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Found 25 results

  1. i spotted this when it was listed at 99p so i had a silly little bid on it to keep it in my lists, well my phone went with 10mins remaining and it was on 58quid so i bid 65 and won it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Compak-Coffe-Grinder-/282332577010?_trkparms=gh1g%3DI282332577010.N34.S2&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&autorefresh=true&nma=true&si=bqCc6LnkMqSEmN9l675ViViuE8w%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc if the link doesnt work for you then eBay item number: 282332577010 the listing doesn't say much about it so i am unsure what model it is but it seems like a bargain for the price. feel free to weigh in with opinions and what i should check for as i will probably arrange to collect it. thanks guys282332577010
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first post here, so not sure if I'm doing it right, but anyway... VonShef BURR coffee grinder - http://www.domu.co.uk/vonshef-burr-coffee-grinder?gclid=Cj0KEQjw1K2_BRC0s6jtgJzB-aMBEiQA-WzDMTxOIOR9IEY0mnVX2Bvb0dUBFugoiTW15h7CJkcby78aAkJK8P8HAQ For a burr grinder this seems too cheap to be true. But I'm a bit afraid that it won't grind finely and consistently enough for an espresso machine. It is a new product and I can't find any customer reviews on that so far. Does anyone here have any experience with it? Cheers, Michael
  3. Bought new from Bella Barista 12/05/2014, have paperwork. Unmarked condition apart from the usage marks on the portafilter holder. Short bean hopper, stands 43cm (just under 17") tall with hopper and lid. Great condition, not much I can say about it really, only selling because I've bought a Rocket Fausto grinder. Looking for £350 + P&P or collection from West London
  4. My electric domestic Espresso machine after almost 15 years use has now died. The machine was Gaggia Carezza, I also have a Gaggia burr grinder. It is time to buy a new machine. If I describe what type of coffee I drink, then I would welcome recommendations on what I should consider for a new machine. I use machine first thing each morning and occasionally once in the evening ... I fresh grind beans and make a long double espresso and add to that roughly equal quantity of hot semi-skimmed milk ... so I guess it's a strong Latte. (or Skinny, Grande with extra shot ?) That is it's use 90% of the time. The machine need to be stainless or chrome finish. I looked at Gaggia range … the Classic hits my needs at a minimum level ….. is it worth having a double boiler if I am not making cappuccinos very often ? (assuming that is their benefit) Also is the dosing system and solenoid worth the extra ? ….. such as ‘Baby Twin’ However happy to consider other makes.
  5. I think that I might have found out why my new SJ is putting out a rather inconsistent grind, in turn leading to some rather sour shots. [ATTACH=CONFIG]11429[/ATTACH] Also, any tips for removing the top bolt for the lower burr? [ATTACH=CONFIG]11430[/ATTACH]
  6. Does anybody know how long the ceramic burrs should last on a Vario? I'm finding that it isn't grinding fine enough and is grinding too much at the moment plus the extraction isn't producing enough crema compared with normal. The burrs don't look warn and have cleaned them recently. I haven't recalibrated the grinder after refitting the burrs before.
  7. After making do for far too long with a cheap Krups burr grinder, which eventually gave up the ghost at finer settings, I decided I needed to upgrade to a decent grinder with integrated portafilter holder for use with my Gaggia Classic. I read around and ultimately settled on the Breville/Sage Smart Grinder Pro, as it seemed well-priced, packed full of easy to use convenient features and more or less capable for espresso (I tend to stick with dark roasts so thought it should probably suit). Having ordered the SGP from Amazon (who were going to take a week to deliver it) I then spotted a new Eureka Mignon mk2 going for about £240 in my local kitchenware shop. They also sold the SGP, but for only £20 less, so no competition I thought. I haggled for some free goodies to come with it (pointing out that a new model was about to come out) and bought it there and then. Cancelled the SGP. Having got the Mignon home, it’s clearly a well-built and lovely looking machine. But I’m worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew. Compared to the SGP, dialling in seems tricky and whereas the stepped dial (I know generally unfavoured in these parts) on the SGP make it easier to switch between grind settings (I occasionally do pour over) and to frequently change beans, I’m always worried about losing the sweet spot on the Mignon. There’s also the clumping, and the fiddly timer. I think the fundamental issue is that, as an entry level grinder user, I was looking for something a bit simpler, rather than the Swiss watch of grinders. I know in the long-run I probably would have needed to upgrade at some point anyway, and that the Mignon is great for longevity and has better burrs. What would your advice be? Stick it out with the Mignon and learn to master it - in the long-run getting a better cup - or go for the SGP? I even wonder about buying the SGP and keeping both, for different purposes. While a bit excessive it would be just about affordable. I reckon I’d end up using the SGP for espresso in that case, meaning the Mignon risks becoming a a bit of a relic.
  8. Just like in the title: is the Sette 270Wi with the BR burrs indeed any good for manual/pour-over methods? So I think I know the answer to this one just on gut feeling, but have not had a chance to try myself and can't find anything online about the Sette 270Wi for manual brews specifically - most if not all reviews/comparisons/tests are for espresso grinds, with at most a quick mention along the line "its fine for manual too". Am looking for a new grinder for morning drip brews, and the weight system in the 270Wi is a big draw, as would really like to be able to skip the weighting etc of coffee, and it would mean that the wife would be able to start the brew also Anyway if anyone has actual experience with the 270Wi with the BR burrs for manual method I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance
  9. I've had a Feld2 since release a little over a year ago, and just wondering at what rate the burrs wear on these/ in general? Is it something which is pretty much not a factor for home use or will I need to replace at some point in the future?
  10. Brand New set of Titanium burrs, genuine Mazzer 151B for Mazzer Royal. In original Mazzer packaging. 151B burrs are the exact ones for a Mazzer Royal and can be difficult to source. Not to be confused with 151A burrs which are the same size (83mm dia.) but with gentler teeth, and are designed for the Mazzer Major although they will fit a Royal. 151Bs are specifically for the more powerful, slower revving motor of the Royal and give better performance with a faster grind and minimal temperature rise of the coffee. Titanium burrs last the best part of a lifetime. £69.00 plus postage at cost (probably around £4.00). Tony.
  11. Hello Apologies my first ever post after registering is probably a very dull question, but I would be grateful for any help. I have been a lurker here for some time, enjoying reading the various threads. I'm a moka pot and Aeropress user, and now wanting to purchase whole beans. To the matter in hand: I decided on a Porlex Mini grinder, but my buying experience so far has been disappointing and confusing. All three units I've purchased (from three different UK sellers) have had slightly taco'd (they rock on a flat surface) and oval-shaped female/outer burrs. The first unit (first photo) I excitedly did my first grind with set at 5 clicks, only to get very coarse grounds. I then tried 3 clicks, followed by 1 click, yet still got coarse grounds. The finest was still ~1mm in size. On inspecting the burrs I discovered the cause - the female burr was oval thus allowing an obvious pathway of least resistance. The second and third grinders are the exactly the same, each female/outer being ~1.5mm wider N-S axis versus E-W axis and the male/inner being perfectly round. Pics 2 and 3 show the latest unit's taco shape and the gap around 1/4 of the circumference between the burrs. The fact all three female/outer burrs have been identical confuses me: is this typical manufacturing quality of the Porlex, or am I being unlucky?
  12. Does anyone have info on the upcoming T54 54mm burr grinder from Profitec, smaller brother of the T64? All I have been told is that it will be launched this year....
  13. Reding through some old threads, new burr sets for the K30 were £66+vat However, nosing online, I can't see them for less than £120 Can someone please advise on what price they should be and the best place to order them if needed? Thanks. Secondly, how do i check / test burrs for wear?
  14. I just thought i'd share a message for any Lido E (and possibly Lido 2 & 3) owners about an issue I was having and a fix. Sometimes, when grinding certain beans or when grinding large quantities (>30g), the beans would not travel through the burrs and the handle and burrs would just spin without any grinding taking place. This wasn't a big problem as a quick shake would dislodge any issue. I e-mailed Barb from Orphan Espresso just out of interest, and she explained that there is a fix. They've designed a brand new upper bearing to allow more room for beans to pass through to the burrs. She said that I would have to re-align the grinder, although this wasn't hard at all (video link below for help). I sent my address details and the part arrived within a couple of weeks. Brilliant service from Orphan Espresso and has completely resolved my issue.
  15. Hey guys, does the burr on this SJ look sufficient? or would it need changing soon ? Thanks a lot.
  16. I got this grinder for £30 mainly to be used for filter or French press but once I got myself an espresso machine I soon discovered that it simply doesn't do a fine enough grind to be worth while, however with this simple modification it now produces a really usable fine espresso grind. No one else seemed to have made a video so I did it this morning, yes it voids your warranty but at £30 who cares? Really simple to do and leaves the machine able to still do coarse enough for other preparation types, some of us simply don't have £150 to spend on a grinder.
  17. Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting my wife a coffee machine for Christmas, but alas I have no idea about coffee. I occasionally drink a cup at work with milk and 2 sugars (judging from the name of this website I'm pretty sure that's as close to blasphemy as I can get - sorry!) and always have a hot chocolate every time we go out somewhere. I have a tenancy to waffle on so I'm going to bullet point the rest of this post and hope you lovely people can help me out a bit - please excuse any stupidly simple questions! I've tried to do a little research already I have a budget of about £400 GBP I'm based in the UK and as far as I know can't buy Sunbeam coffee machines, which get good reviews on here I think I want to get a Burr grinder(?) as well, with a doser (although I'm not sure what a doser is, I think she'll need one?) Do I need the grinder, or are they any good pre-ground coffee's that's make do? The top contender so far, from looking around this price range, is the Rancilio Silvia. I 've found the Silvia with a Rancilio Rocky grinder(good?) for £450 My wife used to a be a pretty good barrista (so she says!) so technical issues shouldn't be an issue Are there any machines comparable machines, quality wise, to the Silvia that are easier to use? We have have 2 children under two years old - hence her need for coffee, but also a huge lack of time to spend half an hour every morning making the perfect cup Am I been silly even looking at a Silvia - am I jumping on a bandwagon? Are there any machines at say half the price of my budget that even you coffee drinkers think makes a decent, better-than-caffetiere coffee? Do I even need an espresso machine, considering the fact that ease will be a greater factor over a sligh drop in quality of the outcome for the next year ro two while the kids grow up and aren't so dependant on their mum? Would a perculator be a good, very cheap compromise to get better-than-caffetiere coffee? I think that's all and I hope you can help, even if it's just to say "yes, you've done well for a non-coffee drinker, go with the Silvia", or "No, stick with Starbucks (another swear word?!) if you can't afford something better" Thanks in advance everyone, Rich
  18. Hi All I bought a second hand mazzer SJ from this forum, which was already bought second hand. Bought in may 2015 and as I use it at home, it sees little use (2 coffees a day MAX, normally just one). My question is whether I need to replace the burrs. I think its close to the lowest setting (finest grind) to make a flat white. I took two pictures as linked to help advise. I have purchased a replacement pair on ebay just now, but just wondering your thoughts on what looks like wear or if they are fine! https://photos.app.goo.gl/o2ddeLsetZ7fnQ6F9 thanks
  19. Hi all, What's the difference in tasting notes between flat and conical grinds for brewing? I'm in the market for an electric grinder that will be dedicated to V60, Chemex and Aeropress, as well as the occasional French press. I see that one of the key decisions to make is whether to go with flat or conical burrs. Thoughts...? Recommendations on a grinder...?
  20. Hi all, I have a Cuisinart DBM8U. I know its not the best grinder for espressos, but at the moment it's all I can afford, and does the job just about... Does anyone have a service manual, or can provide details of how to dismantle it for cleaning please? And more generally, what am I best cleaning grinder internals with? Many thanks
  21. Hi. I've had a Gaggia burr grinder for about 6 years and quite suddenly I'm now not able to get a grind fine enough to get a good espresso; the cup fills rapidly (within 10 seconds) whereas I used to get a nice 26 second draw with a decent crema. Is it a case of the burrs suddenly becoming blunted? The grinder is on the finest setting. If I'm honest I've never been totally happy with it and if indeed it has reached the end of its life I'm happy to change brand. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a replacement? I haven't got a huge budget.
  22. Hello everyone :-) New to this forum and I just got my Barista Express 870, this forum has been great to look through for tips and tricks - so thanks to all that are taking the time to add their input! I am hoping you can post your settings when using an espresso bean (I do understand that different beans require different grinds). Feel free to add the bean type you are using and how fresh it usually is. edit: This is meant as a info thread on what setting the different forum members have. I have upper burr set on 5 and side on 9, two weeks old local espresso beans (20 gr double shot) giving good crema and taste. What is your upper burr (1-10) and side (1-12) grind setting?
  23. Hi, The tiniest grind adjustment used to make a huge difference. I believe a relative has been fiddling with it and now adjustments don't seem to make any difference at all. Any ideas? I tried opening it up and looked at the bottom burr while I span the adjuster knob from one extreme to the other and the burr doesn't seem to move up and down at all. Is this right? This is calamitous and my coffee has gone from perfect to not perfect and I am in meltdown. I'd really really appreciate any advice. Thanks, Laurence
  24. Hello and good evening to everyone. I'm Gaz and from east Manchester. New to the world of making fresh and a decent cup of coffee! I have yet to get all of the equipment I need so here I am to get ideas so I hopefully won't make too many n00bie errors. Although that is how we learn. I know I need a Burr as opposed to get an electric grinder. Although that is as far as my knowledge goes. I am looking to produce coffee from one of the Starbucks /Costa style machines (but obviously not as big! Lol). I don't want to buy a stupidly expensive one to start of with but don't want to buy a dirt cheap one that will break on me 3 months down the line. Same goes for a Burr. I'll be making coffee mainly in quantities of 2 cups but occasionally more. Any pointers to places in the forum would be great but I am going to be browsing around so will hopefully pick stuff up as I go along. Mainly after knowledge from you experienced peeps out there! Cheers all! Gaz
  25. Well as this forum is aimed more towards the consumer and beginners, here is an important thread... How do you make the jump from instant coffee at home, and speciality coffee at work, to drinking great coffee at home? Methods, equipment, suppliers etc. can all be reccommended here.
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