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Found 26 results

  1. Hi I need your advice/prof perspective, please! Just read this post: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32314&p=430908#post430908 and I am wondering if this is true that the grind speed/RPM destroy or affects taste? Trying to replicate the taste of a cafe and they use a Mythos One Grinder with 900rpm and some folks mentioned that the Ceado E37S is much better with 1400/1500 RPM is much better but I worry that the taste differs much? The grinder would be used for at home for 1-3 coffees/shots per day to replace a compak k3 Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe the question is a bit academic, but I was wondering if anyone had both previously, and had any preference, in particular on taste, which is what matters the most. One thinks they should be very very similar...
  3. Hi REQUEST NOW ON-HOLD UNTIL I SEE IF I SELL MY QUICK MILL MACHINE OR NOT Looking for a Ceado E37s in good condition with decent burrs and a short hopper. Would need to be able to be posted unless you live in the northwest of England and we could arrange a meet. I live in Southport. Willing to pay around £700-800 depending on condition. Thanks Graham
  4. Got my hands on a Ceado E37S. I'm trying to remove the 3 phillips head screws to gain access to the burrs but they're stuck good and proper. I'm using a decent size screwdriver that fits well. Was planning on employing the technique seen in this video. Just wanted some tips before I end up stripping the heads. Anything I should be spraying on to loosen them? Cheers.
  5. Anyone else find the shot counters confusing? So if I use single shot, that counts as 1 towards the total shot count, then if I press the double, that counts as 2 for the running total ok... so the total is number of single shots + 2 x number of double shots + some number associated with using manual mode. I tried some single dosing and the shot count increased by almost 30??
  6. Hi all, I'm a new owner of a used e37s. I've not had much luck with the beast for now, it seems to keep stalling. I've spent the past few evenings trawling through the interwebs, taken the grinder mostly apart, put back together, and no joy I'm currently about 4 numbers coarser than when the burrs touch. I don't think that's particularly too fine. Beans are a medium roast bean roasted a few weeks ago (rip beans). Also please excuse the mess around the grinder. grind setting here, proof that my grinder is mostly clean here, here and here. The jam will also happen if i grind at '10' with the grind adjustment lever screw holes remaining the same. Here's the problem in action Any one got any idea what could be causing this? burrs are fairly aligned, not the best but i highly doubt that is the issue. Video here for completeness Thanks in advance. Any help would be much appreciated! Egglet
  7. Hello, Does anyone know how to age or tell which version a e37s is without is serial number or sticker? I've taken apart from the machine and the only reference to date is a sticker behind the display, which says 2012. Thanks Egglet
  8. Popped some shelves up yesterday and what a difference it has made to my little coffee corner, a few bits I am adding but really pleased regardless -
  9. Both these grinders are on sale at BB at the moment. Has anyone owned both and have advice on grind quality? Do the Mythos burrs in the Eureka make up for their smaller size vs the Ceado? Space in the kitchen is not an issue. I mainly drink espresso and will probably single dose most days, although maybe not at the weekend. From reading up, retention seems to be about the same on these machines.
  10. so thanks to the help of a few people, especially coffeechap and dan150. iv finally got my setup iv had it running for just under a week and already really happy with the results iv been getting. the grinder was a doddle to dial in and my shots have been constantly good using the rave signature blend. I'm sure at the moment I'm just scratching the surface of good quality espresso based drinks and I'm looking forward to how far I can develop my skills.
  11. Morning I have just taken delivery of a new Ceado e37s. There are a number of things where I am a little surprised/disappointed, but want to check whether I am being too fussy: 1) there is no grind tray and due to two holes, it appears as though there should be? 2) there is no instruction manual. Is this normal? 3) the rubber mount over the grind adjustment holding the hopper is discoloured and very loose. Could other owners tell me whether this is normal? I haven't been able to talk with the supplier as yet but want to check if my discontent with a £1k grinder is justified? Many thanks Chris
  12. I've gone and opened my ceado e37s up to give it a clean, and to see if I can work out why doubles were taking 10s to grind when for everybody else it only seems to be around 5s. In the process I've gone and removed the flap which seemed to have a lot of compressed grinds behind it which I thought might be causing the issue. However, now that I've gone reassembled the grinder, the grind is extremely coarse. I adjusted the grind adjustment collar thingy, but even though I can hear the burrs chirp, backing off slightly still causes super coarse grinds. Does anybody know what I've forgotten to do? The 3 screws seem tight enough.
  13. We have: Ceado E37S https://www.perfectespresso.ro/en/produs/titanium-grinding-burr-set-ceado-e37s---83mm-flat--1104/ https://www.diecrema.com/coffee-grinders/ceado/ersatz-mahlscheibenpaar-fur-macap-m2.html Mazzer Major 83x49x9.6mm RH Part No. FMA00151A https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Mazzer-Major-Grinder-Burrs-Pair-OEM---FMA00151A/m-3499.aspx Compak K8 post 2003, 83x49x9.5 https://www.espressoplanet.com/coffee-and-espresso-Compak-K8-Steel-Flat-Burr-Set-83mm.html Fiorenzato 83x44x10mm http://www.espressoworkshop.com/cgi-bin/page.pl?page=1736&title=Fiorenzato-Burrs-83mm-Right Fiorenzato Doge to Major comparison: https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/no-surprise-burr-shape-matters-t19268.html "While the holes aren't in exactly the same place the Major burrs do fit the Doge burr holders. The Doge burrs are 83 x 45 x 10 and the Major burrs are 83 x 49 x 9.6. Outer diameter is the same but the inner diameter is a little smaller. The Major burr has a little steeper angle and a little more "cup" in the shape of the grind face. The shape definitely makes a difference in the grind and speed. The Major burr throws the ground coffee out a little faster and with less grind retention. It also seems to make grinds that are a little stickier with same beans and grind setting. I was surprised to see the difference the shape made! How does it taste in the cup? Well, the Major IMO gives a little cleaner taste and maybe allows better flexibility in dialling in the shot". So Questions: 1. Are these all compatible with each other? 2. What should we make of the differences in shape, and any effect on taste?
  14. I have got a ceado e37s ex commercial grinder for sale. It is the latest version with the metal exit chute flap, I have stripped it and cleaned it and checked it over thoroughly. It spins sweet as a nut and is in perfect working condition, there area few marks on the body but nothing that detracts from the look of the grinder. It comes complete with 800g mid sized hopper and the grinds tray, the burrs are in great shape but I will include a brand new set of burrs as well. I have been using this daily for a few months but have decided to use my custom royal instead I would prefer collection so you can see it working perfectly but will box it securely and send via courier.
  15. So upgradeitus has hit much sooner than anticipated but I've got to be running of out stuff to buy soon right?! As the title suggests selling my Ceado E37s as a glorious R120 has come up for sale. It's got 4900 shots on the counter so is just about bedded in. I purchased it from @coffeechap 2.5 months ago and have since upgraded the SCC to the new metal version which behaves much better than the old rubber ones. These are great on demand grinders that have an incredibly small foot print given the 83mm burr size and will fit under most cabinets. Unfortunately I'm not home until Monday now so won't be able to put up any pictures until then but any questions at all please just ask. Looking for £700
  16. This is the new, and probably last set of equipment for me habit. Walter White has nothing on me.:coffee:
  17. I was trying to find out how much stale coffee is needed to season a grinder and came across this explanatory interview at Whole Latte Love with Tino Franzini from Ceado. It's interesting viewing and I thought it worthwhile posting, as it's a subject that gets asked a lot, opinion is divided, and sooner or later most of us are going to have a new grinder or burr set. The main points he makes are: - Seasoning does not affect grind quality, only grind speed and therefore dosing accuracy in an on-demand grinder like the E37S - He says an E37S will dose more accurately after seasoning, but only by maybe 1 gram. - The upshot of that is that there is allegedly no point whatsoever in seasoning burrs in a grinder with a doser - It takes "a few" kilos before the burrs are bedded in - 3-5kg - he says it varies for each individual burr set - Flats need less seasoning than conicals I know this sounds a bit controversial in parts, but I hope to avoid controversy. I am really just interested primarily in hearing from other users of the E37S (and indeed other grinders, but particularly large flat OD grinders) what their experience is of this. (PLEASE let this not turn into another Flat vs Conical debate!) So, big flat OD grinder users, -how much seasoning did you do? -what effect did you notice in terms of dosing accuracy, grind consistency, and even flavour*? (*trick question if you believe Ceado guy) You can skip the first minute which is just joking about star anise and garlic… [video=youtube_share;NwXXO_FZj9I]
  18. alanm

    Ceado E37S wanted

    looking for a Ceado E37S can collect ,, have no idea of second hand value so offers please have cash waiting regards alan
  19. Very reluctant sale but i'm Buying a custom verselab my verselab should be with me in 1 to 2 weeks so I can ship one of these grinders straight away but the remaining grinder will be shipped when the verselab is delivered to me both in excellent condition, original boxes, packaging, instruction, purchase receipts Ceado e37s comes with 83mm flat burrs and the short hopper, purchased from Bella barista 9 weeks ago, £885 HG One comes with 83mm TIN aftermarket burrs, makes it very easy to turn, it really is effortless 16g dose takes less the 25 turns, purchased new 3 months ago, £785 no offers at the moment please
  20. For sale my 83mm flat burr Ceado E37S on-demand grinder. Having purchased an EK about a year ago I have not had the time to carry out side-by-side testing as initially hoped, for therefore it remained unused and under its cover. It's literally a shame having it sitting unused that being the only reason for this reluctant sale... It was purchased new in from Caffe Italia by a home user in Dec 2015 and I bought as new in Dec 2016, once again for 2 espresso shots a day at home. It's in absolutely immaculate condition with new burrs fitted in June 2018. It's an absolute pleasure of a grinder to work with and I ended up using it with the perspex tubing + weighted cylinder almost achieving single dosing routine with minimal staling and excellent consistency due to the weight. Changing between grind settings is a breeze as it has stepless adjustment and the range can be further adjusted as you wish. A few grams of purging between grind change is necessary as for any grinder. Comes with the upgraded SCC flap which has been adjusted for perfect dosing into the portafilter. I would ignore the shot counter as others can also confirm as Ceado will increase the count by 1 even during 1 or 2 sec purges. I actually filmed this just for you to see (https://youtu.be/vW5fTuI55B0). Even though it is an on-demand grinder adapted to single dose, I would not recommend for anyone wanting to swap between espresso and filter grind frequently. I only ever used for espresso, where it excels and had hand grinders for filter. The burrs and carrier have been regularly cleaned which is achieved by removing only three screws. What is absolutely phenomenal about this grinder is that you can remove the top burr assembly, clean and put back together without losing your previous grind setting! No excuses there. The grinder also features the steady-lock system which ensures constant distance between burrs under any working stress condition. It's probably one of the quietest, cabinet friendly large flat burr grinders you can get, and in my opinion also looks great. There are no scratches or dents on the grinder and has never developed faults. Comes in its original box with manual and large 1.6kg hopper. I have also separately purchased the compatible small 320g hopper and lid from BellaBarista and the perspex tubing and weight from a forum member. The aeropress funnel (not included) is a perfect fit to help you load your beans! I would prefer collection or can deliver within reason from London but I am willing to ship at buyer's risk. I have made sure it is very well padded and will double box (more padding to be added). Any questions please ask. Price £670 + shipping Not open to offers bellow asking price please.
  21. CageyH

    Ceado E37s

    I am after the silver/grey or black one. It needs to be posted to France, so the original box will be a plus. I know there is not much chance of one turning up, but I thought I will give it a try.
  22. I’m looking to sell my Ceado E37s. It was purchased in 2015 from Cafekulture and has been used only at home Ive put 4718 shots through it according to the shot counter which is about 71kg I think (working at my typical 15g grind weight) Looking for £800 Grinder is in Sandhurst (Berkshire) postage is an option at buyers cost/risk
  23. Further to being requested my aim is to document my journey learning and (hopefully) perfect the use of my new Machine and Grinder combination. I have upgraded from my Sage Barista Express which I have enjoyed for the past 18 months or so and felt I was controlling the variables well with. The upgrade was to the Vesuvius Coffee Machine and Ceado E37S Grinder as pictured at home below - Please feel free to chip in as any comments, feedback or help is much appreciated!
  24. Having spoken to Glenn he has agreed to allow another raffle, so I have secured a Ceado e37s from jenns at torr, a fantastic 83mm OD compact grinder, currently on the bench of quite a few members, so time for a little fun and one very lucky forum member. We are going for 60 tickets at £15 to keep the cost of tickets as low as possible to include as many members as possible. Usual applies just add your name to the list below (raffle is open to current members with at least 10 posts at the time of this post) . Payment details sent out upon completion of list and payments to be made within 5 days of notification. good luck folks If you are not interested or do not like raffles, please do not comment on this thread
  25. Hi Currently breaking in new machine (Sage Dual Boiler) and grinder (Ceado e37s). Have preinfusion set as factory (7secs) at 60%. Dosing 18.5-19g. First drips showing at 11-12 secs and flowing nice and slowly to start. However the flow speeds up quickly and becomes watery. Tried couple of different beans, all suitably fresh. Any thoughts? Thanks Chris
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