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Found 68 results

  1. Hi guys, For sale is my Mazzer Mini E Type A grinder, with 4 month old burrs fitted. I bought it from a user on this forum about 18 months ago, and it’s seen one or two 18g shots per day since I’ve had it, and the previous owner said they made 4-6 shots a day. It is 6 years old, and only ever used domestically. It has genuine Mazzer Super Jolly burrs, fitted 4 months ago, which are still very sharp, so the grinder can produce an excellent 18g shot in approx. 10-13 seconds, and I’ve applied SuperLube to the grind adjustment threads (as recommended by users on this forum), so the grind adjustment is silky smooth. I have both the large and small Mazzer hoppers, which will be included in the sale. Happy to provide additional photos or the serial number on request, or a video of the grinder in operation. Looking for £380 on collection from Leeds. I’d be willing to drive to meet, and I’m willing to package up for shipping, but buyer would need to arrange shipping and insurance + £5 for the packaging.
  2. have managed to source a small 320g hopper which will clear my kitchen units, so i'm withdrawing this for now
  3. Morning all, A bit cheeky, but before wrestle with the should I, shouldn't I of buying one, does anyone have a Titus alignment tool they'd be willing to loan me for a short while? I don't need any shim material as I'm only sanding the static burr position flat (if it needs it). Thanks in advance. Lee
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question I hope but I cant seem to find the answer. I am looking to replace the burrs on my Royal but I cant find the difference between these two parts numbers... Will the Mazzer T151A burrs fit my Mazzer Royal? They fit the Mazzer Major. Or do I need then Mazzer T151B burrs? Anyone know the difference between the two parts... T151A and T151B? Thanks
  5. I was expecting to find loads of threads on this but either my searching is rubbish or there aren't many threads. I'm hopefully getting new burrs sometime next week. I'm sure i've read about using stale beans or rice to season (or get any manufacturing residue from) new burrs, but how much are we talking about? I'm happy putting a Kg of rice through (finally using the santos at design volumes!) but is that enough? I'm assuming the burrs are CNC cut so should be pretty clean/swarf free anyway.
  6. Probably no interest in them on here, but I thought as they're going on ebay too it'd be rude not too. Taken out of a brand new EK43 (purchased last month). Other than any testing that they do at Mahlkonig these haven't had 1 coffee bean through them. £350 Price includes Royal Mail special delivery.
  7. For sale is my Mazzer grinder. Good points: Still grinds good coffee - I have attached a photo of the titanium burrs It has a new power cord Comes with the higher capacity hopper These are awesome machines! Not so good points: Cosmetically it has had some use (I have tried to show markings in the photos) It is missing two feet - replacements can be sourced online easily. I will be happy to answer any questions. £250 ONO collection only from South Devon.
  8. wanted new/used preferably good condition and near yorkshire
  9. EK43 Turkish Burrs, I bought them from Xpenno Lightly used. Most time I've used a Coffee burr set, or quite frankly I've not used my EK43 at all during long periods. £225 shipping included to UK from Spain.
  10. Hi everybody. As the title says i own a Compak k10 fresh conical grinder. The problem is that i cant find replacement burrs anywhere. I m talking for the 68 mm burrs with 3 holes(NOT 4). Only Bella Barista have in stock the redspeed ones that cost around £329 . The normal ones are out of stock. I ve sent Compak two emails which they ignored. I ve asked around the UK but noone knows anything. If anyone of the forum could help it would have been great.
  11. Morning, in a home environment how often should Royal burrs be took out and cleaned? Ive read a few posts where folk have took them out and then couldn't get them to grind fine enough after re fitting? I don't want this to happen as I can't be without my Royal in a morning
  12. Just stripping my new toy down for cleaning!! Got the burrs out and not being familiar with coffee grinders I thought the burrs had been rubbing together as there is a flat spot around the edge of each burr. But it also said Mazzer 0033M which I believe is their original part number. Can anyone tell me what I have please? Richard
  13. Bought a forte bg and changed to ceramic burrs for espresso so I have a set of nearly new steel burrs for sale. i can't see these any cheaper than £90 online so looking for £50 to cover the cost of the changeover.
  14. Well, for a while I've wondered about centring the burrs on the Major after reading an article on it. I noticed that the centre spindle was sightly off when looking down the throat as it slowed to a stop. I've just cleaned it out and tested the centring by holding something against the spindle, whilst slowly turning it. Found the high spot and pushed a fat headed screwdriver through the chute, and under the carrier. Then carefully gave it a nudge... (carefully..) After trying it again, and redoing the process I put it back together and tried it. Now, instead of chirping, I can tighten the grind further before getting a uniform touching sound (smooth chirping?) Pulled a shot from the resulting grind (actually started dripping on a setting that shouldn't do), and tasted it. Don't know if it's me thinking about having an improvement but it tasted good.. I'm not going to repeat the procedure as I don't want to do anything untoward - after all the slightest amount can be too much and costly if done too far. I guess I should align the burs properly with shims etc. but I'm pleased with my Heath Robinson efforts, but must stress it's something that you shouldn't do with burr carriers. I'm guessing someone must've removed it once by the same method. Has anyone else done something that you shouldn't do, but works?
  15. I have only tried it once before and the burrs seemed to gum up with bits of bean which led me to believe that these grinders really were not designed to do this. However I know there are people on here that do it (so it must be possible) and I'm sure people who can offer some insight into the pros and cons of it. Does it work well, and crucially are the results in the cup better than hand grinding? For example will grinding for v60 with a set of 83mm flats be better than hand grinding with a small conical burr set? The main downside of doing it seems to be the need to switch between grind settings constantly. Needing to re-dial-in espresso etc. etc. However, in my case I have recently come across a solution which would negate this downside. Tl;dr Is it worth investigating grinding for brewed on a Royal?
  16. My SJ has real trouble with lighter roasts, namely Hasbean but I'm sure other light roasts would do the same. When I changed the burrs I fitted the more aggressive ones but I believe I was told that the agressive ones were for EU grinders and the less aggressive for US grinders. This stalling was very bad when the burrs were first changed and happened on most roasts and now only really on the lighter ones. Before I changed the Burrs I don't remember it happening at all.
  17. Beanben


    Hello, I am just in the process f fitting some new burrs into a sj, is there a difference between the top and bottom burr? As in is there a top burr and a bottom burr or can either go top or bottom?? Cheers Ben
  18. Hi, I have a Cunill Iberital Marfill grinder which I bought second hand. The grinder was working perfectly the last time that I used it, yet today it mysteriously is acting very, very strangely. When I switched it on, the sound was very muffled - it's usually quite a noisy beast - and it did not seem to be grinding, although things that needed to spin, were. I emptied the hopper, unplugged it and proceeded to take it apart. I thought that maybe there was a build up of coffee grounds somewhere ... if you are still reading, you've probably already understood that I am an amateur and shouldn't be taking things apart. Anyway, I literally have no idea what is going on. I have cleaned everything, put it back together again but I have no idea where coffee grounds are going and why it just isn't doing what it should/has been previously. Do I need new burrs? Should they be super sharp to touch? Any ideas? Please could someone help this damsel in distress?
  19. Does anyone know where Mazzer SJ originally burrs for cheap?
  20. I just got a well used Mazzer Mini which had been in storage for a while. I gave it a general clean including the burrs, but when I put it back together again it isn't grinding fine enough. If I turn the wheel towards finer, there comes a point where the beans don't go down into the burrs at all. If I turn slightly coarser the beans start going down again, but the grind is rather coarse still. Can someone explain? If the problem is worn burrs I've ordered some "Nearly new" ones off eBay which should arrive in a few days. I don't know how to tell the sharpness of burrs - run your finger over them (I did and they aren't cutting sharp) or look with a magnifying glass.... Over to you guys.
  21. As an upgrade to my existing Brasilia RR55OD I bought a Simonelli Mythos grinder from a fellow forum member a few months ago. It's quite high mileage and after stripping it down for a deep clean I found the current Ti burrs to feel quite blunt so decided to buy a new set of Ti burrs for it. The best price I could find for these was Bella Barista (£119inc Vat) but they had none in stock so I've been patiently waiting for the past month or two still using the RR55OD. Three sets of burrs arrived in stock last Friday so I quickly ordered a set and with the usual great service Bella Barista sent them out the same day and they arrived at work yesterday morning. The Royal Mail managed to wreck the packaging while delivering them and they actually arrived in ripped cardboard envelope inside a plastic with an apology printed on it. The burrs themselves are packaged in a vacuum sealed bag burr faces touching inside a small jiffy bag so I doubt the rough handling by Royal Mail could have caused any damage. I didn't have time to actually inspect until I got them home last night. Now that I've opened them and inspected them I'm feeling a little disappointed (after all these burrs have cost me more than my first grinder cost!). Maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist but to my untrained eye, apart from the sharpness the burrs actually look in worse condition than the burrs I'm removing! There seems to be many numerous dents and chips in the cutting faces of these new burrs which I'm assuming will affect the quality of the grind? Just to make sure I'm being reasonable in my expectations and before I talk to BB about returning these I'd value the opinion of others on the forum.
  22. Hi everyone, I recently acquired a used mdf grinder. From what I gather it's good practice to replace burrs on a used grinder but I just wanted to ask if they look dull to you as they seem to be working fine? I'm producing espresso within normal time quantities etc with a grind setting of 5. It tastes great in milk based drinks but sour on its own. Then again I'm not used to drinking it straight so that might be my taste. Anyway it's just that Gaggia burrs are £40 for a set so not an amount I'd want to spend unnecessarily. I have seen some on eBay for £20 to fit this grinder but I was wondering if it's advisable to buy unbranded replacements? Any thoughts gladly received. Will attach some close ups of my top burr.
  23. Brand New set of Titanium burrs, genuine Mazzer 151B for Mazzer Royal. In original Mazzer packaging. 151B burrs are the exact ones for a Mazzer Royal and can be difficult to source. Not to be confused with 151A burrs which are the same size (83mm dia.) but with gentler teeth, and are designed for the Mazzer Major although they will fit a Royal. 151Bs are specifically for the more powerful, slower revving motor of the Royal and give better performance with a faster grind and minimal temperature rise of the coffee. Titanium burrs last the best part of a lifetime. £69.00 plus postage at cost (probably around £4.00). Tony.
  24. Just opened up my up my new purchase for a burr inspection but not quite sure what I am looking at, so I would appreciate comments from those in the know! How much life left in these? Is uneven wear indicative of anything? TIA Mark
  25. So, They put them in the Olympus and everybody was happy it seems...... Where would I buy Mythos burrs and how much should I expect to pay
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