 I have been playing with one of these and found it to be a lot quieter than the SJ. The doser has a smooth action and should be easy enough to do a cocktail shaker mod. The burr adjustment system on mine is really smooth and nice to use. The only big difference is the central spindle on the lower burrs has a tall acorn nut, so single dosing with a weight cant push the beans onto the burrs like an SJ. I'm currently looking at making a tubular weight for mine. If anyone on the forum buys this, I have already designed and made a laser cut throat insert for a 35mm ID acrylic tube straight down to the burrs and a 58mm lens hood adapter that includes an etched adjustment gauge all in a neat package, allowing you to ditch the hopper and big rubber collar I believe this is a great price for a great grinder.
  10. A really solid, smooth operating, well thought-out grinder with easy access to burrs etc for cleaning. If unfamiliar with Ceado please feel free to post questions for other people to answer to avoid any bias! Burrs have a few marks but feel sharp - *educated* opinion welcome. Hopper missing lid and has a few scratches/marks - doser does too - plus a slight crease as hopefully photo shows from amateur attempt at pulling out a slight dent. Any viewing, testing etc. welcome - happy to provide further photos if required. Post at buyers risk/arrangement - prefer pick up from Kent/could possibly meet on M25 or in London centrally somewhere. 12.5% sale price will be donated to the forum. Whole Latte Love review:
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