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Found 17 results

  1. Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  2. Rather bashful post now. At Coffee Aroma, we decided to stop selling de-caf. In my head this was due to the quality not being good enough, and it being against the ethos of Coffee Aroma. Somehow this became a health risk, Richard found a study online, and started going ott telling people it resulted in cancer, and sometimes when someone was being particularly awkward, I would use the health risk card as well. Even though this was not a lot more than hearsay. Anyway, I went into my local tea shop and roastery today pick up some coffee, and was straight away brought up on the decaf situation by the owner, as they serve de-caf coffee, and they were getting customers coming in and questioning the so-called dangerous coffee. After a lot of explanation and apology I got chatting with the owner, and patched things over. How can I redeem this, my boss will be unprepared to take down the literature about the dangers of decaf, but its damaging another local business.? Chris
  3. As my health has returned and a new job is sorted 2016 is shaping up to be fantastic for me, as such I hope that everyone else has at least as good a year if not better. All the best to everyone and I look forward to hearing your adventures in Caffeine in 2016
  4. You can view the page at http://coffeeforums.co.uk/content.php?144-Caffeine-An-explanation
  5. Red Rock is built upon three values: CAFFEINE, CULTURE, and COMMUNITY. But before we get to that, let's back up.We're all in search of that perfect place, aren't we? A place that feels like home. The music's great, the coffee is hot, the staff is friendly, the restrooms are clean (usually), and we know that when we walk in the door and fork over our hard-earned cash, we'll feel good about it; the food and drink will be a perfect escape, and the atmosphere, vibe, sounds, smells, and conversation… More...
  6. As per title; curious if anyone else gets hypoglycemic after too much caffeine? After the equivalent of 6 shots I get sweaty and shaky. I know its hypoglycemia, as before I lost 7-8 stone I was being treated for type II diabetes so I have a blood testing kit and have measured by blood sugar and its down around 3.0 mmol. Sure I could drink decaffeinated, but it tastes like sh!t to my tastebuds. I could drink less coffee but where is the fun in that? !50ml of full fat coca-cola and I'm sort for more coffee :-) Anyone else?
  7. I came across this image while Stumbling coffee topics today which shows pictorially the caffeine and calorific content of tea, coffee and (some) associated beverages and food items Disclaimer: This data should be used as a guideline only and not used as the basis for a diet (although some might argue that our diets are caffeine based anyway)
  8. Although not strictly about coffee this site claims to show you how much caffeine your body can take before it closes down. Please do not try this at home (in fact please do not try this at all) Find out how much it would take to kill you
  9. Grinder temporarily out of service, thought I'd resort to mortar and pestle for a French press quickie.
  10. Hi coffee lovers! I am caffeine Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  11. I've had 4 coffees so far today (all what you would call doubles). It's only 1pm. I really fancy another one but am holding off for a while. Semi serious question - how much coffee do you drink? Before I got my Classic, I would have one in the morning on the way to work (Caffe Nero double macchiato) then that would often be my only coffee of the day. Nothing at work and then either a decaf Nespresso when I got home or tea. Occasionally a fully leaded coffee. Maybe a bit more at weekends. However now that I have good coffee on tap, I find myself drinking a lot more. Especially when getting to know a new bean or dialling in something. When things are not quite right but drinkable, I tend to drink it. But then I need to try again with a slightly different grind or something and try that.... I don't seem to have many problems with too much caffeine these days - I used to stick to decaf due to stomach upset with too much caffeine but suspect that was partly due to the extraction and tannins. I can drink quite a bit of the Rave stuff I'm trying without obvious effects of too much caffeine.
  12. tAClue


    I was told today that there is less caffeine in espresso based drinks than others as the water is in contact with the coffee grinds for less time and therefore has less time to be absorbed into the resulting liquid. Is this true?
  13. For years the missus has avoided anything caffeinated, in fact anything with the slightest amount of theobromine in it. She won't even touch instant decaff - if she does, she says, she has a lousy sleepless night. Once I got the Lelit, though, she was so fascinated by the machine, the process and the aroma that she finally tried a tiny sip of my espresso "just to try". No problems sleeping. After a month or two I bought a bag of decaff, ground some up and she tried a complete corto of that. No problems. Then the pre-ground decaff ran out when I had the grinder dialled in on something else and didn't want to disturb it, so she said what the hell and had a real coffee for the first time in around 20 years. No problems. I now run through my coffee stocks twice as fast. But on the upside, my kit no longer feels like a great extravagance and she no longer goes buzzing off being busy while I enjoy my after-lunch coffee. Harmony. We're left wondering what made the decaff fizz all those years ago. Ah well...
  14. This is potentially earth shattering news! Should we perhaps be banning the consumption of coffee from half the human species? Fear not, as according to this article there is not much chance of seeing noticeable decreases in bust size, and according to research 'regular hits of caffeine reduce the risk of developing breast cancer'.
  15. Hey folks, hope you're doing great. So, I was reading this article: link removed and this is when this thing strike my mind -- how much coffee is too much? I usually drink 4-5 cups a days. Is that normal? And are there any side effects to drinking too much coffee?
  16. Osh

    Stomach woes

    Have any coffee drinkers out there had expreience with stomach ulcers? Would like to know how someone who loves his caffeine has coped, and any tips would be helpful.
  17. Consumption that is. My circumstance is that I'm long term sick at the mo, waiting for a back op. I fill my time with wheeler dealers and drinking coffee. I've hit the sweet spot with my new set up and the coffee tastes bloody great; it's so good that I'm on four doubles a day, Americano or with oat milk(sacrilege some may say). My caffeine addiction has overtaken my dependence on painkillers; can I drink more?
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