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Found 17 results

  1. Good morning coffee lovers, I am new to the forum and also a beginner for coffee making. Most likely, I've been doing thing wrong (cringe moments for experienced people, I presume!) so I'd like to ask for wisdom and advice from the forum users. I would like to ask for advice on grind set up on DeLonghi KG79 for different brewing methods My current set-up is this (and I want to learn with these before I upgrade to something more serious): Coffee 1 - Lidl Bellarom Gold 100% Arabica ground coffee Coffee 2 - Bulk-buy Fairtrade whole coffee beans Grinder - DeLonghi KG79 Brewing method 1 - Bialetti Moka Express stovetop (3 cup) Brewing method 2 - Bodum Original Chambord cafetiere (3 cup) Brewing method 3 - Magimix Nespresso U & Milk coffee pod espresso (I use Sealpod refillable pod with my own coffee) This is what I've been doing: KG79 - I usually have it on the "finest" grind setting as I've been told that for stovetop. I tried the "hack" to make it finer, but it struggled to grind at all so I reverted back to default. Bialetti stovetop - Brews okay with "finest" grind, but a bit bitter and not much crema. A bit of sludge at the bottom of the cup, but I'm not bothered. Bodum cafetiere - I got this for Christmas. The "finest" grind clogs up the filter and pressing is very hard. LOTS of sludge in both the cup and cafetiere. Magimix coffee pod - Doesn't work with the "finest" grind. The machine struggles and only extracts in drops, not consistent streams. In comparison to KG79 grinded coffee, Lidl's pre-grounded coffee works quite nicely with all brewing method. So, I'm assuming my set up on KG79 is "too fine" for all three brewing method. Comparing the grind size between KG79 and Lidl is a bit hard for my novice eyes, but it seems that Lidl coffee is a bit more coarse. But I have no idea how "coarse" I need to change the set up on KG79. One could simply tell me "well, just buy Lidl coffee and don't bother with KG79." Very true. KG79 was a present from my wife, whom I very much love, and she spent a lot of time researching to get me the best grinder we could afford at the time, so... So, my questions are: What are the general consensus on grind size for stovetop, cafettier, and coffee pod machine? Given the availability of KG79 (and also it's limitation as a burr grinder), which grind setting is recommended for each brewing method? I realise my questions can open up a whole can of worms, but I'm very much thankful for your expertise in educating a novice on grind settings so I can appreciate coffee more. Many thanks and happy brewing!
  2. Hi all. New to the forum - have been reading avidly for a few days. Over the years I've used a cafetiere, bialetti, v60 and now am almost solely using a porlex hand grinder and aeropress. Thinking it's about time I got myself an espresso machine but my budget will be fairly limited so I was thinking along the lines of the gaggia classic, but had a few questions 1. It sounds like the 2015/16 model isn't that great going by the opinions on here - is it really that bad and why? I've seen that the rancilio silvia is mooted as an alternative but this looks quite a lot more expensive. Are there any other decent entry level machines that pass muster in the opinion of the forum? 2. Will the porlex be ok to use with the gaggia until I can save up for a better grinder? 3. Nespresso (bear with me) do a milk heater/frother - is this any good and would it avoid the problem of having a single boiler machine and needing to wait for the temperature to transition between espresso and steam? I am mainly going to be drinking espresso/black but sometimes it's nice to have something milky and comforting. And my wife loves cappucino. Help much appreciated.
  3. I'm moving house next week and having a bit of a clear out. Don't know if this is of any use to anyone... It's a Bodum Chambord French Press with scoop and box, but it's missing the glass (it's not like it's a key component...) My girlfriend bought this for me for my birthday last year, but the glass was cracked so they sent another press and I just kept the frame. I've had a look on Amazon and the Chambord is £25 new. A replacement 8 cup/ 1 Litre glass can be bought for £8-10 on eBay/Amazon. I'm after £9 delivered. Could be a way for someone to save a few quid on a Bodum.
  4. Hi there, been lurking for awhile now and figured I would finally sign up. I currently use a Moka, Cafetiere & that dreaded instant! I find Moka coffee has great body and rich flavours but its hard to identify any nuances so thought I would start here. Looking to take the plunge into buying a Grinder, Machine or other Coffee Gizmo that will deliver the most out of the beloved bean. It's a bit daunting starting off though as I am fairly unsure what to begin with, Gaggia Classic, Chemex etc, always contrasting opinions on what's best. My budget is fairly flexible, although I don't particularly want to sink a huge chunk of money into Coffee gear immediately until I know what to expect. I understand from reading the forums that a good grinder is a must, so I suppose I should start there firstly, would a Hario or Porlex give an adequate grind for a starter? Don't mind a bit of physical exertion. I only drink black coffee, but often have to heat and hand froth some milk for guests etc; a tad tedious, any suggestions on where to begin would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and look forward to being a part of the community.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a faff free alternative to the usual Gaggia Classic machine. I want to try something a bit more straight forward and have considered going back to a cafetiere for a while, but then I thought what about a stove top? I generally drink milk based coffee, but I think I could do without the frothing etc and use boring old plain milk. As much as I enjoy a cappuccino, I also like "normal" coffee. What is the score with stove tops? Easy to make? Faff free? Any thoughts?
  6. Is a french press a cafetiere? :confused:
  7. Just ordered an Aeropress after reading lots of good things about them. What put me off, initially, was whether the paper filters affect the taste. When I last used a filter drip system, many moons ago, there were concerns that paper filters used chlorine bleached paper, I recall, and this adversely affecting the extraction. Can't find anywhere whether the Aeropress filters use chlorine bleached paper. Then I saw that Hasbean and Cream Supplies offer a choice of stainless steel filters - coarse and fine so I decided to go for a fine one to give it a try and compare to the supplied paper ones. The blurb said that it gives a sweeter extraction. Would be interested to hear from other forum members on their experience of using a fine stainless steel filter over the paper one.
  8. So yesterday was a washout with only the cafetiere for company. I wasn't feeling great so didn't have much to drink (or eat). Came down late this morning to discover two packages waiting for me - superb, coffee and bits...... On went the Classic and I opened the first pack of pre-ground (yes I know) and the second package which contained tamper, shot glasses, jug etc. I washed everything whilst waiting for the machine to heat up - I also visited the 'tube' and refreshed my memory on exactly what to do. I duly weighed out 18g of coffee, did the biz with the paperclip (WDT is too fancy a description for my liking) and tamped like a good 'un. I checked the puck was clear of the grouphead and ran through some water into my 2oz shot glass (unmarked - I went for the double skin ones). I waited anxiously for the light to come back on before pressing the brew switch. Twenty seven seconds later I had 2oz of liquid with crema - I smelled the shot and wasn't offended by anything so I ventured a sip..... not bad but a little sour - drinkable though. Success, it was just a matter of tweaking a few bits to get a better shot. You think??? Second effort was way to sharp and the third was worse! Oh bugger - not a great start but practice eh? And who was it that wrote on here somewhere to just taste everything? I left the machine on and returned for a second go after lunch. I probably should mention that I was still not interested in food Anyway, a few half decent shots later and I was starting to feel the buzz. The last shot I made into a very strong latte by using my new milk jug - twice... About half past two I started shaking. I checked my blood sugar (type 2 diabetic) and it was fine. My headache from the past few days had gone but let me tell you, I was ready to fly. I've never taken anything other than prescribed drugs and I don't smoke but this was something. I sat down with a 2 litre bottle of water and drank the lot but it was some two hours later before I felt well enough to walk. Still, had a great time experimenting and was amazed at how much of a difference a few accessories made. I guess I should be more careful tomorrow and if the shots are anything but acceptable I should abandon my Aberdonian Flag Day roots and just bin them. Oh, and if the wife should ask - it's vitally important to purchase a bottomless portafilter and basket along with the new grinder Al
  9. Hello, everyone. So pleased to have discovered the forum, and learned a great deal from posts. I've jumped through most of the hoops and am due to open a small cafe/gallery (22-24 covers) in a rural/seaside location towards the end of this year. At first I will be serving cafetiere coffee, and grinding the beans on the premises. I have the Kitchenaid Artisan grinder in mind for its very good spec. and attractive appearance for the counter top, and also bcs it should tie with a commercial machine once I'm on a sure footing. Rancilio Rocky also excellent, I believe. I've also lined up potential coffee suppliers - I'll need both bean and ready ground, I think. Before I press the go buttons, I'd very much appreciate your input on both grinder issue and very best bean to offer. (I'm also serving looseleaf teas, milkshakes and hot chocolate.) If I can help, or share info with, anyone else setting up, I'd be delighted. Many thanks.
  10. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade form my Krups GVX2 and after quite a bit of reading I'm concluding that if the ideal home grinder exists, it's not available until next summer. That said, I want to get something sorted sooner, and at the moment I'm leaning towards finding a secondhand Super Jolly, which would fit on my one bit of kitchen counter with unrestricted headroom. What I'm less sure about is how friendly they are to single shots, although I'd have a go at either improving the doser or replacing it with a funnel per some of the posts on here if that's the main change that is needed. When looking at a machine with unknown history, are there any particular things that it's important to to check/look at? Also, can they be adjusted easily to grind coarse enough for paper filter or cafetiere use, and back to espresso? Thanks! Neil
  11. Visited Tapped and Packed today. Super-friendly place, felt busy and lively but there was no trouble finding a place to sit (though I came at a somewhat off-hour). They make both espresso-based drinks and brewed coffees, using your choice of brewing methods (filter, cafetière, siphon or aeropress). It was afternoon by the time I visited so I limited myself to just one drink, a ristretto. Theirs was sweet and syrupy, as delicious as any ristretto I've had. I'm eager to go back and try more of their offerings. The food looked pretty good too. It was also the kind of place where you might randomly strike up a conversation with a fellow coffee lover, as I did with the fellow next to me at the bar. We were both fans of Dose and of James' roastery; he recommended a roaster to me, and I one to him, and I also suggested he give Flat White a try since it's not too far away. Like I said, friendly sort of place. On the Tube it's between Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road, a little closer to Goodge.
  12. Scouser

    Gaggia Pure

    Hi, My first post be easy on me Recently got myself a espresso maker, progressed from cafetiere on to a moka pot and now my Gaggia pure.. Im really getting into this coffee thing, trying to get the perfect cup.. Ive alway used Illy coffee, tried lots of others but always come back to that. When I got my machine it came with some gaggia pods, which were quite good. I mainly drink a "Long Black" basically an Americano with a double instead of a single shot of espresso. I have tried adding the espresso shots to the hot water, as I heard you lose less crema this way, as opposed to adding hot water to the expresso ? Well so far the coffee is delicious, but im not getting enough crema. Now I see there is an optional "perfect cream filter" Could this have something to do with it ? I have a few other coffees from Whittards to try, but I guess it could be a number of things ? And if anyone can help with a good americano recipe Cheers
  13. Hi everyone im new to.the forums I've read a few posts but was wanting some help im new to coffee i drink at the moment a coffee for the cafetiere which is ok but prefer the ones from the highstreet coffee shops but would like to be able to get great coffee at home and was wondering where i should start and what equipment i should buy any advice would be good Thanks Owen Sent from my GT-S5830 using Tapatalk 2
  14. Feedback welcome guys, I've just made a film showing how to make coffee at home using a cafetière (or French press): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8qPIA5iERA It's was tricky to give enough technical detail whilst keeping the film short & accesible (i.e. trying to ensure it's not boring!). I hope it's of interest - if you have the time and the inclination, your comments are very welcome (I'll be tweaking it over the next few weeks based on feedback).
  15. OK, I've put this off for a while, but it's time to show my ridiculous collection of coffee stuff... So, far back left-to-right theres an Eva Solo Cafe, My smaller Cafetiere and my melitta cone holder. Forward left to right is my Ocaree TCA-5 Syphon brewer (Some excellent SqM Yirgacheffe), Aeropress, some milk jugs infront of that. Very from is my 1g scales for measuring water, digital thermometer,(A couple of delicious HasBeans) a handle-less milkjug which I brew into. On the grinder I use a few ramakins for transfering coffee, I also keep my 0.01g scales for measuring beans under the chamber(and a spirit measure to weigh them in) and ontop of the doing tamp is my digital timer. On the far right is my Europicolla, espressogear tamp and a few spoons, a bamboo stirrer and cleaning stuff... So I've got a fair bit of kit collected all in all. The dots on the grinder collar just help me dial quickly between brewing methods. Also my favourite cups to drink from.. (Left to right again)I really like the feel of drinking a coffee from a glass, and these cheap ones from Ikea are perfect for drinking coffee or other drinks from, is also great for weighing ingredients when cooking. At the back is a glass mug my wife got me which looks really cool when brewing direct from the Aeropress, infront of that is one of my cappucino cups which I've used in the UKBC for the last 2 years, thick walls and a funky saucer make these a real favourite of mine. Never got along with the handle on them though. Next along and to the rear is the La Marzocco Strada Cappucino cups that they were graciously giving away at the end of Caffe Culture this year (Along side that is the accompanying espresso cup). Infront of those is the UKBC 2010 espresso cup that was is a greatly appreciated gift for competing. In the far back is a Coffee Primo 16oz Mug. A deffinate odd one out of the group, but has a great sentimental attachment, though CP's coffee was by no means the best, nor were my times there the best of my life. It introduced me to speciality coffee and was very supportive of my development. I owe my passion and my dedication to the (now defunct) brand and will never forget the amount of support and reaffirmation the brand manager invested in me.
  16. Hi all.... looking thru my cupboard the other day I found a Russel Hobbs grinder that I used some time ago for my caffitiere (??) so as I as yet not purchased a grinder I put some beans in and ground them on the finest setting... loaded the grind into the Classic (after pressing etc) and switched on. Result.... the water shot thru leaving me with a non creama light brown liquid. The grinder wil now be skip bound leaving me still uncertain as to which grinder to go for without taking out a mortage. I am thinking about the Dualit grinder...any comments PLEASE will be most helpfull. Take care... Frederick
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