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  1. For Sale, our current stock of d'ancap torino 150ml competition cappuccino cups. We are due to take delivery of new cups in the next few days so these will ship after the 12th December but in time for Christmas. These have been used in the cafe but these cups are made to last and they still look as they did when new. These are custom designed in the Foundry colours and we have not sold this particular cup on the webshop previously so a great chance to get hold of a rare cup. We are selling these for less than we bought them for in the hope that we will see them ion the hands of forum
  2. In my opinion the nicest cups In he hand (personal preference of course). I have previously sold 8 sets of these Cups and Saucers - Cappuccino 200ml Variant. The reason for this sale is the same as previous. They are the wrong colour for my other half's kitchen. I just wanted to keep some. I kept hold of these 4 cups and have 5 saucers (randomly as a cup was broken when new). They unfortunately just don’t go as well in the kitchen as the black version I have. Originally bought direct from Loveramics. [ATTACH=CONFIG]34892[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34893[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFI
  3. Hello and merry Christmass to everyone. I have a problem with my ECAM 22.110 and I couldn't find any solution, neither in the manual, nor in the internet. For the last few weeks, the cappuccino maker does not work properly. It does a very loud screeching sound and the milk does not get whipped. Only very big bubbles appear and the milk splashes all over. Do you know what would be the problem? I suspect air leakage. [video=youtube_share;d7BJMPt1TMQ]https://youtu.be/d7BJMPt1TMQ
  4. I just spoke with the barista at my local Costa a minute ago, and asked him when they use semi-skimmed milk. I know you ask for a "skinny" if you want skimmed milk, so when do you get the semi-skimmed. Well, I found out. It is the default! I had always thought full-fat milk is the default for cappuccino chains - it seems not. Whenever I made a cappuccino at home, I swear it tasted significantly better when using full-fat milk, rather than semi-skimmed. What is normal in most coffee shops? Which is better?
  5. I'm a brewing kind of person and never got addicted to espresso. My wallet and SO has thanked me many times. Some time ago I thought everyone making espresso at home were mostly drinking the espresso clean without anything added. Then after joining some forums I realized many make lattes, cappuccinos and all these things. I've had a few good espressos, but it wasn't something I could replace my brews with. It would have to be a milk-based drink if it should replace a brew. Espresso is more like whisky in my mind. Highly concentrated, small servings. I think I'd nip it in peace, like whisk
  6. When I put my auto steam on cappuccino it’s lovely smooth and textured but not frothy and stiff like a traditional cappuccino I know I can use manual sta but wondered about auto . What does the steam delay option...
  7. When I put my auto steam on cappuccino it’s lovely smooth and textured but not frothy and stiff like I usually have. What does the steam delay option do. I know I can self steam but just wondered about the auto option
  8. Hey everyone! I bought a ECAM 22.110 coffee machine. After a couple days of using it, my cappuccino maker started to mostly boiling milk than actual shaking it. All parts of cappuccino maker in their places and i keeping them clear. My local authorized fix service said that it works fine and returned it to me. Yes, it kind of working - like 50% of original power. It produce little amount of milk foam and milk is kinda too hot for me. I use same milk all the time but i tried to use another types of milk (more fat contain) but it not made really big change. I've been searching decision
  9. Is it just me, or do pretty much all of the new breed of independent coffee shops serve only a generic flat white / cappuccino? They list cappuccino, latte, flat white etc, but they always make them the same? I usually like a flat white so it suits me, but occasionally order a cappuccino as i fancy something a bit lighter, however without exception it's the same, not light and no foam on top. Tamp, Artisan, all of you, you're all guilty !
  10. I got a DeLonghi coffee machine as a gift and was thrilled! For some reason though, some of my cappuccino's are coming out really milky, to the point they just taste like hot milk, even though I only use 1/3 a cup of milk. I've also noticed that all the coffee tastes the same. I bought some good quality beans and grinded them but the coffee just tasted the same as the ground coffee I had been drinking from a can. Can anyone advise where I might be going wrong?
  11. Hi, Does it make sense to upgrade from Eureka Mignon level to Zenith or other larger burr grinder if the machine is used mostly for milk based drinks? Will the small differences in coffee flavor and other better grind improvements be recognizable after you add milk to coffee?
  12. Hello, I need to buy a coffee machine for a (very) small office. It is important that it can serve cappuccinos. What matter is: reliability, easy of operation, quick (i.e. not requiring an employee to waste much time). Thus, an espresso machine + grinder is not an option. I have read through dozens of topics on this forum, but none of them has really addressed my questions. What options do I have and what are their pros and cons? The following are my thoughts. Do you agree? (1) All-in automated bean-to-cup machine The easiest solution, but also the most expensive and most faul
  13. Hi all, I've been looking around here for a little while, but this is my first post... I recently lost my old faithful Saeco Magic Cappuccino coffee machine, and am now in need of a new replacement. However I have no idea where to start as there seem to be so many machines available at the moment! My needs are simple, 90% of the time I drink espresso so mainly need it make a good one , with the occasional requirement for steam. Budget would be around £300 or so. And ideally it would be available in the UK, for warranty/service purposes, but this it not necessarily a decidin
  14. Hi, I have one Saeco Magic Cappuccino and a Saeco Magic Cappuccino Plus with some accessories for sale. Both good cosmetic condition. I'm selling them both as faulty, as I think one or both pumps need replacing, however one might be functional. And there might be an issue with steaming. I'd like to think you could make a working one from the two. Pump has been removed from the Plus model but is included. I don't have the time or the expertise to diagnose and repair, so this could be a bargain for someone! I'd like £40 for the lot, collection from Braintree UK, otherwise ask me f
  15. Just getting my first gaggia classic second hand.. any tips for me to help me get started, it's been well looked after..I usually make milk based drinks.. so should I get a rancillio wand? And comes with two baskets? Not even sure what they are so perhaps someone has z link for a manual or at least someone can guide me through usage!! Also I have a mahlkonig vario grinder, reccomendstions fir best setting to use with the machine..... thankyou!!
  16. Ancap Verona set of 6 x competition size cappuccino cups and saucers (150ml/5oz) Dimensions: cup height 5.8cm, saucer diameter 14cm Ancap Verona set of 6 x espresso cups and saucers (70ml/2.5oz) Dimensions: cup height 6.42cm, saucer diameter 12cm Both sets in plain white porcelain. These are very durable cups from a leading Italian manufacturer. Not in original packaging but rarely used, clean with no marks or signs of wear. Happy to sell everything for £55 including shipping, or separately the cappuccino set of 6 for £32 and the espresso set of 6 for £28 delivered. Thanks -
  17. Being a bit off put by the amount of work required to make coffee with a manual machine. I've been looking so far at the Sage Barista Express, is this a good machine? I have a budget of £450 and whiling to buy second hand. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  18. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a coffee machine, however I want to learn the skills involved to make it myself and not just use a bean to cup. I don't know much about what I need, but so far I know I need a machine and a grinder I also want a way to make excellent frothy milk for cappuccinos. My budget is £450 - 500 and I'm more looking to buy something second hand so that I can get a good bargain. However, I'm totally unsure on what I need and what brand to get. My favourite coffee is cappuccino so I'd like to have equipment that could create that to a high standard. Any help
  19. Hey guys, I'm new to making coffee. I've loved coffee for years but have always either bought it or made it with a French press. I'm now unsure whether to get a bean to cup or manual machine. I would be interested in learning some barista skills, but at the same time I would like it to be reasonably convenient. My budget is £450, I'm thinking about buying something pre-used or refurbished so that I can get a better machine for a lower price. So I'm just looking for advice as to whether go with bean to cup or manual and if so what's the best I can get with my budget. My favourite
  20. Hi all, So I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm struggling to find the info and whilst I know its probably personal taste I'd still appreciate your input. I'm after buying some cappuccino cups and can't decide what size. I've read the cup shouldn't hold anymore than 6oz but can't find if this is for a single or double shot. I suspect this is for a single shot cap but is there any problem using a 12oz cup for a double shot one? Sounds daft but I've never held a 6oz cup and worry it might be a bit small so along with the fact I only own a double unpressurised basket at the momen
  21. Six ACME cups and saucers, brown. 2 x 80ml demitasse espresso, 2 x 160ml flat white and 2 x 200ml cappuccino. Used but like new. £40 posted to mainland address.
  22. So I recently got myself a classic as my first home machine. Making espressos seems to be going OK so far, obviously there is a lot of room for improvement but I was fortunate enough to be shown the ropes by the previous enthusiastic owner (which helped massively!) The only problem I have is by the time I have made a cappuccino it seems to be warm rather than hot. The method Im using is to warm an espresso cup and the cappuccino mug, make my espresso into the espresso cup, steam the milk as soon as the wand is ready and pour in as soon as milk is up to temperature. I am using a PID f
  23. I love black coffee and it is all I really drink but with the machine i have just done my first homemade cappuccino. No need to mince my words - absolute failure. But i have leftover heated milk - Can this be used again, sort of practise milk. If you don't get the milk to the right texture can you let it cool and steam again, even if it tastes awful, to correct technique. If not I need a cow or two! Rob
  24. I'm currently looking to buy my first "proper" espresso machine and am aiming to spend somewhere in the region of £500 - £800. Currently, the Bezzera B10 is looking to be my first choice but I've also been very tempted by a few Brewtus IV's that have been posted in the for-sale section. Is the Bezzera B10 a good choice for my budget? I drink cappuccinos so am attracted by the HX B10 and its small form factor. (the above machine will be paired with an SJ I'm in the process of modifying to be doserless) Thanks!
  25. Two of each with saucers. Used but in perfect condition. £50 posted to usual mainland addresses.
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