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Found 74 results

  1. Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  2. Paid a visit to here on Monday. Full disclosure I know one the Barista's here from his time in Lancaster. It's a 12 month residency at the Old Bank In Manchester. Directions etc here https://www.swansong.coffee Coffee wise, absolutely Fab. This is labour of love for the guys running it. Roasters changing every two week, with some real variety in there. They had a choice of Huck Roaster or Cloud Picker for filter, with Heart and Graft on espresso. On recommendation went for the washed Ethiopian from Cloud Picker on v60. It was delicious, syrupy sweet citrus. Top three this year. I bought a bag and its been delicious at home as espresso and brewed also. If you see a guy called Andy there, say Martin sent you, and he is more than happy to chat roasters and geek out with people.
  3. Just spent a great day refining my self taught skills at Origin Coffee Coffee roasters London shop. It was the Barista Foundation course run by the SCA. It was superbly delivered by Dan O'Regan. Great kit to play with: Linea machines with al the electronics and some lovely Mythos grinders ( I know understand why people rave about them ). More confident and also importantly refined in my approach. Big Thumbs up to Origin ( who also do some great coffees ) for their delivery, passion and enthusiasm.
  4. As per Glenn's suggestion here's a new thread for the autumn / winter season London Meet Up, shout out to @jlarkin, @hotmetal, @Hibbsy, @MediumRoastSteam from the old thread and happy to see anyone new interested I'm free most weekends and I do understand it might be hard to pick a date which works for all, but lets try anyway I'll kick it off with: who's available in Sept (weekends, probably best to opt for Saturdays as some places might be shut on Sundays)? T.
  5. Hi all, we're just leaving for a vacation to Slovenia, could anyone chime in with some tips on where to go for a good coffee in Ljubljana and the west part of the country? Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi all, a bit short notice but it looks like I'll be in central Oxford all day tomorrow so was wondering where I might get a great coffee (Espresso only drinker btw). So if you have any recommendations it would be great if you could post them. Thanks !
  7. I work in the Middle East a fair bit - Riyadh, Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Muscat - and I've never had an espresso I've enjoyed in the region. I enjoy the odd Arabic coffee or a Yemeni tea, but sometimes there's just no substitute for the good stuff. Anyone else find the same? Am I just looking in the wrong places? Generally the Nespresso from the machine in the hotel room is the best coffee I get on a trip. I'm in Muscat in a couple of weeks, and whilst I've done my googling, it's not a good sign when TripAdvisor's #2 in Coffee is a Starbucks.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm opening a coffee shop in Loughborough and came to this forum to get some information in compact machines, good grinders and coffee distributers in the Midlands area. Not sure where to start, so much going on in this site! But I hope I find the things I am looking for. I am a baker and provide catering and desserts to the Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire area... if your question is cake related, or what to eat with your cup of coffee I can answer! Thanks Marta
  9. http://www.facebook.com/stonewoodcoffee Set up on a nice hilltop with a spectacular view of Oklahoma sunsets, we are an espresso coffee, whole leaf tea house & cafe.* Large open, common area with high backed booths in the front and couches and soft seating in our back lounge area.* A great place to meet old friends, catch up on work or just relax and hang out.* We pull our shots and steam our milk by hand, not… More...
  10. working at the cafe I manage right now, and just served two lattes to a couple, with perfect (by my standards at least!) rosettas on top, and without tasting it, the guy proceeded to add two sugars to it, stirred them in, and then added another, again without tasting it! this infuriates me! Do these people just not like coffee? are they just drinking it to sound/feel cool? I believe that latte art serves more purpose than just looking good or demonstrating ability - I think that it often makes the customer focus on what they're drinking (we all know that a percentage of customers don't really care what's in their cup!) which in turn leads to them actually tasting the coffee, and often feeding back to the barista/manager, which (if it's good feedback) then builds confidence/sparks conversation, potentially increasing return trade! What are your thoughts on these scenarios guys? apologies for my first thread being a bit of a rant! Speak soon Michael
  11. Off to Auld Reakie on the 18th for the weekend (Sat morning to Sun evening), anyone recommend places for good coffee? Anywhere sell fresh roasted beans? (have to bring something back lol). We'll be staying near the Haymarket/Cowgate (Richmond Place) if that helps? thought I'd ask in advance - ta
  12. Apologies if this has been done to death, but I was just wondering whereabouts we all are in the UK? I'm keen to get to know some like-minded coffee fans, as I've not come across many where I am! I'm in mid-Suffolk and have a cafe in Stowmarket. i would be delighted to hold a gathering at the cafe if anyone was interested? We could do some tasting sessions, as at the moment, the bulk of our clientele think the local Costa is *the* place for coffee (yikes!)
  13. A friend who works in Birmingham has just suggested I might enjoy a trip to Quarter Horse Coffee next time I'm in Brum. Looks good, and it looks like they're also planning to start roasting in Birmingham in March, which is quite exciting.
  14. Hi, I am selling our san remo opera 2 coffee machine. We have had it for 2 years. In excellent condition, 3 group head. From our shop we closed last year in bath (hunter & sons). Please get in touch if interested. Open to resonable offers. Will organise shipping to anywhere in the uk. Thanks
  15. Saw this machine at the Manchester Coffee Festival yesterday, thought it was a custom jobby but actually just a machine from Sanremo. Nice looking centrepiece: http://www.sanremomachines.com/en/machines/caferacer/
  16. Hi all had the ok to post and link this here ( if @Glenn in wrong section please move ) My Local Cafe the Hall - owned by J Atkinson's roasters are selling their La Marzocco 2 Group Strada Ep It's been in the cafe for one year - prior to that was a showroom display model for a year , with little use . It's in great condition and comes with x 2 double spouts and x 1 single pout pf Collection preferred from Lancaster - but courier/palletiased delivery might be possible also . Price £7500 - i believe that these are £13500 new If you are interested in this please or need any other info please contact - Caspar Steel for more details via [email protected] I might be able to provide some pics later in the week for this thread when i am next in ... Cheers Martin
  17. I called into Marmadukes on Saturday lunchtime when they were getting absolutely slammed (there was a queue out the door and all tables were taken). It would have been easy for them to let things slip a little but everything was spot on. I had a great pourover from sundlaug coffee roasters and finished with a superb cult of done espresso. I watched the barista as I queued and he still appeared to be maintaining quality procedures (e.g. weighing his portafilter and very precisely removing or adding small amounts of coffee to hit his target weight). The staff were really friendly too. Can't recommend it highly enough really.
  18. There's such a focus (on forums as well as in shops) on espresso I feel like brewed doesn't get as much attention as I'd like! I've certainly been to many shops where the espresso is tasty but the quality of brewed coffee is lacking in comparison. That in mind it would be great to pick all your brains for coffee shops you think are producing great stuff. I'll start the ball rolling with: UK: Colonna & Smalls, Bath Established, Belfast Abroad: Barista Parlor, Nashville Panther, Miami Axil, Melbourne Filter, Melbourne
  19. Was in my home town, Chester, recently and while on the way to another great meal at the Sticky Walnut, in Hoole, I paid a bit more attention to the cafe, the Little Yellow Pig, just along the street. Dropped our daughter off at the station the next day and took advantage of being close by to call in for a coffee. A switched on couple run it and Richard was quite happy to talk about his commitment to turning out a good coffee - I had a couple of well poured espressos and Julia enjoyed her flat white. Richard apologised for the kit he is using - but it demonstrated the conversation that often pops up on the Forum - ultimately it's what appears in the cup that counts and it certainly counted for us. So much so, we contrived to go back the next day to make sure that it isn't a fluke. It wasn't. The cakes were blooming good as well. If I lived in Chester it would be my go to place for a social coffee. The coffee was from Adams and Russell (been mentioned once or twice on the Forum), Birkenhead, so hadn't travelled far, and was their Continental blend. A nice, balanced, smooth drink with a gentle chocolate hit. It's in Charles Street. It's worth a visit if you are in Chester. It might not be as sexy as visiting San Francisco or Lisbon or St Ives or a lot of other places but Chester is still special for me.
  20. I'm heading over to Cardiff on sunday to watch the rugby but obviously I'll be needing a decent coffee beforehand. Anyone out there been to little man in Cardiff and if so would you recommend it? http://www.littlemancoffee.co.uk/ I'll also be sure to head over to waterloo gardens teahouse as well which seems to be half decent for all things caffeinated.
  21. COFFEE CUPS BRING EXCITING NEW RANGE INTO STOCK Luna Blue, The Forefront Of Coloured Cup Fashion These high quality porcelain coffee cups are perfect for daily use in busy cafe’s and coffee bars. We have listened to our customers that love the Luna white range on shape, size and durability but want to stand out from the crowd. The new Luna Blue range is extremely modern and certainly will strike up interest in any coffee shop. By adding your logo to these cups, you will be at the forefront of coloured cup fashion and bang on trend. If you have any questions about this new product or for more information about Coffeecups.co.uk or any product we sell just ask.
  22. If you're heading to London this weekend (or next) then you might want to check out this link for the opening hours for some of London's finest cafes Phil Wain (a real coffee lover and Coffee Forums UK member) has collated this information, in a similar vein to his Xmas / New Year 2010 list Thanks Phil
  23. Not every cafe has a toilet, and on occasions I have found myself heading to one that does, purely on that basis (given that the coffee is good at both locations) Assuming you don't need to go when making your decision, is this an influencing factor? Or does it not really matter? Please vote in the poll
  24. Hi guys, My names Michael, I'm 23 and from Glasgow - I run a cafe in paisley and have a sideline coffee training business called Fun in a Cup. Only just found this UK forum after quickly getting bored on the coffeegeek US forum! I expect this forum will come in very handy! Speak soon, Michael
  25. Our gourmet coffee is composed of 40% natural grain and 60% Cherry pea. This mixture has a well-balanced and beverage with pleasant aftertaste. More...
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